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  1. surreydee

    Jim Goodwin-lucky Escape?.

    3-2 now … Poor defending from the Pars
  2. surreydee

    Team v St Mirren

    Seen worse this season but St Mirren were pretty poor and we still managed to lose. Thought most players were better than recent performances except for Curran who was dismal. Its going to be a really tough gig for the next manager to make something of this squad. I cant see many clubs looking to poach any of them. Two good goals though ….
  3. surreydee

    In Hindsight

    No-one is going to make money owning Dundee FC. Our owners are in the property business and will surely be looking to make their return one way or another through the real estate development. Would not surprise me if they are currently thinking WTF … this is a tougher gig than we anticipated. Probably comes down to can they get the stadium complete and turn a buck in the process. If not there is no reason for them to hang around but football club ownership is a bizarre world that never makes sense to me.
  4. surreydee

    Relegation Battle

    When Miller missed with that header late in the game last week I felt my optimism about avoiding the drop leak out my body. There is still a lot to play for but we are not playing well and not creating enough. But I am convinced if we had stuck with McCanns duds we would be dead and buried by now. The wrong players have been injured which does not help.
  5. surreydee

    Dundee Programmes Wanted

    did you source the Arsenal programme, Feb 1962, as you thought it was a cup weekend? I can get you a copy...
  6. surreydee

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    I'm only guessing but ………... Parish was dropped immediately after making a number of mistakes against Livi. Hamilton was at fault for the first goal against St J and his distribution was erratic. Could be JM is as fed up as I am and will try out a keeper with a better record than our current goalies. Good luck to the new lad and I imagine either or both Hamilton/Parish are mighty disappointed/on their way out.
  7. My memory may be playing tricks but I thought a half fit Scott Allan was rank poor and it wasn't until he had an op in October that we saw a half decent player for a few games before he went to Hibs. I'm also not sure if JM does "half fit" … seems like you got to be "right up for it and in their faces fit" or you don't make the team....
  8. surreydee

    All the Best Marcus Haber

    He was a decent striker in a poor team ….. he made a real contribution to the side …. unlike many of those signed more recently
  9. surreydee

    Neil McCann

    I think NM should maintain silence about his record. What is done is done … he may have been a little bit unlucky and he may have worked his balls off to build the team but overall it was a complete phucking disaster and a clusterfuck of change that didn't work out and he should move on and we have to move on. Last thing I want to hear about is … what if …. and if only ...
  10. I hope I am wrong as we could do with a decent wedge … but it still sounds a long shot .. plus I don't think GK is up to that level....
  11. surreydee

    Craig Curran

    Agree with that …. we would need to buy him ... would they take Moussa as part of a swap deal?
  12. No matter the tactics/players with that squad losing everything on the park we were never going to get a result.
  13. surreydee

    Is Kallman Better Than Moussa?

    BK played well against St Mirren but hasn't done much else although service to him has been poor. There is a player in there but whether good enough for this level remains to be seen. Could be a good squad player for us next season in the Championship. But much better than Moussa.
  14. The only positive today is that it shows The BoD "what good looks like" on a tiny budget in the SPL …. ie St Johnstone. It equally shows the BoD what pissing away money on a daft project gives you. Good luck in Jan ………………………………… we wont get a new squad but some additions to midfield please ……..
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