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  1. harry94

    Hearts V Dundee

    Think Woods was shattered so could maybe see the new boy in. Worried about Dales being injured too possibly.
  2. harry94

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    I know it's premature but we should be looking to get Dieng tied up asap if it's possible IMO. The way he killed attacks by collecting high balls at the end of the box is invaluable to a team like us and I've not seen a 'keeper do it here for years.
  3. harry94

    Hearts V Dundee

    Nelson looked fine at the end but Dales was limping about.
  4. harry94

    Hearts V Dundee

    That's one of the weirdest goal I've seen Dundee concede. Total fluke and there was nothing anyone could do defending the free kick. Some promise when we break with the pace of Nelson, Curran and Dales. Dieng has made one difficult save but mostly, I think we've looked more promising going forward albeit the frequency has been lower as the game has progressed past that goal. We do need options in the middle of the park desperately though as that's what is holding us back here.
  5. harry94

    Hearts V Dundee

    The delusion is usually well in force 12 hours to go.
  6. The stats on wikipedia etc are out of date and also a bit dodgy with countries who have different season start/end times. He's played 7 games of the most recent season which ended in November - seemed to fall out of the picture fairly early on for some reason and then didn't get an appearance for quite some time. It's a bit odd considering he was playing in the top flight for one of the strongest teams (he won a title with them and played in the Champions and Europa League) regularly for years and then he abruptly drops a league. The injury stats on Transfermarkt are not really kept up to date in Sweden so I half wonder if he's just had an unlucky season in that sense given most previous years have looked solid in appearance time.
  7. With the feedback that McCann and other managers in this league have given in the past, it's just always a case of going through the data and then finding out what they can. It seemed to me that McCann had a very similar style of going through it as McNamara did at United and that ended up being high risk with the potential for players to just not be suited for this level but did have the odd diamond. This is something which has been discussed in the press relating to McIntyre himself when he appointed an analyst. It seems to be that even at the big level, it comes to looking at the stats, watching videos and just taking a wee gamble. I found this video quite interesting with how it analyses a single incident. Burnley play a no nonsense style where they defend in numbers and don't take risks at all, they then need a centre back and sign youngster James Tarkowski from Brentford. Tarkowski on the face of it is not a Burnely signing at all, he's not got a huge amount of experience, he's not that big for a centre back at that level (a big red flag you'd assume for Burnely with their style) and his talents are reputedly to be that he's a great technical defender. What was counter intuitive and made him a good fit was that he's incredibly disciplined - doesn't pick up cards and makes very few blunders. That to Dyche turned out to be important more than every other metric and he's fit in tremendously well. I've no idea what McIntyre's style is but he's probably picked a few key parameters he's interested in and just taken a gamble on someone who fits all or some of it and is within budget. We're in a January market and at County, whilst he did transform their fortunes with similar upheaval in January, the bulk of his signings were like this and pretty much just stop gaps to play a particular way and keep the team above the relegation zone - most of them leaving in the summer. He's signed a few ex players but I think this is the most Ross County signing of them all tbh. Our strategy has been hammered a lot with McCann but like it or not, football recruitment just is a data exercise and a lot of it comes down to how smart we are in understanding that. Hopefully we get to that point where we have a squad of players we rely on and don't need to invest in uncertainty every so often but it feels like we're really far from that point. Even targets this summer from the Championship require a transfer fee and, most likely, extended contracts - it's quite costly for a caliber of player that haven't demonstrated ability at this level.
  8. I know nothing but apart from his stats pages but found this interesting. Last season was a particularly varied season for him and he seemed to play everywhere. It'll be very interesting to hear McIntyre's comments on him.
  9. I know it was hinted by STV yesterday but is there any further indication about whether he'll make the squad tonight?
  10. Dundee complete the signing of, 27 year old, Andreas Hadenius from Swedish second tier side Halmstads BK on loan until the end of the season. Hadenius is primarily a centre back but has also played a considerable number of games in defensive midfield, as well as in more attacking roles.
  11. harry94

    Hearts V Dundee

    Watching Hearts V Livi and they were both very off the pace and awkward, I don't think either of them would have strolled past Queen of the South either and I'm not surprised County beat Motherwell. You can arrange a friendly whenever you like but it's a huge difference in having three weekends of no meaningful football and then playing against a full-time side who have been playing, you can be as fit as you like and have had a great time training but the decision making and general footballing just doesn't go as it should - the stats have reflected this since the break has been introduced again. I suspect that we might surprise ourselves tonight and will back your 1-0. If we're disciplined and play football in the right areas, I don't really see Hearts walking over us. Dieng will handle his box well IMO.
  12. There's no limit from out of Scotland. 4 in Scotland is the limit.
  13. I'm assuming it's a mistake but Transfermarkt have this boy playing most games, this season, in attacking midfield.
  14. Defensive midfielder who is a very good technical footballer and scores the odd screamer. He's looked fine for Aberdeen but I think Shinnie being there means that he'll always be second fiddle in that role and either player would be partnered with Ball who is young and athletic. I think he'd be a bit of a coup for us if we do sign him.

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