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  1. I have not been following McGhee's career. Why has this guy fallen so far where he was once tipped as being a cert for the English Premier and was supposedly being looked at by some Italian clubs? He goes on loan to Middlesborough and then ends up at Falkirk with Hearts seemingly having lost all interest in him, surely something must have drastically gone wrong along the way? Any answers.
  2. Good player. Will be an asset. MacPake seems to be giving the press the run around because neither of the two signings were mentioned in the press.
  3. I don't think there is any evidence that Kamara caused any disruption. It was not his fault that he was dropped for the Aberdeen game and other players reacted to that and one could not blame them for doing so. Kamara unlike Vain was not a disruptor. He would have stayed on until the end of the season but he was not given that option unfortunately for us.
  4. If signed will simply be for cover I think!
  5. A decent signing, played well for Ayr last season. Can be infuriating as already stated, but you never know, he could discover consistency with Dundee.
  6. Does not score enough and that is why he has been moved on.
  7. I agree with the fact that Cammy's crossing has not been great, but not many wide men get the better of him. He is still one of the best one on one defenders we have. When one looks back on the Hibs game we lost 4-2 Horgan was going past Horsefield as if he wasn't there. McGowan was having to try to cover for Horsefield's inadequacy with the result that Kunsunga was left on his own in the middle. If Cammy had been there he could easily have matched Horgan for pace and Hibs would not have enjoyed the freedom they had down the left. I think Cammy can recover his initial good form and can become a valuable part of the team. I have no qualms with those like PB who criticise because he has not been at his best in the last two seasons, and better informed than me have given their views for the reasons behind this. I think however we saw a bit of the old Cammy in the last game playing a role that suits him. We need players like him who have a bond with the fans.
  8. There are points I would not agree with, but then you will not be surprised by that. The Kamara comments I would say concur with what many think. Kamara was actually playing well until he was mysteriously dropped against Aberdeen and as for Woods the least said the better. It was not for no reason that he turfed by the club once JM got his jotters. He was a disastrous signing and seemed to have a negative impact within the dressingroom although we will never find out the youth of that, but the players played far better without him in the last game.
  9. It feels like we are finally going in the right direction with all these appointments. We seem to be laying foundations for years to come. Let's hope it all works out to the benefit of the club as a whole. I feel optimistic for the years ahead with a true blue as manager backed up by a shrewd, experienced assistant. Strachan and O'Boyle are icing on the cake. We need to be patient and give them time, but the future finally looks brighter than it was s couple of days ago.
  10. The Sun says by the time Goodwin came back from holiday the board were more open to appointing MacPake as manager. What is true and not true we do not know and probably never will. I have no complaints against this appointment. He will give 120% to bring success on that we can depend and his loyalty to Dundee F.C. is not in question. With an experienced assistant MacPake could turn out to be an inspired appointment. The way he had the team playing against St.Mirren was promising and we would have won if it had not been for the sending off. We need to give him our full backing.
  11. I would agree with this and another thing one gets fed off hearing is that we are a Premiership club. We are but we have to earn the right to be that. At the moment we are a yo-yo club which reveals instability. I have no doubt that Nelms and Keyes are working towards sorting this out. The sooner we become an established Premiership club the better. It is only then that we can start planning ahead having that foundation underneath.
  12. You can interview people through video or Skype. They do not actually have to come to Dens to be interviewed.
  13. Jimmy Nicholl as assistant if he can be tempted to leave the Buddies.
  14. Goodness gracious, you must be a grumpy old so and so.
  15. I think Goodwin would be a good choice when one weighs up what is out there. Macintyre had experience and look what happened. Goodwin is a young, hungry, ambitious manager who has done well with Alloa. When they appointed him I was not impressed which shows how wrong we can be. He is a no nonsense guy and if we get him to agree terms then I will be delighted. You never know when appointing manager's, down the line he might prove to be a dud, but at the moment he is a person whose star is on the rise and who is catching the attention of many within the game. Let's hope if he is the one that his star will continue to rise.
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