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  1. Stampguy

    Hearts V Dundee

    Great result! Very happy for the club, the players and for us supporters to get some sunshine in what's been essentially a figurative torrential downpour of a season. The new signings: Dieng: Very big improvement between the sticks over our other twa keepers imo. Davies: TBD Dales: I'm impressed, he seems very pacy, and has pretty good ability to move our team up the pitch instead of back the way. Should only get better. Admiral Nelson: Total livewire, all over the other teams defenders, quick, rapid, fast, slick passer and apparently knows how to pull the trigger! Probably will turn out be the best signing of the window for us, and even better he's not a loaner, he's ours. C Curran: I was very skeptical about this one, but he's one of those guys that looks to be a thinking man's footballer. Not at all flashy, but who cares if he puts in a shift like last night. Just like the Admiral, Curran jumps all over defenders mistakes before they even know what's happened. Lastly a word about the General and Inniss. Inniss played like a man mountain last night. If he keeps that up he will keep his place. If this is him getting comfortable and coming on to his game then I welcome it. At 6'5 and fairly nimble he could be like a wall for us in the centre of defense. Kusunga we all agree has a lot of talent, but seemed prone to some unfortunate gaffes that often went straight into our net. Well last night he was a man possessed, and watching him shunt that Jambo aside and then go on his run towards goal had me doing the dance of joy. Long live the Dee. Let's keep it going!
  2. Stampguy

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Sorry mate, couldnae resist! Let's just hope that our Dee ship stays afloat the day.
  3. Stampguy

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I was about to say WW that this Ross County-Dundee thing going on right now has been taken one step too far if we can just transfer players back and forth during the week.
  4. Stampguy

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Yup I know a guy down Palmerston way, and he said that Low basically ran the whole show, and was virtually 'unplayable' - literally the word he used! Dobbie scoring goals for fun, an unwanted and now ex-Dee sauntering around their midfield pinging passes all around the pitch with the greatest of ease whilst beating the league leaders at a walking pace, and my dear departed gramps voice still ringing in my ears that QoS were always one of our 'bogey' teams, and this is shaping up to be a disas.......... Ach the hell with it! Surely we'll no lose 3 times at home to lower league oppo this season. I'm going 3-1 to the mighty Dee!!
  5. I know that Madianga played in the Livi away disaster, and hasn't stepped on the pitch since. But based on that game none of the players should have played again. Madianga and Elton both have the skill to play nice thru balls FORWARD which our other midfielders don't seem to be able to do. I think JM probably went a step too far in his banishment of players when heading into the January window. Fair enough that he wants fighters in the team (who doesn't), but we also need some midfielders that play King Kenny into space. If Miller gets chances he will find the net and keep us up, if Miller only gets one or two or no chances a game then we are headed down. p.s. I'm not saying that Karl and Elton John are anything great, but in our current midfield crew they've probably got the most skill with ball at feet. I'm not including Kamara because his head is in the clouds, and seems to be offski anyways.
  6. The problem that I have with this Cobra is that we've also got two league games hot on the heels of this QoS game that happen before the deadline. Maybe like against Hearts (home), Celtic, Livingston (away), and Aberdeen McIntyre just plans on raising the white flag. If I'm being honest JM isn't exactly filling me with confidence. The way he has handled numerous things since taking charge has left me somewhat puzzled. I'm just worried as can be about my/our club, and I'll be there to support whomever lines up to play in the dark blue at the weekend.
  7. Kusunga was apparently very close to being available for the St Johnstone game, but they thought better of rushing him back. I think he'll be ready by now. But he has had hamstring trouble in the past so clearly we need help in a big way at the back as with suspensions and injuries the way it stands now we're simply a step away from calamity.
  8. Did this laddie steal your Christmas puddin'?
  9. I just took from wiki, but regardless the fact that he only plays ten minutes a game if he is lucky then 3 goals still isn't too bad. No doubt though you'll be here to remind us all that he is garbage at each and every available opportunity once we resume our campaign and the lad doesn't look like Ronaldo strolling about the pitch.
  10. Well he's scored 6 in 16 appearances so he must have a great goals per minutes played ratio if he's hardly getting any gametime!
  11. Very true about Haber Cobra, but I'm afraid our fashion mogul is finished as his back has put the nail in his football career. Say what you will about Marcus and I know a lot of you guys really don't like him because he never looks like he is busting a gut out there, but I've always been of the opinion that running around like a headless chicken doesn't prove anything either. But the lad can't train, and can only play 60-70 minutes maximum because his back won't allow him to play a full 90 per week. With a back problem as severe as he now has it is obviously affecting his game on the pitch as well, and it's got to be a bitter pill for a guy that is just shy of 30 to basically be finished. He's already had the op that was supposed to save his playing career (and it hasn't helped) so I for one wish him well in the future, and thank him for his time at Dens.
  12. Stampguy

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 2 St Johnstone

    I never heard that JM said that, but I'll take your word he did. In response to JM saying that I would like to say that sounds like garbage to me. Complete and utter garbage - you'd be hard pressed to find people in their early 20's on the continent these days that don't know plenty of English, heck more are fluent in it than not!! The top tiers in Scotland and England are filled with foreigners, sounds like hogwash - he just dosnae rate them. Could you imagine that he does rate them, but wants them gone because of a 'language barrier'?? I'd demand JM be sacked right now if he thinks they're excellent players/prospects, but ditched them for that reason. That's a fake reason. Not that it matters, but JM was not an attractive hire for me, but I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt, and my full backing. However he does and says things that make me wonder..... oh well just get us to tenth and I'll take it.
  13. Stampguy

    Calvin Miller

    Calvin Miller was the only player that tested their keeper yesterday, and he barely got a hand to it to tip it past the post. Now I see that Calvin is away which is fair doos if the manager has a plan I guess we have to trust it. In the meantime on the other side of the pitch opposite the soon to be forgotten Calvinator we're still stuck with Jesse Curran. Curran has all the speed of a cheetah, unfortunately he has the same ball handling ability and endurance of that cat as well. I really hope JM has something up his sleeve there as well because young Jesse is a bench player at this time maybe to come on late in games at most. Just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I'm not sure that Curran is the kind of player to take us forward.
  14. Oh believe me I realise we have to do this, my point is simply that we'll either scrape to 10th place with a bunch of players on short term deals we may or may not want to keep longterm (not too mention the players on longer term deals that we may not be able to get rid of now and/or want to get rid of in the summer). And if we do go down then obviously the club will make wholesale changes as happens when you get relegated. The only way there will not wholesale changes in the summer is if by some miracle JM manages to not just get us survival, but actually gets us shooting up the table past Motherwell which would suggest that we may actually have some players worth keeping.
  15. Instead of a nip and and a tuck at this time of year our club is going in for a heart transplant, gastric bypass, and a full body lift! And even better we'll have to do it all over again in the summer.

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