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  1. And it also/mostly has been. That said it's sometimes difficult to frame our future without being mindful of our past. Some good ideas here but it needs someone to step up and start something rather than just discussing it.
  2. I'm no expert on the subject but my understanding is that the club was doing OK financially without having the playing budget they felt could sustain a promotion challenge but Brannan wanted to roll the dice and it was Melville's money that they decided to do that with after he made a commitment to fund 'x' amount every month. We then signed a few household (to Dee's anyway) names. However, Melville's cash was pretty much tied up in his business interests (current events that have been going through the courts will reveal what they were and how convoluted it was/is) and when that hit a downturn he found himself suddenly a lot less wealthy that he thought he was. From what I know he then continued to bankroll things for a short while, even during admin and stayed true to his word as best he could, whereas Brannan and co (with the exception of Harry Mc) headed for the hills, rather than stay and help dig the club out of the sh*t they'd basically encouraged them to get in on Melville's behalf. Appreciate there will be those who were closer to events who will know better than me.
  3. Harry is, in my opinion, one of the most balanced posters on the forum and was suggesting that the previous poster naming Kerr in that list would be controversial (as your replies have proved 😉 ), not that it was 'right' (not that naming him was right or wrong, it was just an opinion) for the lad to be on the list in the first place. 😣
  4. The bridge needs to be built by the club, but that's hardly likely. As @Prince Buster has suggested, the current board of DFCSS have gone a long way to safeguarding the money they raise but also slowly improving links to the club. The minutes from the recent AGM detail the meetings that have taken place between the two bodies and while they are hardly best mates, at least each party seems able to air their differences professionally to each other and then still agree to begin to work together on a few things here and there. Considering recent history it's a major step.
  5. It still seems that any criticism of Kerr, whether constructive, balanced or not brings out the same two or three posters in hives and they simply have to go on the attack. Given the lad's form it's pretty bizarre to be honest - and that's coming form someone who think he is, for a variety of reasons, an important part of the squad.
  6. For a few reasons (some still being raked up now in legal terms) Melville didn't quite have the cash he thought he did and with him basically bankrolling day to day function at the club, his plight turned ours into disaster. The current situation is very similar, but with a seemingly more balanced benefactor. There are no guarantees that Keyes will stick around and the likelihood is he won't be here forever. However, I don't see another viable option emerging on the horizon. There doesn't seem to be local business appetite to take on either Dundee club, there isn't a big enough fan fund to simply take on the running of the club and neither does there seem to be some Middle Eastern mogul ready to throw cash away in Scottish football. So what's the alternative? I dread to say it, but living within our means would be something that the fans would be up in arms against. Just look at the clamour for new faces every transfer window and the complaints at the standard we sign. Remove the Yanks' backing and what finance would there be for the squad? Or anything else for that matter? Motherwell are being held up as the way to go, but they have soft loans and investors within the club doing what Keyes does, St Johnstone have likewise, so it is really possible? I do actually agree that prudent, local ownership would be the most desirable situation for the club but what that would look like and who would be running the show, well that's a different question entirely. Maybe the answer is that we all should be clubbing together and raising money for the rainy day fund just in case the worst happens. However, this thread shows perfectly how many differing opinions come to the fore and then just how virtually impossible it would be for those looking after any fund raising initiative. You have, perfectly reasonably, suggested you won't put money into the club as is and another poster has stated they won't fund DFCSS, which I also understand. But what's left, especially if the club won't accept any fan cash that comes with even the slightest constrictions on it as to what it would be used for? And round and round we go.
  7. Now that's from the 74/75 set How old were the photos Topps were using?? 😁.
  8. Fair points, and well made Rev. If we do agree on raising cash and as a group agree it is the lottery/youths that the money should go towards then I'd back it anyway to be honest, even if it wouldn't be my first choice. 👍
  9. I don't get this experiment part. What Keyes and Nelms have done is appoint and support managers. That they've chosen poorly doesn't make it an experiment, just unfortunate/bad choices made for the right reasons. Keyes covers the losses we are making every year. Arguably, like Motherwell we now have no external debts, so the cub is 'run' in a better manner than at probably any other time in my lifetime. What is inarguable is that the football side of things has been progressively poorer season on season since Hartley left. However, unlike back in the days of Dixon/Duffy, we aren't on the brink of oblivion every week, or like under the Marrs or Melville, being led down a financial garden path. I 100% understand that the football side of things has been pretty shocking for at least 3 seasons now (and I've been very vocal about that and my thoughts as to why) but for me it's important that we don't lose sight of where we are, and that's in a position where even with things not going well on the park we are remarkably stable as a club and, so far, there's no sign of that ending.
  10. Just noticed that there is one cad from 75/76 not wearing that top...
  11. Hi Donny, looking through my own cards, we are both correct. Bobby was the only card from that year but the three you mention are wearing that kit in the set from 1975/76 - In the 1976/77 set they've reused the same picture of Bobby from the year before. Interestingly Jocky is actually playing for Aberdeen in the 76/77 set...
  12. I hate to correct you Donny, but Bobby was the only Topps card to feature that strip. For example... All from that year can be found here. Some great pics too! http://cards.littleoak.com.au/197677_topps_scottish_red/Dundee.htm
  13. All suggestions are good suggestions and the next comment is purely personal opinion. However I would prefer investment raised here not to go to the youth set up and I mean that with all due respect to those involved in that side of things, both in terms of coaching, organising and fund raising.
  14. Can't argue with much of that. Old ground though and I wish we'd (me included 😉 ) stop regurgitating it.
  15. Whose to say Kamara would have signed it? Not being rude but there's a whole lot of supposition about what did or didn't happen with this deal when in reality players and agents are in total control these days.
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