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  1. Iain T Campbell

    Dundee V Partick

    We beat Ayr and I think McCall himself would admit that the Jags are nowhere near as good as Ayr at this point. Their defence are no great shakes and their goalie is suspect. They have good players that can hurt if we do not approach the game properly. It won't be easy but 1-0 will do as it did against Ayr
  2. Iain T Campbell

    On the Other Side of the World

    You are probably right, but they have already decent players in Penrice, Palmer, if that is his surname etc, which if McCall, if he gets them organised can get some good results before NY. Hope their revival does not start against us.
  3. Iain T Campbell

    On the Other Side of the World

    They are far from being a great team and Alloa completely outplayed them. They should have won by more. Flanagan was again superb, he is some player. Utd. Are beginning Spence's rubbish that they will run away with the league. It is too early to predict how things will pan out, but you can bet that Partick will now make a move with MacCall in charge.
  4. Iain T Campbell

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 0 Arbroath (05 Oct 2019)

    Great win against difficult opponents and we didn't need two last minute goals. Things are looking a we bit healthier. The pressure is mounting on the top two now. It will be interesting to see how they deal with it. Well done MacDaid and the rest of the team.
  5. I agree fully with this. Scottish football in Europe as well as internationally has suffered because of greed. The players Scottish clubs attract, and this includes the Old Firm are simply bargain-basement buys. The reconstruction during McCann and Murray's reign took place with the idea that if more money went to the OF they would raise the Scottish coefficient and we would have more teams in European competitions. The opposite has happened. Both teams have flopped in Europe and dragged the coefficient down. Other teams like the Farmers, Aberdeen, Motherwell etc. are to blame as well. Watching teams play each other four times a season is a complete turn-off. The football in the main is defensive rubbish and we need to go back to two divisions. The reconstruction came about because of Celtic winning nine in a row and yet Rangers have done the same since reconstruction. Celtic are now close to doing it again, so where is the greater competition that the smaller leagues were meant to generate? The media keep going on about how competitive the Championship is, yes it's competitive but the football is rubbish. Let us go back to a system where managers can blood young players instead of this transfer merry go round every summer and January.
  6. The team across the road were outplayed, outthought, and absolutely shown up for what they are tonight, a very average team. I go with barkblue, football as played today no longer excites. I never started supporting Dundee until the Ancell years. I am not a Dundonian but I saw Dundee playing twice that year and I saw football being played as I thought it should be played and I have been following the club ever since. When Gemmill started to build a more tougher team I lost interest for a while. However, the love I had for the club took me back. We will have to wait and see how things will go with MacPake this season. We have beaten the two best footballing teams in this division in Ayr and Alloa. We have a tough game tomorrow. I hope by 5 o' clock we will have cut the deficit with Utd. to 6 points. I hate playing Dick Campbell's teams for they always defend as if their lives depended on it. He always has them well organised and we will have to be wary of Linn. We need 3 points here's hoping we get them.
  7. Iain T Campbell

    Arbroath Game.

    The thing about Finn is in the two games he has missed so far our defence has looked vulnerable. I think he probably needs a rest because he was caught in possession a lot against Queens and his passing was wayward. I would go with McDaid, Dorrans, Byrne, Todd, against Arbroath with Gowser and Hemmings up front. I know Gowser has his critics but he links up play by finding pockets of space in front of opposition back 3 or 4. Arbroath will do there usual sitting in so it is not going to be easy. We will need a lot of patience against a team that are capable at what they do and very often do it expertly. They are no slouches.
  8. Coming away from Palmerston with a point is good for us. We were tanked in the cup last season and that was only one of many bad results down there. First half was good, second half was awful. No league is ever won in September, thankfully, so we will see where we are in about New Year time. We need consistency of selection. There has been too many changes, but I suppose the manager is still looking for his best team. Dorrans had a good game but that pitch is difficult to play accurate passes on. Marshall and McGhee are good signings and McDaid is coming on to a game. Arbroath won't be easy next week. We will just have to wait and see how things unwind in coming weeks but we have to start winning games.
  9. Iain T Campbell

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    Palmerston has been a bogey ground for us even going back to the fifties when we had a better team than the present one. If we are going to get anything out of this game we have to be up for it from the off. I would play same 11 as started against Morton. Dorrans is obviously not match fit yet. It is tempting to go with two up front but we seem to be too fragile when we do so. I hope we win but very often we come back from Dumfries wit either a draw or nothing at all.
  10. I agree with all of Derry's post. The mystery for me as far as Dundee is concerned is our strikers. All three that we have available have goals in them yet they fail to come up with the goods. It has been our problem since Hemmings and Stewart were sold. Even if we had bought Shanklsnd I think he would struggle to score. Is it because of the system we play? Is it because there is the extra pressure of the failure of previous strikers? I do not know. We have good midfield players, but do we get balls quickly to our strikers or is it that our strikers do not make penetrating runs off the ball? It is a dilemma that has to be sorted and has been dogging us for years now.
  11. I was not at the game, so glad to read that we played well, and especially that Byrne had a good first half. McPake is bound to be targeted and the way that is done in this league won't be sophisticated. Glad to get a positive report and sounds like sub's had a negative effect on our play in second half.
  12. Managers need game-changers. They are the ones who win games. I think young MacPake and McDaid can turn games. Hopefully Dorrans when he settles in will be that for us. Hemmings when he gets up to speed can be that as well. We are a team who has not gelled yet, but we are getting there. I was not at the game today, but Ayr and Alloa are the best I have seen at Dens so far. The game against Utd I would class as a freak result. They are not that good as recent results have proved. I think we will get better as the season goes on. McPake has signed good players, and maybe we are still weak at the back although McGhee has been a great signing. We have to be patient. We are not going to turn any team in this league over. They are good teams, well organised with some good players.
  13. Iain T Campbell

    Man of the Match: Alloa Ath (Home, 16th Sept 2019)

    Marshall has been great all season except in derby. McMullan was going past him for fun as if he was not there. That is worrying.
  14. Iain T Campbell

    Aftermath: Dundee 2 - 1 Allow (Home, 14th Sep 2019)

    We played well and should have won more comfortably. Brilliant ball in from McDaid which Forster headed against the bar when it seemed easier to score. Don't know if their keeper got a touch or not. Refreshing to see McPake taking on players instead of opting for the safe pass. McDaid was doing it as well and seems more comfortable on the right. Gowser had a good game, although he is getting pelter's from some on this board. He was finding pockets of space in front of their defence which left them uncomfortable. I am not saying we have turned a corner but it was a big improvement against very competent opponents. We should have had a penalty. How ref and linesman missed it I will never know. The two youngsters, McPake and Robertson were the best on the pitch, but that is a matter of opinion.
  15. Iain T Campbell

    Big Team

    How many promising young careers were ruined before they even got off the ground by such an approach. My own mate was one of such although he went on to have a successful career in business. How many others were like him who just turned there back on football simply because they were treated like children and not adults. MacLean was a great coach but it is well known that he did destroy many a promising career by his high handed approach which was nothing short of tyranny and bullying. He was not alone, it was simply power going to their heads and you could not call it management in any sense of the word. Jock Wallace was another nutter. By the way I will let you into a secret, I had forgotten completely about Knox's squad, and I admit it was far better than Duffy's, although Duffy's squad would go down as the next best over the last years.
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