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  1. It was an astounding save Iain, Forster didn't do much wrong with it. Firm header, on target and not directly at the keeper.
  2. Yeah, thought their No11, Iain Flanagan, was excellent.
  3. barkblue

    The Curious Case of Kane Hemmings

    I can't see the problem personally. If we only had Nelson and Johnson we'd all be saying that we're light up top and short of numbers. Would we rather we'd brought in someone with less of a track record than Hemmings so it wasn't a 'waste' having him on the bench? Johnson has been excellent so far. He deserved to start yesterday and I'm pleased McPake had the strength to pick the right team and not the 'name' player, as he maybe has been up to now. Will Johnson manage to score enough goals on his own though? Probably not. No one scores every game, no one stays fit/avoids suspension every week and players can have dips in form. With 25 minutes to go yesterday we had the luxury of replacing one really good striker with another and then still bringing on another after that to play in a deeper role. Surely that's a good position to be in and one we've been crying out for for seasons? That all said Kane does look a little out of sorts but it's early days and he has scored since his return so it's not all been bad news. It took a while to strike up a partnership last time when he was here and for him to hit top form. If I've one disappointment from yesterday, it's that young McPake had to go off before Kane came on, because he was providing the sort of service Hemmings could thrive off. What I'd give for a squad that has the strength and depth right across it that our frontline does right now.
  4. I think Marshall has been consistently good since he arrived. Wasn't there last week but all reports the loanee from Hibs was that bad that Marshall will maybe feel more secure now than he did before the lad arrived?
  5. Opning goal from today...
  6. I think sometimes that it's more that his final ball is lacking. That's possibly more apparent because he does so much up to that point really well. He contributed a lot today and yet he still frustrated at times, but then so did most of the team.
  7. Love him or hate him that's classic McCall.
  8. Some of the abuse on twitter pre-match about the formation shows a serious lack of understanding of where our issues have been this season. I'd loved to have seen 2 up top with two wide players today producing great football, loads of chances and a hatful of goals. Odds on more than half of those goals would have come at the wrong end though. Decent win today but some folk still think we should just steamroll teams in this league every week because we are Dundee. Arbroath got a good point yesterday, Ayr beat the best team in the universe pretty easily and Dunfermline have gained 2 points all season. At some point people will realise that there are no diddy teams in this league and be thankful for decent displays like today. ...or maybe not.
  9. From memory. One really good one in the first half, touching Gowser's shot on to the post and a decent one pushing a shot wide. He also saved a good attempt at an OG. 2nd half. Header from Forster that he shoved onto the bar (great save) header from McDaid down low and a decent shot from Hemmings. Plus we scored two and Hemmings had a decent shot blocked, Johnson was called offside when it looked tight before he was about to go 1 on 1, Cammy was chopped down for a (non) pen with the goal gaping and Gowser should have scored from inside the box from a McDaid (maybe not McDaid) through ball/cross. I didn't think we were great today but we created more chances than we have in any other game this season. And folk are STILL complaining about 1 up front.
  10. Was maybe a little slow in booking a couple of their players but I thought he got their pen spot on. It was an honest challenge but the lad was caught as he shot. He let the shot go wide and deemed no advantage so called it back. Looked right to me. Not much else in the game for him to do... Voted bad though because the Cammy pen was as stick on as you'll see. Cammy takes and age to shimmy two players off, sets to shoot and then gets clattered as he's about to basically pass into the net. One of the easiest pens to give I've seen in a long time. Bizarre.
  11. Marshall and McGhee were both excellent again today. Marshall does the dirty stuff well and gets stuck in but he's also intelligent going forward, knowing when to drive on and when to slow the play down and bring a team mate into the game. His ability to be available for the ball gave McPake a lot of room to work in first half as well. McGhee is a good football playing CB. Broke forward with intent a couple of times but he reads the game well at the back and does a lot of work covering for Forster's more impetuous style of play. McPake was our most potent threat and his first 45 minutes was the best from anyone on the park, although their No11 was decent too. Robertson makes the team tick. He needs to learn that the ball across the face of his own box is risky and shouldn't be played as often as he likes to but other than that it's hard to find fault. We look a million times better with him playing. Good showing from Johnson again in the lone striker role and while folk may not necessarily like it it's easy to see why he's getting the nod over Kane and Nelson. I thought was lost impetus again when Kane came on and Nelson for Gowser was a strange one because that was a much better showing from Gowser again. Cammy had an OK game. No mistakes, nothing outstanding, whereas Forster continues to look far too easily flustered and wants to get too involved sometimes leaving way too much space behind him when he fails to win the ball. Another reasonably anonymous performance from Byrne, while McDaid in the build up is excellent but seriously let down by his final ball. Todd, who I've bigged up, contributed little when he came on but I'd still like to see his passing ability through the middle, rather than out wide where he seems to look a little stranded at times. Leaving Hamilton. One great save in the first half when the ball nearly looped in as it got caught in the wind and I can't fault him for the goal - the defence had a couple of opportunities to clear and left him exposed. Claimed or punched everything else and made another couple of good saves and his penalty stop kept the points at Dens. He's my MOTM. (McDonald was equally as good for them and his distribution is absolutely first rate whether from a dead ball or from hand and was a real weapon for them at times).
  12. barkblue

    Graham Dorrans

    I think the problem is that all these players play out wide (I still think Todd could play more centrally) and we seem to create nothing from the centre of the park. I'm not expecting a guy of Kevin Thomson's class to turn up but he could control a game from the middle of the park, break up play and pick a killer pass, all while being distinctly immobile. Unfortunately none of our central midfielders so far seem to be able to fill that roll.
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