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  1. Have to agree with all of this. Forster and Meekings have looked decent with Berra at the back in the last 2 games but I don't have much faith in that continuing long term, especially against better teams. The team shouldn't be messed around with at this time though to accommodate anyone. It will be interesting though to see how McGhee performs alongside Berra and a confident keeper.
  2. Good thinking, though I would go £15 adults or £20 adult + U16. Next additional kid goes free. Honestly, how much would you lose out on (if anything) on the PATG crowds we have been getting. This pricing part of the clubs thinking has always disappointed as I was always led to believe US businessmen were more 'on the ball' in this aspect. Not intending a 'lets have a go at the club' movement in any way btw.
  3. It's only a matter of time before injury, form or suspension creates an opening for him in central defence or at RB. It might make us a bit more predictable but no tinkering please. McGhee is POTY so far for me btw.
  4. My target was top 4 at the start of the season. Having signed Hemmings, Dorrans and now Berra we should really be looking at 2nd. We are up against a team in ICT who were and are (supposedly) in financial difficulties and losing players and then Ayr Utd who lost their manager and now have a rookie manager in place. Oh yes, we are also up against Arbroath.
  5. It would be helpful if posters could refrain from the 'your info is shyte and mine is 100% right' attitude. That's not what I would call positive. I haven't seen many rumours etc. here recently and I'm not surprised tbh
  6. All valid points there and the highlighted area is the most important imo. JmcP may not have got much right this season according to many but he has been spot on in his use of FR. He might end up with around 25 appearances this season which will be no mean feat in his breakthrough season. An undoubted talent and if he is here next season we will see the best of him.
  7. Who is this Ross Wallace ?
  8. The incident in the 2nd half where he chased down the defender and won the ball was class. The defender tried to win the ball by getting physical and he just bounced off Hemmings. 😀
  9. If there are a few problems with the game in this country just now, the standard of officials is well up there. Rank incompetence from the Ref and stand side linesman . People make mistakes ffs but that is frightening. How he will get away with that with a referee assessor in the stand is beyond me.
  10. Assured Goalkeeper. Berra different class and led the defence excellently. Busy ,creative midfield and don't think Hemmings put a foot wrong as well a putting in a tremendous shift for 90 minutes. What's not to like. Just a good deal more consistency please.
  11. One of my abiding memories of the Hibs game is how solid we were all packed in into the terraces. I was in the bottom half of the Provie Road and there was no room to move anywhere, front to back or side to side. Our version of the Kop. Not the place to be if you were worried about people invading your personal space. My 'moment' from those days, when I was around 14, was the excitement of basically just entering the ground in Dens Road and going up the now closed steps, getting to the top and seeing the pitch. Especially under the lights like the Hibs, Cologne and Milan games. Magical times that we will struggle to repeat again I fear.
  12. Oh f**k me, another member of the groovy gang. I reckon before the game tomorrow there will be an announcement over the tinny tannoy 'will all those that didn't get John's email please put their hands up' and two people will put their hands up. Me and the young lad who hasn't got an email address.
  13. Ahh, that email. I get you now. I got it as a Twitter notification. Honestly
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