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  1. Think he will show in the near future he was of the required standard but not givien a fair crack of the whip .
  2. Id base it on technical ability . Vision .awareness . Use of either foot , goals ,passing , creativity , any more youd lkke me to add ?
  3. Well would you rather have spent the money on giving this group of youngsters another season to blossom and maybe find a diamond amongst them who the club could potentially gain from financially in the long run or spend it on kenny millers last season hoping he scores a goal or 2 ? I know if i was running the club where id be investing his weekly wages n bilonuses its not as if hes saved us from relegation with his goals now is it ?
  4. Yeah ya righ5 but to save u time keep logging in Jim mcintyre will be dundee boss next season
  5. Tbf it was a tongue in cheek suggestion after reading post saying next one should be able to speak plain english hahaha
  6. Somebodys son has thats quite obvious But if your suggesting its mine you couldnt be more wrong
  7. Heard club has been reported for negligence of younger players Re - players not undergoing any structured training sessions for past couple of months .. Told to just go in gym for a little bit instead and unsupervised No training session involvement whatsoever Player himself making complaint Club in dissaray
  8. Mcintyre just doesnt favour the english is more near it
  9. Id like a bet with most he will be unless fans kick up a big enough fuss
  10. Or why do players get so much time off and train less intense or not as long or frequent as an english u18 squad
  11. Henvey Bradbury Lambert Scott Jeffries Etc To Subsidise Kenny Millers 2nd Year Wages of 5 Grand a Week Was the Best Approach for Next Year In Championship ,Was This the Best Practice for Dundee Fc Who thinks that the release of these players and the saving of there wages/digs to subsidise having kenny miller for one year in the championship ? Or would you have forfeited miller and hoped there was more value the club could get from the youngsters ?
  12. Could do worse than go for lee clarke
  13. Never said he did but he is a reserve/youth coach The member did say mcintyre would have spoken to the coaches
  14. If you like just 4 you ill comment no more
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