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  1. tckeayend

    Team Lineups

    I wonder why we don't get the teams just before kick off anymore? Nor do we seem to get the half time scores.
  2. While absolutely agreeing that we need more forward options, at our level anyone playing up front has to have decent service. We were unable to provide that against Cove and Peterhead - no disrespect to two well-coached teams.. Crucial to any success we might have is keeping Ness fit as he seems to be the one with the 'killer pass' in him. Friends of mine who, misguidedly, support Rangers say we have got a cracker...…….. if he can stay off the treatment table. To take the responsibility off the young shoulders of Robertson and others, I think we also need to look at someone else for midfield. Names on a postcard to J McP and JN please.
  3. tckeayend

    Strikers Needed.

    Several things came out of today's game. Their keeper had a magnificent game with some outstanding saves. There were also a lot of last ditch blocks by defenders so I wouldn't be too harsh at this time on our forwards and midfielders.. However, we had countless corners and made nothing of them and the goal we conceded came from inattention, followed by a simple cross and a goal. Our inability to defend crosses has gone on for years and we have to hope that we become more commanding at the back.
  4. tckeayend

    Next Seasons Pricing

    Having just watched probably, no definitely, the worst season I have ever had in supporting Dundee for almost sixty years my immediate reaction was to go and buy a season ticket for next season. Why? Mainly because it's my team and right now it needs the support of everyone who literally bleeds dark blue.
  5. tckeayend

    When 8 Makes 10

    I overheard someone pointing out that the Kilmarnock wall was never fully back at our free kicks so I watched Alba last night. Sure enough, at our two free kicks in front of goal in the first half, the referee TWICE paced out the full...……….. eight yards! The second free kick came off a defender's head which might not have happened had the wall been the full distance. In contrast, at the Killie goal, the wall looked further back. A great free kick by the way. We were in the main stand, right behind it, and you honestly would be hard put to lay any blame at the keeper's door.
  6. This was a few years ago now but we were sitting in the South Enclosure and behind us comes the cry, 'Wieghorst. You're running around like a legless chicken!' Absolutely true.
  7. Someone out there will know when was the last time we won four - nil and, again, who scored the last hat-trick?
  8. tckeayend

    But Who's Next?

    First thing. I am not getting dragged into criticising Neil McCann or the players. I remember watching last season and thought that Kilmarnock was just about as poor a team as I had seen. Out goes their manager and, in the usual lottery which comes with the appointment of a new man, they 'win a watch' in the shape of Steve Clarke. Kilmarnock then proceed, impressively, for the rest of the season. Admittedly, they had a goal scorer in the shape of Kris Boyd. What's the point of this? Might we just get the winning ticket in this year's lottery? Fingers crossed oh so very tightly.
  9. tckeayend

    How Many Times?

    Let me begin by saying I'm a fan of Neil McCann and his philosophy. However, and this is a big BUT.... How many times have substitutions cost us points, either a win or a draw? I realise that we have limited substitutions available to us, but to let other teams back into games from positions of (relative) comfort is something which has to provoke questions.
  10. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know that tckeayend as joined the forum today! Joined: 13/02/18 Profile: View Member
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