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  1. Jordan White has signed a two year deal with Motherwell
  2. I remember the whole day well. It was the week before my tenth birthday and I had persuaded my father to swop with someone at his work so we could go to the game. We had been to a few games during the season but my father worked every second Saturday and we lived in Markinch, Fife so it was not possible to get to every game. Anyway we set off for Muirton and it soon became apparent there was a lot of traffic heading for Perth. When we reached the outskirts the traffic was nose to tail and it seemed to take us ages to get into the ground. The atmosphere was tremendous and when the teams came out it was amazing. After a slow start Gilzean scored and cue chaos. I got lifted up by a complete stranger and for a brief moment I lost sight of my father. Things got better with the second and third goals and by the end of the game I was trying to get my father to let me run on to the pitch, but he refused, keeping tight hold of my hand as the final whistle drew near. Chaotic scenes ensued with the final whistle and I had to content myself celebrating on the terrace. After what seemed ages, we made our way back to the car and home again. Being nine, no great celebrations but I was just delighted that my father had managed to get me to the game. I am now a season ticket holder for 53 years!!
  3. I am very proud of JN and the club for their response. I just hope it leads to some form of reconstruction for the benefit of all clubs as JN states.
  4. My 5 year old grandson was lucky to be a mascot for Dundee FC at the dump on Friday night. I just want to say a thank you to DUFC for allowing the away team to have a mascot but more importantly I would like to thank everyone connected to DFC who ensured he enjoyed an amazing opportunity. Top praise to the players who allowed him into the dressing room pre-match and willingly signed the ball he had been given. He really enjoyed that bit!! The club also gave him other bits and pieces which he loved. Finally a special thank you to Cammy Kerr, his favourite player, who said he remembered him from a few weeks previously when he presented him with a trophy for his kids football team.
  5. A great all round performance today. McPake and his backroom staff have done a brilliant job so far. Just think back a year to the Stirling Albion game and the absolute crap we had to watch that day and for the rest of McCann’s tenure. The thing which struck me most about today was how fit, mobile and hungry all the players looked today. I thought our third goal showed that. I know we will have tougher challenges ahead but if we can keep up the spirit and skills shown today we will do ok.
  6. Looking forward to the games that really matter, our August fixtures have given us a difficult start to the season. Four games which IMO are all winnable, but also where points may be dropped. What would be an acceptable points total from these matches? I would be happy with 10 out of 12
  7. Apparently they had been told no holidays until after the playoffs so are training all this week.
  8. Just been told by a very good source that Robertson told the ICT players at training today that he was NOT going to Dundee.
  9. Apart from THAT DAY at Muirton Park, this game is undoubtedly my favourite game as a Dundee fan. Fans locked out and we were unstoppable that night against a good Hibs team.
  10. Interesting to see if JM puts Dieng straight in against QOS
  11. Due to a change in holiday plans I have the following tickets available, all bought from the official Ticketmaster website. I am only looking for the face value. Sunday 5 August- two tickets for the Rowing Finals at Strathclyde Country Park £15 each Monday 6 August - two tickets for Track Cycling Finals at Chris Hoy Velodrome £27.50 each Anyone interested let me know.
  12. The Courier has us linked with Jack Baldwin, 25 year old captain of Peterborough FC. Defender who can play centre half, right back or in midfield. Has one year left on his contract but available for a fee.
  13. Hi Everyone, Just to let you know that Yure Man as joined the forum today! Joined: 05/04/18 Profile: View Member
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