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  1. Hamilton had a good game in saving a penalty and that but it's very worrying how many set pieces see him floundering with the ball on top of him, had a few good takes but very nearly cost us at the end. Not shi**ing on him for the sake of it but I think that and Byrne's rash defending was the worrying aspects. Going forward, I thought we had a few decent moves and a different day had a few more. I'd love an O'Hara type runner to arrive late into the box and to be confident charging forward from midfield. Robertson is just a different class and his addition made a massive impact IMO.
  2. harry94

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    FFS. Must be an exception for 'keepers then so I suppose it's kind of answered our question, even if it's not in the rule book....
  3. harry94

    Alloa On Saturday

    I feel very stupid asking but what's the normal story when it is open? Is there any membership or that?
  4. harry94

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    I've been swerving this as I've not been able to find anything concrete in the last year or two. From what I can read in the rule book though, I believe that we're not eligible to make a temporary transfer. So, my interpretation is that League 1 and League 2 clubs get an additional month after each transfer window to sign loans. Re the emergency provision, there is nothing explaining any possible mechanisms to this so if there is any rule, it's entirely at the discretion of the board to apply to use it. What I believe though is that if a goalkeeper was to go out on loan, you could theoretically recall them outside of the normal window if the club your loaning to agrees.
  5. harry94

    Graham Dorrans

    I was meaning that maybe, if Dorrans was trying to sort out a long-term deal somewhere, they might be quite stringent about his past issues so he maybe needs a few months in the shop window to prove his fitness.
  6. harry94

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    Just to add further confusion, I heard that it was a very nominal fee (like £30k) plus clauses and the Wighton deal was around £150k after that. I think Hearts would have been happy for him to go and play football with a sell on clause and were touting him out with St Johnstone also in talks so I would be surprised if it's in the six figure region that people are speculating. Maybe subject to cup winning bonus or international appearances with a sell on but I wouldn't imagine it'd have gotten insane. The issue in these stories is the headline report is always spun as indicative of potential fees rather than actual fees. We'll never really know for sure unless Dundee or Hearts are kind enough to point to it on the accounts in its own column.
  7. harry94

    Graham Dorrans

    Tbh, I think if he's seriously a prospect, it'll be because he won't be able to pass a medical elsewhere.
  8. harry94

    Alloa On Saturday

    Experienced Alloa 'keeper Neil Parry is out for the season with an acl injury. 20 year old Chris Henry to make his first league start.
  9. harry94


    I think the Derby thing is a bit harsh tbf. Hartley lined up his first couple of derbies very very attacking and he ended up in completely ridiculous situations with 3 on 2 and United's attack at that time being insanely good and was insanely exposed repeatedly and really had no chance. He did very little wrong in any derby but just happened to be the guy on his a**e when the flood of attacks come and everybody else was out of the game and McPake had a habit of being a bit rash in charging in for stuff which made it a bit worse. For me, he was probably an average mid table top flight defender who was easily the most consistent defender Hartley signed.
  10. harry94

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Could see it playing out a bit like Gavin Rae in him coming for a short term deal to put himself in the shop window and head off in January.
  11. harry94


    I think he'd probably break with the intensity of things here. I remember he was saying that he found the culture very different and it did seem that he just couldn't handle certain things before he broke down. He'd usually have 2 or 3 games back from injury making mistakes and not being totally fit then come on to a game for 2 or 3 only for the cycle to repeat again. I'd rather go with someone like Niall Keown on a short term deal or just take a chance on one of the free agents down south.
  12. harry94


    Konrad was one of Hartley's big errors. Once he left, I think we realised how much worse it could get. Kusunga and Gomis together though are the pair who on one day, would be comfortable dealing with Messi and Ronaldo together and on another, would be tangled by Steven Doris.
  13. harry94

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    I was more commenting on his loan spell at Stirling where it was highlighted consistently as a slight weakness.
  14. harry94

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    He wasn't really tested tbf. Took a couple of crosses and cleared a couple of really sh**e passbacks. Could do nothing for the first but I think a more experienced keeper would have maybe stopped and just let Elgin score for the second but that's about the only thing and he was dammed either way. Ferrie will have a good career IMO but just needs to work on his kicking I reckon. I still think he'll be fine if he needs to come into the team for whatever reason.
  15. harry94

    Our Forwards

    Sat in the Main Stand on Saturday which was a new perspective and felt like I could see parts of the game better and hear the players. There were so many times where Meekings had the ball in defence and Hemmings was screaming his head off and charging forward only for him to hesitate and the window being gone, often then ending up under pressure and just hoofing it poorly when Hemmings wasn't in a good position. A similar story with Byrne and Ness in the middle who always wanted to contain, I don't dislike either and I think Byrne in particular could be a good defensive midfield player but they need to be playing things a lot faster if we're relying on them to attack. I thought one of the games last season where we actually created a lot was St Mirren away on the first day of the season and most of that was down to Caulker linking up with Mendy and using his pace over the top. When Caulker left, we never really had a defender who would take that initiative again and the only player who I can remember who was similar playing out of defence in some way was Spanish Jon and all the stattos loved him. I think we've got to really drill the defensive players we have and just encourage them to not be scared to try a ball over the top when they hear the shout. I'm not encouraging us to go total hoofball but I do think we've got to be much more confident with faster play in general, the run is being made and even if it isn't perfect then it's likely to put a lot of pressure on the defence to deal with it. Good long passing is a skill and we've got forwards and wingers who would work stuff out of it if we do it well and balance it fine. It feels like we're still doing McCann level stuff where the idea of holding possession is so well drilled in (which is great, I hate needlessly giving the ball away) to the point where it slows things down far too much. Young Finlay has a vision and technical ability which has got us by until now.
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