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  1. tbf he's got a pretty secure fortune, has stakes worth hunners of millions in various massive companies.
  2. Oh aye! Had completely for about him, was big on him earlier on.
  3. Would take Mullen still, was disappointed we didn't get that deal over the line before the January window ended. Vaclav Hladky also leaving. Would be a great signing at GK for us, but doubt we'd see any of him. ICT also released a few players, and Tom Walsh is probably the most interesting one. Hard to imagine how Caley will manage much of a title threat next season with such a loss of talent and their lacking in resources.
  4. Lawless at LW, MacDonald in goal, get Berra back once he cancels his contract at Hearts, sign a new striker, and wait for this pandemic to blow over.
  5. We need a new Left Winger, would be a great signing.
  6. McPake interview today talks about focus on re-signing players, rather than signing new ones. Understandably doesn't want to commit to signing new players until we understand our situation in the forthcoming season. Puts a bit of doubt on the Callachan signing tbh.
  7. Reported that SFA might revoke Hearts' membership if they try to take legal action against the SPFL for failing to "recognise and submit of the Court of Arbitration for Sport as specified in the relevant provisions of the FIFA Statutes and the UEFA Statutes." Said provisions of the FIFA Statutes, specifically Statute 59, section 3, state this: The question is: do they have the balls to try it?
  8. Just as a confirmation, per Scott Burns:
  9. Anyone think they might possibly amalgamate all teams willing to give it a go this season into one league?
  10. He had a phenomenal save afterwards off a rocket from Niall McGinn, Bain got just enough on it to change the angle of the shot and make it bounce away after it hits the underside of the bar (twice). It was the last attempt in the game too, and I give 10/10 for Bain's celebration after seeing the ball go out for the last time.
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