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  1. So May said he was coming and changed his mind or your source was so confident that he was coming that both he and you believed that. For the avoidance of doubt, could you possibly verify anything your source says with 'James' prior to posting. That is of course assuming you still have confidence in your source following your minter.
  2. Try calling Angela Bruce (Commercial Manager) 01224 392851, although would be in the Cove area.
  3. I'm sure they will get opportunities from the bench, and deservedly so, but possibly not too many starts. At the Brechin game Lyall did get pushed off the ball a little easy at times although redeemed himself with a well place goal and Finlay was playing a centre back role compared to his usual midfield which, against Brechin, gave him plenty time to show us all his ability on the ball. Would love to see them perform as well against Chamionship opposition but realistically this is perhaps too much to expect at this stage.
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