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  1. Gedee, it certainly suggests that there wis nae luv lost between McCall & Shanks, it also suggests in the football sense that our score was not reflective of there superiority but sadly our failure to turn up in the rain and let a poor decision to chalk the goal off effect us so badly.
  2. PB, I have Inhabited Aberdeen for thirty years, but Dundonian through and through, would disagree with the “Most Of” element of your comment, there is certainly a level of arrogance which sadly follows a few related to the Oil Industry, however that has taken a battering over the past 3 years and attitudes have changed, it may be that I have been fortunate where I can count the arrogance element in the minority. I stay in Cove and the street I stay in has 32 houses, to say it is multi cultural would be a fair statement covering 5 if not 6 nationalities and a lot of Scots from east and west. 9 of us have been in the street since 1995, 2 of those families moved out only to move back into the street because they found that certain areas had a level of unjustified snobbery which was completely opposite to what the found with the neighbourhood we have. Those 2 families are born Aberdonian one of them is an x pro who played with Motherwell and the Dabs. There are lots of friendlies up here.
  3. Today proves that every week is going to be a battle and if the team are not up for it, the scoreline could easily go the other way. Ayr Utd's only loss was to ourselves, they have then undone the DABS today. Young McPake appears to have played well today, 13 attempts on goal, a bit more confidence with Hamilton and the penalty save, a couple of away games with fair opportunity to get a couple of more wins under the belt, before a tough one against Arbroath who could do us another favour next week.
  4. Huggs66

    Under 18's Signings - Superb Pic

    No way the one at the back is under 18
  5. Huggs66

    Elgin On Sunday

    EOD, Believe Finn & McPake are with the Scotland team and are unavailable this weekend, would like to see Nelson start with Hemmings and try this out to see if it brings a bit of spark early in the game. Not a reflection on how Johnson has played just an opportunity to try something different without losing any strength in the side.
  6. Huggs66

    Elgin On Sunday

    Rev, not sure you will be able to do that, you will need a witness to prove it and going by the comments about you might be the only fecker there.
  7. Huggs66

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    We let Fraser Fyvie go pretty quickly, wondering if the release of funds as a result of the Davies / Curran Departure has allowed discussions to open and its a case of the finer detail in the contract ?????. Not sure that we would have held onto him this long if there wasn't something in the wind. More so the player himself looking to tie up his future.
  8. Huggs66

    Elgin On Sunday

    Mev They held their own against Hibs quite recently.
  9. Huggs66

    Slavering Obsessed Arabs

    Andrak, Not Forgetting Hamish McCalpine bearing his Ar*e to the Dundee Fans, i rember that game fairly well, the Dundee Support that night were "Mental" there wasnt a tackle missed that night, it was fairly brutal.
  10. Gedee, i agree wth your comments but i believe we have the quality to get us to the play offs, once this side learns to play together, its in its infancy and as you have said, an inexperienced manager who is cutting his team, we as supporters have the power to be the 12th man, we always do when we are away from home, we lack that same belief when we are at home, if we can get the atmosphere we had at the recent Ayr game and even close to a repeat of what we had against Aberdeen, we will lift the team. Time to put a settled team on the park and move forward, that will be a 4;4;2 or 4;5;1 depending on who we are playing and where, how many of us would have said 4 games in and that Partick / Dunfermline would be at the bottom end with Arbroath at the upper end "Not Many" i am sure.
  11. it will take time to get up to speed and for us to play together as a unit. I have said it before and I will say it again, we will finish the strongest team in the championship over this season, we will certainly be in the play offs and I am not discounting winning the league.
  12. Huggs66

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    If he is fit enough, has bite & hits like a tank, I don't fecking care what shape he is.
  13. Huggs66

    Elgin On Sunday

    It is an opportunity now to start playing a steady 11 now that we know "what we have" after the window closing. would like to see out strongest 11 and shaped on the basis of what we need for the 3 points against Alloa, no disrepect intended to either Elgin or Alloa, however showing our hand early should not make a difference based on the quality that we have. It goes without saying that both these sides will work their socks off and if we are not prepared to match the work ethic they could be the proverbial banana skin. Time to start seeing a settled side that can build understanding and confidence with a couple of positive results.
  14. Huggs66

    Slavering Obsessed Arabs

    One Game, 6-2, 3 points - Versus - One Game 2-1, Relegation, 3rd season in the lower league "Priceless" send them the video.
  15. BB, I can see that happening, as has been commented previously unless it is in the air coming at him i think Forster Toils, he look like "Fecking Bambi" when the ball is at his feet, what we may loss in the air imo i think Meekings is the better all round player.
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