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  1. Hamilton fc supporters reckon Callahan signing for them ???
  2. My son emailed the club asking if the early bird was being extended due to the present conditions hasn't tried to purchase thru website as he has money Hidden away from his partner who is going crazy online. up until today he’s not heard anything was wondering if anybody has heard anything
  3. Play 2 games per week until season completed. Shorten close season Start next season again with 2 games per week Lengthen winter shutdown to include all leagues ( thinking of fans ) No cup replays, finish on the day played (for 1 season) Reduce pricing of season tsk and entry for all I know clubs will be taking a big hit (fancily )but so have the supporters who payed for season tsk
  4. Preferred the 60’s Sammy scarf but kept losing them, now don’t wear one anymore. not wearing colours saves a lot of hassle in pubs/clubs at away games
  5. Why not issue programmes to ST only losing out on cost supplying
  6. Shimmy were guys(Mods) from all over the city who met in the centre who liked music,dancing riding scooters and women
  7. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know that Beechie Laddie as joined the forum today! Joined: 18/07/17 Profile: View Member
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