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  1. League reconstruction won’t happen. May be discussed, but won’t happen. 11 out of 12 SPL clubs need to vote and I know one director outside OF who is not in favour. It’s like voting for a pay cut.
  2. Tabloids might make up fluff however, following this thread through the past few days, it seems we fill pages upon pages of this forum fluffing up their fluff into nothing more than bum fluff 😂.
  3. Surely the decision is based on assurances of league reconstruction. A 14 team league may benefit Dundee in the longer term but it’s a plan that relies on too many pieces falling into place. Guarantee we’ll end up shafted. Trust no one (ICT & PT would agree). Potentially a total minter for the club and it’s supporters.
  4. Perhaps this vote is intended to test the water. On the back of it, a 14 team league would get the ICT and Hearts vote, which may provide a way forward unless the SPL reject it which is quite likely given sponsors access to televised games. I’ve said from the start, I’d rather see no promotion, no relegation, let league champions be ‘crowned’, prize money and Euro slots on current standings etc. No other option in my view. If common sense prevails, we’ll be playing in the same league as UTD next season.
  5. Clubs would qualify for emergency loans just like any other business out there just now particularly as it would be in lieu of SPFL payment. No club or fan can blame us for any financial impact. Clubs with nothing to lose voted in their own self interest purely to get their hands on the cash. In fact every club voted in self interest except us.....as we haven’t actually voted!
  6. As long as they stay 2m apart their okay. So, no tackling then, we’ll be fine! Let’s get them games played 🤪
  7. Sounds a bit like Deewee. Probs mates 😂
  8. Was hoping you wouldn’t say 14. 16 was discussed on sportsound last night and would benefit us, and united, although if that doesn’t happen it may be they do away with relegation/promotion altogether. Maybe award titles and UEFA spots based on current standings, which might keep Neil Lennon quiet for once, although it’s early days. All this of course on the premise that we overcome this threat which, if we all show a bIt of common sense and respect for others, I am confident we will.
  9. That’s one of the suggestions discussed on Sky Sports this afternoon although only one of many. Meeting next Thursday following UEFA meeting on Tuesday. Doubt these meetings will conclude anything but may only narrow down the options and then wait to see what happens over the coming weeks/months. If SPFL took the similar approach to the one you suggest for the EPL, do you think they would promote 2 or 4 teams?
  10. I see Danny Williams is playing for Halifax in the only game on BT today. Just trying to lighten things up a bit 🤐
  11. Lennon saying Celtic should be ‘crowned’ champions. Clearly only one thing foremost on his mind after the SPFL decision. Mental how he comes straight out with that when other clubs are worrying about financial survival. Seems to just enjoy stirring things even at times like this. He is certainly no ambassador to the game. It is however a possibility that leagues may declare winners, EPL for example, which could set precedence, however promotion from lower leagues may not be awarded. Could be a reasonable solution that would avoid conflict with teams in the relegation zones.
  12. Looking more likely that fixtures will be cancelled and leagues may not complete. If so, it may be unlikely for any team to be promoted as it may be equally difficult to determine which team should be relegated. Wouldn’t be right to give our neighbours special treatment and the teams at the bottom of the SPL would certainly challenge any prospect of relegation. Could see the leagues being played out again next season with exactly the same teams. Not sure how that would suit our neighbours financial model. Watch this space.
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