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  1. Saw him as I walked past Dens after the game, said 'fantastic game Gowser' but pretty sure it was not heard. Gave a compliment to Johnson the week prior which got a thanks. Hope they realise there are fans still looking on the brighter side. Also just realised I've seen a lot of players in the last few weeks lol.
  2. Now that you've brought this to my attention, I have to wonder about who he was cupping his ears to after scoring his goal.
  3. rossbatchelor9

    Club Captain

    He seems to flop between Gowser and McGhee, as well as Ness and Meekings if they're fit. I'm assuming there's a reason Dorrans isn't getting it, whether he doesn't want it or he's not an effective leader or whatever. Personally would think Gowser is the best choice, and if not him then McGhee.
  4. I like the enthusiasm. Never happening.
  5. Aye, Hemmings has clearly been pushing for more aerial service and it is paying off big time.
  6. rossbatchelor9

    Four Years Ago This Week

    Ach well, we were just about there for 65 minutes.
  7. McPake interview on the Dunfermline report. Sounds as pissed off with the capitulation as the fans. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Managers_post_Dundee&ID=11627 I'll continue to be the one focusing on the positives. Hopefully the poor defense on counterattacks is a real focus (if it wasn't already before) on the training ground this week.
  8. Just imagine it did, with this goal coming at the end of the second half rather than the very beginning of it.
  9. 59 minutes of complete dominance, 6 combined minutes of madness, and 25 minutes of nervousness (though we largely controlled the sway of things during this period) imo. Don't pretend you weren't pleasantly surprised at how good we were for the majority of the game, just like what I expected coming into today. Unfortunately, also as expected our old problems of basic mistakes and minds that drift at important moments showed up again. McPake really needs to find a way to sort this out within the players, they just forget how to play football at times. Subs were bad, I cannot deny, but 2 players went off injured so they weren't prepared. They really need to get a Plan B sorted out for situations like that though, had we not won there'd have been no excuse. Plenty to be positive about, plenty still in desperate need to be fixed. I'm choosing (as always) to look at the positives, and despite the ending (which was sh*t and should have been avoided, not trying to pretend otherwise) there was plenty to be positive about from us.
  10. rossbatchelor9

    Great Uncelebrated Moments

    Posting this mainly for posterity but Danny's goal today and subsequent celebration felt pretty special... until it was nearly ruined. But it wasn't!
  11. rossbatchelor9

    Man of the Match: Dunfermline (Home, 14th Dec 2019)

    Plenty to applaud, plenty to jeer: Hamilton - 3 Kerr - 7 McGhee - 9 (My Man of the Match) Forster - 4 Marshall - 7 Robertson - 7 McGowan - 8 Dorrans - 7 McDaid - 6 Hemmings - 7 Johnson - 8 Meekings - 4 Byrne - 4 Nelson - 6
  12. Was f**cking dreadful. Thankfully we didn't need him today.
  13. rossbatchelor9

    Rate the Manager: Dunfermline (Home, 14th Dec 2019)

    Better preparation after the subs brought on by injury and a clear Plan B, and we easily could've danced our way to victory instead of shi**ing ourselves. A win is a win, I expected big improvements and I got them for the most part. Just need better CB options... and a better keeper.
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