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  1. The constant negativity is a major factor why I don't really spend much time looking at most threads on this forum. Things have been sh*t this season at times, yes, and to be this far off the mark in the non-existent title race is beyond disappointing, but there's still plenty to play for and the team is really starting to show some of the gumption it needs to kick on and pick up results. I think the least people could do is appreciate the effort that has gone into rectifying a series of potentially terrible situations and give the team their full support. I wouldn't try and pretend McPake has been all that impressive in this initial season but I certainly think he's been trying his hardest to steer the ship in the right direction and has improved over the course over the season as a tactician, whilst his scouting skills have been fairly impressive imo. If you don't think he's the man for the job next season that's fine, we can have that discussion (as utterly pointless as it would/will be) at the end of season. But for now the team has picked up in form and is about to head into a run of tough games all within a short timespan. I hope everyone can pull together, get to the games and support the team through this crucial last stretch of the season. If all goes well, we very well may be looking at a decent chance at promotion.
  2. Hemmings just wide, would love that insurance goal. Come on lads!
  3. I largely expect it to be replayed. Shame too, the draw would've been perfect.
  4. No pitch inspection scheduled, I think we're good for today.
  5. All of the options are (naturally) not very pleasant to envisage, which is why 2nd place is a must - I don't fancy going through 2 of these teams before the final. My choice would certainly not be Inverness, hate playing them and feel Robbo has McPake's number completely. We have good records against Ayr and Arbroath this season and I'd be happier playing either of them, but the next few games would determine if I still feel confident against them going forward. Dunfermline is also tricky, as before the last game I'd have easily said sure. However they've now scored 7 goals against us in 3 games though (though we scored 6 in 2 against them), so idk. As for Premiership teams, probably St Mirren. Don't score much (sans the SC replay) and they feel vulnerable. Ross County would also be a decent shout, but think they have enough to stay up. Hamilton would be another decent shout, but they turn into the shitfest invincibles in the playoffs. And as for Hearts... as cracking an atmosphere 2 legs would be against them, I really don't fancy it. Would be most enjoyable to beat either Hamilton or Hearts in the final; Accies for the GIRFUY of relegating us last season and because I just don't like them, and Hearts because of the sheer banter of relegating Hearts. Sadly can't say the fermers anymore since they got themselves free.
  6. Good result imo. Mon the playoff charge (Also mon the draw @ Arbroath vs. Ayr tomorrow).
  7. Here here. This fortnight has been mind-numbing.
  8. Not saying it wouldn't be enjoyable at all, it's more of a consolation for me. I'd prefer Dundee to benefit as much from every week of fixtures.
  9. I don't think there's a difficult choice here. Dundee doing as well as possible from any situation for me always trumps whatever is going on with Utd.
  10. You'd prefer that over benefitting ourselves? Ok then...
  11. Best case scenario for us next week: The DABs beat ICT on Friday We beat QoS Ayr and Arbroath draw Would leave the table like this: 2nd. ICT 36 Pts 3rd. Ayr Utd 36 Pts 4th. Dundee 36 Pts 5th. Arbroath 35 Pts Would be tough for us to overcome the quite-a-bit-better GD that both ICT and Ayr have. Tighter than a snare drum lmao. Would also be nice if Partick could beat or at least draw with the Pars, cos if they win they're up to 34 Pts.
  12. Arbroath won puts them above us for now, and if they beat Ayr next week and ICT loses to the DABs on Friday they go 2nd. With the playoffs getting to tight we really need to be winning at least 3 of the next 4 or 5 games.
  13. Stendel's start as Hearts manager mirrors McIntyre's with us last season. They're f**ked.
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