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  1. Stampguy

    Six Minutes Added On

    One thing that was wandering through my mind while sat there during this match was that in comparison to Hearts last week after they went 1 up on us is that we really didn`t play the time wasting game today. And frankly with all Septic`s advantages over us I was quietly wishing that Dieng would the slow the eff down with his goal kicks, and for our ball boys to be a little less efficient when returning the ball to play. Like I say with all the advantages the Old Scum have over us I wouldn`t have been the slightest been embarrassed to slow that game down a little bit more, and be a little more streetwise from the ball boys on up thru the players and manager. Compared to that Hearts keeper last week, Seny looked like Usain bolt with the speed he was getting his goal kicks back into play the day. It probably wouldn`t have mattered anyways as Madden just would have gone for 9 minutes extra time!
  2. Stampguy

    Six Minutes Added On

    Hypocrisy?? Who the hell cares? Both sides of the Old Firm thrive on hypocrisy, and with a deck stacked in their favour in almost every conceivable way you don't get why Dees may be feeling that 6 minutes added on seemed a joke? You don't see the difference in why 6 minutes added on was always going to favour them and not us?
  3. Surely you bring on Hadenius or Kerr instead of Jesse Curran?? I'm not sure what JCurran does besides run fast, but seen as how we were parking the bus why not bring on Cammy or the Swede to try and see things out. And Dales - his final product whether it be a pass or a shot is shocking. Woods isn't good, Dieng saved his bacon after his 1st half mistake, but his second half error finished us, but I will say that the players can't be faulted for their efforts today - they gave it their all. Asst Ref should have just written on the injury time board 'we play until Tic score'. What a joke.
  4. Stampguy

    Relegation Battle

    Well not unless I've got it wrong in which case somebody can correct me, but whatever the case it's certainly no better that's for sure! McCann 2.00 GA per game McIntyre 2.14 GA per game Note: I only factored in league games because I cannae be bothered with going through those results, and they were equally abysmal under both managers anyways.
  5. Stampguy

    Relegation Battle

    We`re giving up more goals per game now than we were under McCann. With JackHam, Inniss, Boyle, and Kerr all jettisoned (for various reasons) for Dieng, O`Dea/Kusunga, McGowan, and Horsfield we're defo not better and arguably worse! I've made no secret that I wasn't a fan of McIntyre's hiring, and he's bewildered, confused, and frustrated me with some of the things he does and says since he's been here, and I'm really not sure he's the man to take us forward........ BUT it is what it is at this point, and I'm backing him and the squad to pull us out of this. Because what choice do I/We have as Dees. Nothing would make me happier than a crazy winning streak to finish our season off. Food for thought - once Davies is fit he will go straight into the line-up, Woods and CCurran will never be dropped, therefore we will have a forward, midfielder, and a defender as stick on starters that all played for the twa relegated teams last season. Before somebody jumps on me please remember that criticising JM does not mean that one is defending NM.
  6. Stampguy

    Relegation Battle

    Get in!
  7. Stampguy

    Scottish Cup

    Sorry Gedee, I'm going to need an apology immediately as Dondeh has continued to pop up in the 'Scottish Cup' thread to remind those of us who might be having the slightest bit of fun seeing United get knocked out the Cup because as long as Dundee are in the bother then we can't take any pleasure in any other football result until we are safe. When can I expect that apology Gedee?
  8. Stampguy

    Scottish Cup

    There are a number of other threads in which our current plight is being discussed. I'm sure you've noticed them. This thread is clearly marked 'scottish cup' so 'if you couldn't care less' then why are you in this particular thread at this particular time considering we were knocked out over a month ago?
  9. Stampguy

    Andrew Nelson

    An absolutely mindbending decision to have Kenny sitting on the bench at the start of the match with Nelson out.
  10. Stampguy

    Dundee V Hibs

    Makes the same amount of sense as having Martin Woods as our dead ball specialist. Oh well, we live in hope.
  11. Stampguy

    Livingston V Dundee

    It'll all be ok because we've still got Martin Woods handling our freekicks! Thanks JM!
  12. Stampguy

    Play Off Place.

    Neither would I HK with regards to your theory. Especially when the most recent example shows us Livi beating Partick! And on top of that they are now sitting bottom of the championship. Let us just say that let's hope we get to tenth, and if we are in the playoff (better than 12th obviously) then let us hope it's anybody but THEM. As much as I think we're a better team than them the negative consequences of what COULD happen in a playoff between us just don't bare thinking about.
  13. No it was Dales. First he blocked the attempted cross, then shrugged off the challenge then played a great ball for Kenny. Gowser was one of the boys on the attack however. I know we all unanimously agree that Miller had a shocking pen attempt, but I actually think he could've rounded the keeper and scored beforehand. Ach well. PMcGowan is getting it in the neck these days but I think Gowser is better than Woods, but that seems to be a minority postion these days. Nevertheless it's all about opinions on a forum.
  14. I know I'm swimming against the tide here as far as Woods goes, and I certainly don't fault his effort, but I'm just not seeing it. He gives the ball away alot, can't accept many passes cleanly, can't shoot, and can't take a free kick to save his life. Why he is tasked with set piece deliveries I'll never know, but my County mate's words are ringing in my ear 'JM is loyal to a fault and Woods will not be dropped, ever!'. On the subject of free kicks it doesn't seem to matter who our manager is, who the players are in the defensive wall, who's in the goal, and going the opposite way who is taking our free kicks (although someone in our team must be better than Woods) - we just can't seem to get it right. Despite the fact it was a great strike I agree with Pepe above when he says that Dieng was too far over to the left, and that wall of ours was totally brutal. It just seems that when we get a free kick in dangerous area you know we will never score, and when we give away a free kick in a dangerous area the other team will always score. Surely we can do better here. A word about Kenny Miller here: okay it's obvious that he is in a huff (imo he still cares deeply as he looked shattered when he missed the pen), however one of the reasons why he doesn't look great lately is also situational in that he is being asked to come on and protect one goal leads and/or draws, and by the time he gets on our whole team has withered into such a defensive shell that Miller is just chasing shadows as his teammates aren't even getting themselves near the centre line! To me he showed that he still has the legs as he simply left his marker in the dust when the ball broke for Dales, but without a doubt I believe Kenny has never hit a penalty as bad as that one last night. It was brutal, no other word for it. What's even worse is that had he taken a wee peak before kicking the ball he would've seen that Bachmann had committed himself very early, and Kenny could've literally rolled the ball into the other side of the net. But he chose to do a head down, mind made up penalty kick, and frankly he just got nothing on it! Anyways despite the fact that we seem to be a better team of players than we were a month ago we still can't help throwing away points when the opportunity is there for the taking. Bottom line we're better, but I'm still coming away from games utterly gutted.
  15. Stampguy

    Much More Positives Than Negatives Tonight!

    I think getting on the smack would've been a better decision than following the Dee, however I was born into Dee family and it's in the blood and I wouldn't change that for the world. However they do have a habit of ripping my heart out every week even when we don't lose. Take the last twa games for example - the thug Mackinnon hits a worldie in injury time after not scoring a goal at all in the last two years, and last night I watched Kenny Miller hit probably the worst penalty that I'm sure he's ever struck in his lifetime! Gutting, and ye cannae make it up. But like smack I suppose following the Dee is in the blood.

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