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  1. Aberdee

    McPake and Irvine Charged

    Calm down folks, at least it wasn’t a sexual assault like our neighbours down the road have such a penchant for.
  2. Aberdee

    Our Bench

    Possibly too used to teams scoring two minutes after we do. Celebrating one minute, clamped the next, what’s the point
  3. Aberdee

    Arbroath Game.

    Cool yer jets min. Certainly not. I joked that perhaps clubs could rest managers when they are on a poor run and let someone else pick the team and tactics. Plenary occasions in recent years where we should have.
  4. Aberdee

    Arbroath Game.

    Go on DFC1974, go say “my next prediction of the day is we will not score another today”
  5. Aberdee

    Arbroath Game.

    Would be good if we could do that with managers.
  6. Aberdee

    Arbroath Game.

    Jazza can’t do cunning
  7. Aberdee

    Arbroath Game.

    .......perhaps he should be. May improve the line up and give him an excuse if it goes pear shaped
  8. Aberdee

    On the Other Side of the World

    Speaks volumes about this league, as if we shouldn’t know what the Championship Is like already. Enough to quench the panic in my mind of late and an opportunity for MCP & Co.to prove the doubters wrong. As previous posters have said, plenty of twists and turns to go yet. Still have some serious questions about our performances and managerial capabilities but this result puts things more into perspective. Onwards and upwards.
  9. Ayr Utd., Dundee Utd., and Dundee is like Morning, Noon and sh**e
  10. Aberdee

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    It was 50/50 and you lost Need to be quicker in the challenge blueboy, bit like oor players
  11. Aberdee

    Mid Table Mediocrity

    Incredible how many times we had possession in middle of the park last night then passed the ball straight to a QOS player. Balls into the box rarely found a white shirt. Struggling to do basic stuff. No command from the dugout either. At one point the Commentator actually said he thought Nicoll was asleep on the bench
  12. Voted for Marshall. Admittedly I was underwhelmed by this signing but lately I have grown to respect the effort the lad has been putting in and last night he worked hard. Maybe not our best player but sets the right example.
  13. Hamilton should have come for a ball on the left in the first half and didn’t leading to a great QOS chance and shots were mostly straight at him. If he has confidence in himself he has yet to install that in the majority of the fans I’m afraid. Did well against Holt’s header though albeit an easy, but awkward, catch.
  14. On paper, a better team than we had in the SPL. In practice, a League 1 team. Thats the reality in front of us week in week out. As far as the manager is concerned, and his assistant Nicoll, I wouldn’t let them coach my daughters primary school team. It’s daft being a Dee but we just can’t seem to help ourselves. It’s like self harming .
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