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  1. Good effort but does not look a championship player I was saying he should have been hooked at half time. Decent corners.
  2. Hemmings imo blows hot and cold some good touches great overhead kick but is also just a bit random at times.. offside playing the wrong ball losiñg headers etc
  3. Whilst Dorrans ran the midfield and is at a different level and my MoTM.... but I also rated Forster who got on the end of a lot of balls into the box and generally played well
  4. surreydee

    Arbroath Game.

    Not 100 per cent convincing
  5. surreydee

    Arbroath Game.

    Great chance arbroath Meekings caught out
  6. surreydee

    Arbroath Game.

    Hamilton Kerr Forster McGhee Marshall Finn Byrne Nelson Dorrans McPake Johnson
  7. surreydee

    On the Other Side of the World

    It was very pleasant evening watching the game at Alloa. But also shows what a painfully close league we are in. I still think we can do better with the players we have and am heading to dens tomorrow more hopeful than usual.
  8. The three seasons fighting relegation had highs and lows but eventually it became depressing with so many poor performances and I was not too upset when relegated ..... although we should have been mid table with the resources we have. This season has been a little flat apart from the Aberdeen game but still really enjoying Dens and as enthusiatic as ever to the endless despair of my good lady......
  9. surreydee

    Strachan To the Rescue....

    Rightly or wrongly if you suggested that I would have raged that was unacceptable. If you said we would be fourth with two home games ahead I might have been more reasonable. What would have made me upset if you had predicted that our three great strikers would only score 4 goals from open play in first seven games.
  10. To be fair we move into 4th place on goal difference so it's been a crap weekend but not the worst ever. 9 points behind Ayr Utd is depressing
  11. McGhee for me but also thought Hamilton had a confident game
  12. surreydee

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    Unusually I will be there for this game and will try and hear myself screaming c'mon the dee when I watch the replay on bbc
  13. surreydee

    Our Best Line Up

    Coukd work but Meekings has been a bomb scare. I think JMP may be getting fed up with Cammy though and this formation works.
  14. No way the owners will think 7th place and a decent result against the Dabs makes for an excellent season. JMP and his team will be binned if we don't finish top 4 based on budget and support provided. I would be the same.
  15. Watched the game... although we had a few decent half chances overall we did not create enough. QOS certainly have nothing to be worried about and we wìll be lucky to get anything on Friday night. I also thought JMP was overly generous in his assessment that one moment of madness cost us three points when it was 89 mins of uncreative low intensity football that cost us the match. Without Finn we would look rank poor.
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