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  1. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Who do you think will be next?

    So f**k if Inverness think we have tapped up Robertson, he said f**cking no anyway. Nobody bothered when rangers tapped up Kamara and Celtic invited Jack hendry to a European night at parkhead when he played for us. Bottom line is this needs sorted on the next week or so because this is when teams start snapping up the free agents that are worth signing and if we dilly dally we will miss those players
  2. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Hes gone, that's the usual sh**e people tweet before they leave
  3. ThelegendthatisBeto

    News:McPake Declares Interest In Dundee Job

    I don't think so either but it will happen
  4. ThelegendthatisBeto

    News:McPake Declares Interest In Dundee Job

    Mcpake will be announced as fulltime manager during the week and it will come with Kerr and Curran signing new deals. Wouldn't be surprised if he offered deals to some of the young boys that have been binned like henvey and Lambert
  5. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Caniggia / Ravanelli / Larsson

    Ravanelli is probably the biggest name out of the 3, cc33 was the most controversial and Larsson potentially could have been regarded as the best out of the 3 but imo left it to late in his career to move away from Scottish football. He will never get the recognition he deserved. The goal he scored at dens when he turned and side footed it over speroni is one of the best I've ever seen
  6. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Who do you think will be next?

    We think it should be somebody from outside but the yanks might not see it that way. They have a track record of sh**e decisions and it wouldn't surprise me
  7. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Who do you think will be next?

    If we beat st Mirren tomorrow the yanks will ask mcpake if he wants the job fulltime with Kenny Miller or Darren odea as no2 or joint manager like what county have done this season
  8. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Third Time Lucky. ?

    Why is anybody discussing that little baldy Arab c**t?
  9. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Who do you think will be next?

    If we want Jack Ross we will all be Portsmouth fans tonite, if Sunderland get beat he will get the bullet. Here's hoping anyway
  10. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Players Dundee Nearly Signed

    Andrew davies
  11. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Players Dundee Nearly Signed

    Diego forlan was an alleged near signing by ivano
  12. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Match Preview: Livingston (Away, 11th May 2019)

    Fight back is on
  13. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Kenny Miller

    Hes bought a house on carnoustie so looks like hes staying
  14. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Last game the season.

    Rather go paint shopping with the missus, that says it all
  15. ThelegendthatisBeto

    Transfer and Rumour Mill Thread 2019-20

    We need to be looking at players from championship teams because we wont get premiership level players. For me nathan Austin (ICT), Walsh (ICT) and Fyvie from the scum would be a good start
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