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  1. Erwin has? Where are you seeing that?
  2. The way I see it, we need two more forwards. A physical target man to compete with Curran and a more poacher striker to compete with Nelson - think that target man type player won't score many themselves but be essential for our other forward to score with knock ons and service etc, think Nelson gives it his all but isn't near effective alone. Erwin is very very well liked by his previous clubs and Killie fans would be happy to take him back by all accounts - they had one of the best attacks in the league and seemed to do well when he played and just had so many good options. Personally, I think it could be a masterstroke signing if we got someone like him in, could see him causing havoc at this level. Tall and strong player with a good first touch and workrate, think he'd win the crowd over at Dens.
  3. That doesn't mean anything regarding if he's got a pay off or not.
  4. I thought they should have done it at half time in the match and come out with the new kit. Thing is, I suppose Paddy Power know what they are doing. Free advertising everywhere in the media and managed to spread the story out - they know how to milk things and play the press. Remember this a few months back
  5. He's crocked. He was mid 20s at Hearts and really athletic and powerful in a good side but he's just struggled badly since he's left there. Not really managed to get to the same level of physicality and I think a lot of his game depended on that.
  6. harry94

    Five Players Required.

    I found this quite interesting as well. A three part detailed statistical analysis of top flight goalkeepers last season with part one on shot stopping, part two on aerial ability and part three on distribution. Very interesting stuff and I'd really encourage anyone to take a read of it if you've got the time. It is quite honest about what it presents and there is some intelligence in the metrics they present with an understanding that obviously some numbers can be a bit misleading but there is an attempt to try and show things from all angles. The conclusions on Hamilton are quite interesting. On the shot stopping front, he's very good at not spilling things and actually catching - I think that is partially a cultural thing as British goalkeepers usually are but interestingly he's seen as average enough in terms of making saves in comparison with his peers, very close to Dieng but slightly above Lewis, Gordon, McGregor, MacDonald, Bogdan etc. Moving onto aerial ability, this is where I worried a bit about reading about Hamilton. Dieng and Gillespie from Motherwell both rank comfortably the best in terms of how many things that they were able to take out the air, I thought that Dieng was superb at that and I think that stat does certainly pass the eye test. Again, Hamilton is very average in their analysis - a bit poorer in his own six yard box but slightly better than league average outside that area. Nothing especially horrific. The distribution analysis is the one I'm probably most skeptical about as I think someone playing for a side like Celtic probably has a very different type of brief than someone for a weaker side (who really can't do much unless they have an outlet) but again, nothing really stands out there and I think a lot of it comes from the style of the teams. You can take all of that however you like but I definitely think that overall, Hamilton was quite capable of being an average enough bottom six 'keeper and his spell in the first team from October to Christmas was probably a reasonable level of performance. I get that he's got his issues and can lose confidence etc but there's very little to suggest he's particularly bad when you look at the entirety of his game.
  7. From McInnes in the press, it sounds like the discussion has moved to a permanent transfer. In that case, things could be a bit awkward because although he's likely receiving the same salary in the next two years between ourselves and a potential pay off from Aberdeen (splitting the difference), we then need to incentivise him here by giving something beyond that period and that's where I've always thought this deal would be really difficult. We could potentially be committing to a huge salary for the next four years or even more to get this one done. I'm sure the club have worked very hard on this and all their targets this summer but let's be honest, we've spent the last few years running with massive budget deficits and have likely paid off more contracts than anyone else in the UK with some of our business. I know we all get excited at marquee signings etc but I think we've got to be realistic as well and realise that there needs to be some caution - especially after we've just given a very long contract and likely good money to a top flight player in addition to a transfer fee. For me, this season was always going to be a tough one with a new manager having to build almost an entirely new squad from scratch very quickly so I think it'd be a good outcome for the season if we hit the play-offs and the youths we've been seeing get the opportunity to have a bit of game time and develop. Obviously, a really important player could change things but it feels like there's a big risk we could be throwing money down the drain for very little gain when in a years time, we might have a solidified team who are favourites and we can add a bit of quality to that in the right areas.
  8. harry94

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    I think McDaid will wind me up a lot this season! One thing as well I thought was that although Robertson looks a great player, I really hope someone is putting their arm round his shoulder and giving him a lot of encouragement. I thought that some of his passing looked brilliant but he was maybe a bit nervous to take some risks and probably held himself back from taking a few risks that could have put us in some good areas. Byrne for me was a bit redundant in that sort of game I thought and probably would have been better off for another forward but I hope we'll see a lot more from him against Inverness. Agree re Curran and think that Nelson struggled a bit for whatever reasons but maybe didn't get utilised very well with our style of play. Deffo need a lot more depth. Can't be relying on kids to bail us out.
  9. harry94

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    Needs to better plan his breeding. McPake out!
  10. harry94

    Former Dees....

    Colin Hendry for Clyde.
  11. As was Forster. I'd doubt anybody signing on Friday would be in the squad anyway so I guess it'd make no difference in a practical sense. It's been frustrating but I still genuinely think we'll have a couple more in for the Inverness game and getting a few days of training with the squad.
  12. I think it's probably the case that such a large percentage of transfer deals fall apart tbh, we heard McPake the other week say he was in for about 12 strikers. I think May probably has been in Dundee today but it's a very different thing to be seen with someone from being unveiled in a kit IMO.
  13. Aberdeen flew back right after the match.
  14. Tbf, we're not at tea time yet.
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