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  1. barkblue

    The New Stadium Thread

    Let's not allow the facts to get in the way of an intrenched opinion now, eh?
  2. barkblue

    John Nelms

    I don't have superior knowledge. But then I don't go around making up folk's salaries and posting them on forums.
  3. barkblue

    John Nelms

    That wasn't the post I was referring to. You were asked to prove the wage Nelms is taking matches the figure you keep giving. You couldn't so pulled out the stock standard quote above.
  4. barkblue

    John Nelms

    The stock, standard answer when someone has proved you to be incorrect.
  5. We call that hoofball in Dundee.
  6. barkblue

    The New Stadium Thread

    And if I am, so be it. You'd need to be a strange kind of 'supporter' of our club to put that self interest before the future prosperity of Dundee FC.
  7. barkblue

    The New Stadium Thread

    He's more worried about 20 minutes in a car park and the slightest chance of rain.
  8. barkblue

    Six Minutes Added On

    I'm only following the logic of the article. Can't say I watch enough rugby to be able to make a comparison.
  9. Judge me by my size do you? Remember your failure in the cave??? Yoda did indeed ask questions! We should have interviewed him for the gaffer's job when NM got the boot!
  10. I agree with your assessment Cobra. That's exactly how I see it too.
  11. barkblue

    Six Minutes Added On

    This topic has been discussed before on here Harry but I couldn't find the same study this time, but the link below gives the same idea. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40993250 The concern with actually stopping the clock every time there's a stoppage, or the ball goes out of play is that genuinely, you could be doubling the game time, if not more. The stats in the worst case scenario in this link suggests that from 90 mins of football, only 47 mins 40 seconds was played - that's basically 50%. Even on the proviso of going down to two 30 minute halves, theoretically, you could have the 30 minutes injury time (50%), then you could still end up with another 15 minutes injury time and then another 7.5 mins from that 15 minutes and so on. I know that's the extreme, but that initial game time with the ball in play is from a real game, so this would be possible and from just my rough calculations, we'd end up with a game that would be 120 minutes-plus (then add in half time). Some studies suggest some 90 minute game only have around 30-35 minutes with the ball in play. Then imagine it's a cup game that goes to extra time and penalties, played midweek and we'd all be leaving the ground around midnight!
  12. That's a very forceful opinion. (boom-thing!) ..... Hard To Take
  13. After a season and a quarter. And rightly so.
  14. Never said you were and neither am I. There's been no pride to restore this season. We've been abject from start to finish and under both managers have suffered numerous embarrassments. At least today the players (with one glaring moment of exception) stuck to their tasks, showed some resolve and worked for each other. That should be the minimum, but under McCann we saw zero of that and under McIntyre it has come and gone. Fans, however, respond to effort and a wee bit of heart. At least we saw that today. It nearly sneaked us a point and in a season where all of these things have been sorely lacking, that some folk are taking some solace in a fighting display - even if it was backs against the wall - is quite understandable. McIntyre had a plan today, it was pretty uninspiring in terms of flowing expansive football, but considering he tried to go toe to toe against Rangers a few weeks back and we got our asses handed to us, a more pragmatic approach seemed much more advisable with the players at his disposal. It's easy to cast aspersions on our team and our manager today but what the alternative were, I'm not so sure and I haven't seen a viable option from any of the detractors as to how else we should have approached the game. Neither are exactly preferable, but I'll take a performance like that today over a 5-0 thrashing when we've 'had a go'.
  15. Your glee at McIntyre's Dundee team getting beat is what is utterly tiresome.

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