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  1. WoodStein


    I think you've overlooked the Scotland v Australia (?) world cup semi 4 years ago....corruption exemplified.
  2. Not "even", more like 'especially'. 10 years to plan for this & no plan in place. The 'gentlemans game', run by sponsor-hungry chancers?
  3. WoodStein

    Jack Ross Sacked

    Aye, they may be 'in exile' for a number of years, to sort their problems out.....but there are also a number of other clubs, incl a few on this side of the border, who could well be described in this way.
  4. WoodStein

    Jack Ross Sacked

    Do you mean MacIntyre?
  5. Re the issue of Cammy-related opinions, I think there are more like 4 sets of views, which I'd describe, broadly, as.... A few who look very positively on every Cammy appearance, believe he should be an automatic starter, and see him being a Dee as almost part of his skillset, or as excusing any errors. A lot who see him probably as McP does, a totally committed player who'll run himself into the ground for the team, still learning, still working on parts of his game, with strengths & weaknesses, which (at the moment) can limit his consistency of performance. Always in the squad, but sometimes on the bench.....but a perennial contender for 'clubman of the year' type of guy. A lot who see him as a player with limitations, and although committed to the team/club, isn't always the best choice at RB, and prone to some costly errors, and probably at 'his level' for this stage of his career. A few who find it hard to understand why he gets a regular game ahead of most other defenders, even playing them out of their natural positions, and who don't think he's got a future at the club.....though (sometimes reluctantly) do recognise his level of commitment. It's probably the case that those with opinions in the first & last of the above are the more 'vociferous'/frequent posters on this subject, which maybe over-exaggerates the apparent 'polar opposite' view some think we (collectively) have. You can, though, also apply this kind of 'split of opinions' to several other players, Gowser in particular....and a few of our current-season signings. I think Cammy (as with CW) does get more of this kind of mixed attention, as he's local, and a fan of the club....and I doubt this will ever be different for anyone local (except Gillie).
  6. Yes, I think you’re right re his crossing improving...he did say in an interview mid last season that he knew this was one of a couple of aspects of his game that he needed to (& intended to) work on. He didnae take up the offer, though, (which another poster made) of using you & me as static ‘little & large’ targets for his crosses, on the pitch at Barnhill primary (near his parents house, I believe). On that topic, I noticed near the end of the Alloa v Arabs game, Alloa had a great inter-passing move down the right wing, involving a lengthy run by their RB/RM, who broke clear of the Arabs LB, 2 waiting for a cut-back cross in the box....and he launched a cross 3 times the height of the bar & 15 yards beyond/behind the far post. If Cammy was watching, I hope he had a good laugh at that one!
  7. WoodStein

    On the Other Side of the World

    It’s more like 3 years or more...during which time Partick fell out of the Premiership, and dropped to the foot of the Championship. I’m think they’ve been funding the academy, rather than just giving funds to the Board...but it’s not really made much difference.
  8. Following from afar, via the sky sports centre text commentary (not seen stats yet **), there was certainly an impression of Arbroath getting away with far more fouls per yellow card than Dundee. Seems to have been a fairly common theme this season? [** from bbc, 16 Arbroath fouls to our 9, 3 yellows each, if that’s in any way an accurate count ]
  9. I was going to give it a month & ask DFCSS if they could ask the board (1) how the uptake was, and (2) if they do plan to offer the same deal to new shareholders. I’d hope the board can see there’s a better atmosphere in these matters than they perhaps had anticipated prior to the EGM.
  10. Unsure if I'm maybe misunderstanding your last point, B....at the EGM (you were there, I think?...sure I talked to you outside in the queue?), David Gray said they would initially open for existing shareholders buying additional shares, and that was announced on 9th August [https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/share-issue/ ] with a minimum transaction of £250 set.That offer was open till 6th September. He also said at the EGM that the Board would consider offering to sell shares for a similar minimum amount to new shareholders, but nothing's been announced yet.
  11. I'd imagine Cobra may have some better 'local knowledge', but ICT, to a lesser degree than County with 'uncle Roy's' sponsorship & loans, have relied a lot on the SPFL sponsors/tv income, and local sponsorship from Orion Engineering. These business sponsorship deals don't go on forever, and I'm sure I recall the director (chairman?) who was Orion's owner had left ICT's board at some stage, maybe a couple of years ago? You take one of those income sources away from a club with a very small fanbase, and it's a huge problem for them to make ends meet. They offloaded quite a few players in summer, and recently loaned out a lot of young players to Ft.William, which may have seen the end of their youth/dev team. They'd also suffer a lot from becoming a regular yo-yo club, a prolonged spell out of the Premiership will be very damaging. You can probably put a few clubs into that 'precarious existence' bracket, where crowds rarely reach 3,000....ICT, County, Livi, Hamilton, Falkirk, Raith with the 4-5,000 crowd clubs slightly less precarious. I hope ICT survive (& County, if Roy's support ends someday), they've been an interesting addition to the top 2 leagues, but I'm not sure their area can realistically support both in the top league. It might help if we regionalise the leagues from or below championship level.
  12. Don't know if I maybe missed a post, but does anyone know why Gowser was not on the bench at Palmerston? It's surely too early to have totted up enough points for a suspension, he wasn't mentioned in JMcP's press conference as injured, and there was nothing said (or asked) in the very brief post-match DeeTV interview. I'd imagine he may have picked up a training knock, or it was maybe pitch-related. I'm curious, on behalf of a non-TDB pal, who's furious about 'lack of information given to fans' about the team selection. Gowser's his 'pal', so he's a little sensitive about it
  13. WoodStein

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    Would you settle for 4th place? I think I said I would, at the start of the LC, expecting yet another '75% new' team, with new management/coaches, to take half a season to be at their best. Even if we get into the playoffs, I wasn't convinced we'd be ready to go up & stay up. I'm certainly not seeing any reason to be more optimistic.
  14. WoodStein

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    Although it was a mediocre game & performance, we shouldn't forget that McRorie saved 3 goal-bound shots, to earn himself Doddsie's MoM. Still not translating midfield possession into opportunities though, slow buildup making defensive job easier.
  15. WoodStein

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    If you were meaning the foul for us out left, I agree...we had the spare player ready to cross (outswinger), would have likely been more dangerous than an in-swinging free-kick with their defence prepared for it.
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