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  1. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    You wont be proved wrong A complete shambles
  2. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    But look at the teams we beat when he won MOTM and look at the performances after it. Embarrassed at home from United and QOTS, hardly laying a glove on ICT. Beating Ayr, Arbroath and Alloa is expected tbh. I was all for giving him time if he could learn from mistakes but he doesnt learn at all and we are falling further and further behind as the weeks go on. Change is needed now
  3. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    Theres a difference between sideways passing and recycling possession. McBride was good at keeping possession without trying world cup passes. Our midfield now doesnt do anything with the ball
  4. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    The falling out is more than likely because mcpake keeps playing his mates and it's not working
  5. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    Mcghee incoming apparently, Mark Mcghee that is. Top bantz
  6. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    The site agent where I work is United assistant managers best mate and that's what he told him
  7. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    And people really need to look past this sentimental sh**e with mcpake. Realistically what did he do as a dundee player? Scored twice against united? John Sutton scored twice against United nobody goes on about that
  8. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    Neilson was told if he wasnt top of the league within the first 10 games he was getting sacked and I know that for a fact.
  9. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    You would hope so
  10. Add to that scoring goals without conceding. Kind of the same as boxing "hit but dont get hit"
  11. ThelegendthatisBeto

    McPake Poll

    He wont learn. Hes the exact 50/50 mix of McCann and McIntyre. This is the beginning of a 8-9 match losing streak, mark my words.
  12. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 QOS ( 20th Nov 2019)

    They will give us at least 7. I'm not going to it and I probably wont even watch it.
  13. ThelegendthatisBeto

    What English Team Would Dundee Be?

    Was thinking because they have had a little success but in their neighbours shadow
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