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  1. Iain T Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    It looks very much like it. He said after the Aberdeen game that our season is not defined by our results against Aberdeen.
  2. Iain T Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    Come off it Cobra, Gleason is not a Scott Allan, by any stretch of the imagination. We will wait and see how the new guys settle in, but you have to admit they are not signings that fill us with expectation.
  3. Iain T Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    He was left a big of spanners and he is Recruiting a bag of screwdrivers.
  4. Iain T Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    You could be right, but let us hope you are not.
  5. Iain T Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    It has been the strategy since McIntyre took over. We have been tanked by every team in top six or seven apart from Rangers and they scored a perfectly legitimate goal that was disallowed. If it wasn't for Hamilton against both Celtic and St.Johnstone goodness knows what the score would have been.
  6. Iain T Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    A Daily Record journalist has dubbed Mcintyre's recruitment as strange. Now we have a Swede from Sweden's second division being signed for midfield, plus the report in the Tele that we are interested in Gleason who cannot get a game for Aberdeen. We are trying to offload Kamara to Rangers replacing him with a pair of duds. The only good signings so far has been Dieng and Nelson. Curran might yet be but he is not a prolific goal-scorer. He is a guy who can give opposition defenders a hard time and nab the odd goal now and again. Both Karl and Elton are better than Woods technically and possession-wise. The signings are puzzling and does not fill us with hope. The strategy adopted is risky as well. Do we just roll over and let Hearts put 3 or 4 past us tonight and expect to suddenly turn the switch on and play well against Motherwell on Saturday?
  7. Iain T Campbell

    Scottish Cup

    I think what you call dross gave fans much more excitement than the dross that are playing now. One thing they were not as shambolic in there performances as what we have been witnessing recently. In all my years supporting Dundee I have never witnessed such a shambles. We are playing like a bunch of headless individuals without structure and clueless about what one another ought to be doing. We should have lost against Livi where O'Dea gave away two clear-cut penalties. We were lucky we did not lost by 5 or 6 against the Farmers. We should have lost to Rangers who had a perfectly good goal disallowed. We lost to a very poor Motherwell team and against St. Mirren who everybody else is beating for fun, yes even Hamilton, they finished the game stronger against us and looked the likelier side to win. All in all we are very lucky to be still in touch. Is it not time we stopped deluding ourselves and realised that our position is very precarious. Nothing has improved under McIntyre, if at all things seem to be getting steadily worse.
  8. Iain T Campbell

    Woods and McGowan

    I was talking about Woods.
  9. Iain T Campbell

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    They could do better than the rubbish we are asked to pay to watch at the moment.
  10. Iain T Campbell

    Woods and McGowan

    Agree fully with that. He is a waste of space. Why his contract was extended one will never know. Maybe McIntyre had sympathy for him that nobody else was interested in him. Now we have to put up with him until the end of the season.
  11. Iain T Campbell

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I think we have to show patience coming back from a break against a good team that have been getting good results recently. We are lucky we are still in the tie. The judgement as far as Deacon is concerned is harsh. He will need a few matches to get match fit having been out for the length of time he has been. I was not at the game today owing to other commitments, but I suspected it would be tough. From what I gather it seems we have found a good keeper. As for Craig Curran he is not the player we saw at County. His form has been regressing for a while. Maybe McIntyre will get him back to his best and if he does then we will have a player. Nelson is good. I stay in Edinburgh so was able to see him a couple of times when he was at Falkirk. He will be an asset. Our midfield is the worry and according to Rangers fanzine it looks like we might be getting Rossiter for Kamara so let's hope if that is true that he will stay clear of injury because he is a good player.
  12. Iain T Campbell

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    The truth is Mess can produce his form in any environment as all great players can.
  13. Iain T Campbell

    Woods and McGowan

    Woods is what he is a journeyman. Unless we get someone in who is on par or even better than Kamara we are sunk. However my fear is that McIntyre does not feel at home with such players so I suppose we can expect a clogged to be recruited.
  14. Iain T Campbell

    Andrew Nelson - Officially Signs

    Great signing and at last things are beginning to move in right direction. Look forward to more signings next week. Great to get a promising young player signed up. Shows the board are backing the manager.
  15. Iain T Campbell

    The January 2019 Transfer Window Discussion Thread

    I am not talking about McCann, I am talking about the here and now which is more important. McCann is in the past.

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