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  1. Well at least we know and life goes on. Most expect Hearts to bounce straight back but I do wonder as they were really pants last season....
  2. Let's get real i will only remember him for that pass back against hearts.. he gave 100% but was sadly crap
  3. I try not to think about it too much although personally we got to get on with our lives especially of you dont fall into a vulnerable group and if you are like me carrying a few pounds get on a bloody diet. What will be will be but you are right it's not as easy to build up enthusiasm as in prior years
  4. The only schoolboy international in the 1970s i recall was around 1978 at Starks Park I went with the old man I recall paul McStay was playing anda reasonable crowd of around 6000 made for a decent atmosphere
  5. Just noticed there was 1908 game at Dens against Wales and Carolina Port hosted a full international in 1896.
  6. 1936 full international against Wales 24000 crowd
  7. You think it cannot get any more bonkers then it does. So let's expel Hearts and Thistle and that is really going to benefit the game? What a bunch of tossers. Personally hope scottish football splits into two leagues and we join the league without the ugly sisters who can play each other every week and scream sectarian abuse and we watch our club in a competitive division. Wont happen but I wish.
  8. I remember a junior cup semi in the 70s got a decent crowd of 14,000 thereabouts. Also Aberdeen Dundee Utd in 1967 you can watch on line on pathe... last 40,000 crowd at dens
  9. Give Nelms a break he did what he did but he does care about the best interests of our club. DGAF about the noise from those down the street but Doncaster has failed and he should be fired asap
  10. I've been mulling it all day and that was my conclusion based on natural justice a 13 team premier league playing 3x and then top 5 play once allllowing the ugly sisters to meet the tv requirements for 4 sectarian games a season. 10 10 9 in the other divisions. It makes sense and fits the natural justice argument and therefore unlikely to happen but would suit me/ dundee
  11. Surprised he thinks he can get a better offer elsewhere .... like where?
  12. surreydee


    I was there in the TC Keay as well it was packed and the view was rubbish. I've been in every corner of the ground .... quite like block D row Aof the main stand. Had a soft spot for the main stand enclosure as a lad
  13. I enjoyed the 2-1 win in 2017 ....Moussas worst back pass in the world giving them the equaliser ....and then booting a water bottle when subbed .....that last second header from KW to win the match. We played well that day and I thought McCann was starting to make it all work ......was I wrong there.... but the Bonkers game was something else .still no idea how we won that match on that freezing evening.
  14. They better have a good QC because Hearts think under common law they have a good case ...
  15. Agree I would expect us to do exactly the same .... SPFL have got themselves into a hole over this. Anyone have a view whether their case will have merit in a court?
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