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  1. Whilst there may be some merit in each proposal the scene is one of a drunk staggering down the street, yelling out his opinion randomly on various topics. Process is terrible let alone the whiff of corruption. But the starting point is we dont know who cam play next season, figure that out and come up with a temporary league structure that works and then think strategically about longer term reconstruction rather than determining everyone's future on the back of a fag packet.
  2. Fair point ... I was assuming/hoping either by autumn the level of community transmission drops to a level where testing is not needed by September and/or the cost of testing drops as the country gets more economies of scale
  3. I think with a series of rules from face masks to no away fans the championship can operate reduced capacity football quite comfortably and within risk appetite from september onwards. However, it could be because of various factors including overcrowding on public transport there may be maximum limits of say 5000 - 10000 fans and that would have a huge negative impact on the OF (tears are rolling down my eyes).
  4. There is some talk if R is less than 0.5 that 20k will be allowed in Wembley in August that's about 22 percent capacity but any more would result in congestion on public transport. Maybe plan for a september start at 33 per cent capacity we might just be able to survive on that
  5. So on the positive Poland are allowing fans to return at 25% capacity, Finland also at limit of 400 fans and I think Greece also. These countries have much lower levels of transmission but we may just have reason for a flicker of optimism that some of us could be in Dens in the autumn. The one problem is the studies of transmission suggest environments where there is singing and shouting transmission risk is higher, albeit these studies are only iro closed indoors environments so we may be ok.
  6. Only remember Calvin Miller for his penalty against Hearts. Beyond that he was ok nothing special.
  7. You can view their accounts to June 2019 on line. They have hardly any cash and run at breakeven with 15million of revenue and costs. Like all clubs a massive hit to revenue needs to be covered by cost cuts and a need to raise additional financing from other sources. I am looking at all the clubs and it's the same story .... but Hearts have a big problem if they stay up and are in deep trouble financially if they dont.
  8. Why dont they know which clubs can start in augus ... just ask them yes/no assuming no cash in the central pot to bail them out. Seems a slow process. Well unfair if we are ready to fly and there is no league for us....
  9. Part of me thinks the 3 x 14 club set up could work quite well although maybe too many dead rubbers after the split.
  10. Most see this as a self.cemtred proposal by Budge although TBF as a club they are completely up the creek with a horrendous funding crisis looming so in their position I would probably do similar. And if roles were.reversed and Dundee put forward this proposal I would imagine Hearts would vote NO. It's all about looking agtwr your OWN interests sadly.
  11. At this stage vote against ... its bollox to make a plan when we dont know how many clubs can meet their commitments next season and play .
  12. Very good post ... some of the lost ticket sales may be recouped through live streaming of games on a pay per view or virtual season ticket. But there are also huge sums from hospitality. Cup games and Europe. Celtic make more than half their income from matchday income (43m) per the last accounts and if a lot of that goes out the window even they will struggle. I sense the PL all praying the virus will burn out over the summer and it's back to normal come September with no plan B
  13. I read the proposal and I can understand why they have come up with it ... pure self interest but they are f*cked if they dont get something. The proposal recognises there probably wont be 14 clubs in the championship because there are only likely to be half a dozen that can fund a season behind closed doors.
  14. It's not even clear if we have a league to play in let alone any matchday income club should be very careful about any decision. Only the OF have cash reserves to spendq
  15. Been to watch Woking in the Conference this season. Look the football is ok and the quality similar to Championship but lacks the intensity and passion of the Scottish game. A wee part of the tracing at Woking is called the 'moaners corner' which would be packed if we had it at Dens.
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