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  1. Aberdee

    Who do you think will be next?

    To what, WeighorstsWong.
  2. Aberdee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Down to earth prices.
  3. Aberdee

    Inundated With Applications

    Wouldn’t fit through the letter box.
  4. Aberdee

    Inundated With Applications

    Think Dee_Dee’s handle requires a Klaxo, he seems to write everything twice!
  5. Aberdee

    Who do you think will be next?

    Would take McCall in a heartbeat.
  6. Fair comments. I actually thought he did a decent job at Inverness and, at Championship level, could bring in younger players with careers on the up and develop them. Anyone else you fancy, keeping it realistic?
  7. Yogi (where’s that tin hat)
  8. Nice words Cobra. I also have a bit of time for Islay”s posts and respect the fact that he accepts feedback in good spirits and with the humour it is generally intended and he does not over react like so many on here. Whilst I do find them a tad ‘Mr Kippling’ at times I do often enjoy them over an exceedingly nice cup of tea.
  9. Aberdee

    Two People Evicted From the Directors Box

    No offence but, using your post as an example, there may be a few folk who pay £1800 to sit in the directors box that are quite relieved to know you can’t afford to pay, or won’t pay, £1800 to sit with them. Some may also be worried at your threat to sit as close as you can to the directors box at the St. Mirren game. If we see them all huddled toward the centre, we’ll know why. Do you herd sheep on Islay?
  10. Aberdee

    Two People Evicted From the Directors Box

    For the avoidance of doubt, it wasn’t me.
  11. Very good point that. They got rid of NM and brought JM in who did even worse - how could they possibly back him now. Surely to f^^^ he’s gone on Monday .
  12. Aberdee

    McIntyre Just Gtf

    Surely to f***, you’re a business man, you have a manager on a rolling contract, you have the chance to replace him, you wouldn’t, just WOULDN’T, extend his contract without checking to see if there is some one better out there that is interested in the post.............would you?!? Are they looking for alternatives, do they know what they are looking for, do they know what would work, would they know the right man even if he walked up and rapped them in the puss...........I sincerely doubt it. A big part of our problem lies there within.
  13. Aberdee

    Club Statement.

    Nothing new there. Doesn’t answer many questions either.
  14. Away form is better than our home form and, as our hardest games are away and the easier ones at home, I feel this means we will pick up very few points. Relegation is almost inevitable. I don’t see that as a bad thing though, the Championship is an entertaining league and perhaps where we belong for now until we sort out the mess we, or others, have got us into. We will definitely be back better and stronger than we are now but there is clearly work to do at all levels. There are many at the club who should be thouroughly ashamed at such a lack of integrity and professionalism. NO MORE ROOM FOR PASSENGERS AT DFC
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