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  1. Oliver Twist turned number 10
  2. jack12895

    Best Starting 11 Now

    Hamilton (Although would like to see Ferrie get a chance) Kerr McGhee Forster Marshall Todd Byrne Ness Gowzer Johnson Hemmings Think Gowzer playing off the left wouldn't be so bad coming in to make space for the overlap and can get up and down aswell. McDaid could easily be in though
  3. The guy Keillor-Dunn at Ross Co, worth a punt on loan? See he is looking to leave, could fit the bill
  4. My mate's got a relative who works at dens in some sort of capacity and he told him. No clue about anything though just passing that on
  5. Apparently speaking to 3 players who are contracted to other clubs, unsure who/what clubs and if permanent/loans. Was 4 yesterday and Hemmings was one of them. C:ub hoping to get another 1 or 2 over the line, if they're from down south then could be some more action today
  6. Jazza and Gary Irvine were at the Raith Queens play off watching players - must have been Marshall and Todd although he was already signed. Even though Raith got pumped surely could have seen wee things in Nisbet. Never know though maybe the boy didn't want to leave Fife
  7. You on the crack mate. The boy is worth a couple million
  8. Hearts need to wait til 1st August to sign Naismith. Any player released end of June from Championship, L1 or L2 down south who doesn't have a new club by 1st Aug gets a full month salary from the PFA (in Naismith's case 40k a week x4 = 160k) so he's holding off. Could be the case with a number of players we have been interested in - if they are needing to significantly drop wages. Guessing Forster and Ness would be on similar money here than prev clubs so wouldn't be worth their time missing a month pre season for the sake of a few hundred quid.
  9. Agree with all that mate. But Hemmings moved down south for a reason and he's never gonna come back to Dens, just a wild rumour that one
  10. jack12895

    Season 19/20 - Championship Rivals

    Ayr have made a couple of very good loan signings IMO. Stephen Kelly, probably the highest rated youngster coming through at Ibrox, and Frank Ross from Aberdeen both very good.
  11. We might be bigger than St Johnstone but as it'll be a loan deal money won't matter he'll still get his full Aberdeen wage wherever he goes, so playing Premier League football for a manager he knows loves him would probably be most logical.
  12. No we didn't mate, we had Mendy and Wighton too. Moussa Mendy and Wighton all scored this weekend coming last year against Stirling Albion.
  13. Rangers did sign him from Hibs, not sure if that is any sort of indication though haha
  14. I think a few of the youngsters are more than capable of filling in when needed, Robertson Mulligan Moore looked very capable maybe Cameron too. So would think a creative type midfielder, a striker, and a utility man who can play full back/wide should sort us. Just my opinion though.
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