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  1. Alf Resco

    Steve Martin Gone?

    The answers to all questions pertaining to DFC in the Community Trust can apparently be answered readily by a certain Mr. Phuc. Invariably when I ask a question I always get the same answer.......Phuc knows.
  2. That should be THREE Jims, Gedee. You forgot about McPake.
  3. Alf Resco

    Barry Smith.

    .....was in the front row of the directors' box at tonight's game. In the frame as assistant manager?
  4. Alf Resco

    Boardroom Meeting At Tannadice.

    Or a ground below sea level.
  5. Alf Resco

    Chopping and Changing the Manager

    So when McCann leads us to a top six finish and lifts the Scottish Cup in May, you’ll have my powers of unintentional reverse psychology to thank! No you won't. You'll have my lucky underpants.
  6. Alf Resco

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19

    .....just in the wrong order.
  7. Alf Resco

    Portugal Trip

    Pretty sure Bernard Briggs belonged in the Wizard, not Victor. And he played a full season and only lost one goal. Oh, and his staple diet was fa**ots. (Don't ask!)
  8. Alf Resco

    Poll: the Dundee Derbies

    Make that another two families.
  9. Alf Resco

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2018-19

    I just love this roller coaster of a topic.Keeps me entertained throughout the day. Please don't stop lads.
  10. Alf Resco

    Our Under-15s

    Watched them play Livi at Riverside this afternoon. Final score 8-0 the Dee. Some cracking youngsters in our team, and good to see every one of them play the Neil McCann way. Not a punt upfield from start to finish! Coaches doing a fine job. The future looks bright!
  11. Alf Resco

    Average Crowds

    Would have been our loss.
  12. Alf Resco

    Just Before The Current Season Started.

    Thanks for the reminder, Harry. Much appreciated. Think I recall seeing Nils Rutten in one of the pre-season games (Arbroath perhaps?) and thinking he looked like a player.
  13. ..... we had three trialist midfielders at the club, all of whom were apparently highly rated. We only signed one of them, namely Glen Kamara. Anyone remember who the other two were? And anyone know how their careers have progressed since then?
  14. Having donned my tin hat, after much consideration I go for option 1, mainly because I really really want NM to succeed We say he lacks experience, but what better way to gain experience than by continuing in the job. I'd go so far as to say let him continue even if we end up in the Championship at the end of this season, but make it clear that he would then have until the end of this year to prove that he can turn things around irrespective of which league we find ourselves in next season. If things have not gone the way we would want them to go, that would leave plenty of time to bring in a new incumbent to lead us through the second half of season 2018-2019.
  15. Alf Resco

    Killie Gemme

    I hope not.

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