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    A Dundee, boy born and bred, Church Street o the Hilltoon, moved to Linda then, my grandfather was a regular in Haley’s and the Bowbrigg, he looked after the loos under the Famous Hilltoon clock, married a Dundee Lass in 85 still going, my youngest lad played for Dundee Youth.
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  1. Huggs66

    The Warning Signs Were There.

    Who remembers Moussas miss at Stirling, took off his pink boots and put white ones on, colour must have dazzled him. Yes we were that bad.
  2. Huggs66

    Dundee In 1600

    It must be the Dichty Burn
  3. Huggs66


    What is the admiral going to be like when he is free of his lumps and bumps, the best is yet to come from him, Curran will need to put a Mother Care leash on him to keep up.
  4. The Gods were with us on Saturday, they had a man sent off and we got lucky with the penalty claim for a rash challenge, any other day or ref, might have seen a different outcome, but it doesn't matter, 3 Points in the Bag and a big confidence boost to go with it. Cmon the Dee's
  5. I thought it was really high, mistimed, straight leg with studs up. I’ve winced every time I’ve seen it replayed on TV. imo anything “far worse” just given a booking was a wrong decision. You boys are savage, was only being a realist, given that the SFA didn't ban the Rangers players for kicking Brown in the Nuts or for the Killie Player who went unpunished for nearly kicking the Rangers player his head off as recent decisions, you do realise that if Livvie appeal and they get it rescinded I will have a chuckle or I will choke
  6. I think the lad was a tad unfortunate to be sent off, it was high, although we have seen bookings being given for far worse. good to see decisions on our side for a change.
  7. Could have been worse he could have picked O'Dea, best of a difficult situation
  8. 4 Goals in 6 games and 1 assist, early indication he is a gem of a find with more to come.
  9. Worth the booking , so many positives from todays win that will bolster the confidence and spirit of the team. Won at a place for the first time in Five years, come from behind to win on a surface that has not been kind to us, much improved 2nd half performance and a goalkeeper who can be relied upon. Hopefully just a knock for the admiral.
  10. Huggs66

    Livingston V Dundee

    Boys, this is better commentary than the BBC & Sky put together, offshore life with a Dark Blue commentary team
  11. Huggs66

    Livingston V Dundee

    Cmon the Dee’s admiral Nelson on fire
  12. Huggs66

    Livingston V Dundee

    Guys, we will turn it around, expect another 15 to 20 minutes of torture, live will begin to tire and we should see more space and opportunities, probably nobody better than miller to exploit this, expect him on on the hour mark. Cmon the Dees.
  13. Huggs66

    Global F%#king Warming

    Dblair, my grass has started to grow, funny thing is its fecking astroturf
  14. Huggs66

    Happy Valentines DEE

    I remember one of his last games for thistle, it was a midweek game against us at Dens, he bared his Ar*e to the Provy Road End and then the following week was in a Dundee shirt, what a player he was when he wasn't suspended.

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