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  1. Kia ora Father Well I suppose you are right he is not Dirty and he is not a B*****D, But he is an Arab.Not my fault you couldn't bring your other two up to support a proper Fitba team . Naw he's a great lad. Has he got the tickets yet? don't want to miss out after travelling so far. Skype ya at the weekend.
  2. Kia ora Small world right enough.Been in Chch since we arrived in NZ. Just me coming hame as the wife has been back a few times. Mum and Dad stay on Campy road as well although a wee bit further down than where you'll be staying, across fae what used to be the football pitches.Gonna take bad with the houses there now I don't think I'll recognize the place. Getting excited now though. See ya in the Addy
  3. Kia ora Amazing stuff Mick. Yeh that sounds like a plan a few beers before the the Xmas feast . We can hae a wee winge aboot how cald it is,how warm the beer is and how the Crusaders are gonna dick the Blues again next year . I'll be the one with the Crusaders top on.
  4. Dundee's finest before the Sinderins
  5. Kia ora Geedee Ah my man that song does in fact still bring a whiskey stained tear to my eye, first heard this song in the early 80s, made be a big fan of Doogie and gave me a general interest in Scots folk or trad rock music.
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