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  1. They did mate, but he managed to use his mind powers to deflect them all over the bar!
  2. I've been on the blower booking the open top bus. Winning a feckin' penalty shoot out? Surely we get some sort of trophy for that? Not everyone can do it you know!
  3. barkblue

    Raith V Dundee

    Yes but that doesn't fit the current drum that's being beaten into submission.
  4. barkblue

    Season 19/20 - Championship Rivals

    Looks like the sticklebricks are coming unstuck! I reckon it's just a cage they're building to keep them away from the wider population.
  5. No signing! As they say, don't cry over spunked milk!
  6. barkblue

    Raith V Dundee

    For anyone who hasn't seen it...
  7. barkblue

    New Song Book

    Let's try and get behind the current team and leave the past where it is and not worry about too much about whose song is whose.
  8. barkblue

    Raith V Dundee

    That'll do nicely!
  9. barkblue

    Raith V Dundee

    Curran scores. Absolutely DELIGHTED for the boy!
  10. Appreciate your view mate. I'm not going to try and explain away, excuse or justify that sort of behaviour towards our own players. It's unacceptable no matter the reasons.
  11. You need to compare like for like. What were Motherwell supporters like at an away game when one of their fringe players got a start when they were desperate for points? And how chirpy cheery were we towards our managers we when we took 7 off Aberdeen or 6 off them across the road?
  12. There's no doubt that some players connect better with fans, whether through their playing style, demeanour or the efforts they make to interact positively with the fans (it was great to see young Ferrie going out of his way to have some fun with the younger fans at the front of the Cox at half time on Tuesday for example). However, I'll never understand the way some lads carry on berating their own players. I've seen everyone from Colin Cameron to Vince Mennie through to Stewart and Bain having abuse hurled at them and then further anger howled in their direction when they don't just shrug the shouting off. There's no excuse for it other than downright braindeadery. Got to be honest mate and say that I've no idea. I don't watch much football on TV and don't do many away games these days so don't really experience what other supporters are like towards their own players. They certainly aren't shy of abusing them on social media though. As I said above, it's not a new thing but the vehemence shown towards Bain at Dens (and still on here by a few) was something I hadn't experienced before. That's maybe more to do with modern society but let's not get into that.
  13. We'll agree to differ on that mate. The lad was a talented, exciting match winner, who admittedly wasn't all that interested in that less glamorous aspects of the game. The treatment he got was unmerited and inexcusable.
  14. The difference is that Stewart got dog's abuse from a small but vociferous section of the Dundee support before he left. May left St Johnstone a hero.
  15. barkblue

    Choccy Bicky Cup

    Aye, that's a fair assessment WoodStein. I was just trying to (in my own special killjoy kind of way) illustrate that last time we won it, it did nothing for out short term confidence or form. I'd happily go out in the first round of every cup this season if it meant winning the league.
  16. barkblue

    Choccy Bicky Cup

    Not trying to be contrary for the sake of it but our season actually fell apart after that cup win. It was a good day though.
  17. Yes. He played Peter Withe. A big target man who scored goals and won a European Cup with Clough as manager of Nottingham Forest. He also did it with Aston Villa too. You're getting the idea now.
  18. McDaid does play the game with the ball at his feet, but crossed a few times (in the air - what a novelty) in the hope we had someone to head the ball into the goal, or across the box for someone else to score. It's about finding a way to score goals. Emphasis on the winning games regularly for the first time in three seasons.
  19. I'm with you Rev, but that thud I heard was the lead balloon hitting the deck with all the purists!
  20. Love it! I feel positively neanderthal for thoroughly enjoying all this crossing and goal scoring nonsense. It's all so old fashioned! And exciting and entertaining! And match winning. I can see why it's seen as old hat now!
  21. Falconer was excellent in the air, with the ability to knock in more than a few goals like that, or with his feet. Over and above that his link play was superb. Dropping deep, dragging defenders with him. He could hold the ball up, distribute it and then you'd suddenly see him in the box knocking the subsequent cross back across goal for someone to knock it in. Supposedly Caniggia loved playing alongside him because of the service he got from Falconer and room he created for him. In simple terms he was a target man but he was a whole lot more than that and it was easy to see how he survived the cull of homegrown players under Bonetti. This gives you an idea but doesn't really show his work and movement off the ball - defenders never got a moment's rest. Never seen this vid before and thoroughly enjoyed it!
  22. We were talking at the Blackpool game about us looking at getting a Falconer type (I know there could only ever be one Wullie Falconer!) for this season. It's exactly what we're missing in my opinion. You look at County last season, or St Mirren. Or even us last the last two times we got promoted (for real, not team 12 season). None of these teams were playing out and out shexshy football. Some good passing play combined to a bit of steel and directness gets you out of the Championship. I'm not asking for hump it long stuff but I've got a feeling that if we think we're going to pass our way through Morton, Ayr, QotS, Alloa etc, then we may well be very disappointed and frustrated, especially at Dens. We'll be a scalp in this league and the last times we were in it teams came to Dens determined to sit tight in defensive lines and nick the odd goal on the break. The 'better' teams in the league might let us play a bit but most definitely won't. It did however, look to me like Byrne, Ness, Forster and McGhee look up for that battle though.
  23. A boy with a bit of presence and aerial ability would have scored two or three from McDaid's crosses in the first half on Tuesday. Maybe you turned your head and missed that due to those blinkers you wear while sat on your high horse?
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