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  1. New Training Plan needed to help our players “flatten the curves”. We must “test” the opposition defences as if our lives depend upon it. Demand that the opposition defenders “keep their distance” from our strikers. Remind our defenders to “be safe”. If in doubt, then boot 🥾 it out. On a brighter note, Dee Fans who suffer from Ochlophobia will be happy to hear that Hearts Fans plan to stay away from Dens this season. 😀
  2. Hope it’s more than just walking the dog. Unless it’s a greyhound. 🐕
  3. Nelms was only doing his best for the Club. League reconstruction would have benefited many of the Clubs under threat so the opportunity to be able to discuss any such proposals was made possible. Even though it failed, I believe it was a worthwhile venture.
  4. I agree. Plain white with a dark blue collar. All that is needed. Home shirt looks good.
  5. A shame to see you retire. With your skills, a Player’s career is far too short. Good luck and a happy retirement. It’s been a pleasure watching you.
  6. Charlie Cooke was amazing and Jocky Scott was such an important player back then. Cabarello and Cannigia really were a joy to watch. Great memories 😌
  7. I was a schoolboy then, and I remember Kenny Cameron’s quick equaliser. Alex Hamilton was under real pressure that day. Slater was magnificent.
  8. GS is simply saying that our standard of football is way below that in England. I have been impressed by the quality of play in the Conference League which I witnessed some years ago. We really are second rate and it hurts to admit the truth. The entertainment level is at an all time low, and we have to address falling attendances. The Old Firm have a stranglehold in Scotland which dampens the ambition of other clubs. I really do fear for the future of our game, and if Gordon Strachan's comments are listened to then some good may result from it.
  9. Expanded League set ups to avoid unfair relegation for next season would have been the sensible route to have taken. But in Scotland we don’t seem capable or able to make the right decisions.
  10. The OF will always dominate the Scottish League, and the proceeds from Sky TV, etc now guarantee that state of affairs. Before a ball is kicked, any provincial football fan will know that Third Place will be the best that their Team can achieve. This is not my definition of a competitive League. As long as the provincial Clubs are content to be part of an imbalanced League set up, then this will never change. League reconstruction, as well as Financial distribution, needs to be attended to.
  11. They would have had a very strong case. Perhaps reconstruction may well be seen as the preferred outcome.
  12. I agree. Nelms has taken the opportunity to make his case for League Reconstruction. It may well fall on stony ground but at least he’s tried to plant the seed which our Sport needs so badly. I applaud him for that.
  13. JN has impressed me with his much awaited comments. He has more vision and knowledge of the Football Set Up in Scotland than the SPFL possess. I just hope that his proposals will be given due consideration.
  14. This whole episode has been shameful. The SPFL handling of the Vote has been amateurish in the extreme. Sadly, we appear to have played our part in this fiasco. If only we had stuck with our original NO vote, then all of this embarrassment would have been avoided. I feel real sorry for the Clubs who will be denied the opportunity to avoid relegation. The reputation of our Club is at stake.
  15. Billy Dodds and Cosgrove being critical on Sportsound just now.
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