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  1. harry94


    Imagine him going over this with our lot, they'll smash his macbook up and throw it into the shower.
  2. harry94


    In fairness, it looks like a young guy who'd be playing for the reserves and maybe going out on loan.
  3. harry94

    Motherwell At Home In Scottish

    TV cash is well down on what it used to be for this, it was previously a bit of a money spinner but there were a few complaints in the lower leagues about it giving some teams a massive financial advantage if they got lucky with a draw (IIRC Albion Rovers had a couple of years with favourable draws that set them up for a decade easily). They put the money back in the pot for all prize money and now give you a nominal fee - can't find it but think it's £20-30k at most unless it's changed recently. Hopefully enough to cover crowd losses from TV hopefully and we can do something reasonable with pricing. It's embarrassing seeing us on TV in front of empty stadiums in this competition, it used to be a good occasion.
  4. harry94

    This If True, Pisses Me Right Off!

    In fairness, we don't know what McIntyre's part in it was. Maybe had things taken out of his hands or other issues unpublicised. My thoughts at the time and my thoughts now though are that we got the piss taken out of us though. Rangers at the time actually were on the hunt for an alternative option and there were a few loans touted for players earning far more than Kamara was at the time - we're talking a couple hundred grand for some of those options. I think if we collectively stood our ground, we would have either had a player who would have contributed more (I don't buy the idea he was ineffective and not arsed, he was getting some ridiculous critique and had put in a few brilliant games that won us points - Rangers at home especially) in the interests of sticking in and playing a bit of football and showing his worth before his big move, he may have had to impress a new manager there! Rangers were easily capable of paying more and they would have IMO, even in the circumstances, £50k was well under value for a player like him coming six months early and starting his long-term development earlier.
  5. harry94

    Life and Boots In the Balls

    The only raffle I've ever won in my life was a Davide Grassi signed top....
  6. harry94

    Plastic Pitch

    Artificial surfaces, of the variety like Livi, Hamilton, Killie, Alloa etc as we were discussing, are not permitted in the Premier League and Football League down south. Richer clubs though do utilise a 'hybrid' system where they basically sew artificial fibres into the root of the soil (retaining 97% of the surface as natural grass), the advantage here being that it's a lot more durable. It's a pricey process, you are talking seven figures, so there aren't many clubs in Scotland who use it (Celtic, Rangers and Hearts from memory) but it's likely used at every club in the top flight down south. The issue with it though is that there are actually quite a few different techniques that are used to manufacture it, depending on the process chosen and how the specific pitch is worked on, it actually leads to quite a big variation in the bounce. As a result of the difference, in preparation for matchday, some of the clubs actually have pitches installed in an attempt to replicate their opponents - I don't know the technical detail (I think they maybe have a few 'base' type structures that they use as a template and then mess with the composition) as to how they do that but we are talking a huge amount of money being spent, just on training alone.
  7. harry94

    Benjamin Kallman

    Kallman IMO may be one of the biggest mistakes Dundee have made in recent years. The guy had all the attributes to be an effective player and played very well whenever he got on.
  8. harry94

    Anybody Else

    Any more talk on this? Has McPake taken training this morning?
  9. harry94

    Plastic Pitch

    For what it's worth, Livi developed their style of play on the grass pitch and won the play off on it. They were also considerably better at home than away that season. I half think it's a bit of a selection bias. Apart from ourselves, Aberdeen and Hibs last term we saw every team do better by around 0.55 points. When you look at teams who are more inclided to ditch their pitches, the likes of Livi and Hamilton play a much more combative style and a far longer pass per average. When they go away to bigger pitches, teams are more able to play their possession type play and their punt and chase tactic is less effective. Another indicator of this is that Kilmarnock last term were in the average of the home/away improvement and have never been particularly better either way. Personally, I think these days the astro argument providing a huge advantage or considerable difference in style mostly invalid. Players play on these things all the time and the standard of grass pitches has also been demonstrated to widely vary as well, visiting Fir Park with a pitch of mud is far far less predictable than an astro surface. Also, the artificial fibers in the hybrid pitches has shown more of a difference in ball pace depending on how it is constructed - teams down south spend sh*t loads of money on actually constructing their opponents pitch to train on in the week before a match!
  10. harry94

    Anybody Else

    His lift to Motherwell twice was unreal but just a total calamity when signing his own players and built a calamity of a defence thinking Samson was a good keeper. I'd agree yesterday's man and I'd probably have a breakdown if he was appointed proper but if he come in as an interim or even assistant until we got something sorted, I could live with that. We'll see how this week plays out but skeptical we'll see anything happen tbh.
  11. harry94

    McPake Poll

    It does come to a point though where they themselves are just throwing money down the drain. I'm not sure how we deal with the threat of them leaving because their own decision making isn't working out. IMO there's been a culture of throwing money around the last few years and FPS love it because we eat it up every time. If we're to improve, it's got to stop between managers. Regardless of Hemmings salary rumours, he was obviously a relatively big signing and he was a big deal for us to commit years of spending towards. There's little point if our style and system of play contradicts it, was there really any need in forcing a pay off on Craig Curran (two years of his deal!!!!) who had been demonstrated to be great foil for Nelson? Especially when Johnson apparently struggled playing the target man role before. For me, offer McPake a role back in the academy setup and get Nicholl into the post as a long interim. Let's not throw someone into the post and go flexing our spending power to attract anyone. If someone rejects us 30 minutes before an unveiling, start again.
  12. If you are really sh**e at driving, a really good driving instructor won't make any difference. I get this whole effort for an experienced no 2 but there's only one person in charge and none of us really have any info to know how well the backroom staff have assisted that.
  13. harry94

    McPake Poll

    Know something?
  14. harry94

    McPake Poll

    I couldn't believe it when Finlay was injured and he picked Moore as the guy to bring on over Byrne. I get that it's not easy being forced into a sub but we had an experienced option there with some presence and he goes for the youngster - baffling. When you're in this league, you get tough games where things maybe don't go to plan and you need to interact with it through the game. I'm unconvinced he is capable of doing that, the way he sulked about and avoided talking to any of the players during the long injury stoppage was telling for me. I really think we're just prolonging the inevitable right now. I don't mind taking a punt on a promising young manager but we've thrown a guy with zero official first team coaching experience (and only more than a year in football) and invested a lot into that. Keeping him is gambling that in a year or two, things click into place and he develops. I get our previous strategy hasn't gone the best but at least Hartley, when he got the chance to build a side, had years of actual experience at some level. McCann and McPake have been massive risks.
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