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  1. Aye, well, G, the image that pops up in the minds of Aiberdeenshire dwellers when someone mentions a 'cottage', is usually the typical granite hovel wi' the cattle-sharing byre tagged on the back, and 4 wee dormer windaes & a skylight upstairs. To the southern aristocracy, brought up in a 'house' that's bigger than a Laird's castle, or even Buck Hoose, the concept of a 'cottage' would need to have been designed by the clever chap who thought up the Tardis.
  2. Just as well that you seem to know who all these loan rumour guys are, Wattie....there's probably not even 10% of them I've heard of! Age is finally taking its toll
  3. I don't read the Norwegian online papers so much now (& half of it is those annoying "+" articles that you need a sub for), to keep up with all that's going on, but are RBK/Molde just looking for a smaller league (say 14, and 26 games), or anything similar to here or Denmark? You'll know that the start of their season is always a squeeze, with CL/EL qualifiers, and at the end of season they're in the midst of the CL or Europa group stages. All the time I lived in Norway, I thought their pyramid structure was a perfect fit for Scotland....with 3rd ties the top of the regionalised pyramid. The distances are vast up/down Norway, and across the southern third, and their flexible way of adapting the regional boundaries when it comes to the division of relegated clubs would present us with no real issues (just the egos of a few club chairmen). The Norwegian Cup (NM) is also regionalised for the first few rounds, and I was happy to see this reintroduced to our LC, which is largely played midweek, which can seriously disadvantage part-time clubs if they have to travel big distances. I think the SC should remain 'totally open', as it's played on weekends, and I think we're finally ditching replays, so the 'romance of the cup' giant-killers will still have their chance of a big away gate, or a shock win. Kristiansund are a great example of the positive way this pyramid can work....two tiny 5th tier clubs in a city of just 25,000 merge, take less than 10 years to get to the top tier, fill their 4,000 seat ground every week, and achieve 5th place in their 2nd season up. Re part/full-time, I kind of agree, though it seems 'nature' has sorted this out for us, with only the occasional wee part-time club earning a run in the championship & usually going back down again. I think, though, it's good to not have any 'rules' to bar clubs from promotion.
  4. WoodStein

    Season Ticket Sales

  5. That's because they need to leave you with both chips in place, to keep your balance ....though after you told me about your Ferry tumble, it sounds like the position of your 'liquid storage facility' may have shifted slightly towards one side
  6. WoodStein

    Fixtures Out

    I think another factor to bear in mind is that we'll be a much-changed team, and management, from those disastrous games, where some of our incoming players didn't seem to know how to handle a fairly aggressive, energetic, championship side
  7. I'm really surprised the Danes have done that....the consequence of 2 out of 12 teams automatically relegated will take some fairly big clubs down, possibly on a regular basis, as it did here. As happened here, this may feed a 'fear of failure' culture & probably more defensive-minded coaches, as they prioritise survival over entertainment & development. Norway went the other way in the last decade or so, from 12 to 14 to 16 team top 2 leagues, playing twice, matching the Allsvenskan's setup. A couple of clubs seem to have fared better in that time, though I tend to think this often depends as much on the fluctuation in form of Rosenborg, and Molde. The Danes, of course, are never going to follow anything their former 'colony' but now much wealthier Norwegian cousins do.
  8. WoodStein

    Scott Roberston Welcome To the Dee

    Yes, they do, they were made well aware of it by staff at the club.
  9. First time Marshall & McGhee produce a mediocre performance, there will be loud shouts from the BC (to the right of me), of “see you twa, whit a pair o’ big t*ts”
  10. WoodStein

    Jordan Marshall - Officially Signs

    ....and with a familiar player in front of him, assuming Todd plays left mid/wing. There seems more of a chess/jigsaw approach to McPake’s teambuilding, than the much criticised ‘tombola’ trend of the previous two. I suspect Jimmy Nic will also enjoy working with these young-but-experienced players.
  11. WoodStein

    Jordan McGhee

    More of a ‘sit on the hedge’ scenario, surely? Hedging your bets, eh
  12. Just watched him score a terrific goal for Falkirk on STV News, dragging the ball inside from the right just outside the box, and curling a low left foot shot round a defender & just inside the keeper's right post. I'd imagine he's versatile enough to play anywhere across the back....but wouldn't want to see Cammy moved to the left again.
  13. WoodStein

    New Kit Verdict

    It looks like it's similar to France's current kit, maybe it's the lighter of the two 'hoops' shades we had last season. We really should be getting the RAL industry-standard colour code for each new kit announced, so we can check it out on the colour chart & get our other matchday gear, garden fences, bench seats & a matching dress for the Mrs or Ms ready for the friendlies & LC.
  14. It was interesting to read the interview with Kenny Clark (retired ref), who thinks the change in the handball law/guideline will cause a lot of controversy....the change that resulted in the penalty for England v Scotland, which no English player claimed...the ref had to stop the game 2 minutes later, to get the VAR decision, check it & then explain to both sets of players why she was giving a penalty. "It's all very subjective and that's going to be the difficulty of it. A lot of it will come down to the interpretation of the match officials [& VAR officials if used] so it's going to be controversial." As a few (non-Scots) pundits pointed out, when a full-back tries to cut out a cross by putting their leg out, their arms have to provide their balance, which was exactly what happened in that match. To avoid that, defenders are going to need to be coached in the Python team's 'Ministry of Funny Walks'. So, they introduce a video review system to help refs decide on hard-to-see incidents....and the following year, they make the most subjective of those incidents (accidental/close-up handball) even more subjective. Great idea. Next step, stop the clock when the ball's out of play, let managers call timeouts....then they might as well change the shape of the ball.
  15. Holt's statement certainly read like a manager knowing someone was on the way out & he was making sure he got one in, first.
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