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  1. One had the ability to sign players on £5k plus per week and run up millions of debt though. I notice you conveniently forget the home defeats to Motherwell, killie etc, the cup exits to Partick, st Mirren etc also The fact you point out that Duffy, an average at best manager, took Bonnettis squad to a cup final underlines my point, Ivano was so poor he finished bottom six with virtually the same team. He was a chancer that happened to know a lot of good footballers. Think I’ve said it before, it was like hiring a £2000 a night hooker and jigging that you got a handshake.
  2. I’d comfortably say McCann was better. Many eulogise on here about the Bonnetti era having the finest players since 62, an there’s more than an element of truth about that. However that group of players achieved nothing, absolutely zilch. We had a dismal home record and finished bottom six. The reason was because these players were managed by a total clown. McCann for all his faults at least seemed to have a grasp of tactics etc
  3. Danielle Lloyd has an impressive list of footballer contacts, doesn’t mean I’d want her as manager though 😀
  4. Certainly worse than chis and kerno. He had an embarrassment of riches at his disposal and all we achieved was an equal embarrassment of a home record. You are probably right that McIntyre was worse though
  5. Unpopular opinions in no particular order 1) Bonnetti is the worst manager of my lifetime and I don’t get the misty eyed fondness for his time at the club 2) we should NEVER have blue shorts on a home kit 3) Neil McCann shouldn’t have been sacked when he was. Don’t @ me 😂
  6. Let’s not forget that Bain had an absolute shocker the day of that Hamilton game. He was also in “questionable” form up to then. He’d also allegedly fallen out with Hartley, a man he pretty much owes his career too The fact that Parrish came in and kept more clean sheets than him also speaks volumes. if he’s the best the nation has we’ve fallen a long way since the days of Andy Goram. with such a inflated sense of self importance I’m happy he’s found the perfect club
  7. Acceptable season is promotion, be that via the play offs or automatically.
  8. Great servant to the club and when the chips were really down (end of last season and season before) he never let us down. Put his body on the line for this club many many times. If the rest of our squad had his desire, attitude and will to win we wouldn’t be anywhere near this mess. A natural leader who represented the club superbly and should have always been our captain. Showed on Saturday that he was the man rallying the troops at the start whilst the “captain” with the armband watched on passively. So sad he’s bowing out on such a downer. Thanks for everything Darren, should always get a warm reception when he’s back at Dens in any capacity. 💙
  9. Paul Dixon got relegated yesterday. The day that isn’t a positive is the day I give up
  10. Dales wasn’t the greatest player, however his pace got us up the park and took pressure off the defence. Weird how him and Hadenius have just vanished from first team contention. Neither were world beaters but neither were replaced with better players.
  11. There should have been a signing Martin woods clause
  12. A wise man once said “you’ll win f**k all with DABs and dwarves” 😉
  13. Absolute lunacy wanting the Americans to go ive seen some wild statements posted on this board (and indeed posted many myself :-)) but I think we may have just beaten “Hartley is a banker for the Celtic job” 🤣
  14. I’d hoped this was a positive thread reminding us of when a very average dee side put 4 past big money Gretna in the first half! Each one an Alan Main blunder from memory.
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