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  1. Cornerstone


    I assume the purchase of "A shares" coincides with the requirement to pay FPS a dividend, as stated in the statement. "A shares" - also known as Preference Shares - will always be payed out first when it comes to Dividend payments. If they were to purchase Ordinary Shares, then issue a dividend, they would have to pay the dividend to the "A shares" before Ordinary Shares. This is my understanding of why they won't purchase ordinary shares.
  2. Cornerstone


    That's basically where it should sit, though?
  3. If there's any truth in the Nelson rumor I'd be up for that. A few league one teams, Barnsley for example, have been credited with interest so would be a decent signing for us in that respect.
  4. Totally Agree with this. Elton and Kharl, as discussed at length, have been given no opportunity under McIntyre - not even making the bench.
  5. Have it on good authority that someone is coming in for talks this morning. No idea if it's Dales, though.
  6. 2 weeks into the window and we've signed Davies, Curran and Seny. McIntrye apparently had a lot of signings lined up so I'm really hoping there's some movement soon. As time goes on my confidence is slowly being eroded.
  7. Cornerstone

    Karl Madianga

    Agree with this, but also makes it even more confusing that he's been nowhere near the team. He's a far superior footballer to Spence, as Wattie points out, for one.
  8. Cornerstone

    Karl Madianga

    Second biggest earner at the club. Hes clearly a player but his lack of English won’t help his cause.
  9. Cornerstone

    Seny Dieng - Officially Signs

    Hamilton as a shot stopper is very decent, IMO. His kicking, distribution and handling are suspect. He puts us under too much pressure with his inability to kick properly.
  10. That’s a brutal signing and gives me no hope what so ever or anything. I. Give. Up.
  11. We released him from his contract so I'd doubt it.
  12. Cornerstone

    Kamara Recalled.

    People love hyperbole when things aren’t going well.
  13. Between Lawless, Cadden, Pitman and Sibbald I’d argue they have considerably more creativity in the middle of the park than Dundee do. That, coupled together with their direct game plan playing off Menga and Hardie and their set pieces mean they’ve been a very effective team this season. They’ve scored nearly double the goals Dundee have this season. I’d say it’s pretty unfair to say all these goals have come from hoping the ball drops kindly in the box.
  14. Our biggest flaw for me this season has been that we create absolutely nothing going forward. “Cloggers” aren’t going to help with that. The reason we score no goals is because we’ve not got a shred of creativity in the team. Strikers get 1, maybe 2 chances a game and brutalised for not having 100% conversion rate, and these changes tend to come from defensive mistakes rather than good play from our team.
  15. Would have played with oh ah samaras at West Brom so that’s probably where the move came from.

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