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  1. chomp my root

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    From the same august publication. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2009/oct/01/vanessa-george-sex-abuse This individual has put me off Nursery workers and people who work with children generally..... This lad has put me off charity workers https://welfareweekly.com/charity-worker-jailed-after-stealing-more-that-50000-from-severely-disabled-people/ and don't start me off about Nurses..... https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/angel-death-beverley-allitt-smirked-20840107 Would it be fair to say you weren't a massive fan of the Armed Forces before you read the linked article ? There are bad eggs everywhere, if you're not keen on the Forces, fair enough, in an ideal world we wouldn't need them but your logic is pretty weak here.
  2. Totally agree, just didn't have the heart to list all the reasons United are BETTER equipped this season and face the backlash.
  3. They all take us for idiots coming out with more and more outrageous reasons or bribes to make us vote for them. To be fair, they're right, plenty of us will pick a team and shout how great they are and how awful the rest are working themselves up over it only to be disappointed 5 years* down the line. Top tip, don't feel the need to affiliate yourself with any of the charlatans, they're all self serving and will do anything for power and prestige. *approximate size, terms may vary.
  4. We were miles ahead of Inverness and managed to banana skin it, not saying that means our neighbours will, just that they could. I agree there's no need for a meltdown but its not just down to luck that our neighbours are top of the table. They have spent a fair bit of cash assembling their squad and signing the most prolific striker in the country helps. They were the 'bridesmaid' for a few seasons before this, I suspect it will be us this season but as you say, no need for meltdowns, if we don't go up this year then we go for it again next season.
  5. chomp my root

    Austin McPhee

    Both pundits and fans talk like people don't change or evolve.Much easier to just take pops at folk I guess.
  6. chomp my root

    Welcome Home Barry

    The term 'journeyman' seems to have become almost a slur the way its used with football players, I've never quite got it because as you say it describes someone who is competent.
  7. Funnily enough Gedee, after feeling pretty disengaged with the whole political process for a good few years I've got back into it over the last 6 to 9 months based on Brexit. What I've found is places like this really aren't ideal to discuss it as they descend into the tribal. Happy to discuss it via PM if you're so inclined.
  8. Would you say more or less "nicest and kindest" than other "people" or about the same. Just trying to find out if you see gay people as a breed apart or just the same as everyone else. Because you do seem to view gay people as a distinct group. Not very PC bro.
  9. Not trying to be contentious but to assume all gay people don't enjoy a bit of banter about their sexuality is wide of the mark. I've known a fair few who are happy to play up the differences and enjoy the 'banter' between straight and gay friends. Others (friends/acquaintances/family members) not so much and it doesn't really get mentioned, there's no one size fits all. Same as any other section of society. You're not one of those who puts 'the gays' in a particular category are you, that's not cool dude.
  10. A regular Sir Galahad eh ? Damsels in distress and now the champion against any vaguely homophobic banter. Some boi !
  11. For myself its not so much an "our guy" thing, its an a***hole thing. If it was Dundee fans hassling (for example) Robbie Neilson I'd be on Neilson's side. While we don't know what happened, it does sound like it has only come to something because of the profile of two of the participants, we'll find out soon enough I suppose.
  12. Good grief indeed. Are you suggesting that in 2019 a guy involved in a bar scuffle should get his jotters for using language that gets shouted from the terraces on a regular basis. What about the other guys, I'm guessing they was referring to JMcP and GI as cads and bounders. Maybe McPake should have taken the moral highground and rang 101 to tell the police that some nasty men in the pub were calling them horrible names. I guess you can really disappear up your own a**e on this kind of thing eh ?
  13. The philosophical department like to rock it old skool.
  14. While I wouldn't say I yearn for the good old bad old days, I can't recall the last time I heard it given its 'full title'. I blame texting.... and Instagram.... values are slipping.
  15. However it panned out, I'd guess the couple of guys in their 30's in high profile positions didn't go looking for trouble. I'd be gutted if this stuff was a sacking offence too, from the way FPS have been with McGowan and the way they have looked after JMcP I'd guess they would be understanding. Its just a pity that its come to this, if they were making a habit of trawling round pubs looking for fights then aye, I could understand why some would want rid but its a bar scuffle that seems to only have any kind of traction because of the profile of a couple of the participants.
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