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  1. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Dundee V Celtic

    We will get beat 1-0 and Scott bain will save a penalty
  2. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Dundee V Hearts

    We are sh**e and we will go down automatically.
  3. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Easily Forgotten Dundee Players

    Keiran Keane, one of kernos signings, hands down the worst player I've seen play for dundee
  4. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Easily Forgotten Dundee Players

    Steven Doris
  5. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Your All Time Dundee Team?

    Speroni Smith Zura dusan Mckinlay weighorst Nemsadze harkins Caballero caniggia Stewart
  6. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Easily Forgotten Dundee Players

    Jacinto, amazing in 1 game against QOTS. Never to be seen again
  7. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Easily Forgotten Dundee Players

  8. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Easily Forgotten Dundee Players

    Clayton Ince, goalkeeper we got on loan from crewe I think. 1 game
  9. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Rangers V Dundee

    This is the exact reason we will end up going down, we just don't win those types of games
  10. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Rangers V Dundee

    And Paul mcgowan, the guy is f**cking sh**e and nobody can convince me otherwise
  11. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Rangers V Dundee

    I text my mate who's at the game before kick off and said it would be 7-0 the currant buns, it will be.
  12. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Rangers V Dundee

    Especially to us
  13. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Rangers V Dundee

    We are going to get an absolute pasting here boys, we will concede at least 5 tonight
  14. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Dundee V Hibs

    Thought the same about Jesse, didn't he set up kennys goal that should have stood?
  15. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Dundee V Hibs

    Not trying to be downer here but this getting beat at home kinda needs to stop because we are rapidly running out of season, unlucky or not something has to change

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