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  1. harry94

    Jim Duffy

    I 100% agree with you but I don't really think that's the main point of Duffy's argument. I think he's going after our owners and fanbase by saying their expectations are too high, he did this a few days ago as well. The board are definitely very publicly ambitious when they speak but literally every board in the country speaks this way, it's nothing special and the specific actions that they have taken have generally been pretty patient in principle and I genuinely think Hartley, McCann and McIntyre wouldn't have lasted as long at many, if any, other top flight club of the last year or two. It's very easy to take a ten minute interview with a player or official and ask them a loaded question then run the exclusive 'Cierzniak targets treble' based on a few seconds of saying that they'd like to win every game that they play. I don't think there's anything wrong with the clubs ambition or patience, they've just made a few poor decisions and not delivered oversight very well IMO. If we're talking about fan expectations, we're no worse than other clubs. When there was talk about Tommy Wright potentially leaving Saints, it was astounding how much of their social media seemed to suggest that they'd welcome the news of new management and wanted to sign big name players. For me, a lot of it is an excuse that the managers niche in Scotland like to come out with and write articles about but there's little tangible detail. It doesn't hinder the progress of a club unless you've got reactionary personnel who react to every mental social media post. For me, our future is down to just trying to find a way of improving the decisions we've been making and mend relationships between the board and fans. We all disagree about football on here but generally most of our support recognise where we're at and see us in a better place than 5-10 years ago and would be happy enough if we had a team in the top flight who were generally capable of hitting the 40 points that a club the size of Dundee could realistically finance at a sustainable level. I think the owners would be pretty happy with that too.
  2. harry94

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I'd go a wee bit further though. With Davo, he was actually very good at centre back (not so much in midfield) when we got promoted and we were pretty much undefeated when he played there. It wasn't very often but he stepped in and did a job and I think it was the case for McBride too. Both were probably not considered top flight quality but the manager knew what they were capable of and they could come into our team and play a role competently enough. Similar story with McAlister plugging gaps but he ended up playing a lot more. Benedictus I think could have been OK too but we definitely needed a player like McPake so maybe needed the space. For me, a lot of Hartley's problems began when we lost really average players like that and didn't really replace them. We signed other players and probably kept the same sized squad but we didn't just seem to have any experienced (and cheaper!) pro who we could throw in to fill a gap. I think Barry Smith was limited to one-year contracts so our pulling power was quite limited. It's funny how in that context, he managed to sign a few unfancied players who ended up giving us a few good years of service.
  3. harry94

    Who do you think will be next?

    If we get a manager who is good enough that other teams are actually trying to take them, that's a much better problem to have than now as it means we've had some success and likely built a squad that can sustain us with little work for a couple of years. I'm sure you'll correct me but I think you'd have to go back more than 30 years for a manager who was actually poached to go up the ladder with Archie Knox going to Aberdeen to assist SAF. Before then, I think it'd only be Shankly 20 years before him going to Hibs. If a big name like Strachan takes the Dundee job with what would likely be the 1st or 2nd budget in the league and doesn't win promotion in their first season, I doubt there's going to be huge demand from elsewhere. I don't think it's realistic to appoint a manager near that stature (and I would be worried for their state of mind if they did take it) but I think it'd be a wise decision for the club. Just don't let that translate into a big name meaning someone with playing ability.
  4. harry94

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Updated it in the first post in this thread.
  5. harry94

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Will add these to the front post. Looks like the news of Kerr and Jesse renewals looks accurate and it's probably quite likely Waddell has something on the table too.
  6. harry94

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    Yeah, I didn't realise how many goals they'd lost tbh. I just saw the way the defence played in the play-off matches and thought it was fairly typical of their style. I do think that there are a few quite astute signings that we can make though, it just takes a certain skill to make the call. I think that there's a pretty big gulf between teams in the top flight (even just between the bottom 3 and teams like Motherwell and Livi) but pretty much every match in the second tier seems to have a competitive element. It's the easy thing to do to recruit journeymen but Livi won promotion with rejects from Falkirk, Morton and Dunfermline and then some really good young talent. I'm not suggesting that we should just go about signing players exclusively from that level but we got a hell of a lot more out of the heavily derided Jim Lauchlan than many of his much higher paid contemporaries (Casement for example). United have went through a huge number of players since going down and also found that Paul Watson (released from Falkirk) has ended up being a really useful and dependable utility defender. The biggest part of the battle with us always seems to be to actually get a hard working and competent team together. It's easy enough to go out and make a big signing like Harkins, Griffiths, Curier, McMenamin (at the time it was a biggish deal) but it's worth nothing if you don't have a cohesive set of players to play your system and cover in each area.
  7. harry94

    Now the Season From Hell Is Over....

    Some Australian team have been heavily linked with him online. I think he'd maybe be more pricey than he'd justify. I can't tell if I'm being harsh and it's the defence as a whole but he's been part of two appalling defences this season, I genuinely think we could do a lot better with less money. I'd actually throw in a wildcard of Benedictus return if he's got a clause. Looked really solid captaining Raith when I've seen them. We definitely needed to improve the defence when we come up but I always thought we were a bit quick to release him and he was good in our league winning season.
  8. My big worry is again, there's been no advertisement for a director of football or something similar. If McPake is appointed, I'd genuinely feel happy for the guy but so much of his job is going to have to be away from the training ground in an office in front of a laptop. McCann mentioned the lack of structure at the club has a huge problem from day one but it seems like we've not really addressed it whilst other teams in the league have something in place. I think the experienced person on the board or someone to work with the manager would be helpful but I think people are missing the main point.
  9. harry94

    Team v St Mirren

    Taking the result aside, it was enjoyable to watch Robertson today and I did think we at least gave a good fight with Cammy trying to go back to 2016, when he would overlap and try to get forward himself.
  10. harry94

    Team v St Mirren

    Was the Hamilton thing that bad? Hard to tell from the stands but just thought it was powerful from close range and he was blinded.
  11. harry94

    Team v St Mirren

    Did I hear something about a season ticket draw?
  12. harry94

    Team v St Mirren

    Maybe just making up the numbers but I wonder if Robson's appearance means we might be going in for him as he's out of contract.
  13. Thank you Cobra, I appreciate that and your views. I think a team like Ayr hitting that sort of form isn't that outrageous tbh, it's keeping them out of the relegation zone on the form guide and they were just promoted. In a different world, they get a bit of fortune with some players on form and maybe get through to the play off final but I think it was always a big ask. Nothing is really alarming there and they are still grinding out the points, if he stayed at Ayr for another four seasons and hit safety each season with that sort of form, that'd still be an amazing achievement for the club. I always think you've got to be realistic with these things though. If a manager is overachieving and hitting great heights with a club like Ayr, you're maybe trying to deceive yourself a bit if you don't think fortune play a part. For me, it's that he's built a good squad with young promising players in it and done a great rebuild which can see Ayr stay in the second tier for the foreseeable future.
  14. McCall at United wasn't an absolute nightmare I wouldn't say but I see where you're coming from. He had a really good first season and took them into the top 6 after a season before where they survived relegation really narrowly. Second season he struggled but Eddie Thompson said that other reasons played a big part in it and he would have likely kept his job and a few of his signings worked out as brilliant purchases. If we want a manager who is good at recruitment, he's the guy, no question. There's no one at that level who has such a consistent record of identifying talent and building teams with longevity. The Thistle team he built that eventually won promotion was insane when you look at where the signings were coming from, they should have went down with barely a whimper. The contrast with McIntyre is that McIntyre's achievements have never outlasted him but McCalls always have.Chisholm was a moron who had just relied on being a bit erratic to do well and never successfully signed players. He was just a reactionary appointment by ourselves looking at who was flavour of the month and could maybe get a reaction to get us over the line. My worry regarding McCall would have always been his previous problems but now they are sorted, I think he is a good candidate for us. I don't really get the dab stuff as a big opposing point, he's spent a tiny part of his footballing career there in the small sphere of Scottish football. People will moan if it goes badly but if it goes well, it'll be forgotten and he'll be spun as an original Dee. It's a petty criteria that's counterproductive to improving the club. No one is going to be a miracle worker but the right candidate for me has to be someone who has demonstrated potential in squad building or has a good approach in this regard. This could be the most important summer in a decade as if we get it wrong, it might end up being a perpetual decay as we approach subsequent windows in poorer shape. Unless we somehow hit 80 points, there will be discontent all season and people moaning about the manager when we inevitably have a few poor defeats, even if we win the league. The attitude has to change that it's not an all or nothing season but we've got potential to recover and go again.
  15. harry94

    The Play-offs

    Donaldson is a brilliant defender at that level, really good prospect. Rumour is that Ross County have agreed a fee for him. Personally, I was laughed at for it, but I thought it would have been a good option investing in him when Hendry left. He's a laughing stock at United but it was their disaster season and they were dreadfully managed. Very obvious to see he's a player IMO.
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