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  1. There is a meeting for DSA secretaries tomorrow in the Dundee Social Club at 11.15am. POY monies cane be paid at the meeting
  2. DSA

    Dfcss Meeting On Sat - Q And A With The Bod

    That one sentence has been taken out of context from the rest of my posts as I asked if Bob was letting the fans down if he resigned from DFCSS but remained on the club board which was suggested at the time. The proved not to be the case as Bob put himself up for re election and I stated further down the OP that I was pleased that he had
  3. DSA

    Dfcss Meeting On Sat - Q And A With The Bod

    I think you'd have to ask DFCSS is he is adequately representing them. The OP was more to do with the fact that it looked in the DFCSS that Bob was stepping down and I was concerned there would be no fans rep on the board. As for the DSA on the club's board of directors we have no shareholding in the club and therefore no entitlement. The DSA did hold sharelding in the club but that was absorbed when we merged with DFCSS in 2009 and became part of the DFCSS shareholding. When we separated from them again in 2014 we didn't get our shareholding back and DFCSS kept it as part of their shareholding but to be fair we never asked for it back. We also have no interest of having representation on the club board as it is what not the DSA is about or indeed part of the aims set out in the constitution. The possibility was mooted briefly in 2016 but we declined it right off the bat as we feel DFCSS are best served to look after the interests of the supporters, their members and their shareholding on the club board. In recent months we have had regular and productive discussions with DFCSS and had a meeting scheduled with them for tomorrow
  4. DSA

    Looking for a Matchday Programme

    Is this the game where ICT were presented with the First Division trophy? If so there appears to be two on ebay
  5. DSA

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    because i didn’t see the point in arguing with you but now you have got personal quoting ill informed newspaper articles doesn’t prove your point and now you’ve gotten personal
  6. DSA

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    Just cos Steve wrote it on his LinkedIn page doesn't necessarily make it true. He may have agreed to vote with FPS but he was the board member representing DDBT until he resigned from them and agreed to align with FPS. He was not a member of FPS so it’s you that owe an apology. I see you having a go at the DSA on another forum - feel free to email me with your concerns. [email protected]
  7. DSA


    Douglas, Please email me on [email protected] Regards Kenny Ross
  8. DSA

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    Tim Keyes is not Chairman of Dundee Football Club. Dundee do not have a Chairman at present and not had one since Bill Colvin left
  9. DSA


    Steve Martin is not and never has been a member of FPS. Also he doesn’t have enough shares to get FPS to 75%
  10. DSA

    The Big Dundee Discussion Thread

    I'll easy use your pie voucher if it's going spare!! Hate to see a pie going to waste Sure I could swap you for something!
  11. DSA

    The Big Dundee Discussion Thread

    Sorry the guesstimate number came from the fact there was actually three free tickets on offer as there was one at the end of last season "One free voucher to be utilised for one of the remaining matches this season (2017/18) (subject to availability)." My apologies for the confusion
  12. DSA

    The Big Dundee Discussion Thread

    The free tickets are for any match Premium, Cat A or B You're right I don't exactly know how many season ticket holders there are but the match preview on the website for every home game says they are for any game as did the season tickets T&Cs "– Two free bring a friend ticket vouchers to be utilised for any game (Premium, Cat A or Cat in the 2018/19 season (subject to availability)"
  13. DSA

    The Big Dundee Discussion Thread

    265 Dundee fans paid at the gate on Boxing Day and slightly less v Rangers in November so the board hope they will all get in for free with one of the 7500 free tickets they have on offer. With the hearts/Celtic offer no Dundee fan should be paying £30 regardless of what I think of it. £30 is too expensive for an SPFL fixture but no Dundee fan will hopefully pay that
  14. DSA

    The Big Dundee Discussion Thread

    Plus they’ve offered every season ticket holder two free tickets for any game this season in the hope that patg fans will get a free ticket from mates for old firm games while their fans pay £30
  15. DSA

    Player of the Year Dinner 2018

    Dundee Supporters Association Player of the Year Dinner takes place at the Invercarse Hotel on Sunday 13th May 2018. Tickets are £35 per person and are available from club secretaries
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