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  1. Dundeefc93

    Dundee V Hibs

    Fancy another win tonight boys 6/1 for Dundee to win. both teams to score. good bet?
  2. Dundeefc93

    Dundee V Hibs

    Well unless we played them last week yes it will be
  3. Dundeefc93

    Dundee V Hibs

    He has only played 1 game he only took over last week.
  4. Dundeefc93

    Reserve League: Hibernian 8 - 1 Dundee

    Do people on here want a bunch off craig wightons threw off the ball coming threw the ranks. there young men they need to stand up and man up f**k the results it will do them good they will be more ready when called up on in the future.
  5. Dundeefc93

    Arabs Humping Our Reserves

    So f**k if the young laddies are getting humped every week. its better for there development playing against men than we boys .everyone is bringing through players except us do them the world off good make them better and stronger and more ready.
  6. Dundeefc93

    Reserve League: Hibernian 8 - 1 Dundee

    They can only learn from it they are at a stage now were you need to step up if good enough. lets see how they react to it but don't shatter there confidence but footballs about the mental mind set as well as the physical side.
  7. Dundeefc93

    Arabs Humping Our Reserves

    Look guys thats what happens when you put a full team on against mostly kids .Thats the best they can do this year cause there no coming up,
  8. Thought we deserved the win today did.nt play our best but still deserved the win'
  9. Dundeefc93

    St Mirren V That Lot

    At least we don't need to worry about any off these two in the relegation battle . we won't finish 12th cause st mirren are sh**e, and DAB are not good enough to beat us in the play offs they are poor.
  10. Totally agree it was a good move from killie and hadenius could and should have closed down quicker. but if he followed the runner and stayed on his feet there could have been a better out come.
  11. Why can you say that?. whats tomorrows euro millions numbers.
  12. Well i think thats the weak link in the team. i think he sells himself to many times if he dose not get the ball he leaves us wide open for something to happen

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