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  1. Tayzurri

    Dundee On Fm2020

    Terrible season and terrible manager Cobra cobra gtf Cobra gtf
  2. Tayzurri


    Ness didn't play on Sat due to illness so should be ok for Friday.
  3. Tayzurri

    Topics That Are 'Fixed'

    Probably wait till the transfer window is shut then have a small tidy up. The transfer, Players contract threads could be un pinned then brought back in January.
  4. Tayzurri

    Derby: In/Out

    In/out: in the Jerry Kerr. Pre-match: toon with the happy Mondees. Post match: depends on score Prediction: 3-1 Dundee, Hemmings x 3.Yinited, Hamilton(og). Fcuk Yinited
  5. Tayzurri

    Score Predictions 9th & 10rh August

    Friday 9th August Partick Th 2v1 Dundee Utd Sat 10th August Dundee 2v0 Ayr Utd Inverness CT 2v0 Arbroath Morton 1v1 Alloa Queen of the south 1v2 Dunfermline
  6. Friday 9th August Partick Th v Dundee Utd Sat 10th August Dundee v Ayr Utd Inverness CT v Arbroath Morton v Alloa Queen of the south v Dunfermline
  7. Tayzurri


    Hi @zenfit welcome to the dark blues forums
  8. Tayzurri

    Danny Johnson - Officially Signs

    Welcome to dens Danny
  9. That agentsco has posted Dundee have enquired about the possibility of bringing in former Celtic goalkeeper Dorus De Vries.
  10. Tayzurri

    Jamie Ness Signs.

    Welcome to Dens Jamie.
  11. Tayzurri

    New Song Book

    He's 5ft 2 and his name is Declan McDaid when he gets the ball he goes on a mazy From Ayr united and he's absolutely crazy oh Declan McDaid. as you can see not a lot of thought put into that
  12. Tayzurri

    New Kit Verdict

    Love it and deffo be buying one Nice and traditional blue and white.
  13. Tayzurri

    Player Sponsorship 2019/20 Donations!

    So far a total of £355.01 has been donated. Great effort and thank-you to the members that have donated.
  14. Will be signing for us tomorrow then
  15. Tayzurri

    Player Sponsorship 2019/20 Donations!

    Thank you and made my donation as well
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