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  1. DeeMo


    And that was ?
  2. DeeMo


    No it doesn't.
  3. DeeMo


    What, make the assumption I don't understand and am ignorant to the fact that black lives do matter. Big assumption to make. One of my best mates is married to a black woman. I'm also friends with a black woman that is a regular in our local. As I said you do not know me or my family and friends.
  4. DeeMo


    Prove you wrong at what ?
  5. DeeMo


    All lives do matter though. There is absolutely nothing wrong saying that.
  6. DeeMo


    You do not know me and don't know my family or friends. Your post says a lot more about you than it does me.
  7. DeeMo


    All lives are in danger
  8. DeeMo


    And tomrrow auob are making the protest #blm an indy family reunion at Glasgow green and they say they have Nics blessing to break the lockdown. So wrong.
  9. DeeMo


    All lives matter
  10. DeeMo


    Don't kid yourself, your posts make it pretty clear who has the perceived role as the class smartass.
  11. Wouldnt it be magic if all the other teams told the old firm that they were going to start up an association and leagues without them being invited to join. Maybe then a lot of people could get back into attending matches and supporting Scottish football.
  12. Sounds great, Ive googled them. Like the home top, same as Freigburg who I follow👍 Top of the league, you glory hunter Fiver to get in is great value. Any idea what you are going you charge for hospo ? 🤔
  13. Rosyth, what league do they play in, how much of a crowd do they get, what colour do they play in and are they any good ? Sorry for being a quiz master 🙂
  14. DeeMo


    I can just about handle the easy peeler oranges but tangerines are just not on. I do miss a banana. They are not offensive, are they 🤔🤷‍♂️
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