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  1. Cornerstone


    Plastic pitches at professional level are horrendous for our game. It’s a huge advantage for the teams that have them and the players hate them.
  2. Cornerstone

    Hamilton V Dundee

    I was agreeing with you in response to a post 2mins ago from someone.
  3. Cornerstone

    Hamilton V Dundee

    It’s incredible. TOTAL LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM!!!!!!!!!
  4. Cornerstone

    Hamilton V Dundee

    Why no nelson
  5. Cornerstone

    Glen Kamara

    Sorry I should have probably worded it better. Chomp articulated my point better than I did.
  6. Cornerstone

    Glen Kamara

    There is no need what so ever for fans to know the transfer fees being exchanged between clubs.
  7. Cornerstone

    Match Aftermath: QOS 3 - 0 Dundee

    Totally agree with this. Great post. In now way, shape or form are the Board responsible for McIntyre choosing the team and system he did last night.
  8. Cornerstone

    Queen of the South V Dundee

    Utter disgrace from JM tonight with that team selection. He should rightly be chastised. doesnt excuse basic errors, however.
  9. The Jordan Jones situation, which was far worse than Kamara given his Twitter, has been handled exceptionally by Killie. The way the Kamara situation has been dealt with has made us look like a two-Bob amateur outfit.
  10. If there’s any chance of either of them I’d be all over it. Think both will go back down south.
  11. I’d take every central midfield partnership in the league, aside from Hamilton’s, over Woods and McGowan. Its a dire situation in the middle of the park with Kamara leaving and if something isn’t done about it in the next 10 days we’ll almost certainly be relegated.
  12. If we could get a fit Rossiter and Gleeson from the sheep I’d be happy with that.
  13. Cornerstone

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    Crossing well from deep is a difficult skill. Anyone who thinks otherwise has never played football at a level which requires them to be good at crossing from deep. That doesn’t, however, excuse how bad Cammy is at it.
  14. It’s maybe not as much as that but certainly contraibutes a vast amount of their revenue. As BCram says, they’re absolutely not punching above their weight like some would suggest. Their last published accounts showed just shy of £2m cash in the bank - ours was around £0.3m.
  15. I would have O'Hara in the team ahead of anyone who's currently there bar an interested Kamara.

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