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  1. Looks to be a great player to add to the squad but my one wee worry about this is just that he's a similar role to Mullen so I think it puts a lot of pressure on that third signing. Maybe that's just because he's not had the opportunity to play as that out and out no 9 in the past on a consistent basis. If we deploy a front three with him, Mullen and Murray; that's going to take a lot of tweaking about with midfield to make it work and perhaps push Dorrans back depending on how we structure it. I think it does strengthen the argument for Murray though because it means that if he's coming in as a starter, we're deffo going to be playing him to his strengths of getting him through the middle playing on the shoulder of the last man and in the penalty box. He's raw and has weaknesses but we need to accept that and build everything we do around that if it gets us goals.
  2. The renegotiations are a fixed arrangement, the whole point of them is to give certainty to club planning, it's not helpful if it's just giving time to players to negotiate a bit longer elsewhere so it is a binding commitment after it's signed by both parties and is valid as long as it doesn't go into arrears. In that, there will likely be a 'cooling off' period in there that gives a player a get out a couple of weeks after as they have possibly not yet started the new payment scheme (you would pay the first month in normal salary you'd imagine as a notice period). I suspect that's what's happened with Hemmings. I don't think it's the case that when the squad enter the new pay conditions, they will be up for grabs to anyone.
  3. Don't know why but that's the name that stuck with me going through Transfermarkt.
  4. I would imagine his agents would have put a cooling off period. Always every chance a team down south would come in for him on good money with a bit of luck.
  5. Well that's this plan f**ked!
  6. In fairness, he's got a finite no of years before his career is over and he has to start something new at the bottom of the ladder. He's always been sought after and demanded decent money, I suspect he's just trying to get what he can and trying to set himself up well in his home club. I know football fans don't like that sort of behaviour but in all honesty, I'm not too emotive about it. I'd personally be doing exactly the same. We like to think he's got some sort of special affinity for this club but he's only been in Dundee for two seasons, it's just never going to be the same as someone who has roots in the city and long established connections which are actually quite rare as the sport is particularly brutal. Personally, I wish him well and really enjoyed watching him. Dundee managers have always struggled replacing the big marquee signings in the past in the way that a lot of our rivals have been able to, time for McPake to show he's learned from last season and rebuild the attack.
  7. True. Had a very good game V Aberdeen there a few seasons back.
  8. You can see why that would have changed his mind if they'd have come in for him. Not a big team but seem to always have cash to burn, I'm sure they are making it worth his while. Back to the drawing board anyway.
  9. Decent team and that sort of structure would allow you to do a lot of tweaking between opponents. You could have McDaid in for Marshall against weaker opponents where we're a lot more dominant and I think Mullen would put in the work to drift and change formation. Also the opportunity to swap the central midfield players quite a bit dependeing on games. One issue is maybe the back as I think Ashcroft and Forster aren't the fastest and both like to play in the middle of a back 3. Maybe the next defender in is a bit of a more mobile type who is better suited to that if we can't get those 3 to balance well. Alternatively, we could work on training Marshall into playing inside and doing more of the defending basics in the way we converted McGinn to under Hartley. I think things will maybe kick into action at the end of August when top flight teams are done their business and have a surplus. Maybe Si Murray in to sort out the striker situation and then a couple of utility type players who are benchwarming in on loan.
  10. It's pretty poor - slightly over 1 in 5 in all senior games (reading most up to date transfermarkt, not taking into account games where he was only on the pitch for a few mins etc). His last second tier season around 1 in 4. That being said, he's spent a huge amount of time playing in deeper roles and on the wing playing off a more conventional no 9 type forward. I don't know how effective he'd be if he has to be the main out and out attacker but I think at the top end of the Championship, he'll be good foil for Hemmings and gives us a few ways to play. In my mind, he's an improvement on Nelson who also had a good work rate so could cover out wide etc but didn't really have any composure. I would still like another striker before the start of the season though as I still think we'll need 3 and maybe someone a bit closer in style to Hemmings to cover.
  11. I personally viewed McPake, Konrad and O'Dea were decent enough defenders in the top flight and where we were and would put them in the same sort of tier - all of them made there mistakes but over 38 games or so, they could handle there own. I've always been a bit more vocal on Konrad because I've always felt he was hung out to dry a few times probably worse than anyone else - the first season of the top flight era was particularly bad in terms of the attacking line-ups against United and Celtic before Hartley started to become a bit more pragmatic and we had a few draws. Gadz was reasonable depth but never really established himself but apart from them, I don't think we had any options who we could trust to play over the course of a season and handle the top division consistently. Hartley letting Konrad go after a less than convincing first season from Julen and then getting Kevin Gomis in last minute was one of the worst decisions of his tenure - Konrad was 26/27 and had played around 70 games for us and seen it all, his short stint alongside O'Dea for the second half of the season actually saw us end the season quite well at the back and the two had some good games together. It would be interesting to see how they'd have faired at league rivals. I do think it was the philosophy from top down though with the club recruiting Hartley and McCann for development projects and them trying to play a bit of football.
  12. It helps when he wasn't consistently put in ridiculous situations and outnumbered by pacey attackers all the time. No Kevin Thomson + Loy and Stewart on the flanks + two outright central attackers (which Harkins essentially was with his defensive workmate) was a recipe for disaster against a decent side. The games when Hartley compromised on these things and concentrated on the defence usually went quite well in this era. So frustrating that we had all these lessons and progress then went to Ibrox and got humped a few days after a decent point at Parkhead.
  13. Jocky was interviewed for his own job? I'll guess he wanted to sign Bobby Mann.
  14. McBride probably. I might even play him at right back ahead of Irvine and Kerr.
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