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  1. Dundeefc93

    St Mirren V Dundee

    If the players have the same fight as we had against celtic we will win this and we will stay up but must continue,
  2. Dundeefc93

    Euro 2020

    f**k scotland ,
  3. Dundeefc93

    Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way.

    Well my wife will need to go cause Dundee was my first love
  4. Dundeefc93

    Paisley Bound Next Week?

    We will f**k the 2 saints in the same week then catch Hamilton.
  5. Dundeefc93

    Six Minutes Added On

    he is well named jessie in my opinion,
  6. Dundeefc93

    Six Minutes Added On

    This is why rangers and celtic are sh**e in europe cause they don't have the power of referees
  7. Martin woods has to go for me jmc must be pumping woods wife or something for him keep playing him,
  8. Martin woods cost us the game 3 times he fucked it up in the last minutes, but f**k knows how 6 minutes came about fukn joke fukn rageing
  9. Dundeefc93

    Six Minutes Added On

    f**cking joke 6 minutes injury time , but martin woods cost us the game 3 times in the last minutes he is sh**e ,and jmc trying to blame it on the player he brought on fukn clown,
  10. Dundeefc93

    FPS Share Statement On Official.

    I will give you 10 for them
  11. Dundeefc93

    Scottish Cup

    Always thought Dabs were sh**e and it was proved again today, only team to get more penaltys than Rangers, no worries if we get them in the play offs but we wlill be safe no play offs for us,
  12. Dundeefc93

    Dundee V Hearts

    We will beat Hearts, return 10th then kick on
  13. Dundeefc93

    Relegation Battle

    I think we will beat Hearts, st mirren , st Johnston, draw with aberdeen,
  14. Dundeefc93

    Relegation Battle

    I think we will get 10 points before the split'
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