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  1. WoodStein

    Help Required - Alan Gilzean Biography

    If you were playing for Grove FP then, I possibly know you...I was playing for (& lived in) Barnhill then...will PM you.
  2. Yes, Wright was first introduced to AFC's first team as a very young striker, off the bench....but you see the kind of strikers they've had since then (Rooney, McGinn, Cosgrove, etc, and now Main), they've gone for stronger, bigger players & Wright hasn't really 'filled out', though has added various skills, as his game time often came from wing/wide mid outings. I'm still doubtful if Wright would agree to drop a league, unless on loan again, but I also don't see him becoming an AFC regular.
  3. I'd imagine if the club can 'liberate' Davies/Curran's wages, we could yet see 2 more signings late in the window, when EFL clubs are prepared to release or loan out guys, if they get their own new players in. With injury issues in our central defence & midfield, we could use cover there. McGhee can cover either FB side. We've no idea how effective McP jnr may be, in feeding Hemmings (for example), so that aspect of attacking midfield may still be something we could do with strengthening. Has all the Dorrans rumour died now? Him in a "KT" role might be all McP wants in the midfield. I'm not anticipating seeing a keeper arriving, unless it's a young 2nd/3rd choice, to join Ferrie in keeping Hamilton challenged/covered.
  4. WoodStein

    Help Required - Alan Gilzean Biography

    Not at all surprising, given the amount of time Gillie spent 'in the air' & being knocked about by struggling defenders. I did something similar, in a local cup final around 1966 on one of the baked-hard junior pitches....clean through & about to score, I was 'up-ended' with a tackle from behind, literally bounced forehead-first on the concrete-hard surface, and was 'out' for a minute till someone poured water on me. At HT, I asked our coaches "is it 2-1?"...and was puzzled by their puzzled expressions. I'd 'blanked' about half an hour & 2 goals, and lost all memory of chesting the ball down from a throw-in & doing a Beckenbauer/Phillip 'mazy' through half the opposition.....and I'd no idea what the score was at FT. We lost 4-3, apparently. 53 years on, and some old pals maintain I still haven't recovered
  5. Hopefully. Although May might have been a good, useful player for us, I've always felt we could put that amount of funds to better effect...so with Hemmings to score (more than May probably), McPake on loan, there's probably still enough left in the manager's budget for the 'couple more' players he seems to be chasing.
  6. WoodStein

    Fc Union Berlin Support

    Brilliant, yet very simple, idea. When (& if, to some ;0) we finally depart Dens for the shiny Noo Campy, I wonder if we might consider doing something similar at our final game there. We've talked about "The High Stand" often on this & other forums, and we could easily organise something like this for fans to take photos of our departed ancestors, who stood on the terraces during the last century or so of history? A 'moving on' celebration, while we remember our history in the old place? ............... German football seems to be fairly good at coming up with some inventive fans participation. Our old friends from Cologne (or FC Koln, to use their formal name) have a very novel 'Club Hymn', quite a recent thing, and with a tune that we all know. They 'borrowed it' from RunRig's many performances at the huge 20,000 capacity Lanxess Arena (& the occasional visit to Hampden), but wrote a full set of lyrics, played & sung by around 40,000 as the teams come out.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU9QzV8LQQI or when they invade the pitch, after (I think) winning promotion back to the Bundesliga... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQBVEoyQ5Ts (& I noticed a comment "Das Ist Tradition"....considered part of their tradition already) For those fluent in German, the lyrics..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha4GInQjCCU (inventive & efficient bu**ers, those german fans!)
  7. Not the most 'inventive' place to store it, though....but still, it could have lain undiscovered for years down the back of the SE, had the old jungle not been cleared.
  8. WoodStein

    Josh McPake - Officially Signs

    He may have been happy to get a club offering him full-time training facilities, even if he doesn't sign....he's going to be far more ready to sign/play elsewhere.
  9. WoodStein


    I think we need to, after that 'build-up'!
  10. A somewhat embarrassing wee bit of publicity for the club...... https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-fc-launch-investigation-after-bed-frame-found-on-top-of-pie-kiosk-leaving-fans-baffled/ Though I think the ET comment about sleeping Dabs/Sheep is the angle the club should maybe be promoting? .....but, seriously, how the f*ck did an old bed frame get into the stadium in the first place....sneaked in bit-by-bit & reassembled?
  11. WoodStein


    Reports (vague though they were) at the time suggested our old system had 'failed' & this one was brought in quickly (even though it might have been the one we were going to change to 'soon'). That would imply that normal 'testing time' wasn't feasible. I can't imagine we've had a completely new system built for us, this is almost certainly a 'package', effectively off-the-shelf, which probably just needs a bit of customising for each stand's section/row/seat number spec. I'd expect loads of clubs already use this system.
  12. WoodStein


    Every new system needs one of those....preferably a step-by-step, with screen shots. I'd consider coming out of retirement, for the appropriate, ahem... 'wee fee'
  13. WoodStein

    Josh McPake - Officially Signs

    As 8utters suggested earlier in the topic, Rangers are trusting our manager & coaches to help develop this potential 'rising star', both in his match experience & his coaching with us. This is a totally different type of loan signing from most of the players brought in the last couple of seasons....guys who had been first team players who'd fallen out of regular teamsheet contention, players returning from injury, players likely to be released. This young guy's career appears to be on the rise, he has 2 countries wanting him to commit to their national squads. He's not going to get immediate game time at Ibrox, given the big name players Gerrard has gathered, but JMcP (senior) clearly believes he can do a job for us, that he hasn't got in the rest of his contracted squad.
  14. WoodStein

    Josh McPake - Officially Signs

    Jesus wept, Beto, you've been desperate for signings...."anyone", in at least one post, as I recall....and we loan in a hugely talented young winger, that Ireland are desperate to persuade to commit to them instead of Scotland. Maybe need to reconsider your level of expectation for a (close to skint) championship club.
  15. WoodStein


    If you're using your old 'customer number' off the receipt slip in your ST book, then you're definitely accessing the old system. The new one requires your email address + password to login, once you've created a new account using the new menu.
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