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    A Dundee, boy born and bred, Church Street o the Hilltoon, moved to Linlathen, my grandfather was a regular in Haley’s and the Bowbrigg, he looked after the loos under the Famous Hilltoon clock, married a Dundee Lass in 85 still going, my youngest lad played for Dundee Youth many years ago.
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  1. Huggs66


    Cobra can’t disagree with the on a platter, we have this silly tendency to sit back and invite sides to come at us, this suit’s United better than most and again we pay the price.
  2. PB, if it wasn’t there, Nelson would have dived into a rash challenge at another point with the precedent having been set. We didn’t turn up “again” and got what we deserved.
  3. If he flashed red to butcher, Nelson would have followed. Cammy Kerr was a silly booking he forced the ref into a decision purely because of the other reactions.
  4. Huggs66

    The Title

    Rev, wouldn’t be the best solution for us, it would put our chances of winning the league into the very unlikely territory.
  5. PB, it is those same halfwits who fail to understand the commitment in going to the match in the first place, despite your schedule. It is not worth the hassle, at those times a smile without a word is often best to shut them up.
  6. Huggs66

    The Title

    I would rather the offer came from an English club, there is always the risk that the old firm would buy and then loan him back to the end of the season given the DAB’s there cake and eat it. The relationship between Rangers and the DAB’s would IMO see Celtic as the favourites.
  7. Huggs66


    Not sure Todd has been given a fair chance, maybe because it was who that signed him being the problem, I think he is a better option than Nelson given where we are playing him at present. It is too much too soon for young McPake at this time and he should return to his club in January.
  8. Huggs66


    Nelson is being played out of position, out of his comfort zone all because we have a manager who thinks that Nelson’s pace and harrying will fill a void that we have in the team. The impending suspension will soon force the decision if Nelson doesn’t hurt himself before then. The penalty was a fraction from being a brilliant tackle, it wasn’t to be, however the writing was on the wall long before that.
  9. Huggs66


    Gents we have the Ginga Ninja who could be tempted or teased into looking after the side from Jan if it is not boding well, the next derby will be a decisive for McP however I get the feeling that the board will define it a success, if we are in a solid position for the play offs.
  10. Huggs66

    The Title

    Guys, I threw that out there because no one knows, we may see some players coming in, Young McPake will be back to his club, I think we still have Mackie (unfortunately). Gowser has been playing well recently but we need a performance for the full game, 2 games recently where he has been pulled because he is goosed after an hour, as hard as it may be he might be the future super sub to change the shape of a game in the last half hour. The centre midfielder at Ayr has ran us ragged in the 2 games we have played, the addition of his drive and quality would add much needed tempo to our side. On paper we have a tremendous midfield but it is too slow and far too lethargic.
  11. Huggs66

    The Title

    Gents what will the conversation be if we beat ICT in the highlands, DAB’s lose to QOS, united get an offer for Shankland in the jan window given their recent financial results. 9 points in this league is nothing at this stage of the season. There is still a long way to go.
  12. Huggs66

    Cammy Kerr Tonight

    The 2 potential goal saving tackles by Doran’s were first class Cammy blotted his MOM performance with a silly booking at the wrong end of the park which dumbed his performance for the rest of the game, Mackie is certainly not a straight replacement for Marshall. Nelson needs to see some bench time albeit we are playing him out of position.We were / are second best by a margin at the moment and our thoughts should be consolidating 2nd place, results yesterday favoured us, lets dust ourselves down and start again. The joys of being a Dee.
  13. Huggs66

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Bring Ness on for Nelson, need to keep McDaid in front of Cammy as he is vulnerable to a second booking.
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