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  1. Seem to remember us scoring more last minute goals against Partick than other team for some reason. - Barry Smith's volley at Firhill - Pat Clarke's late winner at Firhill -Matt Lockwood's injury time penalty at Firhill - Kevin McDonalds injury time raker (Seen to remember it was the day Phil O Donnell died as was coming out of Dens ecstatic when the news broke) - Jamie Adams goal at Dens - Balatoni scoring an injury time OG for them Firhill - Simon Murrays late double - McGowan's scrappy tap in Firhill as always been one of our better hunting grounds!
  2. Never in a million years are we selling 800 for Cove on a week night before a general sale.
  3. The guy who does our games is awful to be fair. Not sure what is behind it but when other teams stream through their feed the quality seems to be far better than when Dundee stream it themselves. The quality of the feed from the games at Motherwell, Easter Road and Killie recently has been excellent but with the Hamilton and Rangers games at Dens I seemed to have a lot of lagging and buffering. Will be at the next 3 games after Tuesday though so I won't need to worry about DEETV for a while 😀
  4. I think Kilmarnock were providing the coverage today as a trial as before the game there was a big Killie badge on the screen. The picture and quality of the feed were excellent although the commentators were brutal. They though Paul McGowan had a great game which was baffling, as well as waffling plenty other rubbish.
  5. It's not so much what he's saying. He's punted the imposters McCann signed from his agency mates like Ngwatala, Madianga, Mendy, Nabi etc and brought in O'Dea, McGowan, Woods and filled the team with guys who know what it is to battle and fight in this league.
  6. My flatmate is a Hearts fan. We're getting up at 2.45am to watch it together before work. I seriously fear for his safety and wellbeing if the result is similar to yesterday.
  7. Nelms is a buffoon in a profession totally out of his remit because he has a rich pal.
  8. Same back 4 and keeper again for me please. We have barely been able to field the same back line 2 games running in McCann's time in charge. Think the current back 4 of Kerr/Boyle/Innis/Miller could be our best chance of finally having a settled back line. Obviously they have had their scary moments and a disaster 2nd half against Hibs but I think there is a bit of potential there especially with the CB pairing. The likes of Meekings, Kusunga and O'Dea have continually underperformed so these 2 new lads deserve the chance to build a partnership on the back of our first league clean sheet. Only change would be Kenny Miller in for Nabi. Reckon Miller would have buried Nabi's 2 chances on Saturday. Would take a draw and reckon we might get one. 1-1.
  9. I selected the managers tactics but it's also poor recruitment and the players he has signed not being good enough.
  10. It doesn't even have to be Scottish players. But at the very least sign at least a few guys you are familiar with and have seen play yourself. I highly doubt McCann seen many if any of our new signings play a match for previous clubs before they turned up at Dens.
  11. McCann's lazy and incompetent recruitment now coming home to roost sadly. May be completely wrong but I highly doubt he saw many of his signings play before signing them for us. I highly doubt he watched many National League, Bulgarian 2nd Division and Norweigan 1st Division matches over the past few seasons before signing Ralph, Madianga, Mendy etc. Constantly putting trust in agencies is a dangerous game. For every Kamara there is hundreds of no hopers on the scrapheap and generally they are there for a reason - they are crap. I'm not writing off any individual player here but if you are building a team of players who have been relegated to the National League South, went AWOL from Bulgarian 2nd Division teams, barely kicked a ball for Peterborough in 3 years etc etc then you are going to end up with more Sofien Moussa's than Glen Kamara. It's never going to end well. There were plenty decent players out there this summer that were accustomed to the Scottish game. Shankland only signed a new deal recently, Watt by all accounts ran us ragged today and was available - there's just 2 examples who have ended up schooling us in the past 2 games. Yet here we are taking punts on a young kid from Finland and Nabi who has 4 professional career goals. An utterly baffling and IMO a frankly lazy recruitment process which is going to cost us dear unless we do something dramatic this week.
  12. Stewart probably the best but think Peaso deserves a wee mention. One of best finishers we've had at Dens in a long time and a great pro. Wouldn't have been promoted without him and who knows where we'd have been now without his goals that season. Would have loved to see him play for us injury free and in his prime.
  13. E/W Usually pays quarter odds so around 16/1.
  14. Utterly baffling odds. We are better placed to qualify ahead of St Mirren and will finish ahead of 1 of Hearts or Inverness.
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