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  1. Wighton scored 3 goals in 5 appearances for Arbroath.
  2. He played on the right wing last week against Partick.
  3. Wighton was younger than 20 Cobra. He had turned 19 just 3 months before that game.
  4. Cammy Kerr and Craig Wighton celebrating after they both combined for Cammy's first goal for Dundee. The delight on their faces says it all. Dundee fans as well as mates on and off the park!
  5. The Motherwell and Rangers games were 2 of the rare times Wighton was played in his more natural No10 role with a bit more freedom to be creative. Most of his goals for the Under 20s came from playing No10 and having space to run in on goal and take players on. This video has highlights from the games you mentioned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJyJrWCx8aw
  6. Wighton has been out with an ankle injury since December.
  7. Wighton has played most of his games under McCann as a right footed player being asked to play on the left wing which is not playing to his strengths just because we have never had a decent left winger. He is best suited as a No.10 when driving at players and running past them, often winning free kicks in the process which is the position in which he flourished in the Development League. One of his best games was against Motherwell when he was given a free rein and was quite literally popping up left, right and centre.
  8. McCann has said he is looking for more goals from midfield and it looks like the players are taking him at his word. We had 11 shots at goal and only one on target. Most of them were wild wasted efforts from midfielders who instead of looking for players making a run or in a better position are skying the ball over the bar. Even Curran just after the penalty when Wighton was gesturing for the ball he took a shot from outside the box which blootered off Wighton. So much for playing a passing game!
  9. Saw the result on TeamDee's Twitter. Dundee U18's drew 0-0 with Celtic U'18's in Glasgow this afternoon. Dundee were unlucky not to come away with a win and played nice football. Well done lads! #Academy #TeamDee
  10. Don't know about the U17s but the U18s played Celtic today in a goalless draw!
  11. He also sustained an ankle injury at Raith in a pre-season game against Aberdeen. Not the best start to the loan! Click to enlarge pic.
  12. Also worth noting that Wighton only played about 5 games last season due to injury so his tally would have been a lot more than 100 Cobra.
  13. His player profile has already added to the Dundee website and has him credited as a midfielder.
  14. Reminds me of this goal that Wighton scored for the Development team when he was 17. Keeper kicked the ball out and it was headed on by Peaso and Clarkson and only touched the ground once. Wighton scored a hat-trick that day and also laid on goals for both Peaso and Clarkson in a 5-1 win.
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