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  1. All the fans have to go on is what we see on the pitch but players aren't robots and have much of the same life and family troubles as the rest of us. Some people respond to those troubles by performing even better at work while others go into their shell, don't perform very well and need a lot of support. It's easy to criticize players for a lack of effort and commitment and I too have been critical of the team for some of their performances but we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. Well done to McGowan for producing such a good performance on Saturday in the circumstances he was facing.
  2. The players again looked knackered before the end of the first half. Maybe it's lack of effort and commitment but possibly doing too much during the week. It wouldn't be the first time a manager has overworked his players. Every single match this season the opposition has looked fitter than us. Midfield players not tracking back and allowing the opposition too much time on the ball has been an issue for a few seasons now. It doesn't seem to change no matter who the manager is.
  3. Being charged doesn't mean a person is guilty. All it means is that there is sufficient evidence for the police to submit a report to the procurator fiscal. It's actually the PF who decides if the case is taken further. If the complainer is someone who had a number of friends with them then it would be highly likely their evidence would favour the complainer's version of events. It's often only at court that the full story comes out when the defence solicitor is able to question those who made the complaint. The police aren't solicitors and shouldn't take sides. If there is evidence then they have to submit a report.
  4. I am not complaining about the style of play McPake is trying to implement as it is one that has been successful for other sides. I have said it before but the problem against Qeeens was the tempo we were playing at. Going forward we were far too slow and ponderous giving them plenty of time to get back and defend. The final ball was at times atrocious and we kept giving the ball away by poor passing when we were in great positions. In contrast with us Queens attacked with a high tempo and caused us loads of problems. They looked like they could score every time they went up the park. They looked like they wanted it more and that has been the case in every game I have seen Dundee play this season. The opposition always look like they want it more than we do. We didn't close down Queens players quickly enough and the goal they got was a joke, giving their best player acres of space to get a shot away after he had already scored a couple of worldies against us last season. Our players really need to stand up and be counted. In my opinion It isn't our style of play that's causing problems, more a lack of desire and commitment to the cause from the team as a whole and that's been the case for a few seasons now. The Dundee players looked heavy legged again and many of them played like they were taking part in a training match rather than in an important game we wanted to win.
  5. Barcelona had a team full of midgets yet won the Champion's League a number of times. They didn't concede many goals from set pieces and corners despite their lack of height. I'm not convinced signing a couple of hammer throwers who are good in the air would solve our defensive woes. I think It's more to do with a lack of concentration and players not doing their jobs.
  6. We have a poor record against Queen of the South especially down there. We've had some woeful performances in Dumfries over the years and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Holt comes back to haunt us if he plays. He was the most under rated player at Dens during his time with us and in my opinion a better attacking full back than Cammy who seldom got the same flack as Holt did for poor performances. Looking at the two squads we should win this one but we should also have beaten Morton. I remember Aberdeen under Fergie playing in a similar style as McPake is trying to introduce but the thing with Fergie's sides is that they knew when to quicken the tempo to unsettle opposing sides. The problem with us is the tempo always seems to be the same and opposing defences are getting too much time to organize themselves. You can't play at a high tempo all the time but shifting up a gear at the right time would help. I'm not sure Dundee would be able to do that as we always look like we're knackered. Are we maybe putting too much energy into the training sessions? I'm fed up hearing how well we have trained then seeing the players looking really heavy legged on match days.
  7. It's very disappointing to lose 1-0 to a Morton side that have been leaking goals all season but I think the problem at Dundee is a long term one caused by always having to rebuild a side every single season. It takes time for players to come together as a side and poor results like we've had were always going to happen, especially when sides park the bus against us. The league championship will probably be well beyond us before we get things sorted out so top four is probably our best chance this season unless we click very soon. We may well lose again next week on that hellish pitch at Palmerston. The players will be hurting and slagging them off doesn't help. It just makes them nervous and less likely to play well. The fans getting right behind the side is the only thing we can possibly do which will make a difference. I'm not holding my breath about that that though.
  8. Would be a similar signing to when we brought in Kevin Thomson and he did alright for us when he was fit. However, staying injury free would be the biggest challenge in a division where the referees are quite happy to see Dundee players kicked off the park, yet if a Dundee player makes a similar challenge they are immediately booked. I'm probably wearing dark blue tinted glasses but that's what I see happening week in, week out. Signing Dorrans would therefore be a huge risk as he would get absolutely no protection from referees. Would love to see us taking the risk all the same just to see him in the dark blue.
  9. I wasn't there but did Dundee sit off Elgin and let them play? The pitch at Dens is a good surface and so is Boroughbriggs, I said it would be a mistake to just let Elgin play as they would feel at home at Dens.
  10. Great result for Elgin. I'm well chuffed for my home town team although obviously disappointed that Dundee lost. What on earth is going on at Dens?
  11. As I've said before, I think we should bring back the slow handclap rather than booing and moaning at players. Maybe the slow handclap still happens but if it does then I haven't heard it. It worked a treat in the 60's and 70's, it lets the players know the fans aren't happy but ends up encouraging them. We started with a slow handclap which slowly got faster and ended with an encouraging roar from the sidelines. The amount of times the 60's and early 70's side turned games around was amazing, the Cologne game being the best of all time. We were 4-2 down on aggregate with around 15 minutes to go and scored three goals to win the home game 4-2 and go through 5-4 on aggregate. Happy days!
  12. If we were going to sign Billy King you would think we would have done so by now. Can't believe folk on here were asking who? when I asked if he was still at Tannadice a couple of months ago. If we do sign sign him it will have been the longest chase since Bullitt. Maybe that should be his nickname if he does sign?
  13. They did. Elgin have always tried to play football and normally do quite well against teams that let them play. Not so good against fit battling teams. Dundee will likely let them play which would be a mistake on a pitch like Dens. Boroughbriggs has arguably the best playing surface in the second division so Elgin may feel quite at home there.
  14. I have a bit of mixed loyalties with this one due to my Elgin connections. I hope Elgin give a good account of themselves although the recent betting scandal won't have done them any favours. They also have a lot of injuries. It's probably good for Dundee that Elgin don't have their problems to seek for this game. A fully fit Elgin side have done well against Championship sides in the past.
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