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  1. League reconstruction will never happen. Theres far to many agendas involved and some teams are just no ready for change. I like the idea put forward by Sevco, except the split in the premiership because that's still ridiculous. The B team thing works in Spain so dont see how it cant work here
  2. Come on now, you know that's not what I ment. Was just dubious of it.
  3. I'll start Henrik Larsson or for the 15mins he was on for Man City Samir Nasri
  4. Actually I dont even doubt deewee. I just want to know who he is lol
  5. I'll start Cant separate cc33, Nemsadze and weighorst. All 3 were just unbelievable. Some of the things that I seen those three do wont ever be replicated at dens.
  6. Havent stakes worth hunners of millions doesnt mean you've got hunners of millions in the bank tho. Just seems a bit dubious imo. Probably because we have been burnt so many times
  7. This Anderson character seems like another di Stefano tbh
  8. I'd take Mullen and Walsh in a heartbeat. If we can get some of these free agents tied up sharpish I think we could have a very decent team next season
  9. Ben Turner will be a free agent this summer, replacement for Berra? Danny Mullen out of contract at st Mirren? Calvin Miller being released from Celtic, use him as a winger?
  10. Si Murray has offers from 3 premiership clubs according to the record. Still think he'll end up here.
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