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  1. Please do not mention this . . . I am still very raw about this one. Must have been to date still one of the worst swaps in the history of football. Alex WHO Harris for Boyle (Whom only had 6 months, Maybe a year left on his contract) We even paid a fee for Boyle once upon a time. Unreal from the BOD!
  2. I actually think Byrne is becoming a bit of a boo boy. The problem you have with the lad is he believes he is better than he is, So often has lapses in concentration and can be careless. Against Elgin at times strolled it with nice touches and turns and then all of a sudden when it looks he is in complete control, Gives it away. As for the Derby, I actually thought Ness was far far worse, Lad couldn't run or track back and his passing was way way off. Against Elgin looked far better and we lost control when he went off at half time, Was he Injured or was it McPake changing it for the sake of it or even resting him? I can't understand what goes through McPake's head at times. I understand in the cup you want to give the younger lads game time, So go 3-0 up and give them some minutes. But why wasn't Hamilton, Marshall & Johnston on the bench? When we were down to 10 men, Why on earth did he bring the young lad on? He looked completely out his depth (Harsh as he is young but wrong time to give him minutes) Also someone please answer, Why oh Why oh Why was Mackie taking all the set pieces and finally when he was put out his misery then the youngest guy on the pitch took over, Sconing it 50 yards to their defense along the ground? Are these things not discussed before match? Was any prep done for the Elgin match or was it a case of turning up and believe because we are in a higher division we have a right to win!
  3. Now that I have calmed down I can post. Truly unacceptable stuff, McPake needs to sort it out fast for Dundee's and his sake. Goalkeeper - Young Lad, Great save in the first half but another tiny keeper and like a previous poster. How can you be confident with that defence in front of you. Left Back - What a panic buy, Had a bad game, not sure his pass completion but must be under 25% Centre Backs - McGhee not the worst I have seen but Meekings, I don't know what to say. He has no awareness at all. I struggle to find a defender in him or Forster (Worrying Times) Right Back - Wonder strike, looked okay but I do believe the championship is his level. Centre Midfield - Byrne okay, I sometimes believe Byrne thinks he is better than he is which leads to him being careless. Ness was in control and thought we lost our shape when he went off at half time. (Injury? If not tactical mistake from McPake) McGowan is a Trier but hes slow and must make himself dizzy from all the turns and holds onto it way to long. Wingers - WHAT WINGERS, Sorry I'm trying not to be over critical but Todd cant beat a man or win a header and this is against Farmers and Firemen / McDaid - Not for me, another winger that cant beat they're man and offers very little. Striker - Nelson must feel hard done by not to get a start after a couple of super subs. Hemmings, Hmmm. A previous poster stated he had no service. I think this is kind on Hemmings. He just looked totally uninterested, almost like he felt he was to good for this game. FINALLY . . . The Manager! Let's make this clear, I do not want McPake sacked. BUT he needs to sort this out. His record since the season started is poor. We are creating worryingly little against teams and THESE ARE HIS PLAYERS. The board backed him and signed whom he recommended so there is nowhere to hide. SORT IT OUT and hope we shall climb thr table. Unfortunately I believe we will have many more rants before season is out. £35 wasted in little over 8 days. One good thing from today is I got my 3 year old the new kit and looks fab on him so he is chuffed.
  4. Just back . . . Well that was fun. Shall have a bite to eat before I give my opinion. Forecast = Cloudy with a chance of Storms.
  5. "The Morning After The Night Before" Where to start? First up there was some bad calls from the Ref, Of Course if the Offiside (was onside) goal stood it can change the dynamics of the game. Did he or didn't he touch the ball for the Corner that they scored their 4th Goal? With all that said . . . That said, It is completly unacceptable to lose 6-2 to any team in this league AND unthinkable to concede 6 goals to United. United deserved to win, I have no doubt about that. When watching United in the first half their wingers are pacey and direct and made our defence always feel uncomfortable, Why can't we play direct football? And I don't mean the defenders punting it up the wings, I had to watch a long ball punted up to Todd's head one more time just for the left back to win EVERY header I was going to explode. I don't particularly want to or enjoy slating our players, So I will try and be constructive as I can. Forster - I have said it before and I got hammered but I will say it again, This lad is not a Footballer (Never mind a defender) He looks uncomfortable on the ball, Struggles to control or basic dribbling of the ball. For being over 6 foot this lad can't jump past his laces and allows striker as short as Shankland bully and harrass him. He is slow and often out of postion. (McPake needs to address this, He was a defender for christ sake, This must boil his blood) Yes we did play better in the second half but that was because United allowed it and they still ended up scoring another 2 goals to our 1. Possession is pointless if it leads to nothing but a back pass! Hamilton - I actually don't think he was at fault for any of the goals last night but I can't be the only that is nervous every cross and corner that comes in. United's keeper (I actually believe he is very good, which pain's me to say) but he's big and runs out and punches away and commands his box, Hamilton needs to find it voice. Ness - From his very short career at Dens, Byrne has already come in to some grief, But for me Ness was far worse yesterday. I don't know if injurys are taking the toll on him but he looked slow and in pain the entire match, Unable to have close control and to many balls ethier going long or not finding there man. Needs to play better in weeks ahead. Postive(s) - Well there isn't many if any but if I had to find one, Kane Hemmings has broke his duck and hopefully the goals will come now. Need a big response from all the team and manager in the next game . . . We need a convincing win and climb the table!!! Onwards and hopefully upwards. P.s . . . A wee picture just to prove the onside goal!
  6. Just back from the game. Hmmm . . . Think I shall have a night to cool off before analysing what has just happened. Defence found out, and certain individuals too.
  7. Don't know if it's been mentioned, connection not good enough to look back, I got slated for saying it in pre-season. Forster is a kusunga, Just brutal. For a 6 foot lad cant jump past his shoe laces. Can't win a header and getting pushed about by utd's front line. Say many things about Meekings but I would take him over Forster any day of the week. Unhappy Dee at Tannadump!
  8. Right I have just done the vote thingy at the top, Who in gods name voted for Curran? Show yourself for the flogging. 🤣
  9. Dee-lighted with the signing with Hemmings, Can't wait to see him up top with Johnson. Would like another winger in, King may fit the bill and a GGH type of player. Without slating the lad, I just don't see any place for Wighton. Just don't think he offers enough in goals or creativity and is non-existant in many games. I thank him for is wonderful goal against the DABS and what it meant but I would leave it there.
  10. If true, fab signing. Winger & Attacking Mid needed and would be a good window. In McPake we trust!
  11. I shall withdraw the kusunga comment as it was placed in anger and how the match was going. I do agree re: Kerr. I will get shot for saying it but I always feel kerr isn't good enough. I dont question his love for the club and will to try hard, just question actual abilities.
  12. Appreciate your opinion. But for me he should have stayed on his feet for the first goal and could have won far more balls in the air than he did tonight. Could be a one off. That said individual mistakes yet again costing us goals.
  13. While agree Meekings was poor, I think Forster has been Terrible (kusunga style)
  14. Bring a few subs on . . . Oh wait they are all kids.
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