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  1. Surprised the Fermers are happy to go the extra mile for a player that couldn’t score with Aberdeen. Is it going to be any easier scoring for STJ who maybe don’t have the same quality of player creating opportunities for him? Not a good signing at SPL level unless the price was right. This deal will work for Stevie May but I doubt it’s going to work for the club and fans. Would certainly have found it easier to score in the Championship but still a concern he may have gone into hiding and have just collected the salary, especially at Dundee. Disaster averted. Lost count of the number of players with ability and potential that fail to make it at Dens. Each time we see one and I say to my brother in the seat next to me, “decent player”, he says, “aye, but we’ll soon knock that out of him”.
  2. Exactly why those hoping Hemmings may return to Dens one day must be sniffing the glue.
  3. That’s the lad Rev. If there’s one thing I could wish for this season it would be for our players to mirror his enthusiasm for the job.
  4. Sat between the dugouts at the Cove game I was watching JMcP, and PH, closely and have to admit that my confidence in JMcP took a slight knock. Still reckon he’ll learn quick with experience around him. PS: Reckon PH will do a job at Cove btw but reassuringly happy that he moved on. Couldn’t help but laugh at the young fitness assistant that used to be at Dens, the young lad that runs about everywhere with stopwatches and whistles and sh*t hanging out of his pockets - anyone know his name? He cracks me up.
  5. Clearly not a strategy to be starting a new season with. Does this suggest that our strategy has failed already and we are on Plan B before the season has even started?
  6. Aberdee

    Dundee V Peterhead Sat 20th July 2019

    When the rest of the team are playing so poorly it must place even more pressure on the younger players. Fans will have higher expectations and be less forgiving. Under the circumstances the level of composure and maturity they have shown is commendable. The number of starts they have had so far is possibly partly due to the squad numbers being so thin and they may not get so many once the Championship kicks off however they deserve nothing less than the total support and encouragement from the rest of the team and the fans for having the ability to match, or better, the standard shown in other areas of the team and for having the balls to deal with the added pressure that comes with a generally poor team performance. Bringing in a few more signings will take a bit of pressure off and hopefully provide the opportunity to be better supported by the players around them. I’m sure there is much better ahead for these lads but criticism from fans could break them. I’ll raise the yellow card to anyone I hear roasting these lads during a game and I will have polite word with any hecklers to help improve their behaviour. I would encourage all on here to do the same.
  7. It wasn’t inferred that any offer should be pulled As you suggest, that would be unprofessional unless of course it is due to a change in interest or signing of another player. Just think there is a limit to how far the club should go to compete for Stevie May. I’m sure any offer made is fair and reasonable so the club should not overcommit as they have done in recent years. Personally, I don’t care where he goes but if he does come to us on an attractive deal there should be plenty of ‘ifs’ in the contract.
  8. Because he has been utter pish for them. Has had plenty opportunity from the bench and a few starts, decent service form GMS, McGinn etc. and still couldn’t hit a barn door, Moussaesque even. A gamble for any team especially if he comes with a high price tag. If he doesn’t have a desire to play with DFC first and foremost we move on. Players hanging about for the best deal and playing clubs against each other at our level is unprofessional and generally you end up with a player that lacks enthusiasm, effort, disappears for months injured etc. Happens far too often at our club. Decent-if-fit or used-to-be-decent type signings should be a thing of the past. I’d rather see players who are motivated to play for the Dees who want to push on in their careers and willing to put the hard effort in. There seems to be a mix of May-be’s aye or May-be’s no on here but, if doesn’t want to play for the Dee first and foremost, then it’s a definitive no from me. Doesn’t bother me if he goes down the road and ends up banging in 20, good luck to them, but it’s a high risk, costly gamble for us.
  9. Well, apologies for the wild assumption Rumple. My son used to play with them in the Dundee youth set up until last year and, as he was one of the younger ones, I had incorrectly assumed, the others had either turned 17 already or were pretty damn close to it. Thanks for the additional stat on the Scottish Schools U18, makes good reading.
  10. Bloody autotext - clearly should be Josh not John.
  11. At the hand shake after the pens. Lad in front of us in the stand was streaming the game, maybe he caught it. Nothing major, just thought they got on that’s all. It was PH who clearly said something that pissed James off.
  12. He’s a better player than we saw last night. It’s a big step up from youth and he was not as effective as he often was at 20’s. Keen to see how he develops. Not sure if I’d be starting any of the younger guys too often, deserves minutes from the bench though. Don’t think McP expected Cove to be as ready for us as they were. John Mulligan coped very well when he came on I thought, direct. Another that’s 17 year old and one of our own.
  13. It was pretty muted tbh. Nothing of note.
  14. There was a bit of heated exchange at the end between PH and JMcP. Right in front of the stand. Certain it ended with McP calling him a dick. Anyone else catch that?
  15. Ooft, you can’t say that, that’s an Arab line. A deserved draw for Cove and a bonus point in the bag for us. A good evening on the road considering we’ve had far worse.
  16. 50 mins from the top of the Forfar Road Rev. You’ll only miss a few mins. Picked up two seats in the hospitality area of the (only) stand this morning for £14 each. Lady said she hadn’t sold all the hospitality and was happy to let me have two. Plenty standing tickets left in the Cove sides around the ground too. They are not known for their crowd trouble providing folk behave. Simple phone call and pick up at the main door.
  17. Now that should have been the cover for the White Album. Perhaps you were too young at the time to offer that up Chomp.
  18. Aberdee

    Dabs Have Won Euro Millions

    Won the Lotto, mair like lost the Plotto.
  19. Totally, like McDaid who assisted a significant percentage of those. Thankfully he is now a Dee. A better signing for us than a Shankland without service.
  20. Aberdee

    Dundee V Forest

    Ooft! Thought you wrote ‘ran off’ there. Worried me for a minute that he’d be out for the best part of the season again.
  21. Perhaps we could find another Peter McDonald and give Peas(o) a chance. Thats all I am say..ay...ing.
  22. Mango - absolute peach there Rev
  23. Blew my mind with all that smooth talking jargon there John but it bl00dy well worked. You clever chap. Not sure why folk are writing angry emails - easily sorted following your instructions.
  24. Aberdee

    Brechin V Dundee

    Willie Dyer
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