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  1. So, I guess you'd not be too keen on £10m from an ageing (ancient, really) German techno-rock band wanting to sponsor the Dee as "Tangerine Dream DFC"?
  2. I'm happy enough with 'The Kilmac Stadium at Dens Park (/Noo Campy Park)' or any other future sponsorship, that doesn't result in some ludicrously 'dodgy' title. However, I'd prefer we keep the Club Name as it's been for a century & the keep the simple 'DFC' shield as it is....it's never needed any lettering or fancy graphics to identify our Club. The 'badge' (the one with the red & gold bits, as in the recent topic) should also remain as-is, but used on ties & 'blazers' (if we ever have those again!), club letterheads, etc. If anyone wants to give us silly amounts of cash, we can put their name all round the track/stands/etc.
  3. I was meaning released or loanee players from 'wee clubs', the ones likely to decide they'd prefer to mothball their club, not expensive players from the bigger clubs. The players currently on contracts at 'mothballed' clubs won't get paid, and will want to be playing & earning. A lot won't get contracts, though....and a good number might be lost to the game if they find alternative employment & decide to stick with it when all the leagues return (they will, in some form, but maybe more like GS's 'community club' model).
  4. Re the testing costs, yes, it would be 'good for the reputation of the game' if there was a way to fund those rumoured £2k a week costs, but it seems Scottish Football has no 'reserve' for emergencies.....though I find that hard to believe.
  5. We've been missing any 'ITK' insider rumours lately, so it's good to have something other than votes & restructuring options to argue about! Rumours of Berra maybe returning are good, even though other clubs will have noticed how he 'glued our defence together'. We can only ask & see what happens. Re your last point, if the stories from clubs suggesting they'd rather 'mothball' for a season have any truth, then, yes, there will be guys they may be keen to let go, to loan out (if they'd like to keep them), and others out-of-contract.
  6. This is why it's most likely that any restructuring below SPL, forced by economics of mothballing clubs who can't operate without 'normal' fan levels, is almost certainly going to be temporary (in the way the WW2 league was), and will revert back to how it was pre-Covid. I'd imagine this would have to be the case if one of the recent thoughts (discussed in Sat sportsound), of forming a 'level 2' league comprising all those clubs (from the 3 leagues) who are certain they can afford to operate with the restrictions, actually gets to the reality stage. It's far from ideal, but this is a totally unique situation, and it's well beyond the stage where the SPFL members & their Board ought to have accepted it, and start laying a structure out for the practical & economically realistic options that are facing them. There seem to be too many playing the 'ostrich' role.
  7. It appears to (potentially) not be economically viable for many of the clubs outside the SPL to operate without income from fans. Several clubs have apparently said (a few publicly) that they can't afford to play behind closed doors, and with testing costing £2k a week...and they'd rather 'hibernate' for a season if that's the way the start-up would have to be operated. I'd imagine that takes care of almost all of Div.1/2. Apparently (according to Sportsound debate today) a few Championship clubs have said the same. They were even suggesting that only half a dozen clubs outside the SPL will be able to operate So....those (full-time) clubs from the Championship, with maybe Raith & Falkirk, may be able to operate on a reduced-squad basis, IF they can still take in some limited TV (eg BBC)/Sponsorship income, and if they can use their own online TV services to get some percentage of the ST/PATG income from their fans.
  8. It is possible (it's a guess) that we wanted to pursue the playoffs, but neither ICT nor Ayr were interested. The potential 11th SPL club certainly wouldn't be.
  9. TV & Sponsorship income guaranteed, plus (likely, I'm guessing) a PPV deal to get a fair bit of 'gate income' covered. There's a fairly big gulf down to Championship income, but a huge drop to the majority of teams in Div1/2.
  10. Sounds like we're not the only country with officials who love to 'make an example' of the middle-size clubs & bend over backwards to help the big ones.
  11. WoodStein


    Specialized are a very good international brand....and buying locally is a good move, for initial set-up/adjustments, and future servicing/repairs. Staff are usually experienced cyclists & can offer good tips....along with Harold's Make sure you get a good helmet....you might find (later) that a pair of 'unbreakable' cycling shades (Oakleys or equiv) are useful....I used to always get insects in my eyes. Bike gloves might be useful, sweaty hands can be a bu**er. Buy a can of WD-40 (equivalent) spray for gears etc. Good luck.....29c forecast today for Aviemore & NW. My daughter's 'stuck' at her mother's near Beauly & having some great road/off-road bike trips with this dry spell of weather....finished uni a few weeks ago, can't start her job in NZ till they 'open the border'. Hardship, eh.
  12. We do, and it is.....at least I think that was what we had....it's been so long now....
  13. One of my pals lives in Ayr & frequently sees Craig Brown, Archie Knox, and Ian Ure in his local coffee-house. All 3 doing fine, and they often apologise to other customers for the noise they make (laughing), so it seems also in good form too.
  14. Another reason to be thankfull you're not an arab, eh
  15. What happened to East Fife was, effectively, "Methil No More"....post-war they had great crowds, then the decline of local industries, huge unemployment, people leaving the area. Sadly the root of much of the issues with industrial town clubs, though they, along with Thirds & Clyde (clearing old housing out to 'new towns'), suffered more than most, it seems. [ps....generally agree with your view on Strachan's comments too]
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