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  1. Attilio

    Euro 2020

    San Marino haven't won a game in like a hundred years and have scored 3 goals in the last 7 years I think. If I was a betting man I would a quid on them to beat us. Factoring the big Eck factor. This could get worse.
  2. Attilio

    The New Stadium Thread

    You're right Chomp and I broke my golden rule the other day but I couldn't resist it.
  3. Attilio

    The New Stadium Thread

    I was thinking along the lines that the content might keep somebody busy for a few hours/days. Looks like it could be working to plan.
  4. Attilio

    The New Stadium Thread

    I think the term you are looking for PB is 'concept' - this is a concept drawing - probably between RIBA Stage 1 and RIBA Stage 2. Stage 1/Stage 2 details are generally used for Planning matters. I have seen slightly more detailed drawings than this (not by much) that show slightly more detailed access/egress proposals at the Kingsway slip road, round the back of the ice rink, as mentioned above, and through the existing car park for the ice rink/cinema. However, many months of design to be done yet I would imagine before a spade is put in the ground, which would likely be at the end of RIBA Stage 4. https://www.ribaplanofwork.com/PlanOfWork.aspx
  5. Attilio

    The New Stadium Thread

    Never DB. As long as we all continue to not post nonsense and then ask for an apology we're generally singing from the same hymn sheet.
  6. Attilio

    The New Stadium Thread

    Must have been a full moon last night for one of the contributors. The latter part of the thread is the stuff of legends.
  7. Attilio

    John Nelms

    You're claimed!
  8. Attilio

    John Nelms

    I certainly don't think JN is wonderful but I'm not prepared to use a hose and an imaginary £100k stick to beat him with. Chances are he does earn a handsome salary , then again the definition of handsome depends on your baseline I suppose. Chief Executives and Chairman do tend to get paid handsome salaries I have found. FWIW I believe that all the sticks being used to beat the man about the head with can all be summed in one headline - 'Results'. If results had been different over the last year and a half say, and we were sitting comfortably again in 6th position, maybe 95% of the conversations we have all had on emails, communication, season tickets, hoses, tippy tappy etc etc would never have happened. Using my 20/20 hindsight, it appears the club appointed the wrong manager a good while back and if that appointment was made by JN or TK or JN/TK or some other combination including AN Other then they have some measure of responsibility for where we find ourselves. Thing is I don't know 100% whose decision it was to appoint PH/NM and sack them. At the end of the day everything comes down to results and getting points on the board.
  9. Attilio

    John Nelms

    5 Directors are the 4 you noted plus Steve Martin. Where does it state JN or any other single Director was paid £100k?
  10. Attilio

    John Nelms

    I've read this before. Directors fees were £128k as you said. There were 5 Directors not including other 'key management personnel' who could come under this total. I can't find anything in there that states that any single Director was paid £100k. The salary of JN could also come under Wages and Salaries.
  11. Interesting stuff this. I think we could have guessed who would be 1st and 12th but there isn't really much to chose between the rest. Somebody earlier was saying that the ball is only in play on average for around 47 minutes each game. If you add on the Livi long throws to their total the ball must rarely touch the deck when they have possession. Brutal stuff imo.
  12. Attilio

    John Nelms

    If they are surplus to requirements, he could always sell the hoses on eBay. You can sell anything on eBay I've been told. Surprised no one has thought of that before.
  13. Attilio

    John Nelms

    I'm in DBDU's team on this. 2 lone voices then. Where did the £100k come from or are you making it up or assuming?
  14. We could but we shouldn't. Horses for course and all that. Wasn't at the game as we were supporting the young lad at his Sunday fitba over in Fife. Shouldn't have bothered as they got badly humped. Speaking to some mates and from the highlights it looks like JM got it spot on - nearly. Sit in , stay in the game, hit on the break - nearly worked like I said. A vast improvement since the last time we played them at Dens it seems to me. We were in such a poor place in September/October I think its going to be a good while until we can go toe to toe with Celtic at home but I'm happier that we've now got 14 players or so that are capable, committed and up for it when they go the park. Another tick in the box for JM from me. I understand why some folk cant wait to see the back of JM but nothing that can realistically happen in the next couple of months is going to change those minds. Can't wait for St Mirren now.
  15. Attilio

    Season Tickets

    Hard to believe I know but yes. Stevie G looking all 'abused'.

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