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  1. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Graham Dorrans

    But for dorrans to come to dundee for a meal?
  2. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Graham Dorrans

    Someone over on pie and bovril has said mcpake and dorrans were in his work for a meal on Friday. I could honestly see this happening during the week
  3. ThelegendthatisBeto

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    He didn't start scoring regularly until oct/Nov last time. Same thing will happen again imo
  4. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    McGowan is still sh**e, one good game against alloa wont change my mind. And saying alloa would beat us was said after we got beat from Elgin, glad I was wrong
  5. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    A midfield with McGowan in it will always be sh**e. But we won and made up some ground. I'd take another 3 shitty performances but 9 points in our next 3 now
  6. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    Obviously not, I went off my head last week because we got beat from Elgin but some people arent happy because we beat alloa
  7. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    Did we win today???
  8. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Alloa On Saturday

    Could do with sir kane getting a goal
  9. It should work in theory. Never know, mcpake has maybe been trying it in training and might do it eventually. We have 3 good strikers and they will be feeding off nothing so maybe they should just do it themselves
  10. In order to do that the strikers will need to drop deep for that to work and the midfield need to be able to pick a pass forward after the ball has been won back. I know it's a different level but liverpool are very good at that but in England most teams play out from the back so when they win the ball they are already in the final third, cant see alloa playing out from the back tbh
  11. We could never play 3 up top, not strong enough in midfield to do that. And we would get ripped down the wings, cammy needs a winger in front of him to track back and so does Marshall. The only formation I can see us using this season is 4-2-3-1. I'm not the manager tho
  12. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Alloa On Saturday

    Jamie Macdonald will be in the goal for alloa tomorrow
  13. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Graham Dorrans

    Put Johnson into the premiership bracket aswell
  14. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Graham Dorrans

  15. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Graham Dorrans

    I would love us to sign a player like Graham Dorrans but now with what mcpake has said about the budget and the fact we probably had to pay Curran and that c**t Davies the majority of their contract to get them away to f**k I cant see us signing him tbh. He could have been the attacking midfielder we needed but money talks and if we dont have a playing budget left its game over for anymore players
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