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  1. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    And a good few of these players need to learn this thing called consistency, otherwise we are back to square one. Buzzing for Saturday and looking for a similar level of commitment and organisation.
  2. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    f**cking outstanding effort from one and all. For as bad as we have been recently the squad, manager and coaching staff deserve big praise tonight.
  3. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    And test it he did.
  4. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    Yes! I don't care if that statement is complete bollacks bud, you have just raised the spirits and expectations on here a notch or two. Can someone in the ground please run in and tell the players this.
  5. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    Well that half went a lot, lot better than I expected. Lets hope we don't do our usual and switch off at the start of the 2nd half. We could still get a result here and fancy Nelson to test their defence.
  6. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    More shots on goal than we've had in the previous 3 games I think.
  7. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    Sorry Cobra but I personally haven't seen anything McIntyre and Miller (or anyone else) have said so as far as I can see its folks putting 2 and 2 together and getting 10. I'm not saying that these guys haven't said the player isn't worth considering but I just haven't read any quotes.
  8. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    Attack, attack - attack, attack, attack!!!
  9. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    A lot of supposition with regard to Kamara just now. He's this, he's that. he's the next thing. If he is going down a path of refusing to honour his existing contract, then it is indeed a lack of class. If it is our manager not wanting him in the squad because he just thinks he will not perform or a similar reason then that is something different completely. If someone can point me to some concrete evidence either way that would be great.
  10. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    Resting his legs for Saturday. A lot of games coming up in the next week and a half. Maybe picking his fights.
  11. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

    Looks like a now fairly predictable 4-4-2 to me. Hope they can keep a clean sheet. I would hate to be 1-0 down within 5 minutes.
  12. Attilio

    Hearts V Dundee

  13. They don't make them like that anymore.
  14. Evil looking wench that she is. Love this. Everyone under a certain age going wtf? I better quit now before being arrested for going off topic by the off topic police.
  15. Our signing policy appears to have widened in the last week or so. It looks like it has gone from (1) ex Ross County players to now include (2) Players called Andy/Andrew, or variants thereof. Who was Andy Pandy last with?

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