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  1. Just when you think the situation can't get any more laughable and obscene it does. The continual pandering to the Old Firm is depressing so as well as having 4 Old Firm 'A' games we could now have 4 'B' team freak shows to look forward to as well. No doubt also live on telly with the Ally and Sutton banter. Add in the 'every away game Celtic and Rangers play is live on TV' and you think what is the point? If the chairmen of the other clubs had any balls this wouldn't get further than a 'back of a fag packet' proposal but you just know that playing to the OF masters or financial self interest or both might see this proposal through. If our leagues need more teams (which I don't think they do) they don't need them by adding 'B' teams.
  2. Agreed. Its just opinion that he's presenting. I might not agree with all of it but there you go. Keeps the conversation going if nothing else.
  3. Come the end of July and the start of the English school holidays, I fully expect tens or hundreds of thousands of Brits to be flying off on their summer hols. The flights will be packed and people will be sitting shoulder to shoulder and surrounded by complete strangers. They will have nothing but a face mask and hand gel to maintain any semblance of 'social distancing'. If this scenario transpires and I suppose it is a big if, then there should be no reason why we can't have football back in September. I have had two face mask made in dark blue ready for the occasion.
  4. At any level, on any occasion it was a great save. Like a few have said before I was convinced the header was in and the save was obviously as important as the goals we scored. Like me I suppose folk remember Letheren's shortcomings as a keeper and make their own judgements but at the time he was a flawed keeper in what was certainly not a team of world beaters. Like a lot of keepers at our level he was capable of making great saves but also capable of looking dodgy on a regular basis. The very definition of inconsistent.
  5. I would love to get back to watch DFC asap but at the end of the day I'm like you. Way too risky just now. Baby steps are required with this.
  6. Here we have it already - media and some folk saying 'schools will open on 11th August' when what she said was more or less 'schools may open if...……..' and that they were currently planning for 11th August. Seems sensible to me. Almost like joined up thinking.
  7. The period between now and the start of August are going to be interesting in terms of whether the rates of cases and deaths continue to fall and the UK governments response to the upcoming summer holiday period. The 'success' so far in reducing the rates of cases and deaths is no doubt due primarily to the lockdown and social distancing measures and it will be interesting to see the effect on the numbers if these measures are eased bit by bit. If the numbers continue to fall I would expect to see a relaxation in social distancing especially. The summer holiday period is very important, as without it airlines are going to go to the wall and cancellation of holidays is going to hit insurances companies very hard. Two economic whammies the government can afford to do without. On the other hand how do you travel and how do the airlines stay in business when flights can only be 20% full if you maintain the current guidance. If the numbers continue to fall then I would expect to see a reduction in the 2.0m guidance down to 1.0m but after that I have no idea. Other countries are already opening their borders in preparation for the holiday season. It is that important. The bottom line to all of this is what level, or how many deaths each day, are the general public willing to accept in order to get back to some sort of normality. Very callous-sounding I know but we generally live in a very callous world. I have no doubt that this number has been discussed and agreed in most governments. If the metrics that these people measure by continue to look favourable I wouldn't be surprised to see the new season start by September.
  8. Sex is OK but you can't beat the real thing. 😁
  9. Cracking idea. I'm in. Slightly off topic but earlier in the week I asked the wife to get me some Mick Jagger when she was out shopping. I should have been more specific because she went to Aldi and she came back with some brew called 'Saint Etienne' I think it is called. Very unhappy at the time but it turned out to be a decent brew. Even more so when mixed half and half with some cider. 🥴
  10. Sounds plausible. On the other hand there seem to be plenty of other folk on here who seem to know exactly what's going on. 😀
  11. Waking up to a layer of ice on the inside of windows during really cold spells in winter. Mind you it's probably the case that while I don't experience it anymore there are some souls out there who do. 60's and 70's in downtown Douglas.
  12. It has the atmosphere what a bounce game would be like I'm imagining. Schalke are certainly treating it like one. I was really looking forward to this and I have a certain leaning towards Dortmund but my interest began to wane after the 2nd goal.
  13. Maybe but the characters that matter are at a different table I fear. Is there a different driver for this that wasn't considered last week or the week before?
  14. Wonder when the club shop will start selling these beauties. Maybe with a disinfectant shower before the turnstile. Going for a pee may be a problem though. At my age I will probably have pyshed myself by the time I got it off.
  15. Attilio

    Ve Day

    Its not my cup of tea these days either and I'm sure we all know what we'll get on VJ day. I remember watching some 50th anniversary celebration on the Embankment in London and feeling the same way. I suppose we should be thankful the media have something to try and take our minds off the virus but as usual they can't help going over the top in trying to find a different angle, wall to wall coverage and outdoing each other. Not against the commemorative side of things by any means and I've been known to get a bit weepy watching the festival of remembrance but not this stuff.
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