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  1. My thoughts exactly, I need to buy an u12, student, full adult and a senior. £1,360 for the lot, bargain 😁
  2. Even when buying for the first time rather than the renewal link; you can only pay £340 and cant alter this price of each ticket.
  3. Cheers Chomp. I’d expect these prices to be extended past the 2nd May deadline for people having issues.
  4. Any existing season ticket holders purchasing online for the first time having any issues? I can log in fine but there is nothing within my account giving me the option to renew. Emailed Neil, however not received any email back as of yet. I know their furloughed, but I’d still expect they can answer/reply to emails from home.
  5. Standouts have been Johnson, Marshall and McGhee. Hemmings will come good and hopefully the others will aswell. For a team to sign this many players and to expect them all to gel this quickly, I’d say we’ve done alright. Still more to come imo.
  6. Still early yet for me. We’re in a privileged position to have three great strikers for this level as I think they are all Premiership quality. Johnson and Nelson have been scoring and it’s just a matter of time before Nelson adds to his derby goal.
  7. Marshall for me. Probably our most consistant player this year.
  8. Just cause he thinks he’ll get game time, it doesn’t always work. He’s cover for Marshall imo and he needs to work hard to play infront of Marshall when given the chance as he’s been one of our best players so far.
  9. Think he rejected a new deal at Motherwell mate. So that seems unlikely.
  10. Don’t want any more of United reserves to be honest.
  11. He only wanted to trial with us as a mole in the camp to feed information back to the tangy side.
  12. Relegation by your derby rivals > winning the first of four derby games of the season. Know what id rather have.
  13. A lot of alcohol consumed last night BigG, your 100% right 🤣
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