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  1. These gave me a chubby, I fecking love The Blues Brothers. 😎😎
  2. Brilliant, cannae mind that advert but I did LOL
  3. Every cloud and that mate eh ? 🤣 I know that's not what you meant, just being a dick. I wouldn't hold your breath, if the SFA and SPFL can't see past the 4 old firm games then why would the TV companies and that's where the organisations get most their cash.
  4. Agree with what you're saying, while you could argue that we're a couple weeks behind where we could be, I'm not sure how countries in The West could have made it happen much quicker, we just don't accept being 'made' to do stuff by governments, they maybe had to 'sleep walk' us into accepting a lock down. This is where different countries will have to deal with things differently. For right or wrong, governments will have a vested interest in keeping us sweet, if somehow the UK government had sent out the 'brute squad' to force us into our homes 3 weeks ago there would have been outrage, especially if the Chinese numbers were accurate. Unprecedented lock downs, fines for being on the streets for no good reason.... its all a bit 1984 isn't it, we had to be convinced to do it.
  5. I love the tune and loved the ad, my dad found it quite patronising. I didn't get it at the time but I do now. Its another one where I love the song but no longer fully buy into the lyrics while singing along passionately to them. Aye, "wha's like us...."
  6. I can't argue that the country (government/Tories) have done everything right, that boy in the clip is going on 20/20 hindsight though, he trots out China as the example, again using 20/20 hindsight, the data we've had from China is either bollox or unworkable for the UK in regard to the numbers (I lean to the former as the numbers coming from Wuhan (about the size of London) are remarkably low compared to figures from other countries) so using his logic, we wouldn't have expected the numbers we have. Not trying to be pedantic or scoring points, all the governments are having to react as best they can, could the UK have done more, no doubt, they always could but its a balance between spending money on things that might or might not come to pass and this PPE has 'sell by dates'. I agree that once things 'got real' that the Tories have been surprisingly 'decent' over all on the financial side, whether through necessity, altruism or just trying to keep the new Tory prol voters sweet is irrelevant. This virus is sweeping the planet, once the dust has settled we'll see if some countries have somehow managed to swerve it through good management. Funnily enough Russia seem to have surprisingly low numbers too, maybe there is something in this dictator thing after all.... It will interesting how stoic we all are about being in lock down in a couple months time.
  7. After the 'Pea and ham....' ads, I thought I'd resurrect this thread. Feel free to add
  8. That's going to be some weekend, whenever it is.
  9. Was due to get away last saturday but we cancelled it as we weren't supposed to. Getting a bit twitchy, thought about sneaking off on thursday past but was a good boy. Just gonna have to suck it up until this has passed and watch boys on youtube doing it. 😒 Probably a mindset thing as I'e not had any good away days at the football for a while but I'd rather be up a hill than at the football.
  10. I've found 'reduced football' easier than I thought, I've not been to watch Dundee since the 30th of November although I've been to watch my local Juniors a fair bit since. For me its been a mental shift, I used to factor stuff in around football, now, not so much. I wouldn't say its a 'weight off' as such but I've enjoyed the freedom more to have the choice. I've no doubt at some point I'll get back into being a regular but for now I'm enjoying the 'freedom' to get out up the hills or even just nipping off to the woods for a camp. Of course other past times are available..... Plenty football on TV of course and being pragmatic, its generally of a higher standard than we're used to watching at Dens.
  11. Ah, so no political motivation at all then, just pure altruism, gotcha.....
  12. No, please don't leave it there, that would be far too easy. What have you missed about the different countries having to deal with things differently as we're all reacting as best we can. At least wait until the final death figures have been tallied up before you go down the route of assuming that one country has somehow fecked it all up more than others. To be honest, its pretty crass. I know you like your politics but come on mate, let it go, at least wait until you can be definite about it before pointing the finger taking it for granted that somehow your preferred 'bad' party have fecked it all. This really isn't the time. I'll ask again what is it that you think we're not doing, we can only test with the kits we've got and I've I've said, the NHS (or government or whoever, my missus got the email from Lothian NHS) are looking to get anyone with relevant skills to work on this, she does cancer research. I'm a bit surprised that you aren't aware of the term "pissing competition" although in fairness, its usually referred to a "pissing contest" so my bad.
  13. I'm a bit disappointed you seem to see this as a pissing competition to be honest mate. China is..... well China and shall we say a little different to most of the rest of us. Playing to stereotypes to an extent but both Japan and South Korea roll differently to Europe, different countries will have to deal with this differently. How do you think (for example) Ghana are going to deal with this, I bet you a penny to a pinch of sh*t it will be different to the UK. Or China. Or Japan.... The UK government are ramping up all the testing they can, my missus has been pinged (she volunteered) to go in and do the blood testing and has been getting the emails over the weekend), they can only piss with the cock they've got. The whole planet is trying to react to this and its just possible that either China as 'ground zero' are either lying through their arses or their pretty draconian measures where what was really required. Don't know about you but I'd not be appreciating a couple coppers coming round and locking me in my gaff without giving a crap how much scran I had in it. Still... if you're happy we're on some doom laden path then that's good enough for me...... Serious question here Cobra, what is it that you think the UK government have missed ?
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