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  1. Huggs66

    Andrew Davies

    Either way it looks like he was never destined to play this season, unfortunately had the incident in a bounce game, and whether he has come back too soon or not it appears that he was never ready anyway. Hopefully not a career ender for the lad, bearing in mind that he was brought in an attempt to plug a massive hole in our CH Slot due to the unreliable performances of O'Dea and the General. Sadly as always we tend to dive on the negative, regardless of him coming from Non League football our performances @ Centre Half were amateur if not Sunday fecking welfare and it was worth a gamble.
  2. Huggs66

    Relegation Battle

    Gents We have the best form of defence for this weekend "Nelson Driving Forward" which will drag others into a game, it may even allow the General to go marching forward. C'mon the Dee's
  3. Huggs66

    What Has FPS Ever Done for Us.

    Cobra How many teams have came to Dens on the back of bad runs and ended them at Dens, Too Fecking Many and it has been painful for us all, Hopefully we go into this game on the back of a positive performance against Celtic and the possible lift that Nelson will be back, puts us in the right place.
  4. Huggs66

    St Mirren V Dundee

    DB if that were to be true, it is a massive lift and one that will have St Mirren very worried.
  5. Huggs66

    Euro 2020

    Cobra, I think Alex McLiesh has a secret weapon in the background for team selection, Ninja McCann
  6. Huggs66

    Euro 2020

    How many thought that was going to be the case in the last game, Kazakhstan are ranked 30 slots below us in the current Fifa Rankings, I would liken this back to our performances against Ayr & Q.O.S this year. Q.O.S Last win was against Dundee. Cobra, Brace yourself for a rough ride this afternoon
  7. Huggs66

    St Mirren V Dundee

    2 ways to look at that Mr S It will maybe help them with Match fitness / sharpness before Saturday or it might show in the legs in the last Half Hour against us, if we have the bench to up the tempo in the last half hour it could be the difference. IIMO we have the quality to win this, hopefully the pressure of us being in the "Must Win" doesn't give us the wobbles. A win on Saturday will give us the confidence to go and do the same against St J. then we could have a real go at Aberdeen there results at home against the lower league has not been good because these teams go and have a pop and not sit back and invite them in.
  8. Huggs66

    Relegation. Would You Be Bothered?

    As has been the case through our Club History, Nelson would be sold / used to fund our survival, hopefully we will not need that to be the case. Not like the financial calamities we have suffered recently due to mismanagement, Bain / Caulker leave for nowt and Kamara sold for pennies, with a club like ours we need to secure quality a year before there contract expires, if not we need to bite the bullet and sell before they walk for nowt, easy to say, hard to achieve. We need stability for next year regardless of which league and I think JM will provide that.
  9. Huggs66

    Relegation. Would You Be Bothered?

    Guys Struggling with this thread, if we are relegated this year, it puts the club at risk of resigning itself to a significant period of time in the championship and that is providing the clean out that would follow relegation doesn't start us on a slippery slope to worse. JM has been brought in at the last minute inheriting a broken team, changed pretty much a whole team and suffered a couple of hard to swallow injuries, here's hoping that he is planning for the playoffs at worst. If people think we will be relegated and will be walking into the championship as a team likely to be at the top end and winning week on week, I for one don't share that view, We already face the loss of a number of loanees in the summer and have to start next year with half a team of fresh faces for the 3rd season on the trot, the quality of these players will be dependent on which league we will be in.
  10. Huggs66

    Euro 2020

    We are in a bad place when the media are asking "Can San Marino" beat Scotland. Too many players calling off, playing for your country lacks the appeal it used to, there are few "True Scottish Hearts" in the game these days" money has put paid to that, it doesn't help when there is also the minor point of the quality of the management team.
  11. Our Recent memories against Inverness (Scraped through in the Cup), Dunfermline (Beat us)and most certainly Ayr (Murdered Us) sends shivers down the old spine, with exception to 3 or 4 depending on our formation it is a new team and hopefully one that that will not have the memories we as fans all carry. Hopefully JM has been putting the cotton wool around Nelson and we will see him burst back for the game in Paisley and may even have Davis ready as well. C'mon the Dee
  12. Huggs66

    Glen Kamara

    Gerrard regrets not signing a creative midfielder for Rangers in January. (Mail on Sunday) bit of a slap in the face for the ex Dee. The other comment being that his transfers in the summer will be about quality rather than quantity. GK will be feeling a bit wounded today albeit with more cash in his pocket to ease the pain.
  13. Huggs66

    Had To Laugh

    IDB Harsh but Fair
  14. Would be good to keep them down in the play offs, however would prefer that Hamilton do that for us.
  15. Huggs66

    Dundee V Celtic

    Damage limitation for this one and hope that our neighbours St J help us out.
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