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  1. barkblue

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    We were certainly derby donkeys anyway...
  2. barkblue

    Third Red Strip On Way Today

    I've no great ties with the forces, but it's a smart, well thought out strip. I won't be parting with my readies for it though.
  3. I think we also have to take into account that our neighbours are seasons ahead of us in terms of adapting to the Championship. The strength and style of their squad has taken 4 seasons and a few managers to get to this stage. We are looking for similar results from a guy a few months into a rebuild and with a squad adjusting to the mix of negative/physical teams in this league. There's a reason why most clubs don't bounce straight back up after being relegated.
  4. barkblue

    Eddie May At Dens Today?

    Great post mate. I think the thing is that Ross was only an example. There were many correct reasons why he wouldn't have been interested at the time and it's no real shock he gave us the runaround. I think, for me, most of what you've described has been because of the poor managerial appointments we've made, rather than because we're some sort of basket case club. Realistically any appointment is fraught with risk, but from Barry Smith (no experience and an appointment made out of necessity) to Bomber (just a bizarre move), through Hartley (arguably the only one of the recent appointments that felt properly thought through) to McCann (did anyone say bizarre?) to the panic stations and about turn of McIntyre to the (being really harsh here) budget option of the extremely respected novice of McPake it just feels like we constantly make do and compromise purely because the folk appointing these guys simply have no connections within the game. As you say, that leaves a dearth of knowledge above the manager to guide, advise and, at times, say no to the manager, which arguably has caused the majority of the problems that have ensued. However, I'd argue that what's really been lacking is coaching ability - the experience and vision to shape a team with a solid core and clear plan that can, mostly, dictate play and impose their style on the opposition. What constantly appointing rookies (including Bomber, who kinda was and kinda wasn't, so three of the last five have been given their first go at Dens and then done basically nothing since) has resulted in is the exact opposite. It really feels like McCann and McPake are working from a manual - constantly shuffling and changing to mitigate so-so opposition and imposing an admirable style often beyond the players at their disposal. So far, on paper, McPake's recruitment is much more steady (McCann got a few really right and most REALLY wrong) but I can't help but feel that a more experienced manager (being honest, I can't suggest any as I really don't have much of an interest beyond DFC these days) could have shaped the players in a much more effective way. There are arguments on both sides but - taking away McIntyre who was just unbelievably out of his depth in an already admittedly bad situation - the constant rookie recruitment has dug us deeper and deeper into the hole McPake inherited and isn't quite getting us out of, yet. Although you only have to look down the road to Perth to see that rookies (Sturrock, McInnes, Wright) can work out at a more stable club with much more clear constraints and budgets. The part where I maybe move away from your point of view is that if you offered someone with a bit of experience and a reputation the backing that Hartley, or McCann received in budget and time to get it right (or wrong), while being at the helm of a club that genuinely has the potential to regularly compete for mid-table in the top division, then, arguably, what better jobs are there in Scotland for a manager at that level? Either way, the more we analyse it, the harder it becomes not to come to the conclusion that the real problem lies higher up than the manager's position.
  5. barkblue


    Ridiculous to see Rangers sympathisers getting in s froth about this. Hilarious
  6. barkblue

    Eddie May At Dens Today?

    I've got to take (very slight) issue with that part. I'm not saying that the Dundee job is like being offered the top spot at Liverpool or Barcelona, but there's not a single thing that convinces me that we aren't in a position to attract a better manager, wit something of a track record, than McCann, McIntyre, or on paper, McPake. I think the board have aimed low and achieved that goal. They then throw more cash at the guy in the job than they really know what to do with. If some of the money Hartley, McCann and McIntyre have burned on huge squads and paying off copious amounts of ineffectual CBs and CMs, then maybe we could have waved enough cash at someone like Jack Ross. Arguably Hartley's mistake was not moving on after taking us to 6th in the top flight. Where else were we going to go from there? If a manager could come in and take us from where we are today to 5th in the top flight (not easy, granted) then their stock would be pretty high. I don't understand what's not attractive about that?
  7. barkblue

    Eddie May At Dens Today?

    It's drawn in crayon.
  8. barkblue

    Kamara (Again)

    Spot on Cobra. There was a couple of tims where I declared that McCann had finally sussed it but they were short lived, false dawns, unfortunately,
  9. barkblue

    Kamara (Again)

    Absolutely mate. However, in the last three seasons, the amount of goals we have lost (one just in the last derby there as well) through playing football in and around our own box is incredible. Watch top flight English football most weeks and you'll see this stuff happening regularly. To me, if you're a Pep, or a Klopp and have that budget, then total football is an absolute joy to behold (more so Liverpool in my eyes, as they are fast, direct and aggressive) but take it down the merest notch or two and it quickly becomes crap shoot football. I've said before that McCann's intentions were pure, laudable and admirable and yet he took us backwards at an alarming rate.
  10. barkblue

    Kamara (Again)

    Montenegro tried to play slow, ball retaining, build it from the back football against England last night. They got beat 7-0.
  11. barkblue

    Kamara (Again)

    Initially Woods had a positive impact on the team. He did add a bit of dig and we had a run under McIntyre, with Woods playing, that suggested we might just scratch our way out of a hole. An injury time defeat to Celtic utterly burst that bubble and we hit free fall with Woods basically hiding on the park. I'm not sure whose ever argued against that? We were losing games and being overrun with Kamara in the team and while he was and is STREETS ahead of Woods, the long and short of it is that we were getting relegated with or without him and no amount of "I was right, I was right, look at me" now will change that. McCann was a clown and he constructed an utterly bollocks squad that was unable to win games and that included when Kamara was playing. Our league position when the manager was punted proved that and it was no better when Kamara left. However, as he's proved, in a much better squad, the lad's a serious player. Was Woods an upgrade? Absolutely not. Did he help improve the team's prospects for a very short term? Actually, he did. Whether you like it or not Kamara was more interested in a move to Rangers than digging Dundee out of relegation. Fair play to him, it sure as sh*t worked out for him and not for us. Interestingly the likes of Greg Stewart got castigated for trying (with less talent and at least we got a fee for him) to do the same, while Kamara has become some sort of mythical deity for one or two.
  12. barkblue


    I've mentioned previously that Strachan and McPake are good mates so if the elder isn't guiding the younger then something is wrong. It obviously isn't making much difference so far. Just my two cents but I don't think Strachan was all that as a manager. His managerial CV is completely transformed by being in charge of one of the old firm, where basically, if you don't win half the trophies on offer you're a failure.
  13. barkblue


    I doubt Strachan is having more than a slight passing interest in the first team. He's not part of the coaching staff.
  14. barkblue

    Kamara (Again)

    Not doubting that at all Cobra. However, there's a fair bit of revisionist history being trotted out now by folk looking to go 'told you so'. (not you by the way )
  15. barkblue

    Kamara (Again)

    Blethers. Folk were concerned about his performances before he left because he was playing way below his potential and looked disinterested. Even with that in mind and some criticism on here not one person chased him from anywhere. Other than his agent maybe.
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