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  1. We can still say, we put them down and we decided to allow you to go back up, "Whose the Daddy" given that the club seemed to accept a next season tilt at the league, looks like we have taken Hearts & United out of the equation and potentially Inverness, if we can retain the same staff including Berra, we should look forward to the positive.
  2. Share the views of a number, would love to have seen the pin stripe on the sleeve being red, I hope they do it in small marquee size , I will be buying it. Last years was worn with pride up the east coast of Australia,
  3. Gedee, Like DBK has said, there are tingles at the prospect, not sure if this decision will be as good a feeling as the Doon Derby, but it will be damn close, they would have to try and do it all again without shankland as he will be gone in the summer and we will be in a better place and not make the same mistakes. I have already set out the note to my DAB friends awaiting the decision so I can press the send button. That being said, to see a resumption of the season would be the biggest winner, not from the football sense, but from the social sense and peoples lives would also be heading back to normal.
  4. Woodstein, no assumption for the individual who has called for the investigation into what he perceives to be a witch hunt against AS, where was his consideration for the 10 (ten) women who are impacted by this decision with regard to his decision to go public for the investigation. Would have thought that the moral thing to do was let this go quietly and do his work behind the scenes, more so that the indication is that the behaviour of AS was unbecoming.
  5. For the CPS to bring 13 charges and for all to fail is a massive slap in the face for the judiciary system, heads will roll. The do Gooders are already calling for an investigation of the witch hunt against him despite it being stated that his behaviour towards women was poor. No thought by these individuals as to the well being of the women let down by our so called justice system.
  6. FFS, just finishing 4 weeks offshore, Was looking forward to the game tomorrow and the Grand Prix on Sunday, will have no excuse now to be dragged kicking and screaming shopping.
  7. Attilio, cant disagree with your comments felt that should have left Elliot to start and changed after the hour if required, would also have left McGee a bit more time rather than launch him into the game, hindsight as they say is a wonderful sign.
  8. The biggest danger here is complacency, Nesbit and Dow have tortured us this season and exploited our previous weakness. If we apply ourself in the manner that we have for the past 4 games we should feel confident as Dunfermline don't travel that well. 2-0 the Dee.
  9. Gedee, still on the fence with JMP, not sure his tactics for the Alloa game set us up for success, strange dropping Elliot, changed it back after an hour however frustration had set in by then. However its another lesson learned for him, barring injury the Team picks itself at the moment.
  10. Gedee, the key to unlocking the performances we are seeing is the composure that Berra has brought, a true leader on the park. It has settled the back 3/4 and now allows our midfield to flourish. Meekings, Forster & Byrne have all stepped up because we are on the front foot and have confidence in their ability. i said a long time ago we will finish the strongest side in the league once we have settled, I also wobbled on that thought through January, but now back believing that we will. Our next 4 games will set the tone and I have the feeling that we will be 2nd at the end of these.
  11. Lets all make it count then and get behind the Dee's, and fill the place to the rafters.
  12. BCram, I fly home on Friday weather providing and intent being in the Derry for the game, looking forward to hearing the buzz again.
  13. The game in Inverness will be a real decider not only from the points but also mentally, we have lost home and away to them so going to Inverness and winning would be a massive blow to them, we also have the power to do this to Dunfermline and Arbroath, I cannot think of a better time than now to be playing all of these sides.
  14. Huggs66


    I would be raking the cupboards to get every penny together and try to find a way to secure his services beyond this season. His influence has turned our fortunes and brought the best out in others. Probably the best signing we have made in many years by a long way.
  15. Lets bear in mind that they also have 2 ex DAB's who seem to raise there game and score against us, will be good turning them over.
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