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  1. Spot on, all lives do matter and racism against anyone is abhorrent.
  2. It is getting to the point that the blm are doing more harm than good.
  3. Of course I want all racism ended. The blm organisation is far too political and I do not think that football should get involved with it.
  4. Some of their support are reacting to the position they are in exactly as some of any clubs would if they were in the same situation. They are no different to fans of any other club are.
  5. No I do not want to see the Dundee players take a knee. Infact I do not want to see any more football players take a knee. This movement should not be brought into football.
  6. The copper put his foot in it by saying what he did. I don't think there should have been arrests at all at the protests up here. Down South is a bit different though where a minority were rioting instead of protesting. Sod being a copper who I think on the whole do an excellant job. I really like your posts Harry. You explain your opinions very well without being condescending, patronising or abusive to posters you do not agree with.
  7. Exactly mate. Ive just been to see my 84 year old parents. Cannot go inside so had to stand in the garden while they stood at the back door. My mum is desperate for me to go in the house as she cant stand for long and feels the cold badly. And yep she did mention the mass gatherings. Its all wrong
  8. Well she has said differently to our police force or that copper is telling lies
  9. She shouldn't be saying it's okay to have mass gatherings in the middle of a pandemic even to the police. She should have said that it is wrong but you cannot arrest everyone so police it the best you can. And maybe the copper should have not said what he did.
  10. I certainly do not agree with these mass gatherings at all
  11. Don't disagree with you at all mate
  12. I know it is difficult for the police but they are paid to do a job and the guy was only asking questions. I will speak with my brother in law who is a retired inspector later for his views on it. If Sturgeon did say it was okay
  13. I wish I could post it. I've just watched it again and its quite damming https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=809125069493816&id=190653828007613&sfnsn=scwspwa&extid=9R0Rqk8pd4If10dF&d=w&vh=e Got it.
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