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  1. McPake suggesting Jesse Curran might be looking to go back to Australia rather than re-signing - I don't blame him on that one.
  2. I think Ralph might be around at the start of the season.
  3. If someone offers him £6,000 a week (easy when we're talking about championship clubs) money will always, rightly, overrule game time.
  4. I think there might be a couple of signing emojis in the next day or two.
  5. He was shortlisted for manager of the year in Scotland this season and someone has found some Wiki stats of the team with the lowest budget in the championship by some distance and decided it's a bad appointment before it's even happened. Wow.
  6. By announcing the season ticket prices so early they essentially backed themselves into a corner regarding PATG prices, so this comes as little surprise. I've missed about 8 games this season with my ST so won't be renewing, which is a shame as I like my seats just now but will just have to see what I can get buying tickets at the club shop.
  7. I'd love to give them a chance to build a team again and support them but can't justify paying £24 a game to watch Alloa and Dumbarton. By releasing the season ticket prices so early they've backed themselves into a corner regarding PATG pricing for next season and paying the same price to see part time teams isn't going to increase the already falling support.
  8. This sums up my thoughts as well. I've been to a lot of home and away games - and a lot of games down south and can't remember a single home support as negative as Dens. There will be negative fans in every stadium in the world, I get that. But you sum it up perfectly for me. People talk in football and the home support will have a reputation, I've no doubt about that. Why would anyone want the Dundee job right now?
  9. This, This and This. One of the best ball playing midfielders in the league can't influence games when you're toepoking balls into the corner and hoping for the best. Kamara leaving was down to McIntyre. It's a nonsense that he wouldn't have improved our disgrace of a midfield. He's walked into the second best team in the country but wasn't required in the worst team in the whole of Europe. Speaks volumes about JMs incompetence and inability to manage players.
  10. The notion that Jm has made us better, competitive or harder to beat is just bollocks. He's taken us backwards massively. At one point this season we were 9 points clear of St.Mirren and with his utterly pitiful 10% win rate we'd given up that 9 point lead to sit 3 points behind them. That's utterly indefensible. There was maybe one game when things looked better, and the reality is we're miles behind where we were.
  11. Plastic pitches at professional level are horrendous for our game. It’s a huge advantage for the teams that have them and the players hate them.
  12. I was agreeing with you in response to a post 2mins ago from someone.
  13. It’s incredible. TOTAL LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM!!!!!!!!!
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