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  1. The demise of Scottish football has been predicted since the 1950s ... hhowever let's look at facts. Hibs and Hearts getting best core support for 50 years, Aberdeen crowds as good as they were in the glory years under Fergie ... and beyond that things are fairly stable. Add in the ugly sisters and scottish football on a per capita basis is the best attended in Europe. There are issues as to how sustainable the current position is especially with the money gap between the sisters and the rest but the game is ok and clubs cut their cloth and all that. The game would benefit from a healthy and well run Dundee in the Top division rather than accies, farmers, livi
  2. Main issue for me is the midfield, Byrne a monumental disappointment, Gowser not a standout at this level, McDaid inconsistent, Mackie not good enough, Dorrans good but not what we need and that's part of the problem ... individually they contribute but we don't have a fantastic leader on the pitch or a tough tackling battler or pace in midfield.
  3. Big part of the frustration is how we underperform and are capable of so much better.
  4. Ever since McP started the "Dorrans is too good for this league" guff Dorrans has been dogshit
  5. I still think there is a football team within the squad ... but McP is not getting anything out of them. Lose at the Pars and it could then be game over but who the phuck do we bring in?
  6. I don't think we have seen the best of Todd and that's a pity as he did well last season. Then again I don't think we have seen the best of the whole team this season. What surprises me is that JMP rates SM so much higher than Todd.
  7. Certainly 451 for the game. Thought Gowser was bullied off the ball against ICT so maybe have Finn instead. Mackie is a big lad but I prefer Todd for this game. Wonder of Ness is anywhere near fit?
  8. I hope you are right and we get enough good results to project us into top 3 position ... but based on current form we are more likely.to do a Dunfermline ...
  9. I think it will be a terrible spell combined with a court appearance for our manager. I expect disappointing points and I hope the club will stop putting players in front of the media saying we will catch the DABs that is never going to happen this season no matter what Danny Johnson thinks..
  10. Agree with this and maybe with the glorious benefit of hindsight we should have gone with this formation last week. Bit tough on Danny but he didn't achieve much against ICT. Weather is phucking atrocious today so they better be fired up.
  11. I believe the specific charge is behaving in an aggressive/threatening manner by making a homophobic remark. I am not an employment lawyer but as a Manager of the club Dundee FC would have grounds to consider this gross misconduct. They would also iif they decided to keep him have to have a good explanation as to why.... inclusive sport and all that .... Not the best place to be and it must be adding pressure on JMcP as well because he knows if results don't improve he will be fired, if results improve but he is found guilty he could still be fired ...
  12. We may over react at times but the comments are not from armchair supporters but a genuine rage from those who watched at Dens that dreadful insipid performance that provided almost no entertainment value. Ayr game is massive for JMcP. It's a results business and he is not delivering. Next week massive....
  13. I've been a bit underwhelmed with Bryne but yesterday against the most physical midfield in the league I was surprised he did not start possibly in a 4231 formation ... I have no idea why he didn't come on either to bolster the midfield or to give him game time once the match was all over which was most of the second half. The young lad that did come on looked a bit out his depth albeit early days but if I was Byrne I would not be a happy trooper.
  14. I stayed to the end and shouted as loud as I could at McPake with what I thought of that shambles. But there was a tangible fury amongst the fans leaving as to what a piss poor afternoon that was. Nelms wont resign... but he may fire J McP if we lose next week which is what I expect now ..
  15. Sadly agree I would like to be proved wrong
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