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  1. I think if we get Marshall back that will give the squad a boost and better balance to the team and I might say 4 points from three games. With the squad available last week maybe two points top
  2. surreydee

    Manager Poll

    If I was the yanks I would obviously be spitting at the recent results and they will be working on a plan b. Top place obviously gone and likelihood of promotion via play offs remote. Therefore let's see how the court case plans out and get rid of the manager via misconduct case rather than paying him off and bring in plan b who they will be looking at now. Yes we would all like JMP to be chucked in the Tay this evening but I think he has until the court case to turn it round which he won't.
  3. surreydee

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Well we have been pretty unconvincing all season but this is heading towards an almighty car crash
  4. surreydee

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Not a lot to moan about with the selection..... they better be fired up and rip into them. .
  5. surreydee


    I've rated Johnson from the go and especially after the Aberdeen game when I thought he was excellent and I think he would have scored more goals than Hemming if he had been on all the time. Not 100 per cent convinced him and Hemmings work that well together but hey ho let's go for it.
  6. surreydee

    Arbroath Ticket Information

    I cant make the game as my old man unwell ... if anyone is passing through cupar and wants to take two tickets off my hands they are welcome to have them for nothing.. just like to see them used... call me on 07871753560
  7. surreydee

    Arbroath V Dundee

    Am looking forward to visiting Gàyfield and hope there will be a reaction from the recent shockers. Johnson deserves to start but probably won't. I'd put almost anyone on the left side rather than Mackie but I expect Mackie to be on from the start. Leave Ness out as well.
  8. There will be zero excuses if we don't win on Saturday. I have a nasty feeling it will be a draw and I will be raging on this forum in five days time. Let's hope another week on the training ground and the combined experience of the backroom staff will come up with a cunning plan that proves me wrong. A defeat is unthinkable.
  9. surreydee

    Motherwell At Home In Scottish

    It is what it is but I give is close to zero chance of getting past the Well before a sparse crowd at Dens. Will do the squad good to be tested by a strong side and it avoids the pain of losing to a lower league team. Playoffs will be the highlight of this season
  10. Dismal result and two games in a row we haven't laid a glove on the opposition. Never convinced with the starting line up .. again ..
  11. surreydee


    Mcdaid will score a few good goals this season, some good runs, ton of effort, lots of poor passes, missed tackles and against a good defender not a lot.
  12. surreydee


    Agree I think Todd would have contributed more than McDaid last night. Also would have Finn instead of Nelson. Hindsight helps but we needed to be very strong defensively in midfield and we fell short with mcdaid Nelson and then wee mcpake
  13. surreydee

    That Minutes Silence.

    Not sure they should do the minutes silence .. never used to in the old days and always potential for it to be a mess up like last night. Especially with a load of the crowd having had a belly full of booze beforehand.
  14. surreydee

    So Where Is It Going Wrong?

    I h8 to say this but they are a better squad and had a better game plan. Thought we worked hard but once they scored it was game over because we had created nothing and were never going to create anything Why was the score not 6-2 ,,, two reasons .. dabs did not take their chances and dabs defended better than at Tannadice
  15. Why does he play wee McPake who shouldn't be near the bench even. You wonder if he must have promised the huns game time for the wee lad for him to bring on a kid so out his depth. Mackie works his a** off but is a complete pudding at this level and Nelson looks what he is .... a striker playing badly out of position... Personally I would have started with Finn in place of Nelson that would have given us more bite in midfield and we would have made better use of possession. We would still have lost but I would be less angry today.
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