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  1. chomp my root

    Third Red Strip On Sale Wednesday

    Rock ape then ???
  2. chomp my root

    Third Red Strip On Sale Wednesday

    Do you know about the Reward for Forces card mate, that might be acceptable, dunno. https://www.rewardsforforces.co.uk/ Its just a fancier version of the old magazine that used to do the rounds with similar offers.
  3. chomp my root

    Lest We Forget Lapel Badge

    That "Top Brass" must of had a very smooth PR team..... That #Whitefeather was a stroke of genius by 'Da Man'.....
  4. chomp my root

    Surprise Surprise

    Fair do's but at the risk of sounding childish, I didn't start it. 😛
  5. chomp my root

    Surprise Surprise

    A subtle shifting of the goal posts I see, and more smoke and mirrors, are you still 'offended' ? I'd be delighted if the authorities finally wanted to do something about this, for all clubs.
  6. chomp my root

    Surprise Surprise

    You might want to read the running order of our conversation.
  7. chomp my root

    Surprise Surprise

    For starters I didn't quote you, you hadn't even joined the debate so I'd say looking for offence.
  8. chomp my root

    Welcome 38BARA

    Are you any good at anagrams Gedee ???
  9. chomp my root

    Surprise Surprise

    Ah, gotcha, every is out to get poor little us. The Jim McAlister stuff was really poor and didn't paint them in a good light but if their player claimed he was racially abused then they have to at least take it at face value. Even from a known shitebag.
  10. chomp my root

    Surprise Surprise

    As Attilio says, you hear some pretty unpalatable stuff shouted at Dens and from Dundee fans at away grounds from time to time. There's an element of glass houses here. Plenty posters willing to use this incidence to take a cheap shot at our rivals while conveniently forgetting we're not immune to similar behaviour.
  11. chomp my root

    Lest We Forget Lapel Badge

    The lessons learned are quickly forgot unfortunately.
  12. chomp my root

    Apart From the Dee

    Been for a night out in a lot of those places and while maybe not glamorous, they're good nights out. If you set out for a pleasant night out you'll get it. Good places to go for a drink and scran all over the place. 😀
  13. chomp my root

    Apart From the Dee

    Wigan aren't a team I lose sleep over but I have to say, its a cracking night out, the reason they became my English team was because I never really had one and when I started playing Football Manager (Championship Manager at the time) I was taking the odd trip to Wigan as it was the affiliated town with the submarine I was on at the time. A fair few of us went down to do stuff at a special needs school (and get bat faced when down there). So no deep rooted connection, although I did start rooting for them when they were in the third tier, was delighted when they/we won the FA Cup.
  14. chomp my root

    Apart From the Dee

    My 'official' English team is Wigan but I've been to see other clubs more often. Used to go and watch Watford when I was working quite close, Barrow when there and quite a few of the north west English clubs, Blackburn, Preston, Morecambe, whoever was at home if I was down there on a saturday. Plymouth, Exeter when down that way... used to take in a lot of random Scottish games too but I'm too poor at the moment.
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