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  1. WoodStein

    January Window

    Might sound like it is, too. Any individual 'complimentary comments' from the sparsely populated stands will come over loud & clear (except on DeeTV of course), so make them good ones, lads.
  2. WoodStein

    Crowd V Motherwell

    I thought it was £15/£10 concession, only just noticed it's £20/£15....not much of a reduction, though it does require Motherwell's approval as well. Not making any difference to me, I wasn't going, but it isn't anything close to an attractive enough reduction, when it's on 'free' tv. Rangers & Celtic's games are on Premier Sports, so they'll still get income from the hordes who stay at home tonight/tomorrow evening.
  3. WoodStein

    Tim Keyes John Nelms

    Well done finding that document, Harry...I think the use of "The" was just the normal business/legal language of the day, a bit victorian-influenced. The meeting referred to in the text "...at a Public Meeting held in Gilfillan Hall on 20th December 1898,...." would, I think, have been the point where some local businessmen decided to invest in the Club, as part of both saving the club from imminent liquidation and the move from Carolina Port to Dens, as described in the extract below, from the DFC site's "History" section. I'm not certain, but this registration with Companies House may have been the point where the first formal/legal shareholding was registered, suggesting that during the initial 1893-1899 years the Club may have been run on 'amateur' status, by "committee", rather than by a Board of Directors? I believe this was quite common among the many new football clubs being formed around the country. I'm sure one of those original shareholders was still going strong as a Director in the early 50's, when the two LC's were won & Billy Steel graced Dens. By the late 50's, the sons of a couple of those original shareholders were 'young' directors, who oversaw the title, lc/sc finals & european campaigns. extract from the DFC website page... https://dundeefc.co.uk/club/history/our-story/ ‘The Port’ had a superb playing surface but it was too remote, with no public transport links and in 1899, Dundee moved to their current home of Dens Park. Dens Park was officially opened against St. Bernards on August 19th 1899 when Fred McDiarmid was awarded with a medal for scoring the first goal on the new ground and the move was the start of the good times for The Dee. Twelve months previously, Dundee were saved from liquidation after poor gates had contributed to large debts and the part of the new committee’s strategy was increase attendances by relocating to the new ground. It was a move that paid off, as the crowds started to flock to Dens and with Dundee now regularly playing in the dark blue of Our Boys, they finished as runners-up in the Scottish League championship three times within the next decade.
  4. WoodStein

    January Window

    Had he replaced Morgan (or goes there anyway), he'd likely have followed a similar path to Morgan, on the bench, covering injuries....but being paid a lot more for it.
  5. WoodStein

    Brian Cox

    Even having been 'in exile' for over 40 years, I was sure a lot of the 'office'/'uni' scenes weren't local....but there's only one Desperate Dan statue, and the aerial panoramic shots gave a good impression of the City & Tay. I knew John Gordon Sinclair was in it, but didn't recognise him, until he talked....I last saw him in John Byrne's "Your Cheatin' Heart" series in the 80's, still fairly thin. I was hoping for a few genuine local 'dialects' in some scenes, sub-titled into english, of course
  6. WoodStein

    Scottish Cup Memories

    It was during the miners strike & 3-day week & (I think) the scheduled power blackouts, a lot of games were switched to Sundays to 'level out' the demand on the national grid at weekends....they may also have been earlier kickoffs, I remember Pittodrie being in daylight, though I seem to recall it was dark & very rainy when 10,000 of us were dancing in their "Derry", while the bears trudged home, very early. Memory, though, is not always reliable!
  7. WoodStein

    Scottish Cup Memories

    You're not imagining the wee kid with the cardboard & foil cup....he handed it to Thomson Allen each game & it saw out the match in his net....where I'm sure it was never troubled by the ball. The constant 'Dundee will play Celtic' semi draw was a right pain, and the one time I recall we avoided them (1967), we got them in rampant Lisbon Lions form in the LC final.....5-3, terrific match, literally end-to-end. The two Hibs games in 73/74 were something special too [see 'Billy Campbell's Ghost' blog articles below]....that was one of the loudest away supports in a decade, but after winning 2-0 at Pittodrie and 3-0 at Ibrox in the previous 2 rounds, I think the fans felt our name really was on the cup that year....and we already had the League Cup in the Dens boardroom. Losing 1-0 to Celtic in the semi was devastating (the 'curse'), no matter how good a team they had....we knew from the LC final that we could match them.
  8. WoodStein

    Brian Cox

    "Traces" has a lot of footage of the area between Magdalen Green, up through the Perth Rd to The Law. I'm confident you'll find a way to get hold of the series, from somewhere...I've no idea if the alibi channel has a catch-up facility.
  9. WoodStein

    January Window

    Rooney had both 'assists' for ICT's goals at Dens. He outran Mackie by a good few yards, to catch the long ball & played the cut-back ball in for their first goal....then picked up the loose header in their box from Gowser's weak 'chip', shrugged off a tackle & outran someone to halfway, before playing the diagonal pass to Keatings for the second goal. I don't remember too much about his defensive work in the first half (in front of our half of the BC), but he certainly got himself forward as often as he could.
  10. WoodStein

    Dees Who Played In Four Decades

    If Rab plays one more 'emergency' game for Arbroath (or anyone else) this year, that'll be his 4th decade.
  11. WoodStein

    January Window

    You're really testing the limits of reverse psychology now, Beto, so ..... 🤞.....
  12. WoodStein


    John, Yes, I can now see both sources of emojis, including the ones Barkblue said were appearing as blue squares. Off to post something on the DFC Discussion forum to see if that now displays correctly.
  13. WoodStein


    Hi John, I use a Macbook Air, running OSX 10.14.6 Mojave, and Safari 13.0.2 as browser...unchanged for several months. In that 'topic' on the Support tab, I tried using Safari's own emoji menu, rather than the drop-down list in the bar above where I'm typing this, and those displayed correctly in the Support message, and still do (screen shot below).... Here are a few from the drop-down menu...... Angry wee man..... 😡 Frustrated Dee at Dens...... 😖 A happy Dee..... 🤥 GeDee..... [this last one for GeDee I took from scrolling right down to the bottom of that list, and surprisingly it appears ok while the other 3 change to the blue square, so maybe we just have to not use the set at the top of the list???]
  14. WoodStein

    Deefiant Hero Jamie Adams.

    I'd have expected members of that side who are not still playing/coaching/etc to be invited to the home match closest to the '10th anniversary' chat show that's on at the Whitehall Theatre. However, that's on Friday 20th March, and we play ICT away on Sat 21st, so maybe it'll be the game before or after. Wouldn't it be classic SPFL if the ICT game was moved to Friday night on BBC ;0)
  15. WoodStein

    January Window

    Yes, I also assumed that was Beto's way of saying he didn't think we needed Wighton ;0)
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