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  1. You'd think even if it was just a casual advisory thing it could still be a plus. Say what you will about WGS he must still have a wealth of football contacts around Britain that we could potentially gain from.
  2. Not tall enough, imo! Genetics and all that .
  3. We disagree, but that's fine I just hope that whomever is in goal for us (including Bain) in the June games plays better than Bain did against the Kazakhs. Just like Dundee, I never cheer against a player that dons the Scotland jersey. I guess we're straying from the named topic here, but it'll be interesting to see what Steve Clarke will do when he names he the June squad.
  4. Sorry precious, I know that you Bain fans can be quite fragile, just like the guy himself. I thought that I made the very point that it is not a black/white thing by stating that I thought Bain was a 'good' keeper (I didn't rubbish him), but that I don't rate him for Scotland, and I also stated that I was quite happy that you (and others) see Bain differently.
  5. No I prefer better than 'good' when it comes to Scotland. Did you see the Kazakh game? There are four guys I would have instead of Bain starting with David Marshall, but I'm happy for you to prefer Bain. I hope you'll be fine with my opinion in return.
  6. It feels like it'll never end Budgem!
  7. Bain is a good keeper, but he shouldn't be between the sticks for Scotland and if Scott thinks McCann was a hardass wait until he crosses Steve Clarke and he gets his scrawny wee neck wrung (figuratively speaking of course) and placed on the bench pronto like.
  8. If he had League 1 clubs looking at him seriously he would've signed with one, period.
  9. We really are a club full of mugs. We should've told Ralph to take his relegation clause and stick it up his a**e. But no.... instead of just re-signing Holt and Basque Jon wee Neil had to do another complete overhaul (starting with signing JackHam as a top priority) instead of just concentrating on our dire deficiencies ie., lack of a goal scoring forward. Maybe we day we'll become competent - I just hope I'm alive to see it!
  10. Great minds think alike HamDB!
  11. JackHam has got to go, and pronto like. Him and CCurran still with 2 yrs left on their deals, shall I laugh or greet. These two have to got to be moved on, perhaps telling them they just won't play will maybe get them willing to move on. Scott Fox and County parted ways because he wants to come down from the Highlands, worth sounding him out?? Apparently County really tried hard to re-sign him, but to no avail.
  12. I don't know if I'd call him a travesty Cobra, but it's pretty clear now that he was no real upgrade on Parish, imo.
  13. And to be fair to Parish everyone had a 'mare at Livi that day. IMO Parish got a bit of a raw deal here from both our managers this season. Parish came in last season after the Bain freeze out and was a steady if somewhat unspectacular looking keeper. But he kept clean sheets once in a while and even saved a penalty (who'd have thought that was possible after watching Bain just lean to one side and fall down time after time in his attempts). Then in the offseason McCann inexplicably chooses to pay a fee for a player at a position that was not a position of need. I'm sure Parish knew the writing was on the wall and then he had to watch JackHam flapping about in the preseason and early Cup games until the opening day disaster at Paisley. His next opportunity came whilst our team appeared to have chucked it in the three games after McCann got sacked. I kind of feel for the guy because he was clearly loving it here last season and I think he could have pushed on this season and gotten better, but was mismanaged by both gaffers.
  14. Well maybe I came on a little strong that day. I actually saw your point of view I just disagreed with it mostly, but I could be wrong so thought we just move on from that one. I never like falling out with fellow Dees (I'm mean we're all in this together one way or another), but I really haven't felt close to having that happen on here. On P and B and Facebook some of the things that are said are sometimes shocking. And I must admit that when I'm at Dens there have been plenty of times that I've felt like rapping a fellow Dee right in the pus for some of the vile abuse that they are dishing out to our own players. Although I will admit that if I woke up the day to a - Kenny Shiels being introduced at Dens press conference - I may have flipped my wig on here. Thankfully it wasn't to be!
  15. Cheers Cobra. Yes McInally certainly hasn't overachieved at Peterhead as they've got a budget that really shouldn't see them ever fall into League 2, and they've spent the last few years yo-yo-ing between Leagues 1 and 2. If we're going lower league scottish manager then I can think of numerous I'd rather have before him. As for Shiels - boy where do we start, the man's a loose cannon. Spends more time watching from the stands than he does the touchline. I wouldn't want him within a country mile of Dens. Needless to say when I heard they both had committed themselves elsewhere for the foreseeable I was pretty happy!
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