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  1. Looks like this has been picked up wrong, O’Boyle has a top job at the English Premier League so won’t be coming in full time but has been helping McPake with Under 18s and will be helping with the first team now. Still great news for the club having people like this for McPake to reach out to.
  2. Yeah good news. Things change and his criticism about the club culture and previous managers didn't help his case, particularly as it was allegedly pre planned Nor did the drop in season tickets sales I suspect once they were reviewed
  3. I have spoken to someone at the club about this this morning and was told that the guy in the director’s box getting moved was using really profane language (like c*nt and lots of f-words, all directed at McIntyre). John Nelms turned around and told him “Enough” was because there were children sitting there too. A wee boy directly behind the guy yelling was holding his hands over his ears with his mum putting hers over them too. And when John Nelms spoke to him he then had a go at Nelms, and was removed from the box for security reasons; a standard league-wide procedure. The guy was not chucked out the stadium and sat in the Stand Enclosure
  4. You weren’t saying that when you were invited to the kit launch and given a free shirt and then had it happily exchanged for a different size
  5. It’s you know very well how many people ate in the media dept, what their role is and the difference between the board putting out a statement and the media dept putting out info. I doubt the board need approval from anyone else within the club to issue a statement. I didn’t say they didn’t have input into the wording but approval? I doubt that. Who says they ate not dedicated to the media role
  6. Statement come from board not “media dept”. People wanted communication so maybe step in right direction
  7. The phrase Clear out normally means get rid of everything not review - use the word review if you mean review
  8. Asked for a clear out of media dept in which one person works so only one person can be cleared out so asking for them to be sacked - it’s pretty clear.
  9. My duties? This is nothing to do with me. Im not a paid employee of the club . I won’t lose my livelihood in a proposed clear out
  10. There is only one person employed with a salary in the “media department” and if you’re asking for a clear out, you’re asking for that one person to be sacked. Im sure reading you should be part of a one man clear, ie sacked might hurt someone - it would hurt me and I can’t believe you’d condone it
  11. I am convinced he will be in charge on July 12th though. Enough to have said it on another topic and make some friendly bets that he will on this forum. The evidence is - Nelms has said he should be judged on a summer window - McIntyre insisted to the press this week he’ll definitely bevthere thus season - McIntyre clearly has no intention of resigning - he’s already signed players for next season - pre season plans and preparations are underway - he’s not been sacked already and has survived a record equalling worst run in clubs history and worst win % in clubs history - two club statements this week have failed to sack him so no one had told me but I am convinced he will be in charge at the start of next season
  12. Not sniffy at all. You asked about the dinner so thought you maybe had an interest in it so offered to buy you a ticket. Not sure how that’s sniffy. I apologise if somehow you thought that. DSA clubs know exactly how it’s funded and it is all open and transparent with accounts published at agm
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