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  1. It makes one sad that we are in such a mess. It could have all been avoided if the people at the top would have exercised some patience. I cannot understand why the Championship is not starting at the same time as the Premier in August either.
  2. It is mystifying why the SPFL were in such a hurry to terminate the season. If they had found a way of playing the season to a finish we would not be in this mess. We are seeing the effects of the virus diminishing which reveals the season as far as the Premiership and the Championship could have easily been played to a finish, maybe not the lower leagues. The pyramid system could have also been sustained. Looks like Rangers were right all along.
  3. For me it was John Duncan. His tally of goals speak volumes with Wallace and Coyne running him close. Pirie was another excellent finisher, and let's not forget Caniggia.
  4. Yes I fully agree that the same should apply to promotion. If you are going to declare the season finished 3/4 of the way through, then you have no right to declare who are winners of titles. You can declare who are top but you do not dish out trophies or promotion and no relegation. That I think is fair. You have to declare who is top of Premier for European reasons, but do you have to declare that they are title winners? I don't think so. Some others might tear my reasoning to bits and they are welcome to. I acknowledge it could be legally full of flaws, but I think it is the only fair way to deal with a season that is unfinished. You go into next season with things as they were and nobody loses out. Utd. Did not deserve the title anyway on their showing since New Year and even before then. Shankland's goals had dried up and they were on a losing streak that they could not reverse.
  5. I think the lawyer who won the case for the French clubs has volunteered to help Hearts with their case. It would be very draconian of the SFA if they were to try to keep Hearts from going to court to fight what is nothing but an injustice. You cannot relegate clubs when you have one quarter of the season still to play. The SPFL made a bad error and they are trying to correct it by trying to force reconstruction through, although they can say it was the clubs who voted who made the error.
  6. They can still go down the legal route and tell the SFA where to go because after the rulings in France and Belgium they can be pretty confident in winning their case.
  7. It looks as if Hearts will be playing in top division next season irrespective of what happens. They will win their case if they take the legal route according to what has happened in France and Belgium. This latest reconstruction ploy could be the SPFL board trying to accommodate what is going to happen anyway. Both Partick and Stranraer would win their respective cased as well. I am not a fan of this proposed set-up and I think they want to make it permanent, whether the clubs will agree to it being permanent is another thing altogether.
  8. He had a shaky beginning after promising League Cup. Two derbies where we showed little promise had me wondering whether he was the right choice. His signings were promising, but getting them to gel in a system that would suit them seemed to be his big problem. He seemed to have achieved that before lockdown with the Berra signing helping a lot. Hope he carry's on where he left off. He needs time, but as we know that is very limited when things are going against you. Nelms and Keyes will give him that time, but not probably if we are languishing in bottom half of the table for any length of time. Hope things improve for him because I think with his signings, and the backroom staff he has put together, he has the makings of a good manager.
  9. There was very little bribery and corruption when we had simply two divisions. At least not to the extent that we have had it since the formation of the four divisions. Rules changed to suit Motherwell and Aberdeen, rules changed to keep Falkirk in championship. Rules changed to allow Inverness into Premiership. Dundee docked 25pts to try and relegate them to lower leagues. As for the Gretna farce the least said the better.
  10. Charlie Cooke and Gordon Strachan two very special players.
  11. I had completely forgotten about that. They must be thinking way above their station.
  12. Thanks for that because I was left musing on what happened to what was a great club in Scottish football terms, and they always played good football.
  13. It looks very much as if it is going in that direction. We could be starting with one division of 16 teams, possibly the only 16 who can play without fans. We should not be surprised if we do get reconstruction by default after the mess that has been made of it over the last few seasons with the fans being totally ignored. Budge is very patronising in saying, "the premiership needs Hearts and the Championship needs Patrick."
  14. I fully agree with Strachan and in his statement he never said that any club should be allowed to go to the wall. All he said is that clubs have to find their own level. He is spot on about the product for if the product is right it will mean more sponsorship. He is after all only speaking truth that we all agree with. I remember East Fife when they were a great club and had a great Cup pedigree. No club wanted to be drawn against them in the Scottish Cup because they were renowned Cup fighters, but they were in the First Division at the time. What has happened to them since then, I do not know. Strachan is speaking a lot of common sense. Something has to be done to reward clubs with ambition with the product being improved through better competition. The way things are structured at the moment it is killing our game. The international team have suffered along with our European co-efficient. We find even Aberdeen being content to known as the third force in Scottish football. They have won one trophy in 7 years under their present manager. Can you imagine Dick Donald and Alex Ferguson being content with that? No way. You have St. Johnstone content with being in the top six each year. Do you get a trophy for being 3rd or 6th? And at the end if the day who will remember teams who occupied these positions? The present structure is killing the ambition of some of our strongest clubs.
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