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  1. Ditto, but need to know how and when please.
  2. Just spotted on Pie & Bovril.......... "Rumours of either a McPake/Jimmy Nicholl team or Goodwin/Houston pairing." Thoughts?
  3. There seems to be a school of thought that says JM is much more suited to manage a Championship side. That being so, assuming we are relegated and he then contrives to get us right back up again, would we then promptly punt him on the back of that success because he's not deemed fit to manage a Premiership team?
  4. The answers to all questions pertaining to DFC in the Community Trust can apparently be answered readily by a certain Mr. Phuc. Invariably when I ask a question I always get the same answer.......Phuc knows.
  5. .....was in the front row of the directors' box at tonight's game. In the frame as assistant manager?
  6. So when McCann leads us to a top six finish and lifts the Scottish Cup in May, you’ll have my powers of unintentional reverse psychology to thank! No you won't. You'll have my lucky underpants.
  7. Pretty sure Bernard Briggs belonged in the Wizard, not Victor. And he played a full season and only lost one goal. Oh, and his staple diet was fa**ots. (Don't ask!)
  8. I just love this roller coaster of a topic.Keeps me entertained throughout the day. Please don't stop lads.
  9. Watched them play Livi at Riverside this afternoon. Final score 8-0 the Dee. Some cracking youngsters in our team, and good to see every one of them play the Neil McCann way. Not a punt upfield from start to finish! Coaches doing a fine job. The future looks bright!
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