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  1. As a neutral, deffo, it was right up there. Even a 'crap' Barca still has Messi so you know they can produce the goods when required. Bayern just owned them and they didn't rest on it when they were a couple up. Great game.
  2. I may have spilled a little 'love wee' watching that.
  3. Aye, as a neutral I'm loving it but if I was a fan of either side I'd be raging at the defending. Fair do's for the first 'Barca' goal right enough but they're both going 'balls out' its great.
  4. Bayern have opened a whole can of whoop'a**. Been great to watch, end to end and could have been a couple more.
  5. When you factor in that its been the best part of 20 years.... and even if they were all patriotic 'robots' at the time, you'd think we'd have had a few deathbed confessions from at least one or two of the thousands of people that it would take to make it all happen. Much as the conspiracy stuff can be a bit of fun, I've had conversations with people a couple times over the years when finding out that i was a submariner who were adamant that the US controlled (or could control) the UK nuclear deterrent. The missiles weren't exactly my thing but I know enough about the whole firing process (regular training). Apparently the US could turn off GPS (it is a US military system, at least the military side of it which used to be a LOT more accurate than the commercial although I think its caught up). Fair enough but as our nuclear deterrent uses the stars for guidance, I doubt even the Yanks can control these. Apparently though, I'm still wrong and the US control 'our' missiles because the internet says so.
  6. Depends where you want to get your information from. Possibly judgemental on my part but the rambling comments on a youtube vid maybe isn't going to be the best source for either side of the coin. Each to their own of course.
  7. If you're looking for more 'juice' for your theories, stick with how quickly the Bin Laden family got out of America rather than somehow developing the forensic skills to be able to call whether an object hitting a building is a plane or a missile or how big the explosion should be. I'll leave that to the folk who do it for a living.
  8. For the benefit of us sub 70 IQ types, can you explain what the human race pushing out to our solar system has to do with all the "destitute people". I know in theory if we could have used the money to buy them some scran but then, we could anyway, and still have started to explore the solar system. We're not talking that much money, just the will to do it. But.... If YOU think its a waste of time then I'm sure you're right, bin the exploration of space, that'll put an end to destitution and starvation. Probably some other emotive issues too, we could probably* have cured cancer by now too if we hadn't gone to the moon. *as well as written off Third World debt, brought in universal democracy and ended all wars.
  9. Look forward to being enlightened with more of your 'truth bombs' mate.
  10. Really crap ones if the lassie was saying they'd been round to put the frighteners on her. Did the FBI (or whatever super secret club) freelance it to the Chuckle Brothers ?
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