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  1. There's always some seething guy: *Dundee pass the ball around for 4 seconds* "f**cking GET THA BA FORWARD, PUNT IT f**k SAKE DUNDEE" *Player punts it forward* "GET THE BA ON THE f**cking GROOND, PLAY SOME FITBA"
  2. harry94

    The New Stadium Thread

    That'd be cracking. We could get a film crew in and make it a documentary.
  3. harry94

    John Nelms

    I think this is the biggest thing about this. No one can really say how good a job a CEO is doing. Their responsibilities are set by the owners who can choose to instruct them as closely as they see fit. For all we know, he's been making excellent decisions from day 1 and not being allowed to implement them. As much as it sounds harsh, Nelms has no responsibility to the fans of the club (aside from maybe making sure they don't commit any crimes). My feelings are that the mistakes made on the footballing side of things are forgivable if they are learned from, you can try something out and then spend 2 or 3 years paying for that, no point wasting energy going nuts about that IMO. If they've changed their criteria and strategy, as Keyes and Nelms have said, that can be valuable long-term. For me, I'd be much more interested to know what is going on with things like season tickets and general fan communication. I don't think that it's malicious but I don't think there is really a full understanding of the consequences some of their actions have. Football is an expensive sport and running things will always lead to contentious decisions but the approach we're taking leaves a lot to be desired and doesn't advance their own position in any way.
  4. It'd be really interesting to see a comparison for the season up to the point McCann was sacked and after.
  5. I think that's right tbh. They have had some notable defeats with high pressing sides but it is really really tough to do - I think you've got to have a really good quality spine to your side and some really mobile and workhorse forwards (Craig Curran and Nelson fit maybe). Until then, getting numbers behind the ball and trying to keep disciplined is the best chance teams like us have. I didn't hear all of Lennon's comments but I didn't think he was insulting us or that, I thought he was being complimentary by saying we were a b*****d to play against. I think though that Celtic under Rodgers were unreal in their ability to take teams apart. Against us, they'd move the ball really quickly for long periods of the first half and by the time we'd get into the second period, we'd be pretty much fucked (having run much much more out of possession and being less fit) and they'd get to step up a gear and put us to the sword in the second half. There were off games and vulnerabilities to it (like if they were stopped from doing that and given a possession battle of sorts) but the consistency of it was pretty good when you'd look at their points over a season and consider other managers who'd struggled to hit that level of domestic domination with similar levels of financial dominance. I could see Lennon maybe do OK against bigger sides in Europe and maybe drill a team well but I think his approach of trying to force wins in the way that they did yesterday with the sorts of tactical changes they made will backfire long-term. More wingers and crosses into the box does increase the chance of something falling right but there are some days where defenders are just playing really well and handling those sorts of things all day. We weren't far away from a good chance at the end and there are much stronger teams in the league who you'd think would be more ruthless.
  6. I thought Robson looked the best he's looked tbh. I know he doesn't have a huge amount of influence but I thought that he had a bit of a spark going forward and you could see he's got a bit of footballing ability when he had a bit of pace on the break. He tried one or two through balls which didn't work out but weren't far away from the forward getting on the end of it, he also had that lob through to Miller to cut across the penalty area that was well played and found its way through despite the defender having most of the angle covered. Maybe, we won't see the best of him in the next couple of months but certainly not writing him off yet.
  7. harry94

    Six Minutes Added On

    I think this is the big thing to take from yesterday. I was actually not just annoyed that we lost the point, I genuinely thought that had we calmed a little bit with that last attack, we'd have had an excellent chance to score and take all three points. That's a lot of ifs and buts but to go from where we were a few months ago to that does show that there's a lot of hope there. I'm nervy about things too but I don't think people appreciate recently that we've generally been playing better sides in the league with quite high expectations as we've just been so desperate for points given how bad our start to the season has been and then just had a few nearly moments that haven't went our way. St Mirren and our last five post-split games will be a totally different affair and I think those are the games we really should be winning. Hopefully, we pick up a win in Paisley and then maybe something from McDiarmid (although, they look done giving us favours!) - I think that'd still put us in a relatively good position.
  8. harry94

    Six Minutes Added On

    I think the big thing that needs to be remembered when rules are changed etc is that humans are just not consistent. It doesn't matter who it is, qualified referees can't even agree on what a handball is at times, that's at the very top level; what chance to our guys have? Watch a crime non-fiction show and you'll see just how useless eye witnesses are. My opinion on ambiguity in football is that you've got to be radical and change the rule book to eliminate it in the box. Ball hits your hand, give a foul. It's maybe harsh but it kills the debate. The thing I hate about Scottish Football is that we spend so long arguing about luck and fairness etc.
  9. harry94

    Six Minutes Added On

    Yeah, I guess so. I think though that if you tried to treat things exactly the same, that wouldn't really be an issue. If you're using it to stop the game for tactical chats etc like some other sports, you're running that risk but I would think that if you cut out the incentive to not rush the ball back into play, every one would average around the same time. I guess VAR and goal line technology have always been issues of huge concern and taken a lot of work to get right (especially with the former) so it's not seen as necessary to adjust something that isn't usually a contentious issue that often. It's an effective tactic and whilst the rules are as they are, we've got to play that game but as a sport, one of the worst things about football is going to watch a match and hardly seeing the ball in play.
  10. harry94

    Six Minutes Added On

    I think that it is probably the case that stoppage time is usually under estimated tbh. Last week, against Hearts, the ball was in play for less than a minute in the added time and 20 seconds were given extra. For me, I'd prefer it if football just went down to 30 minute halves (probably generous for how much the ball is actually in play) and just killed the clock when things went out of play. It wouldn't be too difficult to do I would think (especially with a 4th official) and would kill the ambiguity.
  11. harry94

    Dundee V Celtic

    It's getting embarrassing and tiring how Woods gets sh**e no matter what he does. Was he the only player to make a mistake in possession?
  12. There could be two wages on offer, clauses may also be in force for players we've got with wage reductions in the case of relegation, that's standard practice that teams like ourselves usually go for. We've also got a lot of players out of contract in the summer. It'd be tough but I'm not losing any sleep over signing a Queen of the South player on a pre-contract. You'd think he'd be obtainable in either division.
  13. harry94

    Glen Kamara

    Kamara has walked straight into the Rangers first 11 and seems to be getting a lot of praise. I doubt he's worrying himself. His role isn't an attacking midfielder and he's not played there.
  14. harry94

    Dundee V Celtic

    Think that'll be it with the theory being a 3-4-3 on the attack but doubt we'll see that in action!
  15. harry94

    Season Tickets

    I'm quite jealous of when we see other teams who seem to have a simple package and work all summer and make it a big occasion with counters on the website etc. I don't expect us to sell millions but to have a cliff edge, where the viability massively changes, is utterly ridiculous. Time is a huge asset IMO and something which we can use to our advantage. If we don't get out of this situation and go down, it's really important we try and revitalise in the summer and a great way to do that would be to have a big push at selling season tickets.

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