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  1. I do not think Celtic and Rangers will take the risk of missing out on European football and they are the ones who will call the shots when the next meeting takes place. UEFA are serious as far as this threat goes. Both the OF will try to get the season finished because losing out on European money will hinder them in the transfer market next season whenever that starts. As for Aberdeen backing this plan you would not expect anything else. There are also too many legal challenges involved if they take this step unless they have plans already in hand to meet with these legal challenges. It is not fair on Hearts or the Jags to be relegated. The only other option is league reconstruction which also poses difficulties, and which the OF along with Aberdeen will oppose. Greed rules here as much as it does in England and the nonsense that "we are all in it together" is just that, nonsense. What happens at the end of the day will not be down to Doncaster, but will be down to Lawell and Robinson at Rangers.
  2. Very little information is coming from our board regarding the present situation, which maybe a good thing or a bad thing. Tim Keyes will be worried about all his other business interests as well as Dundee FC. Maybe he has enough money that will enable him to navigate a path for the club through this crisis without having to depend on the furlough option, we just don't know. We will soon find out no doubt.
  3. This is an ideal situation to push for change, and although the Premiership and the Championship seems pretty straightforward as far as who would win the title is concerned, yet the other positions are not, and lie open to a legal challenge at both the top of the Championship and the bottom of the Premier. I would be quite happy, as many would be, with your suggestions of three divisions of 16. It is a far more sensible solution than what has been proposed recently of a 14 team Premiership with the top 8 splitting and 2 top teams from the Championship then joining the bottom 6 in mid-season, a barmy solution if ever there was one. Dundee's form recently gives one hope for whenever the football starts again, but I think this season is done and dusted which gives a real opportunity for reconstruction if the clubs can take it. The fans are bored with the present format.
  4. I am afraid that is the reality of the situation. The Old Firm will get their way and things will carry on as they are. You need an 11-1 vote to change the structure and you will never get that because Aberdeen is hanging on to the coat tails of the OF. It was agreed when Murray and McCann were both chairmen of Rangers and Celtic that most of the TV money would go to both clubs in order that they would raise the the Scottish coefficient in Europe. Has this happened? No it has not. Gerrard's done more in two years in raising our coefficient than Lennon and Rodgers did in all their years at Celtic. The other fact is that these smaller leagues would give rise to more competition. Rangers have done nine in a row and Celtic are again on the verge of doing so. No team has won the Premiership except Celtic and Rangers since its inception except Aberdeen and the Arabs when they were both managed by exceptional managers. No team has ever come close to even winning it over a season. The OF rules and Scottish football keeps sinking deeper into the mire as a result. No other league will have them because of their toxic fans so we are stuck with them I am afraid to the detriment of our game.
  5. If we could get league reconstruction out of this, or even summer football then I would be interested. To go on watching the rubbish that is served up since these diddy leagues were brought in is just soul destroying. Then there is the fact that you sometimes have to watch this rubbish on a winters day with a gale blowing and bucketing rain shows that clubs give very little consideration to fans wellbeing. Then you have your team playing the others four times which makes for very boring viewing. I was gutted when the season was stopped, but it has given me the opportunity to think about things, and realise that the product I miss is not that great. No, I will not be elated when the season starts whenever that will be. The question is, is it worth the money we are asked to pay? The answer is, it is not. It was back in the 60's and 70's, but since these leagues were brought in it has been downhill ever since.
  6. For me it has to be Strachan, a real game-changer as he proved when he was allowed to leave for pittance. As far as legends go it would have to be Gordon Smith probably the greatest player Scotland has ever produced. Never saw him playing, though.
  7. We all to our shame have our own skeletons, Cobra, but that does not excuse his behaviour although sexually assaulting women has never been proved by law. I am not a supporter of the guy, but he does lead, what was nothing but a corrupt establishment in the first place, a merry dance.
  8. Is he not the one who was advocating the "herd immunity" strategy, in other words let the virus take its course and let those who die,die so that when the virus comes back again a large percentage of the population will be immune to it. We are not animals, and I think he was put in his place by another professor thank goodness.
  9. Give the man some credit, he knows how to wind up the politically correct establishment and he has got the American press tearing their hair out. You can't get better than that can you?
  10. Trump is on the wind up as well. He hates the politically correct lobby and will do anything to get up their noses. The man should have been a comedian.
  11. I think as Shearer says it would be a gross injustice to hand out titles when season remains unfinished. Celtic can still be caught, and Utd. recently have been anything but convincing. Hearts can still survive as can Patrick. To abandon the play-offs are also a nonsense. After all you are not talking about a great number of games. They need to find some way of finishing the season or go ahead with some form of reconstruction and you can bet that the OF along with Skye will fight to prevent that happening. Aberdeen will back them up as usual. Greed rules and if we were seeing the OF raising our coefficient in Europe maybe we could up with their greed, but they are not. Neither are Aberdeen, Motherwell, or St. Johnstone for that matter. It is all full of uncertainty, but if integrity is going to be sustained the season must be finished or declared null and void.
  12. At the end of the nineties when league reconstruction was being discussed every club was in favour of an expanded SPL except Aberdeen and the Arabs who went along with Celtic and Rangers to keep the SPL at 10 clubs. MacLean who was chairman of the Arabs came out later on confessing his regret at the decision he took in agreeing with with Mcann and Murray, because their way of thinking was based on nothing but greed. The smaller leagues has led to the demise of Scottish football at both club and international level. We need to expand the leagues because as Beale at Rangers says we play a type of football that you will find nowhere else.
  13. I would go for top 8 to go up to form a 20 team division with the bottom 2 joining the rest for a 22 team second division and get rid of these diddy leagues that only stifle proper football being played. We are too small a country to have four divisions and people should hold their hands up and confess that these small divisions have nearly killed the game. We have not got the population of England so stop copying what they do. We have to start looking after our big clubs because we have not got that many of them, and not just catering for the Old Firm only.
  14. Does anybody know why there was no match report about Tuesday game on Dundee sight? Just curious.
  15. Players will be going into this match full of confidence, but not overconfident we hope. This is what momentum is all about, going on to the park and thinking that you cannot get beat. A totally different mindset to what we had before and it makes its way to the fans as well. We now have a trust that this team can deliver and so we go to a match filled with expectation instead of just hoping things will turn out alright on the day. It is a great feeling to have and long may it continue.
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