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  1. KennethRoss

    Roll of Honour

    We lost 12 in a row in 1897/98 and on course to equal that.
  2. KennethRoss

    Another Ticket Deal

    I only asked what you meant A. No need to be rude
  3. KennethRoss

    Another Ticket Deal

    What does that mean?
  4. KennethRoss

    Another Ticket Deal

    What’s that got to do with running a bus. I’m confused
  5. KennethRoss

    Another Ticket Deal

    Fair enough but that’s not what happened last time - Dfcss board decided to do it
  6. KennethRoss

    Another Ticket Deal

    Dfcss raj free buses to Motherwell two years ago. Might they be interested again?
  7. KennethRoss

    Scott Gardiner

    The Q&A was on the Sat, Brown was appointed the same day and went to watch St Johnstone game that afternoon. Dundee played Celtic live on tv on Sunday with Brown in the stand and Farningham in charge. Dundee played St Johnstone midweek after in Brown’s first game in charge
  8. KennethRoss

    Today's Q and A

    Two different meetings with two different groups took place last week. I wasn’t at either to comment on what was said
  9. KennethRoss

    Should Nelms Go If We Go Down?

    No I won’t be there
  10. KennethRoss

    Losing Runs

    Club record is ten straight defeats in the league
  11. KennethRoss

    Should Nelms Go If We Go Down?

    I see you edited out my name which is ironic considering you reported a post where I put your name there’s no Fahd group. It’s a group of individual fans
  12. KennethRoss

    Should Nelms Go If We Go Down?

    He's not meeting with the DSA
  13. KennethRoss

    Should Nelms Go If We Go Down?

    First of all you need to read my interview in the Tully last week regarding criticism of the season tickets Secondly it is not a meeting with the DSA tomorrow Thirdly I don't remember hearing your criticism when you sat in a room with John Nelms
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