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  1. Wonder if Celtic will sack him or tell him 'you're a very naughty boy and don't do it again'.
  2. I think it is. Premier Sports is a monthly subscription and Freesports, as the name suggest is free. Freesports is OK if you like watching MLS and stuff like Monster Truck Racing. I would expect these games to be on Premier although I hope I'm wrong on that count.
  3. It must be the case that 90% of folk of our generation go through this. A year or so back we were clearing the garage of junk (Steptoes Yard) and opened up the boxes to check on the condition of the vinyl. Came across an early Stones album, 3 Barclay James Harvest albums and a Jackson Browne album. Not mine and the wife claimed they weren't hers either. Not a scooby where they came from. When lockdown started in March, I invested in Spotify Premium family version. Working from home everyday, I think it has helped me no end in staying sane. Open up the app on my phone, select the music you want and plug the phone into stereo speakers on the desk. I've heard so much stuff I would never have heard before its unreal. The lads use it all the time on their headphones or Bluetooth speakers from dawn to dusk. You never 'own' the music but after thinking about it, who cares.
  4. Vinyl, now there's a thing. I can't remember the last time I played any vinyl but it must be 10-15 years ago like yourself, The vinyl belonging to myself and the wife has been stored for years in plastic boxes in our garage - same for the turntable and substantial CD collection. Can't bring ourselves to part with any of that stuff. Youngsters though, have a different perspective on things and it never fails to amaze me how these things move on. My two lads, 18 and 16 , listen to music all the time but they don't possess any vinyl or CDs between them. They have never listened to the radio either. All the music they listen to they get from YouTube, Spotify or some other platform I've never heard of. I really don't see much long term future for vinyl or CDs except maybe as a specialist hobby.
  5. Yep, Feynoord were European Cup winners in 1970 then Ajax 3 times on the spin from 1971. Twente gave us a football lesson that night at Dens and you could only stand back and admire it
  6. In honour of the sun shinning for two days in a row, how about some favourite 'summer' tunes. Laid back.
  7. Played like he wasn't at Real Madrid as well. Really enjoyed the game though, not always end to end but I have to admire Pep's tactical set up and the overall skill on display was technically excellent. Apart from Varane that is, who I really rate. Some tasty games coming up in the next week or so. Man City could potentially have Lyon, then Barca/Bayern before maybe PSG in a final. They should do this every year. Just love summer football
  8. Magical times that I never get bored reading to talking about. In the packed South Enclosure for both the Koln and Milan games and the Koln game especially was bedlam when we went in front. Unfortunately these days my abiding memory of the Milan game was the cynical nature of their game from back to front. I expect these days they call it 'professionalism'. On the downside fleeting memories of being humped twice at home in the first round a couple of seasons after.
  9. With their squad and resources, Hearts will rightly be bookies favourites for the league. It is likely they will win it but it is not nailed on. We've seen the difference that even one experienced player can make to a teams fortunes and injuries will play their part. I've a feeling that a lack of a 'massive' home support and a 'massive' away following may be a bit of a leveller also. 10 weeks to go until kick off and a fair bit can still happen in that time.
  10. If Chris Kamara had been there it would have been a case of 'Unbelievable Jeff!'
  11. I was one of the critics of CW 1st time around in that he disappeared from games and just wasn't looking for the ball enough. I think that under JMcP though and the style we play he could be an asset. 2 years now since he left Dens and he is a more experienced player for that. If he is available, no fee is involved and his wages are in line with what we have, I would be inclined to take him on.
  12. I didn't think they could surpass the home kit but what a hideous effort
  13. Spot on. He's gone and tbh I'm not particularly bothered. Watched him a good bit last season and felt that his body language wasn't the best. Like he was at Dens on sufferance almost. We're all guilty of thinking of players of when they had their good times at the club and that is the case here imo. Like I said a few days ago he has come as a bit precious to me this time around. Remember the good times a few years back, good luck in the future and we move on. 10 weeks to find another striker.
  14. A good all round player imo so I'm well happy with this. He's not injured is he? Another good JMcP signing I hope.
  15. If we end up having 5 subs then we need to ensure that there are rules in place so they can only be used in two or three 'windows' during the game. Allowing teams to have 5 individual subbies coming on, all at different times, will slow the game down to snails pace in the last 15 minutes and would be used to do just that.
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