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  1. Aberdee

    Yanks Out!

    Should we have a vote? GOOD GUYS YANKS
  2. Aberdee

    Aberdeen Match

    They will take great pleasure in sending us down, as will the Fermers.
  3. Aberdee

    St Johnstone Away

    Not liquid mate, ashes. The Crematorium is key to the entire business plan, it’s got little to do with football. They know hee haw about football let alone running a club. FPS just need us to die and burn to make money out of the funeral teas. Been using the fan base to gain leverage to influence planning decisions in their favour from the minute they walked into Dens. Crematorium, a hotel and housing are the goals and the club is nothing more than the tool to realising that. Been using the f**kin lot of us from day one. Get them oot before they fuk us all ways.
  4. Aberdee

    Dundee's Mixu

    Given several failed management appointments, should that not be Mixu’s or possibly Mixi? Fact is, it’s f**kin Myxo for the fans - Myxomatosis, a highly infectious disease, usually fatal, causing discharge around the eyes. Yep, definitely a serious dose of that folks.
  5. A hard shift and a lot of effort put in today but embarrassing that they saved that for the game they have the least chance of winning. We wouldn’t be where we are putting in shifts like that every week I expect the same as today for all remaining games this season and believe there is a chance to stay up if we do. Anything less and we’ll get what is deserved.
  6. You are so right although they will relish earning points against Aberdesn as we all would. It may be these games that make difference......time will tell. Surely we are all hoping we play like we are looking to earn points in every game between now and the end of the season. Tonight unfortunately that did not appear to be the case.
  7. It’s as if we concede before the game that points are not there to be earned and treat it like a development or training game. St Mirren and Hamilton however don’t. Credit due, they turn up and battle every game. When did Dundee last earn points against Aberdeen when it really mattered?
  8. Aberdee

    Josh Todd Signs

    Surpassed expectations, yes. Flawless, no. But if he delivers to the brief, why not? Haven't grudged paying the ticket price past few games..... which is nice
  9. Aberdee

    Dundee V Hibs

    Easy to see why
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