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  1. J Waddington

    Looking for a Matchday Programme

    Yeah. So far I've only found one, and they're asking for £50 for it...
  2. Hey. Seems a little odd for an Inverness fan to be posting in a Dundee forum, but literally, this is a last ditch attempt. I have looked literally everywhere for one specific programme, and nobody on the ICTFC Forum has one, and Ebay doesn't have it either. So I came here, cos hell, maybe you might have one? I've been looking for ages for an Inverness vs Dundee programme from 1 May 2010, which was the last day of the 09/10 season in the First Division. As mentioned beforehand, I have not found one anywhere on Ebay or the ICTFC forums, despite putting out a similar request for the same programme. So if you do have one, please send me a PM. Cheers :)
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