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  1. jack12895

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    Can't f*cking write it! Alloa sign Jamie MacDonald on an EL and he will no doubt play a stormer tomorrow
  2. We weren't over run against united, they were simply better than us in both boxes. We had more possession than them playing with 2 midfielders, they had 5 corners we had 6 the result in my opinion was nothing to do with our shape. We had just as many opportunities to score the same goals as them from set pieces they were just better in both boxes than us
  3. jack12895

    'Emergency Loan Conditions'

    Anyone fancy answering the original question haha? What are the conditions you need to meet to get someone in on an emergency loan? Nobody fit at all in that position?
  4. jack12895

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Will know Jimmy Nic from Ibrox couple year ago aswell, positive signs
  5. jack12895

    Alloa On Saturday

    Hamilton Kerr McGhee Forster Marshall Finlay Byrne Ness Nelson Johnson/Hemmings McPake Would go 433 against Alloa Nelson looked lively on the right against United so would play him and McPake wide and drop Todd and McDaid. If Ness not fully fit then Gowzer in Happy with either striker
  6. jack12895

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    If he comes in ready to play straight away I'd be more than happy with this. End of season would be great but January would suit then we could try and move for someone else depending on the position we are in. A fit Dorrans would notch a handful and supply Hemmings, Johnson and Nelson with a few between now and Jan easily
  7. Noticed Killie have signed another keeper leaving Jamie MacDonald surplus to requirements. What would be the conditons we would need to meet to sign someone on an 'Emergency Loan' Ferrie is only suspended and we do have the youngster, however if we met any sort of conditions to bring in a keeper I'd def take him (and as No 1)
  8. jack12895

    Transfer Deadline 2nd Sept 2019

    Would def take Ross Wallace but think he's meant to be going to Bolton
  9. jack12895

    Elgin On Sunday

    Ferrie Kerr McGhee Meekings Mackie McGowan Moore Byrne Nelson Hemmings Mulligan If 442 maybe Todd for Byrne - think it'll be a mix of experience and youth
  10. jack12895


    Will let her know mate, however this wasn't communicated to her as she wasn't even aware we were playing Saturday - was just going in as her son asked her to
  11. jack12895


    Girl I work with tried to buy a season ticket for her young lad and then his derby ticket and was told to come back Monday as they weren't selling Season Tickets. She wasn't aware that we were at home Saturday but I told her that was shocking and to phone up but unsure if she has. Can't be knocking people back today and making folk effectively pay for Inverness match twice
  12. Oliver Twist turned number 10
  13. jack12895

    Best Starting 11 Now

    Hamilton (Although would like to see Ferrie get a chance) Kerr McGhee Forster Marshall Todd Byrne Ness Gowzer Johnson Hemmings Think Gowzer playing off the left wouldn't be so bad coming in to make space for the overlap and can get up and down aswell. McDaid could easily be in though
  14. The guy Keillor-Dunn at Ross Co, worth a punt on loan? See he is looking to leave, could fit the bill
  15. My mate's got a relative who works at dens in some sort of capacity and he told him. No clue about anything though just passing that on
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