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  1. Would be good to get update from mcpake on Byrne? Strange he isn’t in squad again today after being in training yesterday
  2. Would be disappointed if this is true. I think he would be a massive player for us this season.
  3. Big rumours on Charlie Adam thread that Byrne is away? From a players dad supposedly. Personally I would be very disappointed to see him leave as I thought we were just starting to see what a good player he was when he was played in proper position. He was a big factor in the good results at end of last season. Hopefully it’s not true and he’s a Dundee player start of next season
  4. I think it would be crazy to let Byrne leave. Once he was played in his position he was one of the main reasons we went on a good run. the dark blues I think Byrne father isn’t alive I seen it not long ago on his instagram I’m sure. if a midfielder was to leave it would surely be ness?
  5. If adam signs what will happen with other midfielders at club? Surely we can’t keep all players happy in centre midfield. We would have dorrans Byrne Robertson ness Moore gowser and then young lads mulligan and max anderson.
  6. The question is why did it take mcpake so long to play Byrne in his actual position that he excelled in at Livingston? Once he played where he’s best he looked a total different player and a big reason on our turn of results. mcdaid looked really good at lwb but with Marshall returning it will be interesting where he plays now. Some good options
  7. What a stupid comment. He’s clearly a very good player and that was shown at end of the season. There was a premier league club trying to sign him in January and before he signed for Dundee there was a lot clubs wanting his signature. Your obviously a very negative person. regarding mcdaid that’s nonsense saying he only showed up for TV games. He worked very hard last season even if he wasn’t having his best game. He’s a very good player also. maybe try get behind the players this season that might help. They have all took pay cuts and clearly want to help club.
  8. I won’t criticise him. No one knows his position. It’s also not been confirmed. Byrne seems to have been getting a lot of stick with people saying it’s him that’s not took wage cut. If it’s Kane hopefully it can get sorted with club as he’s big player
  9. This is really poor speculating about players! Not fair hammering players that have maybe helped club
  10. Byrne certainly isn’t gash. He was massive part of reason we went on good run at end season. Playing him to his strengths and proper position. It’s also unfair to be slagging these players off when no one knows any the boys circumstances at all. No one knows what’s going on in their life’s. I hope it can all be resolved and everyone comes away happy.
  11. Hard times for every club right now. Feel for the players and staff. Hopefully we can all work together through this
  12. I would hazard back. Would also love Berra back but can’t see it happening now that hearts are in same league. what spl club is in for one our players? Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Byrne. I think he’s a top player and was starting to really show what he was about before this season ended. It is no shock that giving a run in team and played in proper position we seen best of him. I know a spl club tried to sign him in January I’m sure mcpake said that in January time. Hope he stays as I think he can be a big asset. we need another striker to challenge hemmings and Nelson. Maybe
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