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  1. WoodStein

    John Nelms

    It's the new marketing ploy, to increase programme sales, clearly I kinda suspect the journos are being (gratefully) 'fed', rather than picking up on the DFC website. Huge difference in who reads which website.
  2. WoodStein

    The New Stadium Thread

    Good to get a wee look at the inside, the site seems to have progressed well & quickly, from my occasional trundle past it on the Kingsway. I hope the uptake level is high, especially with all the local amateur sports associations, but the indoor 3G football pitch may well be something both pro clubs might be keen to use occasionally as well, especially in winter. I think the Camperdown plans have a mix of grass/artificial surfaces, but none covered? I wondered why, after seeing someone fitting the white-line pieces into the football pitch, there also seemed to be someone 'painting' the lines ....maybe it was a roller he was hauling, 'glueing' the pieces down. The 'grass' looks a bit long, though, probably 'Craig Levein length'
  3. WoodStein

    STV 'NEWS'-Unbelievable

    Tele article has a couple of videos.....the Celtic fan who noticed it on TV & posted it (hilarious...and he was 'laughing').....and a friend of the flag owner posted a video of the 'discussion' with a stewards supervisor, which didn't look any big deal. A few police were 'observing' closely. The flag was covering an advertising board which one of the club's advertisers has paid a fair bit for, to have it seen on TV....the club are entirely within their rights to ask for the flag to be removed. Whether the owner was asked to remove it, or not, is unclear. Celtic fans could only have been more 'offended' if there was a union jack in the BC, hanging over an advertising board.....there wasn't, was there???? https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/video-argument-at-dundee-vs-celtic-match-as-steward-takes-irish-flag-from-fan/
  4. WoodStein

    The New Stadium Thread

    Hopefully DBPH have successfully chipped away at all of the relevant agencies now, and Nelms "better news in the near future" comment in Sunday's programme will be that they are ready to submit the formal planning application, and that investors are confirmed. The main objections at Caird Park related to wildlife & the park's designation from Sir James Caird's gift 'to the people'.... if those can be overcome, surely any similar objections at Camperdown can. [incidentally, I see the original £21m plan became £32m] The Aberdeen stadium is located in Green Belt land, and had the Westhill community fundraising (a lot) to pay their legal costs, but hopefully there won't be any objections on this scale for Camperdown. I'm certain there will be some, relating to traffic, noise, crowds, but maybe on an individual basis.
  5. I realised that CW....and I'm sure I remember a 50-yards cross-field pass in one of NM's games, that did reach one of our players I think I saw that Mane goal....but it was Liverpool, so I've 'deleted it' The Killie goal I mentioned earlier is one of the simplest & most effective long-pass goals in our league...perfectly weighted pass & first touch by McAleny, took out Rangers entire midfield, defence & keeper, and silenced 98% of Ibrox....always a pleasure to see!
  6. Re cashflow, this is only a short-term 3-4 months potential cashflow benefit, at best, as all (more or less) of the ST income will be received by the start of the season, no matter when we start selling them. By selling the STs earlier, the Board might (if we 'comply' & buy earlier) have most of the ST sales figures before JM makes his final signings in the summer window, so yes, this may help them in finalising his budget. Unless we muster enough points for 10th place, or survive playoffs, it seems likely (if forum members are representative of the wider fanbase) that ST sales are going to drop this summer. They may drop even if we stay up, of course. If we sell between 2,500-3,000 at an average of £300 (adult, concession), that's £750k-£900k. This figure is probably close to the potential operating loss for 2018/19, based on the last accounts....so (with no transfer income) we're likely to have a loss equivalent to around 20% of the annual turnover (£4.5m last season). If Keyes doesn't want to continue to cover that, JM's budget is going to be a very low one!
  7. What's your criteria for a 'long pass', in these stats then, CW?......> 20 yards?
  8. WoodStein

    John Nelms

    I'd guess the split of his time is probably increasingly on the Camperdown Development, probably strengthening the argument for the Club to consider hiring a Director of Football to take over many of his DFC tasks once (/if) the development has the required investors & planning approval....though he also has his SPFL Board role as well. As for the 'affordability' to the Club of his salary & other costs, or proportion of his time working on DFC, I guess there's a reasonable argument that as long as Keyes is funding any operating losses, he's effectively covering whatever it costs to have Nelms overseeing both on his behalf. It is also possible (though perhaps unlikely, just now?) that DBPH are also paying Nelms a fee or salary. The accounts show a drop of £24k in Directors' Remuneration from 2016/17....but as mentioned in other posts, there are other directors who may also have received income/fees/expenses within this. I've been told one was being paid circa £30k a year, but that's speculative, of course.
  9. WoodStein

    John Nelms

    But - given that no-one from DFC has apparently replied to emails - do we know for sure that these are really 'surplus'? Maybe they're put to use between games, or in the close season. Has someone verified that they are in exactly the same place every game, still coiled up the same way? I mean, we wouldn't want anyone to be jumping to inaccurate conclusions on here, would we? It wouldn't be funny to see a fan being chased round the track by a groundsman with a sharp pitchfork, yelling "whar's meh hoses", would it?
  10. Before I posted the article/table, I tried a google search for Wyscout's 'long pass' definition, but couldn't find anything. I'm hoping there's someone with access to Wyscout (or knows someone who has access) who might be able to clarify. I'd guess your example of the Livi 'long-ball to a target', and the 'into the channels' ball would be....but the 'clearance, anywhere' to get the ball up the pitch or just out of danger areas, is a different thing altogether.
  11. I noticed this recent addition to the Scotsman's seemingly endless series of 'statistical tables', and thought it might prompt some discussion, as we enter one of the international break 'dead zones'. The top part is probably no great surprise, but I was surprised we are the closest to the OF, with the 3rd lowest long-pass level. My impression of the change in our game since JM took over is that we move the ball around faster than under NM, and get up the park quicker, but we do still pass the ball around a fair bit to switch play...it may have been useful to see if there's a clear shift in the long passes between the two managers' spells. I think it would also have been more interesting to have the number of short passes as well, to see the percentage of long v short, which is perhaps a better indication of how a team tends to play. I don't know what distance Wyscout uses to define 'long'. The Scotsman's use of the term 'route one' in the title is, I think, misleading. A 50-yard pass to the feet of a player, or over/through the defence & into the path of a striker (like Broadfoot's for Killie's goal at Ibrox) is nothing like the image 'route one' creates, of a hopeful punt up the pitch with no specific target. The most ‘route one’ Scottish Premiership teams - ranked in order https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/the-most-route-one-scottish-premiership-teams-ranked-in-order-1-4887860?page=1 Teams are often given back-handed compliments or outright criticised if they are too direct. It’s often viewed as not being the “proper” way to play football. With this in mind we’ve looked at the 2018/19 Scottish Premiership season so far and, with the help of the statistics provided by Wyscout, ranked all 12 top flight clubs in order of how many long passes they’ve hit this season. Team Total Long Passes Long Passes per game 1 Livi 1,940 63.56 2 Killie 1,786 58.51 3 Hamilton 1,780 58.42 4 Hibs 1,667 54.10 5 Aberdeen 1,622 52.89 6 Motherwell 1,609 52.66 7 St.Johnstone 1,582 52.27 8 St.Mirren 1,569 51.44 9 Hearts 1,553 50.86 10 Dundee 1,522 49.96 11 Rangers 1,339 43.69 12 Celtic 1,084 35.45
  12. If it's Yoda, surely it would be "Doomed, we are"....I'm unsure if he ever asked questions Private Fraser may be along presently....
  13. WoodStein

    The New Stadium Thread

    His programme article says "finally starting to make progress on the financing of the new stadium project". He said (or it was reported somewhere, forget which) a few months ago that finding investors was taking longer than anticipated, so I guess they now have some 'interested parties'. With the broad scope of the plans for the whole site, including commercial units & housing, it always seemed DBPH would be looking for external investors. that it's definite & not just tentative enquiries.
  14. Selling 2019/20 STs before 31st May (end of current trading year) won't have any impact on the 2018/19 DFC Accounts, as those sales will not be included in the 2019/19 Profit & Loss Account. Although some extra cash may be in the Club's bank account by 31st May, there will be an offsetting amount included in Short term Liabilities, for prepaid sales.

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