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  1. barkblue

    Jim Duffy

    I think that the thing for me is that you look at a club like Motherwell who, with a few scares along the way, have never been in the lower leagues since the Premier league came into being and I can't see any justification as to why we can't do the same. Why is it unrealistic for us to be able to replicate that stability? If we keep on accepting that we are at the level we are, then we are destined to stay in this yo-yo situation. In all reality there is no good reason why we can't be a stable, regular top flight team that flirts with relegation on occasion, while sometimes overachieving a wee bit. With the money put into the first team in recent years the only reason we haven't achieved that is poor managerial appointments and subsequently, poor player recruitment. it's nothing to do with who we are, our history, or any massive delusion of grandeur from the support. I don't get the constant talking ourselves down. The likes of Motherwell, Kilmarnock and St Johnstone are no bigger than us and two of those have been in the bottom division in Scotland within my lifetime but all three (while hardly always being safe from the drop and reconstruction saved Motherwell) are what we would call established top flight teams. I don't 'expect' to be top flight all the time, but I do think we have every opportunity to make that a reality and don't think it's helpful that a guy who underachieved with his Dundee squads should be telling us what we should or shouldn't expect.
  2. barkblue

    Most Damaging Signings

    Was Romano not a midfielder? You thinking of Marcello Marroco maybe?
  3. barkblue

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Here's hoping anyway.
  4. barkblue

    Dundee Fc - Contracts for 19/20

    Nelson already tweeting about next season...
  5. barkblue

    Who do you think will be next?

    I'm still not convinced that he could have kept a clean sheet playing alongside Genseric Kusunga though...
  6. barkblue

    Most Damaging Signings

    If that was his major concern, and he was forced to, then why didn't he just refuse to play ball with the board and walk? McCann stated over and over that these guys were the sort of player he wanted to play the sort of football he desired. I know you're just shooting the breeze here mate, so this really isn't aimed at you, but the McIntyre era being so bad has allowed McCann's disastrous period to be re-written as some sort of missed opportunity for us and him. It was a total shambles that resulted in a halfwit like McIntyre being given the run of the club for far longer than he deserved.
  7. barkblue

    Team v St Mirren

    As I said to Rev, we all see it differently mate. I think Gowser has been giving diminishing returns for three seasons now and I;d be concerned if we were relying on him week in, week out in the rough and tumble of the Championship. I'd really ike to see a guy with more presence in there moving forward.
  8. barkblue

    Team v St Mirren

    Proof that we all see it differently mate. Maybe harsh when comparing him to the Gowser of old, especially compared to those about him, but he looks a shadow of his former self to me. If he's here next season I hope he proves me wrong.
  9. barkblue

    Team v St Mirren

    We don't always agree WW, but I'm with 100% there.
  10. barkblue

    Team v St Mirren

    Got to disagree with you regarding Gowser mate, I think he looks completely done. Another day where he needed three touches instead of one, was slow to move the ball on and got overrun any time someone challenged him. Not sure what's gone on their, but I think he's been absolutely terrible this season, even though he's still given his all. It was that attitude that saw us spend 7 seasons in the second tier not all that long ago.
  11. We scored a good goal on the break though and that was exactly what the changes were for. Miller and Nelson had stopped working as one was, obviously, having to drop into midfield all the time and neither really seemed to want to be the one to do that deeper role. Then when Wright came on it was natural for him to sit deeper and with Jesse Curran on as well, we suddenly had two players capable of holding the ball and taking men on. I thought it was a move that worked, because at 9 men, we really had to give up their half of the pitch and look to hit on the break. He also seemed to want to allow another young lad on, no matter what, and on a day like today I'm all for that. I'm much more upbeat about McPake and Irvine having a shot at it, if they do. I think McPake is a motivational guy that comes with a huge amount of respect from his fellow professionals and would definitely demand and get respect and hard work from his team, without constantly isolating players in the way our previous three managers seem to have done. I thought stuff today like bringing in Robertson for a debut, bringing Hamilton back in, seeing as I guess he'll be first choice next season, making Cammy captain, dropping Woods from the squad and also the way we were playing prior to the sending off, makes me think he's an intelligent thinker capable of making positive change, given time. Personally I'd far rather him than a nugget like Adams who has marginalised players, fallen out with fans and fallen foul of officials everywhere he's been. I think we need to move forward in a positive way, with a longer term plan and a real change of emphasis. McPake may not be that man, but, for me, the old guard are definitely not the answer. Really tough decision for the club because there's genuinely not a stand out candidate that I can see.
  12. barkblue

    The Way Forward for DFC (note to FPS)

    This is classic BBC Scotland. They bring in guys with an axe to grind (not so much Duffy, to be fair, or you'd think not so far down the line) and expect an intelligent, insightful discussion from them. Dodds clearly has had his lugs knocked out of joint by us a few times and as someone who was looking to be employed by us again recently, now can't hide his true colours once more. His latest comments must surely convince anyone who thought we should have brought him in with McIntyre that the guy should be nowhere near Dens. McCann is desperately trying to earn a living as a pundit while salvaging what little reputation he has a manager/coach and it's painful. He has basically ignored any part he played in the team being so bad that we turned to McIntyre and allowed him to rip the whole thing apart mid season. If we hadn't been relegated it would laughable. Dodds was refused employment, McCann was asked, how can we expect unbiased opinion from the pair? That all said, few of us have much faith in Nelms getting it right this time after getting it so wrong the last twice, so there's maybe a modicum of truth in it all anyway. Now that I've completely contacted myself, rant over!
  13. barkblue

    Who do you think will be next?

    Are we going to be offering that much cash though??
  14. Agree with that. The guy's done a good job but it's hardly been world changing stuff. Another guy being bigged up by his pals in the media.
  15. Can't you see the Do Not Disturb sign??????
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