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  1. Rebbkintyre

    This If True, Pisses Me Right Off!

    I’ve no doubt that a player as good as Lebrowski would not have been guaranteed a first team spot under the previous and current Management. Rangers knew his potential and ruthlessly exploited our lack of awareness and professionalism. It makes me very angry.
  2. Finlay Robertson has so much talent. If he combines that with learning from experienced team members then that sounds great. He’s worth a place in our team at this very moment. Good luck Finlay.
  3. Rebbkintyre


    Yes, Jocky was a great player. Creative and deadly. He was having a good spell as Manager just as the Marr Brothers came in and changed everything. I feel privileged to have seen him play at his best.
  4. The truth is that McCall made more of his squad today than our Manager did. We have better players, but we need to relate that into an organised winning side. Today has been a missed opportunity.
  5. Rebbkintyre

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    We all have a breaking point. If that ever happens then anyone of us could find ourselves being charged should we react accordingly. It’s important to learn about the full facts before we pass judgement.
  6. I always considered ICT to be our biggest threat. They are well equipped for the long campaign ahead. If we can match their consistency then I would hope that our bigger signings will eventually bear fruit and give us the edge. Still a long season ahead and not a time to let our heads go down.
  7. There has to be much more movement and threat up front. Openings have to be created. Then we have to finish by hitting the target. Time is against us so we have to show more urgency. Perhaps our training methods need to be looked at.
  8. Rebbkintyre

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    I agree. Management Team have to solve these problems and do it quick. Tactics and morale need sorting out.
  9. We’ve got the parts, and now we have to build up the engine. It’ll take time and we must be patient. JMP will find the best formation. I’m sure that he’s already learned much from our stuttering start. Our support at this stage is so important.
  10. Yes, I agree. There won’t be any easy games in this League, with injuries being a big concern on artificial grass Parks. It would help the Manager to assess what he has to work with.
  11. I’m real pleased with the progress that the team are achieving. We shouldn’t be overly critical of every decision made by the Manager. Making substitutions can be a fine art and much of it’s success can rely on so many things, luck included. We’re going in the right direction now.
  12. Just hope this short term signing is successful.
  13. Sounds like a good move. Would I then be correct in saying that we will now have 4 Josh’s at the Club? Meekings, Todd, Mulligan and now McPake. Add to that 3 Jordan’s, 1Jack and 1 Jamie.
  14. Amazing performance from our youngest player Robertson. Shows great maturity and confidence.
  15. Rebbkintyre

    Aberdeen Game

    If we lose then we are made to feel that we failed to take advantage of Aberdeen’s plight. If we win then any credit will be diluted for the same reason. I sure know which one I’d pick.
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