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  1. Iain T Campbell

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    They struggled against Aberdeen in last game and have not been playing great since Rodgers left as was revealed today. If Celtic had been on song they would have destroyed us today.
  2. Iain T Campbell

    Rate the Manager: Celtic (Home, 17th March 2019)

    Celtic were there for the taking today. You could see the goal coming. It does not matter whether it is the 90th or the 95th, you just simply see it was coming. We were defending deeper and deeper as the match went on. We do not seem to have midfielders who can retain the ball for any length of time. Sullivan and Miller both played well. The three in the middle of the defence had a good game along with Dieng, but you knew we were going to lose. I thought when I saw the lline-up that both full-backs would be pushed further forward, but no. There is no positives we can take from the game. Hamilton have the momentum and St. Mirren have not been doing too bad recently so it is not looking good. We get hammered by Aberdeen and yet Hamilton go up there and win easily. Oh for a Kamara in the middle of the park.
  3. Iain T Campbell

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 0 - 1 Hearts

    What we have whether we like it or not is a bunch of mercenaries who don't give a monkeys whether we stay up or not as long as they get a game every week. JM has made a dogs dinner of the responsibility he was given to keep us up. The team has no creativity in the middle of the park, no goal threat without Nelson, and Dieng has got me thinking that Parrish is actually a good keeper. Cammy can handle fast and tricky wingers better than Horsefield. Kunsunga along with Ralph are the only defenders we have who knows how to pass although Horsefield comes under that category as well, pity he is so slow. Dales and Robson can go back to their clubs along with McGowan. Without Gowser our midfield is devoid of creativity, oh for a Kamara. We do need the Swede in the middle along with Gowser and Woods. I think Woods plays better with Gowser beside him, but we need the Swede for the defensive side and drop Dales. The football from both teams was terrible today. Will we stay up? Yes I think we will. I was not a fan of Macintyre but there is improvement from what we had before and the pre-contract signing of Todd is a good bit of business with more to come. I would give JM another 6 months at least to see how things go. He is after all an experienced manager who deserves a decent shot at turning things round.
  4. Iain T Campbell

    Relegation Battle

    You mean Curran's header down to Nelson. Nelson has a lot to do after receiving the ball. It was purely Nelson's goal all the way. There was a ruck of players in front of him and managing to pick his spot with that many players in front of him was sheer class. The header had little to do with the goal.
  5. Iain T Campbell

    Relegation Battle

    A fit Nelson yes. A fit Curran and Davis not bothered one way or the other. Curran has contributed zilch since we got him. People talk about the pressure he puts opposition defenders under. I have yet to see. Livi's defence were quite comfortable until Gowser was brought on. Curran was no problem to them.
  6. Iain T Campbell

    Team Selection

    The bottom line is we were taken apart by a player whom our manager was in a desperate hurry to get out the door. He was not his type of player. Last night we saw what we are missing. It was like a Rolls Royce against a bunch of cart-horses. Precision passing, always open to receive a pass, retaining possession and showing his defensive qualities in breaking up our attacks with ease. What a bargain we have given to Rangers. Gerrard and King are laughing all the way to the bank. Dodds, JM's partner said that he doubted if Kamara would have much of an impact at Ibrox because of his lack of defensive qualities. Like his partner he does not have an eye for quality. So much for Woods thanking the manager for his ruthless demolition of Mcann's squad. Kamara last night made him eat his words.
  7. Iain T Campbell

    Rangers V Dundee

    No. It is worse. At least under McCann we went into these games with some hope. It is not the case now I'm afraid.
  8. Iain T Campbell

    Andrew Davies.

    If he plays like he did latterly for County then we are better off without him. There is a lot of shouting about C. Curran as well. We looked more of a threat without him last night. He brings very little to the table in my opinion. Why we persist with him I do not know. He was the same against Livi offered nothing and that was one reason the Livi defence was comfortable until McGowan was brought on. The rest of the team look good although Deing had a second-half to forget last night. How he did not save Mallan's 25 yarder only he knows. Maybe Cammy would have dealt better with Horgan's pace than Horsefield did although Horsefield is a very accomplished player. Macintyre has a problem to solve. Against Livi for all of the first half after Byrne was sent off, with the Swede in midfield we looked pedestrian and clueless as was mentioned by the Gaelic commentators. However, as Stewart pointed out last night, Woods and Gowser cannot get up and down the pitch in the way they used to, hence the pressure on our central defenders last night. Robson might be the answer to this. Sullivan looked handy when he came on.
  9. Iain T Campbell

    Dundee V Hibs

    It was a great game to watch and with more of that we would roll every ground in Scotland. I was proud of Dundee's performance tonight. We played some excellent football throughout. Lambert and Mcnulty will pose problems for any defence and with Kallman and Hogan playing a big part I would not go overboard in blaming our defence. We scored two excellent goals, had two chalked off with Kenny's second header a thing of beauty. Playing like that we will stay up.
  10. Iain T Campbell

    Dundee V Hibs

    Fully agree with this. I would contemplate on having McGowan on from the start as he did make a difference once he came on. Apart from that no changes. Team played well on Saturday and we should have been at least two ahead before Byrne was sent off.
  11. Iain T Campbell

    Man of the Match: Livingston (Away, 16th Feb 2019)

    Thought he was a bit iffy yesterday. Caught out of position several times.
  12. Iain T Campbell

    Livingston V Dundee

    The second-half was all about Killie giving us the run around. We lacked the creativity of a Mulumbu and when you can't get hold of the ball or keep possession for any length of time it tires you out very quickly. We were shown up to be a very ordinary side, especially our midfield in the second-half. Mulumbu led us on a merry dance and our so called ball winners could not lay a glove on him.
  13. One can blame the defence for every goal scored but we have to give credit to good attacking play from Killie. They moved the ball well and with purpose ending up with a beauty of a pass from Broadfoot which completely wrongfooted our defence.

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