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  1. Excuse my ignorance guys, but how do I change my user name ? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. f**k hell no! I would rather sign Eric McCormack from Will and Grace than him!
  3. that's me on my way home..... freezing ma balls off for this
  4. wtf is hemmings playing all over the park ? he can't score from outside the box .
  5. really bad when Vincent is running the show in midfield
  6. we look like we have just put 11 fat boys on the park and said have a kick a boot lads
  7. this is just terrible stuff from the dee today
  8. i'll support the club till i am blue in the face. if the manager wants my support he needs to start getting results on the parks. simple as that.
  9. doesn't look like he is to me tbh maybe you're reading his posts that way ?
  10. i don't want things to go t*ts up, just want a manager who does the basics and has us playing like a team. that today was an utter shambles and we didn't deserve to win
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