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  1. .....so you might as well have the full Frankie Miller version of Dougie's fabulous song..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lNWDmfnUsY
  2. Can't see this one above....not the laughing out loud type....mair the 'gies a tinnie' hameseek greetin' type.......
  3. 👍 Missed that one, abroad for a few years....made that Hogmanay "Selling Scotland" programme of TV ads all the better!
  4. So, will it be pea & ham soup the morn', G....and a' fae a wee knorr stock cube???..... [[email protected] the old itv ads....pea & ham?....fae a chicken? ]
  5. I enjoyed it....was expecting a US-based story, so it was a surprise to find it was English. I thought the first 5-6 episodes were excellent, with loads of 'open' threads/sub-plots.....but it seemed to then be 'rushed' through episodes 7/8, as if they were suddenly short of budget, and fizzled out a bit. Felt it could have done with 2 more episodes, but was certainly something a bit different.
  6. It's also amusing discovering that things you were convinced of, for half your life, turn out to be things we've 'stitched together' from different memories, and sometimes prove to be quite inaccurate....this seems to happen a lot in the music world, when you watch documentaries that contain conflicting interviews from those ageing stars. Unfortunately, it also afflicts a number of my earliest school/football 'crystal clear' memories, that turn out to be the 'imagination of time'. I'm in the midst of helping co-ordinate both school & football team 50th reunions (which may become 51st!), and some of the wildly different memories appearing from the emails are hilarious....and scary! Still a good laugh, though [ps....found the 'Lilyhammer Score vol 1 & 2' CDs, on amazon...fairly cheap, worth a wee risk, ordered]
  7. A sad day for another of Dundee's big industries, especially having to close in this manner. Best wishes to TDBs who have been working there, and the rest, hope you all find a good outcome, whether it's early retirement, or a new career.
  8. Ha.....when it comes to music, I can match you as a pedant, any day ....having been a fanatical follower of Springsteen, Nils, Miami Steve, Clarence Clemons, The Asbury Jukes, etc, since their first recordings in the early 70's, earlier in Nils case....all of which are in the vinyl 'library'. The extracts below are from Wiki, but it's accurate.....Van Zandt left the band to form The Disciples of Soul, after the recording of Born In The USA. I was at the 1985 Newcastle & Wembley Bruce + E-Street Band gigs, where Bruce introduced Little Steven as a guest midway through the Wembley gig. He didn't rejoin until a while after the E-Street Band had reformed & performed with Nils again in the lead guitar role. "Van Zandt officially joined the E Street Band on July 20, 1975 during the first show of the Born to Run Tour. In those early years, Van Zandt supplied a great deal of the lead guitar work for the band in concert, as can be seen on the 1975 concert DVD within Born to Run 30th Anniversary Edition (later released as the CD Hammersmith Odeon London '75). In 1984, Van Zandt left the E Street Band. He originally joined to see Bruce Springsteen rise in success, and once the band rose to that success he left. Despite leaving the band, he appeared as a special guest at certain concerts on the Born in the U.S.A. Tour and appeared in a couple of videos, including the one for Glory Days." "In April 1984, shortly before the release of Born in the U.S.A. and Voice of America, Van Zandt left the E Street Band, but rejoined in 1999." "The Born in the USA Tour (84/85) was the first since the 1974 portions of the Born to Run tours without guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who decided to go solo after recording the album with the group. Van Zandt, who was replaced by Nils Lofgren, would appear a few times throughout the tour and in some of the music videos to promote the album."
  9. Fair point....there will always be some individuals who have a fairly 'blinkered' focus on one aspect, such as this example you mentioned. I've not paid as much attention to the case as I might have, in other circumstances....AS may have escaped what might otherwise have been a huge amount of media comment, but I guess attention will return to this case in the future, if various investigations eventually happen.
  10. Always some great, and insane, stories emerge from Si's interviews, but jeez, that one was extremely hard work, I've no idea what the Motherwell guy was talking about....and when guys from similar backgrounds get together, they tend to lapse into very local dialects. From the stories about their youth at Parkhead & other clubs, though, you can see why so many skillful young Scots players careers just fizzle out, into a booze-fuelled world. Gowser revealed some very interesting stuff, the Bain/Caulker/O'Dea fallouts with McCann, but interesting to hear him talk about how impressed he was with the football NM had them playing. I noticed there's one with Ally McCoist, which ought to be worth a good few laughs.
  11. Sounds like a good poll topic
  12. Massive bit of 'blind assumption' in your final statement, when none of us have a clue about "these individuals" you refer to, or what they think.
  13. So you believe there's a 'stitch up' to the majority views of a rendomly-selected jury, largely female, to produce several 'not guilty' verdicts & one 'not proven', after they sat for 2 weeks hearing all the evidence & witness statements, and not the media versions of it? I wonder who would be behind that & how they'd have carried it out? He didn't admit guilt to any one of the charges. He wouldn't have been on trial if he had. I fully appreciate the level of dislike/hatered for the guy, and not just from unionists, and clearly his behaviour, towards female staff in particular, over those years has been well short of what's required in the position he held....but his personality wasn't on trial, his compliance with the law was. I thought, given how closely his case followed on from Weinstein's, that he'd be crucified by the media....perhaps the rapid growth of Covid19 spared him some of that, but again, the 12 jurors made their decisions based on the evidence, not on heresay. I'm sure the various subsequent investigations will be interesting & equally as controversial.
  14. Unsurprisingly, I suspect your style of humour will help you enjoy "Norsemen", two seasons on Netflix....you'll recognise quite a few faces ('Jan' is a slave, but short-lived!, ), and I'm sure you'll like the chief's wife Freya . There's a fair bit of pillaging & the other things that went with it. One of my pals stopped watching, due to unnecessarily frequent gratuitous killing of 'gentle saxons'.....just a bit of 'historical accuracy'. It's in english, they filmed 2 versions, one in Norwegian, then in english, to avoid having to use subtitles. Too big a challenge in the US, it seems. I've been looking for Season 3, and just noticed it's been on NRK in Norway, 21st Feb.....English release imminent. It seems it's maybe on Youtube, not Netflix, and appears to be a 'prequel'....and a Season 4 has already begun filming. Re 'Little Steven' van Zandt, his performance in the Sopranos, and his liking for Norway, prompted the writers of Lillyhammer to write it around the concept of his character turning 'states evidence' & he loved the script. He's Springsteen's closest pal from their youth in Asbury Park, went solo for a number of years, then rejoined. Look for 'Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul' albums....older & recent.
  15. Have you watched all 3 seasons?....I'm 'biased' due to my length of time in Norway, but they do some great black humour dramas....Jan was superb, and the way the bar manager's character developed over the 3 seasons was interesting. A lot of the cast ended up in Norsemen, when Netflix pulled the plug on Lillyhammer 4. You'll probably like the film 'Jackpot' ("Lotto" in norsk), "Jan" features in a very different style of character, as does the young cop who did the Elvis tribute. Very black humour, as with Stellan Skarsgaard's "In Order of Disappearance".
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