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  1. Beginning of the end for me. It's not enough that these two clubs have all the financial advantage, or that they stranglehold the voting structure, now they want to ensure their youngsters and youth squads are unfairly advantaged as well. So they'll have an even better opportunity to scoop up all the young talent (barely any of which they ever give a first team game to) with the prospect of playing professional football against professional clubs and no incentive to loan them out. They'll scoosh that bottom league leaving us a situation where the OF begin to demand promotion for their second teams, or otherwise the team finishing 3rd will be promoted without being crowned champions, while teams finishing 4th, 5th and 6th will play in a play off. Bizarre and befuddling. Add in that the media will cover the B games in a bigger way than a club the size of Dundee receive playing in the Championship and the withering of Scottish Football is pretty much assured. Green and white and royal blue will prosper though, so it's all good. Farcical doesn't begin to cover it. Did I mention that I'm sick of all this? Totally and unbelievably sick of all this? What would be the point in watching Dundee when I have complete disdain for the association, league, structure and organisations they play under/in?
  2. And plenty other teams too... https://footballshirthistory.weebly.com/scotland-a-g/category/dundee
  3. It's not been a conscious decision but in recent times I've basically stopped watching much sport at all. The same teams/players/whatever win everything (usually through money but not always), while I've almost never (I did have ESPN at one point to watch baseball) paid for a sports channel. None of it has much 'soul' about it these days. Chomp might be right, age plays a big part in all that but I see plenty guys my age and older still obsessed by sports, so maybe not.
  4. And we certainly got the best of that deal!
  5. Can't argue with that mate. What can I say? I'm a luddite. Change happens, but I don't have to like it and I find I'm just taking part in less and less of it. Not going too deep down this rabbit hole but it isn't money that structured the NFL divisions and lack of relegation/promotion, as all of the US sports are run this way and always were. They prefer divisional play (regional to some extent) and their competitions always become more of a knockout system once the divisions have been decided. That in itself means that money teams always do well over a season but shocks can happen in the head to head one offs/series. I MUCH prefer it as an option, personally. It gives the excitement and spectacle that the top/bottom six split misses by a million miles.
  6. This is exactly where my heightened disdain has stemmed from (among many other things). Right from the imposed pause in the season nearly everything I've read from the football authorities, clubs and probably most disheartening, the fans (of basically all clubs - although not everyone) has been about self interest. Whether that be Liverpool and Celtic fans desperate for a title to Rangers being desperate for that not to happen. Hearts, United, Falkirk, Raith, Partick and so on all making statements about what suits them best and fans basically all seeing things from their own club's viewpoints. There just seems to be no appetite to improve our 'passion'. I get that it's every man for themselves here and most of that self interest is born out of financial necessity in many cases. However, we genuinely have an unexpected opportunity to take a step back and collectively move the game forward in a way that's better for fans, clubs, the national team, non-leagues - everything. And all that's happening is short term solutions to make sure certain clubs keep the finances turning over while hand outs are dolled out as nothing more that shush money. Do I need to throw (including fuel, programmes and whatnot) £500+ a year into something that I know is pretty much rigged from the off? Thankfully my financial situation hasn't been influenced by recent events (yet) so my ST money is sitting there, but I can't quite bring myself to part with it. Add in some personal feelings regarding the product, the atmosphere, the time of games etc and maybe I've needed less of a dunt than most folk to feel like this is no longer my game. It really is a matter of a couple of years ago that I lived and breathed this stuff but I am genuinely not missing the football at all, neither as a product, or a discussion point. I don't know whether I'm more surprised or disappointed by that realisation.
  7. Speak for yourself mate. I'm trying hard not to be a drama queen (one of the reasons I've been much less active of late on here) but I'm so utterly disillusioned with the whole thing that I'm genuinely trying to stop the camel's back from breaking but there are just more and more straws being piled on top. Following Dundee for me has never been about 'glory hunting' (obviously, none of us are glory hunters) and I've derided clubs like Man City, Chelsea, Celtic and to a lesser extent Gretna for simply buying success. I can't see much difference here mate, but I understand that I sail against the wind. Oh, and a dollop of cash (Marrs/Keyes etc) has worked well for us previously...
  8. I'm maybe just an over principled twonk but the whole thing stinks and I'm rapidly losing interest. Genuinely wondering if it's time to forget all about football, because the decisions being discussed have nothing to do with sport, fairness, fans or less wealthy teams.
  9. I appreciate the logic and rationale of both of these reasoned statements, but it's really, seriously, 100% not for me. I'd honestly rather watch us in one of the bottom two divisions than sell our souls to finish 7th in the top flight.
  10. Aye but would he curry favour with the manager??
  11. Completely agree Cobra but as this thread shows people don't want to hear it.
  12. Arguably the row in front and behind would need to be empty anyway as they are not 2 metres distance from the populated row. I don't envy anyone trying to sort this out but the way I see it, if 25% attendance was feasible then the top flight wouldn't be talking about playing behind closed doors.
  13. How many people will be allowed into each row of seats? Anymore than two - or two groups - and social distancing goes out of the window as soon as someone wants to leave their seat after someone else has entered the same row as them. I understand the eagerness to get the game back and make sure we have a club to support but until that above question is answered I don't think we'll be allowed to open the doors.
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