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  1. There is nothing worse than an old firm supporter, well maybe a Dundee Utd supporter is 🤔 Tough choice
  2. Give it a rest please. I am sure the poster that started this thread didn't want it to turn this way. There is no need for this at all.
  3. You are saying the brave men and women that fought and died in the great war were conned and didn't give their lives for us ? Seriously ? Jesus wept. At this rate you are digging you hole to Australia.
  4. Military guys 😂 You haven't raised any valid issues to address. There is absolutely nothing to debate with you. You can say what you want of course but you certainly pick the wrong threads.This thread is about ex Dee players that gave their lives for us and you come on and post your anti military stuff. I think we all get it, you do not like our military. Of course I am a fan of all the things the UK government does 😂 And you keep digging that hole, it's getting deeper and deeper.
  5. Spot on. He has previous of this anti forces stuff ruining threads. He really needs to stop, there is no need.
  6. You will keep making a fool of yourself
  7. Yes seriously. You really need to stop.
  8. You really hate our forces. This thread is about Dundee players that gave their lives for our future and once again you come on with unwarranted negative comments 🙁 Lest we forget your posts
  9. The pubs are usually really good. We like to find working mans where you can meet some good people. She also manages to find the most expensive Italian restuarant wherever we go. 🙈
  10. I we enjoyed our visit to Wigan. I take my missus to all the hotspots like Preston, Wigan, Sunderland, Middlesbrough,Bolton, Hull, Huddersfield, Blackburn etc 👍 I know how to treat a lady 😂
  11. Was at Wigan v Millwall last May when you beat us 1-0 🙁 Went to see the rugby as well. Wigan Warriors v London Broncos. Was supporting London, they got beat as well 🙁
  12. That is some distance down to Portsmouth. Me and the missus went to Carrow road a year past November to see our team Millwall play. Winning 3-2 in injury time to get beat 4-3. Brilliant game and atmosphere but absolutely gutted at the end. It is a long way home after a defeat like that.
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