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  1. My personal theory is that our egos have a much bigger influence on us than most of us care to admit. We live in a very self indulgent and decadent society so to prove how 'nice' we are we have to show how emotional and caring we are. What's more caring than telling the world how much we care for people that aren't 'us'. A tenner on Just Giving to this cause, signing a petition to stop 'this or that'.... as long as its on facebook so everyone knows how nice we are and how much we care.... I get that a lot will see that as cynical and I can't (and can't be arsed to) argue, maybe it is. Now that we are living this fantastically decadent life we need to amuse and distract ourselves and being part of some 'noble' cause, well, what could be better than that. Maybe being ageist but the young are always more passionate about pretty much everything (glad I've grown out of it to be honest) so feel the need to be even more shouty and angry about stuff. Wee Greetin' Greta for example and why the feck should we be getting our advice on the planet from some teenager who by the sounds of things has barely been to school. Still, she really really cares and her old man knows a millionaire who could lend a yacht and crew..... As long as everyone knows I'm one of the good guys that's the most important bit. Sorry for going off on a tangent, where were we, oh aye, bloke in a bar room dispute using nasty words.... Bring back crucifiction, hanging's too good for 'im.
  2. We really should all wait and see what happens with regard to JMcP, much as I'm enjoying most of the debate so far.
  3. I actually started a serious reply but then I realised that I don't really care enough. I'll leave you to 'seethe' away to yourself.
  4. 🤣 Aye, cos its soooo important that us luminaries have it sorted. In case you haven't noticed we're just a bunch of dafties tossing it back and forth. Is it possible that you take yourself too seriously ?
  5. So what you're saying is that hurling abuse at someone for no reason will get you into trouble ? Sort of like the guys who started on McPake and Irvine ????
  6. I'm tempted to say 'NO' and get you to explain and justify but I won't. Unless you want to.... 😉
  7. Dude, just cos you're an old guy with a beard, it doesn't make you God. She doesn't rock a beard...... 😛
  8. Fair enough, its not compulsory, but if others want to use the word, what's the harm if... again.... its used in context. I'm not one for banning stuff but if I could ban (or remove from history) one word, its the 'N' word. I can't though so life goes on.
  9. You must have heard it used in that way, its been around for years, someone described as a "gid cvnt". At the risk of embarrassing her, my missus has been known to use it from time to time. Its part of the language and again, context has a large part to play. Young guys being 'billy big baws' at the football swearing their heads off in an overt manner, I find a bit cringey but that makes me a massive hypocrite, I did it myself.
  10. If someone is going out of their way to wind you up, what are you supposed to do. Easy to glibly say "turn the other cheek" or leave the pub and go somewhere else but why should they. If someone is going to barb you until your reply, its going to be in a similarly offensive way. Shitty, yeah, it all is and where would you draw the line, "fatty", "specky" etc, its all designed to offend, just that some offensive barbs seem more socially tolerated. I'm really not convinced that society has moved on from "this language", plenty are still quick to shout "get up ya effin' poof" or similar if a player throws himself down at a game. I think this is one of those splits between ideology and reality. I'm sure we can all agree that homophobia is ridiculous and has no place in our society while still turning round and telling someone to "man up" and the like. It really is context that is key. Coincidentally, a mate of mine who is 'very gay' (as in you'll know within a short time of meeting him) used to use similarly robust language, "don't be such a gaywad" etc. I say 'used to' as I've not seen him in the flesh for a while but still whatsapp and he also has the cheek to 'fat shame' me. I really should get some councilling. 😭 #prayforchomp.
  11. A night seared into my psyche.
  12. Surely context has a part to play ?
  13. Hopefully it will all get laughed out of court and because its a 'hate crime' 🤣 the system is just going through the motions. Can't be much fun for those involved though. I'm hoping to see a Tommy Sheridan exit from the court rather than being carted off in an orange boiler suit.
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