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  1. I still think Miller has something to offer. If not in the playing capacity he can teach/coach what little we have. They could do worse than learn from him. If I were JM & JB I’d be listening too. The more we can get out of what we have available to us the better.
  2. If Cobra’s first point doesn’t convince then his second point should! If Dodds was unsure/confused/angry/stupid about the CVA vote - give him the benefit of the doubt. However, he’s been a total prick about it ever since and constantly likes to poke fun at us as a club at any opportunity. Now he wants a wage from us.....aye right!! Anyone who’s happy for that to happen feel free. I for one can’t stomach it. Love a bit of footy banter but Dodds has been a total erse! If nothing else we’re entitled to a bit of pride!
  3. Maybe we’re emailing the wrong guy. Anyone got a hotline to Tim Keyes? Wonder if he has any idea at all what a shitstorm is brewing? If Nelms is his key man here I very much doubt it. Nelms will be protecting his nice salary/house/cushy life etc. Meanwhile, we (fans and club) are getting royally shafted!
  4. Perhaps. But he shouldn’t try to force Dodds in! I think that will end up worse than JM having to find a genuine alternative. I’d imagine there are a few who’d may offer positive alternatives?
  5. I would naturally suggest Parish because I think he’s been the better keeper for us. But can Hamilton improve without the pressure of having to pass out from the back every single time? Just asking the question - I’ve never been a fan even when he was doing ok at Hearts.
  6. Agreed. It’s how you behave as a responsible human being. Duffy’s a gent - regardless of what people think of him as a coach or a manager. Dodds problem isn’t JUST his choices during Admin2 it’s his constant niggling at us ever since. It’s distasteful and really petulant on his part. I think he must know this but is either too greedy or conceited to accept it. Or he thinks we’re a bunch of tubes and we’ll bend over and take it..... I’d accept almost anybody other than him. If JM can’t do it without him then he’s of the same ilk as Dodds.
  7. Regardless of Dodds guilt or otherwise over the CVA/admin scenario, it beggars belief that we’re even having to discuss his possible appointment. If the BoD had any genuine understanding of that part of our history and the strength of feeling many fans have towards Dodds, it makes absolutely no sense to bring him on board. It’s the worst bit of PR ever!
  8. Just my opinion but if the BoD want an experienced coach in they don’t think NM is doing a good enough job. This option is cheaper than emptying him. In terms of Duffy, to my mind still one of the best readers of the game defensively when he was a player - even with just one good knee. In my opinion he’d help our defence more than NM or Gartland. Just an opinion though...
  9. If true, the BoD clearly can’t afford to get rid of NM! If true, Gartland will be offloaded to allow the ‘experienced’ coach to join. If true, is JJ the right man? He had a poor tenure at East End Park and always worked better with Billy Brown around as his no.2. Would Jim Duffy be a better choice? At least he’d organise our defence.
  10. It’s incredible really that abject failure on all fronts is still being rewarded with some kind of misguided loyalty by our BoD! McCann’s record is dire - in terms of results, performances and signings! His number 2 and the man he relies on to organise the defence is a joke! We can’t score, we can’t defend, we get run over in midfield. We have no senior figure within the club to get us out of this mess. I know the Americans bankroll us - and appreciate the importance of the funding. I really do. But we need some proper direction on the football front. In my opinion, Nelms & McCann are living in fantasy land. Gartland is an imposter. Trouble ahead if nothing changes..... I hate to be so negative, but genuinely believe we are knee deep in it and need a dose of reality before it’s too late...,
  11. Duffy as Director of Football. Take the weight off the totally inept John Nelms. Robbie Neilson as manager.
  12. Great post and terrific idea. If the Keyes family are serious and in it for the long run get rid of Nelms. He knows diddly squat about Scottish football! Duffy would be ideal as a go between for Keyes and a new manager. Honesty, integrity, good knowledge and contacts - and a totally decent bloke to boot.
  13. Not just McCann. Nelms culpable too and should walk!
  14. Did he actually say “....because the points are not free flowing.” Dear Neil - we’ve not even got one point!!! Love his chat about leaving a brilliant job for one that’s “precarious...and reliant on players.” Aye - your players and tactics Neil! Genuinely sick of this p*sh now!
  15. "We are playing with a lack of confidence just now but there is sparkles within games which gives me encouragement they are good enough to do it," added McCann. "They just need a wee bit more self-belief." Quotes from McCann on BBC after the latest debacle. ‘Sparkles of encouragement.’ Really? Is he having a laugh? He’s starting to sound like Yogi Hughes with his ‘magic dust’ sh*t! Dire!
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