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  1. His agent is Peaso too. Might well have asked for tons from St Mirren, and then told Alex that Dens was the place for him
  2. I'm sure he's being a real fox in the box down there.
  3. A lot of discussion right now about Simon Murray's merits and others such as Wighton. My question is, given the more workhorse nature of Jakubiak and Mullen, is there any notable target men out there that we could realistically consider taking in? Just would like to see more ideas for what we should be looking for to complete out striker situation.
  4. Updated 1893 Foundation member count announced by the club earlier today, now over 520 members.
  5. Are there any notable target men we could afford to bring in? Just asking generally if people have realistic names in mind.
  6. Wighton and Uche Ikpeazu are the ones supposedly having their contracts terminated.
  7. Ajeti and Toney to don the Hoops too maybe. I'm not gonna say it's happening... I'm just gonna think it.
  8. In the right circumstances probably. Just because he didn't score as much as he did in his first spell doesn't mean he was bad. He was very impressive in bullying defenders and helping start chances.
  9. Managed 7 goals in 18 games for Falkirk in his last foray into this level. Clearly more of a second striker hence the lack of goals, but also due to having a career of being loaned here, there and everywhere he hasn't had the chance to really build up numbers for any one team. Here's hoping he can do so here.
  10. St Mirren fans are biylin', as they thought of him very highly before the season ended prematurely. Looking forward to seeing what Jakubiak and Mullen can do together, as they'll not be strangers to each other.
  11. If Jack Ross is being so kind to McPake, he should send Gullan to us on loan
  12. Nae pressure Danny, just need about 20 goals this season.
  13. Hibs should do us a favour and give us Jamie Gullan to mess with the Hertz.
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