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  1. Attilio

    Ict V Dundee

    Players need to and can adapt. If JMP thinks that Nelson can adapt to playing left mid then accommodating Hemmings and Johnson should be more than possible. Johnson has always looked the better bet than Nelson imo so it was strange that Nelson got picked first. Not going to happen though and away against ICT maybe it shouldn't.
  2. You should only be allowed to vote if you can pass a simple IQ test or at the very least have an idea of what day of the week it is. Never been a big fan of universal suffrage - although their first album was quite good. Polling stations should have some of these airport-style security gates that detect metal. In this case they would measure if there is anybody at home and those deemed not worthy get a free colouring in book and told to feck off. Sensible policies for a better Britain. I'm surprised it hasn't caught on yet.
  3. Attilio

    Ict V Dundee

    Never been as freezing cold at a match as I was at that 2-2 game. I also doubt you would get penalties for both those challenges these days. Anything goes it seems.
  4. Attilio


    What!! Only one good season? Are we talking about the same Jocky? There can be only one Jocky. My favourite DFC player of all time and not a bad manager.
  5. Attilio


    Some folks will still be talking about getting Jocky back after he has passed on.
  6. Attilio

    McPake Must Go.

    They have almost perfected that art of Champions of grinding out results. Don't concede many and grab a winner in the 80th-something minute sort of thing. We really have to start prioritising the 'don't concede any' side of the games. Interesting that I was discussing the game with a couple of Arabs at work who thought that they were not much better than us. Make of that what you will.
  7. Attilio

    Signing of the Summer So Far

    Dorrans the best midfielder in the league? He has played well in a couple of games but I'll reserve that accolade for someone who makes the difference in games and big games on a regular basis. Takes the game by the scruff of the neck sort of thing. My gut feeling is that I think we'll get more of what we've had so far this season from GD. Games where he is good to very good and games where he disappears and is anonymous or a spectator. Potentially the player who could see us into the final play off game though.
  8. Our game at Arbroath is at the beginning of December. We had better be up for that because it will be a battle.
  9. Attilio

    McPake Must Go.

    Some folk only come out to play when there is a mini 'crisis' then hibernate when we win.
  10. Attilio


    Todd has been injured but even when he was fit, JMP preferred Nelson in that wide midfield role. Todd should be a shoe-in for that position imo. Goes back to what I was saying about playing your best players in their best positions. At no time in the last few games has Andrew Nelson looked comfortable or effective in that position - in fact it was an accident waiting to happen. I do feel sorry for the lad. He was getting it in the neck from a couple of players last night after the 2nd goal including one experienced player who failed to show up himself.
  11. Attilio

    McPake Must Go.

    No guarantees' in either scenario imo. More likely? Who knows. I wouldn't put my money on it.
  12. Unfortunately Robertson isn't a wide midfield player and isn't the best defensively yet. We tried playing Ness there remember and he just looked like a fish out of water as well. We are really short in this department and don't have ready made replacements to slot into this position when required. Its been said many times before on here, probably too many times but JMP needs to settle on his players and his system and stick to it and let the team develop from there. No players filling in out of position, everyone doing the job they are told to do and no lightweights jumping out of the way of 5/50 challenges. Pains me to say it but Utd are a good example of what to aim for. None of their players are brilliant. They all do their job and they have played the same system for Christ knows how long. Unfortunately for us this will not happen overnight especially if we jump ship to another manager and another scratch squad.
  13. Attilio

    Just In

    You would have thought that with H&S regs being what they are and any organisations duty of care, that nets would have been put in a good while back. You really have to keep your wits about you when getting to your seat and then when you're in your seat when they are doing the shootie in. Since they started taking shots on the angle instead off just straight on it has got worse. If Skull is the shaved head fella that got one in the face it did look a sare ane and like I said, not in a position in the stand where you would expect to get hit. We can maybe joke about it now but this is a not a big step from ending something more serious.
  14. Attilio

    McPake Interview On Bt Sport

    To me getting the basics right is playing your best players in their best positions and getting everyone to compete. It seems to be working for the arabs so far this season. Oh and passing the ball to players in your own team is much preferred. Can someone tell Jordan Forster this.
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