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  1. WoodStein

    Hearts V Dundee

    That £28 ticket.....you can get a great Wild Earth (NZ) Pinot Noir for about that, but I suspect you've enjoyed the match as much as you would the PN....and nae sair heid the mor'n Hope Mr Levein pays you a visit this week See you at Dens on saturday?
  2. WoodStein

    Hearts V Dundee

    Skint knees? (post 315)....maybe just not fully up to match fitness yet.....or maybe tactical.
  3. WoodStein

    Hearts V Dundee

    Considering all the daft stuff he posted when he signed his PCA, compared to Kamara's 'dignified & professional silence', Jones (perhaps with significant guidance from Clarke) has certainly provided Killie with a lot more than we appear able to get out of Kamara's situation. Of course, we don't know much at all about it, maybe we're keener on trying to get a fee or loan player than Killie are.
  4. WoodStein

    Hearts V Dundee

    It's always heartening when several days of abject match build-up despair suddenly turns to outrageous optimism ....the DFC emotional rollercoaster!
  5. WoodStein

    Scottish Cup

    Nah, course not PB, still just rumour, but a customary random few getting in their pre-signing "he's sh*te" claims, in advance...just in case
  6. WoodStein

    Emiliano Sala.

    Sala's last whatsapp group message has been played a few times on Sky Sports News, with a translation. In between talking about being tired, all the things to be arranged, and about looking forward to training next day in Cardiff, he mentions concerns about the plane... "I'm up in this plane and it feels like it's falling to pieces.....if in an hour & a half you haven't heard from me, I don't know if they are going to send someone to look for me, because they won't find me, but you will know. Dad, I'm scared." It sounds like a very unfortunate & unlucky decision to hire a wee direct-flight single-engine charter plane with (apparently) no life-raft, for a flight over water, rather than to travel on scheduled flights & arrive a day later.
  7. WoodStein

    Andreas Hadenius - Officially Signs

    Hope this signing works out as intended....just he doesn't turn out to be a neep. Acquiring Gleeson as well would be good, though maybe JM was looking at an either/or situation.
  8. WoodStein

    Andreas Hadenius - Officially Signs

    The Swedish season ended in October & starts again in March, so it's unlikely any of our staff have seen him play recently. I suppose it's possible JM may have (or had, at County) some scouting connection who has watched players for him in Northern Europe over the last few seasons. A wee concern I'd have is that he doesn't appear to have played a single game for his new team, in the 2nd tier, last season (2018). [late edit: just read that he was over for a few days training with the squad last week, so not a 'blind'/youtube signing]
  9. Aye, the post-it note stuck to the underside of the desk drawer, with passwords, pin code & lottery numbers....textbook CIA & Largs coaching course manual.
  10. Correct, Rev....Superettan is their Championship, Allsvenskan is the elite league.
  11. Maybe that was just Ikea looking to become new sponsors, offering to fund JM's new flat pack four?
  12. WoodStein

    Thierry Henry

    Henry, G Neville & McCann - perhaps some of the more interesting players-to-pundits Sky have had - have all followed a similar route, skipped the managerial learning curve & with apparently similar managerial consequences (Henry still has some time to fix it, I guess). Gerrard next? I suppose there are far more ex-pros who followed the coaching, assistant manager, wee league manager, big team manager route, and then became successful pundits. Perhaps hardly surprising?
  13. I noticed this story on BBC early this morning...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46948286 You know those 'psychology tests', when they ask "look at this & tell me what's the first thing that comes to mind".... ....well, although it's very definitely not 'politically correct', I just couldn't help thinking..... .....nah, surely not? I'd imagine some Rangers 'songwriters' may have a new one for this weekend
  14. WoodStein

    Emiliano Sala.

    Just heard the latest announcement on SSN. Player & pilot only, in a single-engine plane, requested descent from 5,000 to 2,500ft over Guernsey, but no mention of any problems, then it vanished from radar around 8pm. Coastguard vessels/heli searched till 2am but had to stop due to worsening sea conditions & visibility. No mention of search re-starting this morning, but I'd imagine they were out at dawn.
  15. WoodStein

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    They managed to miss Curran's goal.....video jumps from somewhere in midfield (around 5:56), to just after Curran ran over to the SE....I bet the wee bu**er deleted it

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