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  1. BCram, had I been home. I would have been there, however unfortunately not home until the 6th March.
  2. When it comes to football as a whole I am not convinced that VAR in its current guise works, take the offside aspect out of it and I think it could be a useful tool. However let me be absolutely clear If we beat the DAB's 1-0 in the 95th Minute with a VAR awarded goal that was offside I would have no issue, all it would prove it that VAR hates the Tangy mob as well. 😂
  3. FG, the only benefit would be that given the pace that we move the ball forward , there will be no need for a numerous slow motion reviews so I reckon the decision process will be quicker. 😂
  4. Cannot believe it has taken until the 61st post to highlight the staple diet for many Dundee die hard, even at 53 and travelling from Aberdeen I picked up Bean Pehs & Bridies to take home before I was at the partick game, The Wallace Shop in the Stobbie was well attended by me when I was at the Wee Morgan and the Big Morgan, nothing better than them coming ooot that stainless steel oven.
  5. Dondeh, I think Forster has earned the right to start next week, he was rock solid against Partick, possibly with the influence of Berra and in fairness Meekings was pretty solid as well that 3 plus Elliot if a back 4 would keep QOS Quiet, also a chance to bring Finn back in alongside Dorrans to see if they could repeat what they did in the 2nd Half against the Tangy Mob. McDaid & Byrne with Gowser sitting in the No 10 supporting Hemmings. McGee would be a boost but not essential.
  6. If we are lucky might see McGee back and put him on him or it might be a job for Elliot, I expect us to be defending higher up the park, we could also see us play a back 4 with Berra coming central just to manage things a little better.
  7. Bold Predictions for the Next 4 Games Mighty DFC - +12 Points & +6 goals (QOS, Arbroath, Alloa & Ayr) Arbroath - +6 Points & +1 Goals (Ayr, DFC, Dunfermline & Morton) Ayr - +0 Points & -4 Goals (Arbroath, Alloa, DUFC & DFC) Dunfermline - +4 Points & +0 Goals (P Thistle, ICT, DUFC & Arbroath) ICT - +4 Points & +1 Goals (DUFC, Dunfermline, Morton & Alloa)
  8. Cobra, I could be that the haircut or the fact you were wearing a camouflage jacket and ordered a lager tops that drew the looks. 😂
  9. RB9, Dabs to beat ICT by a goal or 2 and we beat QOS by 2 - (4 Goal Swing), We beat Arbroath by the Same 2-0 as earlier in the season (4 Goal Swing), No reason to fear anything other than a positive result against Alloa at Dens could be another 2 goal swing, No reason to fear going to Ayr as we have already beaten them at Somerset park even by a single goal ( 2 Goal Swing) with four solid wins we could be sitting +4 goals having seen our 3 closest rival take a hit. The results after the first weekend in March will be a strong indicator, but we could / should be sitting P2 with a positive Goal Difference and the positive of having McGee, Kerr & Ness back in the pool for the final push I fancy Ayr to beat Arbroath and we will offset that by beating Ayr down there (McGee will hopefully be back for this game). Cmon the Dee
  10. Deewee, that is a horrible injury, I saw this with a lad after a 50/50 I had with him and he tried to pull out at the last minute, when I played Junior and I was physically sick at the sight of seeing the state of him. I also saw the same happen with a lad who just took what appeared to be a glancing blow to his knee however it was enough to blow it around the back of his knee.
  11. RB9, I think we are up for that, there were enough positive signs against Partick that suggest there is a definite change in the mood of the side, QOS next week will be a tester for this.
  12. Cobra, I watched him run out for his very first game for DFC at the ICT Stadium in inverness, tears running down my face bubbling like a bairn, a very proud dad.
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