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  1. Good signing on paper and maybe the level we will be dealing in. Happy with this and defenders is one area of the squad where JMP should be able to spot a player.
  2. 110% this. A master at running about looking busy without ever showing any commitment or dig. His performance that time against ICT at Dens was particularly unforgivable.
  3. I usually don't get too excited by this new shirt malarkey but that is a thing of beauty imo. Excellent design and even the colour design of the sponsors add to the overall effect. If I was younger with a more athletic body shape I would get one for my holidays in a couple of weeks. I might just have a mid life/late life crisis and get one anyway.
  4. None of these games are going to be straightforward. Less than 5 weeks until the Raith game I think.
  5. There is more than a fair chance that this is the way it will pan out imo. It took us years and a fair bit of luck last time to get out of this division and some folk are seriously talking about us getting up the first time of asking. With an inexperienced manager and what will be a scratch squad to all intents and purposes. Comparisons between Utd and us will be drawn up from day 1 if they haven't been already.
  6. What is the big deal here? We shouldn't criticise players on here when they have been sub standard for the best part of a season and a half (imo)? Every player bar none has had some form of criticism on here at some point and there hasn't been this kind of defensive response. Do folk believe CK doesn't deserve the same critique as everyone else and that he hasn't been poor for a good while? I suppose if you answer yes and no to that then it's all down to opinions and you can carry on blaming everybody else for most or all of his shortcomings. No one is shouting at him or frothing at the mouth or even has it in for him. If they are like me they are just saying it like they see it and been seeing it for a while. He can do better, a lot better.
  7. I expect you've got a fax at home as well.
  8. I would have preferred he had added 'if they are good enough'. Having said that I am quite prepared for JMP to decide if they are good enough or if they are ready. I think he will ease a few players into the team during the season without rushing them but there must come a time in the process where they sink or swim.
  9. Whoever is made captain for next season should be the best candidate for the role and not just the longest serving player or most local player to Dens. As we have still to sign around a dozen or more players that decision is best left for July. The year he won the award, CK fully deserved to be POTY. Great performances combined with undoubted potential at the time. Since then there has generally been an obvious drop in the level of his performances, to the point he just needed to be dropped/rested. He had become a liability. Having said that I reckon all players go through these phases and its more how they deal with them and come out the other end. It could also be said that his loss of form coincided with various of our teams falling apart tbh. Making him captain/vice captain at that time was a nonsense and I'll never understand the decision. I'll agree that he hasn't been helped in recent years by the lack of assistance in front of him but as a full back you must know this is often going to happen and you have to be able to deal with it. If a full back is going to get skinned when one on one most times the opposition attacks, you are not going to be much use as a defence. CK has a good number of attributes and more than just merits a new deal at this football club. Things will not be that much easier for him in the Championship next season and he needs to step up to the plate. Forget about being captain, forget about attacking and defending in the same breath, forget about crossing balls like Beckham and forget about being one of our own. Start by doing the basics really, really well.
  10. Whats not to like? Just his lack of experience maybe. As long as this isn't thrown at him the first sign of trouble, everything will be rosy. Don't get me wrong, I'm right behind him but patience isn't a virtue with sections of our support.
  11. Oops, missed that one. Must have missed it in the excitement yesterday. I'll have a mosey on over now and see what the story is.
  12. I would go for JMP. Can we have a poll? We haven't had a poll for a while.
  13. Really? Looks like a few folk have decided already. 2 + 2 = 22
  14. I've come to the conclusion that Robbie maybe isn't the brightest crayon in the box.
  15. Can someone please hurry up and create a GIF or whatever of the 'Neilsen fist pump'. I want to put it on the front of a t shirt for my holidays. Funny s f**k wording to go with it will be welcomed. I'm sh*t at GIFs and the like.
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