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  1. The difference between the beach and a rally is that the rally can be another time, the beach will always be there. The logic of people going to the beach so sod it, I might as well go on a rally doesn't stack up. Its irresponsible to organise something like this 'here', it was more organic in the US (and relevant).
  2. Celtic A/The Rangers A rarely play at 3pm on a saturday so it might not be that big an issue. 😉
  3. Why wait on an organised protest ? Why not just go and chain yourself to the railing of your local Cinema. With the required 'social distancing' of course.
  4. ^^^^ Wot he says. Although I'm not sure how we'll ever end racism or so many other prejudices.
  5. Ah, gotcha, so we can't have an opinion on it because we're being stereotyped. You really need to get over yourself on this John, I've never done or been all sorts of things, I can still have a view on it. Racism is bad, cashing in on it being very 'NOW' is the behaviour of the self absorbed. Racism in various forms has existed since the year dot. Same as many other 'isms', all we can do is try to stop or reduce them, there are many forms of prejudice. You're quite quick to but 'white males of a certain age' in category or example.That's not what these rallies are really about though. This is a specific incident (one of many sadly) and its become a band wagon, in America its sometimes an angry mob. I'll not diminish what the core of it is about by tying it in with the looting but the looting is being done on the back of it and doesn't do the core reason any favours, they will be rolled up into one by some. One thing I am sure of (and I'd be delighted if you can rub it in my face and tell me I was wrong) is that this isn't going to stop racism, hopefully there will be changes made in America but not because some randoms in Sydney or Edinburgh or Timbucfeckintoo are getting their rant on, it will be what happens in America that matters on what is ultimately an American issue. I struggle to believe that this is a 'lockdown breaking issue' unless you're just desperate for an excuse to get your rant on. Lets see what we get in the way of a second spike.
  6. While I don't crave the Colt idea, if its part of the deal to get things moving then fine. I'm dubious that over time 'Colt' teams with under 21's only can be tweaked to include some older heads making them genuine B teams. These could potentially dominate the lower leagues and make a bit of a mockery of the promotions, 3rd place in the 2nd tier gets you into the SPL because the 'Colts' aren't allowed up, bit of an empty victory. Its all still up in the air though, feck knows what we're actually going to end up with.
  7. While I don't feel qualified to say how bad the race issues are in the US, I find the reporting of it all, even over hear adds to it. Its always reported as a white police officer and a black man, the race always gets mentioned. I've no idea if the cop was racist, a thug, just had a bad day or all of the above but a tragedy has been turned into a circus, aided by the media it seems to me. Of course Trump wading in with his size 48 clown shoes was always unlikely to end well and I feel sorry for those who genuinely outraged by it, most of all the family who seem to have been dignified through the whole thing and called for calm. I'm still cynical about the reasons why folk around the world feel the need to break lockdown guidance over it though.
  8. As this was being announced, I was on the phone to a Dee pal and I was on the forum/catching up with the BBC site and chatting. She asked what I thought and m concern was the hoovering up of the youth (even more) by the OF Colts. Only to either go on and do feck all or be sold on, sort of like the cream of the English U23's, they're not making it at Chelsea at that level but they can be sold on for a whack to West Brom or the like. That gives me the fear. I do like the 18 team league idea and the reduction of the senior leagues though and if the OF Colts is the price then if they're restricted to the 3rd Tier then maybe.... if that's what it takes. Its still very much at the negotiation stage though.
  9. Not sure mate, some of the smaller teams Chairmen might see it the same way the SPL owners do when The Rangers or Celtic come to town.
  10. This is my concern, a The Ranger/Celtic A & B teams, especially with the amount of the 'A' games being rescheduled, they could potentially have large supports leading to the current 'influencing' of referees. The idea of both the 1st AND 2nd tier being 'owned' by these clubs just fills me with dread. If they were to stay in the 3rd tier it would be more palatable. We still don't know how long this league system is supposed to be in place for, other than the years the OF Colts are paying in of course, is it a 'forever' system or still the short term 'anything to keep Hearts up' timescale.
  11. Have just read the dit on the BBC, superficially I'm okay with it, my only real concern is that its possible for the OF Colts to jump a league, especially if there are overage players allowed, I know they're supposed to be under 21's but if things get tweaked.... This whole thing is a clusterphuq and I'm quite keen to see how an 18 team league works out. We still don't know how many of the clubs will actually taking part and not hibernating for a season. Its definitely an interesting blueprint though.
  12. Is that the proposal ? Haven't seen anything but I'm not against that, I take it Kelty and Brora are part of the 18. Not keen on just having OF Colts but I'll have a nose into it all.
  13. Some good shouts, can't make my mind up between Leigh Griffiths, The Great Dane, Rab Douglas, CC33, Gavin Rae, Zurab, Lee Wilkie or Darren O'Dea..... 🤔
  14. Here's me on a full hissy fit day. This was pre-lockdown so my hair is a little longer and I've put on a stone or 14 but you get the gist.
  15. Surely then if 'we' think they're biased and 'they' think they're biased then they're equally biased or non biased if you follow me. Isn't it just a case that we're a bunch of sensitive wee souls who are desperate to take offence ????
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