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  1. Great link here to a full scan of the 1985 programme from a Dens Park friendly against Eintracht Frankfurt. Some great wee pieces of nostalgia there - including the adverts and the likes! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157644514120583/ The link comes from a flickr page by Miles McClagan (who I asked first before sharing) who I follow on twitter. He posts tons of English and Scottish (and other) programmes from the past, as well as highlighting some of the ridiculous content from the day. He's well worth a follow in general, but especially now that we mostly have a wee bit of extra time on our hands. Feel free to show him some love on his twitter account... https://twitter.com/TheSkyStrikers ...he's not a Dee, but you'll see from his header that he's got a fascination for a certain Isla Fisher in a Dee top (I sent him a photo of the story from my scrapbooks!), which is how we got 'chatting' in the first place! 🙂 And as I type, he's also replied to me and added the full Tele Souvenir for the 1962 Cologne game as well! Although that might have been shared on the forum previously. Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157698284646804
  2. I've been worried about the silence coming from the club but having read that it's allowed them time to gather their thoughts, understand the situation as best they can and put out a positive, meaningful statement that as a Dee I'm proud to get behind. Well done to everyone at the club but especially John Nelms. The man takes a lot of stick, so credit where credit is due.
  3. I'm in a reasonable financial situation here.... for now. Who knows what's coming round the corner over the next wee while? Must admit, unpopular though it may be, that this sort of thing is pretty far down my list at the moment. Appreciate others might see it differently.
  4. Conversely I've just been on a national conference call for our (global) business (some of which is still open to serve essential custom here and elsewhere) and they appear to be planning for furlough on into next month. I still don't think anyone knows what's happening because nations are all acting with no coherent collective strategy.
  5. I think if we go down this route then the next season will get held up anyway, because I'd wager Rangers and Hearts would begin separate legal actions and if they are even heading towards looking like they'd be successful then so would teams from leagues below the top flight. I honestly think we'll have to resume and then take subsequent seasons from there. It really doesn't matter if one season ends one weekend and the next one starts after a 2 week holiday. After all it will be the same for every club. That's not coming from any like, or dislike, of any other particular team but more from the practicalities that the potential for weeks and months of further disruption are too great to change teams' fates without an on the park conclusion. It's simply asking for trouble. Imagine a scenario where Hearts get relegated. Take the league to court as the new season begins and then we're forced to scrap a season already in progress and reinstate Hearts in the top division again - or the authorities have to compensate them a seven figure fee? And then you just know the league would appeal...
  6. Well done mate. Absolutely kicking myself for not getting that. Loved watching that front line.
  7. As every good striker should! Lovell did love a derby goal too!
  8. Yes, it was him that scored the same day as Fab Cab! Thanks! Been wracking my brains!
  9. Has Caballero been mentioned? Someone else scored the day he did but can't for the life of me remember who.
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