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  1. Simon Murray has scored more Premiership goals than shankland......fact
  2. Nothing to do with us but the site agent at my work is best mates with the boy forrest who was neilsons assistant across the road and he told me hearts are trying to unsettle shankland so he puts in a transfer request so they get him on the cheap. Hope its not true for our sake but it would be funny
  3. Steven Fletcher signing for celtic tomorrow apparently, LG9 slipping further down the pecking order......its gonna happen
  4. I've been told hes signing. Hes told a few boys I know aswell
  5. Rangers have signed two strikers today.......come home gorgeous greg
  6. I will, ment more than any other Derby goal
  7. Luca connell had alot of teams scrambling for his signature last season before he signed for celtic and ewan henderson was getting game time last season so hopefully there's something in that rumour
  8. That boy Hugh Jarse on twitter has said there will be a signing tomorrow
  9. Why do so many fans of different clubs in Scotland care so much about our finances
  10. He just bought a new house down south, seriously can't see him coming up here.
  11. fixed it. There was no threats made haha
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