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  1. chomp my root

    Billy King No More

    'international clearance' makes it all sound very grand.
  2. chomp my root

    The Cost of Watching Scottish Football

    A wee while ago now (2011) the club charged a fiver to get in against Partick. A quick neb online suggests we had 7746 attending, the numbers just don't stack up for the club, while this was 8 years ago I can't see it being any different numbers wise. Maybe an unpopular view on a football forum but we don't have a God given right to go and watch a particular football team. Some of the EPL clubs are really ripping the fans off.
  3. chomp my root

    Bye Bye

    Its unusual, maybe the guy had a bad day all round and seeing stuff on here tipped him over the edge. Its telling that so many are unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt to a poster who has hardly been 'look at me' and go straight for the attention seeking shout. I can see where he's coming from.
  4. chomp my root

    Bye Bye

    We all appreciate it when someone gives us a like/gold star or a response that backs up our view. Personally I've got more respect for GoatLord taking the time to say why he's off than I do for the numerous "I said he was sh**e when he signed" how right am I posts we see. Maybe GoatLords implied 'miserable b*****ds' has got to some egos.
  5. chomp my root

    Bye Bye

    There's not much drama in that mate, not when you can just sound off and have a good old vent about the manager/players/BOD/new stadium/the illuminati or whatever.
  6. chomp my root

    Bye Bye

    Not necessarily, its one post, if the poster has a history of 'look at me' posts then I'd agree with you but I wouldn't have said so in this instance. Its just possible that the poster is fed up of the rhetoric on here but cares enough to state why he's leaving. Not sure what you get from labelling someone as an attention seeker to be honest.
  7. chomp my root

    Bye Bye

    Must have missed the bit where anybody said it was ALL the fans fault. A bit of growing up maybe wouldn't do any harm and we can have big boy discussions instead of making sh*t up and lashing out. Nah, as you were peeps, just have a good old froth at folk who see things differently.
  8. chomp my root

    Bye Bye

    A bit harsh, just because a guy gets so exasperated that he feels like leaving (and letting people know) isn't that different from other people spitting their dummy out over player X being the Antichrist. It doesn't mean the default is attention seeking.
  9. chomp my root

    Bye Bye

    I can understand where you're coming form GoatLord, a lot of football fans wear their heart on their sleeve (being polite here). I get fed up with this place at times, give threads a miss because I know its going to be full of folk raging about one thing or another or just plain avoid the forum for a while. Don't back yourself into a corner about it, have a look in a few weeks (or months, depending how long it takes us to get a win ) and you'll see the bipolar nature of football fans as we're queueing up to nosh off whatever player had a good game.
  10. chomp my root

    Dundee FC Season Ticket 19/20

    Good luck mate, you might have better luck trying to flog a betamax at the moment though.
  11. chomp my root

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    If we postpone it to half time it could make for an interesting prize in the half time draw.
  12. chomp my root

    Welcome To Dens Sean Mackie....

    It was one game, we need to give the guy a bit more time before we decide that he's the spawn of Satan. I fear it's too late for him though and some won't give him a second chance.
  13. Went for McGowan, at least he had the good grace to be knackered at the end of it.
  14. chomp my root

    Match Aftermath: Dundee 1 - 2 Elgin City

    A very 'meh' first half with the only highlight being Cammy's goal. We looked in control though. Second half.... not sure what happened, we looked like a bunch of strangers and this trying to find some sooperdooper defence splitting wonder pass just isn't working, the odd time we had someone running at them they were getting pulled all over, no idea why we didn't do more of it. Really frustrating, kind of glad I'll not be watching a game for a few weeks.
  15. chomp my root

    Elgin On Sunday

    Nelson gets his chance in the second half.
  16. chomp my root

    Elgin On Sunday

    Me too, having to get the choo Choo as the rest of the South Fife Massive are giving it a swerve. Probably my only game this month so didn't want to miss it. Prediction is 3 nil with Neilson getting two and Forster getting the other one.
  17. chomp my root

    Elgin On Sunday

    Fair one mate, I jumped in with size 48 boots then.
  18. chomp my root

    Elgin On Sunday

    As Inverness have shown us in the past, it ain't over 'til its over. Still a lot of football to be played. This seems to be our best formation so far so get another game practising it.
  19. chomp my root

    The New Stadium Thread

    I've alluded to it plenty times in the past mate.
  20. chomp my root

    The New Stadium Thread

    Unless of course they can sell DFC on to new owners who would have to pay them rent and fill any holes in the accounts out of their pockets instead of FPS/DBH's.
  21. chomp my root

    The New Stadium Thread

    Its the same with any owner to be fair, they come and go. Rehashing old news to an extent but part of the reason some will have voted to allow them in was because of the whole 'buy back Dens' stuff which at least would have given us our own ground again. I get things change and the new ground was a better option (and I suspect folk would have voted for them anyway over DFCSS but that's an aside) but we're still left without the opportunity to get DFC its own ground (or a share in one). Its all about trust I guess.
  22. chomp my root

    The New Stadium Thread

    Its not exactly a shocker that FPS/DBH would prefer two tenants than one. Good business sense from their perspective and in the grand scheme of things, does it matter if we ground share ? Its not like it would be Dundee FC's ground, we'd be renting it anyway.
  23. chomp my root

    Stewart and Kamara

    I'm sure he's coping.
  24. chomp my root


    Refreshing to hear the staff get praise, I've only had positive interactions with the club myself.
  25. chomp my root

    Re Scott Bain's Fallout At Dens....

    ^^^^ This. He's had a better Celtic career than Hendry but because he didn't pander to fannies in the stand he's the biggest a***hole in the world. Go figure.
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