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  1. Think you've always got a risk of making Gowser redundant when he's shoe horned into these wide roles. Think it's something McPake hasn't often got right this season, there's been a few games where I think the team has been crying out for him and others where he may as well be sitting in the stands.
  2. According to the Ipswich forum, he has a bit of an attitude issue.
  3. Just searching through the non-league forums, Curzon Ashton fans raved about him last season and found him an amazing find, that form won him his move to Wigan who loaned him back for the season. Not sure what an equivalence of that level would be up here, I'd say probably our League Two, certainly no lower than that. He's moved there full time at the start of the season and has been tearing it up with the Wigan reserve side but not had a sniff of first team football yet (which in fairness would be a massive massive jump in level) so looks like they are trying to get a better standard of loan and we're maybe up for it because he's cheap. No issue with making the occasional signing like this if they are accompanied with more established players arriving as well. I think we're probably at the stage though where there is literally just very little money around to spend right now.
  4. For what it's worth, I believe the scenario was that Boyle wouldn't renew his deal and knew from the start of the season pretty much that he'd likely have the opportunity to progress anyway. I think that Hartley just thought it better to come to terms with that and try and get something out of it.
  5. These clubs aren't really massively subsidised. Just taking an example, Forfar made a profit of ~£140k between May 2018-2019. Prize money from the league was £107k and the equivalent of 0.43% of the pot for the SPFL. If you were to take a hardline and state that there were allocated a proportion alongside their percentage points and reduce that to something proportional to their crowds, they'd have still recorded just under a £100k profit - the remaining funding would make its way to the Old Firm. Redistribution of funding is always going to be necessary in football (how would a feeder system work if not running alongside similar principles?) and well demonstrated to aid health. I don't really see how it's a bad thing that these teams operate sustainably and so far, there's nothing in the addition of the pyramid which has killed any team or be seen to reduce the quality. In fact, the two promoted teams have boosted crowds and both been competitive. The truth is that whilst it seems like there's an organic element where good players will find themselves going up the division but it's often not true - part-time football doesn't do enough in most cases to incentivise someone to change their living situation and there are also just limited opportunities for players to showcase their talent.
  6. You have to remember though that in England, they are playing a lot more games a season. To frame it a different way, he started in 37% of league matches last season and made the squad in 58%. In his whole career, he's pretty much always been around those figures - one exception is 14/15. For someone to go their whole career missing more than half of their games at 28 years old, that's a scarily bad record and it makes someone like Fyvie look like a beacon of health. It's not odd for a player to maybe have a bad couple of years where they are unlucky or get a couple of problems that don't clear up but when it's been a consistent issue for like 10 years, I find it surprising that we'd rush to dish out a two year deal to them - especially when we spent money on someone like Byrne and had another older midfielder in Gowser.
  7. Kelvin Jack once missed a game for partying with the President of Trinidad (whilst all the rest of their Scottish international contingent got back in plenty of time) and seemed to be a right nasty fucker to our youth 'keeper at the time (who did his best in his absence). I actually despised the guy, I can't think of another Dundee player who I actually disliked as much as him. The theatrics as well, so many 'training ground incidents' where he'd be rules out of matches, suspicious that he wasn't just throwing himself down stairs and trying to claim compensation. Jack Hamilton for me has probably been on par with Craig Samson, maybe Derek Soutar as well fits the same tier. Both of them lower-average enough for 80% of the time but just have the capability of dropping a clanger out of nothing. Good trainers and seem to consistently have management behind them but just have something in the back of their mind that can't cope with the pressures of the role at this level of football. I think the issue with Hamilton is that he probably has always been very impressive coming through the youth levels in terms of how the top coaches etc asses his ability so he's kind of artificially been given this fast track into first team football when he's not actually got the head to match that. I personally think he could mature at some point (some do hit like 30 and find their best years) but he's going to have to do it the hard way and come up the leagues again I reckon.
  8. I think Nelms was being very creative tbh, I wouldn't put much in it. He was making a very deliberate effort to please the fans by consulting with an 'auld heid' and showing he'd done due diligence. Having a conversation with Strachan about anything can be used to give a vague mention of his input that is truthful but also meaningless. For what it's worth, I believe we did speak to Goodwin with a view to appointing him but were rebuffed due to how the discussions went and him maybe thinking it was worth holding out for a job in the top flight with St Mirren (which did happen for him). The 'no job offer' made thing is also creative, it doesn't mean we didn't sit with him and go over all the small print and have him as the main candidate, it just means we didn't get to the end of that process - see McInnes rejecting Rangers after late talks and then their heads gone statement trying to claim they never really wanted him anyway.
  9. Out of date by about 18 months but an interesting perspective....
  10. O'Dea is finished, only lasted a couple of games and then was replaced by our very own Sam Fisher on loan.
  11. I don't think there's an agenda or that, I am just a bit frustrated again that we've had another player appear like they could do a job on paper, perfect age and then depart with no real run in the team (when we've just abandoned playing a winger on one side for most games and persisted with Mackie learning on the job). Maybe poor luck in this case but it can't be that we're always just unlucky!
  12. I get that but he's going to a club in a lower division after buying a house in Dundee. There's little chance we've not stumped something up to get him out. We'll never know now but I think you're massively understating his consistency at QotS (they completely collapsed without him after his injury, their only victory the whole of last season where he didn't play was against us in the replay) and work rate. It maybe didn't play out for a style reason (possibly counter attacking football) or that but I don't think there was anything so woeful about him that required the urgency of getting him out the door and it again continues us down the route of paying average players off and replacing them with other average players. For what it's worth, I think he'll go on and perform at a decent level and not struggle for attention from mid sized clubs in this division in the future.
  13. "You can have Tam Konrad or the 'mystery box'?"
  14. IMO this is a brilliant illustration of why managers should not be the only people involved in recruitment decisions. There's too much money at stake and you need another voice. I think someone like Strachan is helpful and I'm sure he's productive with his role with the youth but the idea of him coming in and fixing that with a few bits of advice isn't true, we need someone who actually has a brilliant understanding of football and the data involved (which is where it's not just a random 'auld heid') to push us along. That revolution started at the top level years ago and it's quickly becoming apparent that the teams who put the most investment in these concepts years ago (Liverpool and Leicester are the two biggest examples) are all flourishing whiles those who haven't are failing (i.e. Man Utd). Closer to home, Livingston have had a model along these lines and I'd be scared to know how much more money we've spent than them in recent times! I hoped relegation would maybe be the kick in the a**e we needed to move towards a more sustainable model but we've arrived back here signing marquee players and look to be continuing the cycle as it's carried on for years. If the basic aim was for play off spots (which looks to be what it is given McPake doesn't seem close to the exit door), it could have been done more cheaply and with developing the fundamentals (i.e. becoming a side with a robust defence who make the most from set piece opportunities) before we added to it. The most successful sides in Scottish Football from our sort of stature have all made their name being robust defensively - we had Hemmings and Stewart up for POTY and firing in a historically large combination of goals yet finished 9th!
  15. For what it's worth, this idea of him being a shy non tackler seemed to end the moment he stepped into Livingston, the description of him there over three years couldn't be more different. Personally, I think it's just the case of Livingston playing that type of style of play of punt and very high press, inevitably getting high up the pitch and making a lot from set pieces etc rather than the more technical style of play the game has moved to where we see far fewer offsides and more time on the ball for defenders. Their possession is pretty much always among the lowest in the division. I don't think it's a coincidence that him coming to Dundee where we're one of the bigger sides in the league and then at Dunfermline in League One playing for teams who should be much more dominant and have a lot more of the ball sees him almost like a different player - interestingly the plaudits of him only really stepped up massively when Livi were promoted from League One. To me, we should have been building everything around a play that suited him if we were going to spend the resources we did to get him here. I could see him going the other way on loan to St Johnstone tbh.
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