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  1. Would love it to be a 16 team league for obvious reasons but can’t see them making it that. I think they might go to 14 team league
  2. Some of the ratings are all wrong. I think obviously Berra coming in helped us a lot but playing Shaun Byrne to his strengths made us so much better. He was like a different player the last few months. At the start we weren’t using him like Livingston did. Him playing next to dorrans is the best 2 to play in there then u can add in McGowan or Finlay to partner them. Kano having someone else upfront helped a lot to. He was starved of service earlier on in the season. There’s a making of a good team here if we can get it going
  3. Another 3 points and move onto inverness game
  4. No doubt he’s brought the best out in Forster and Meekings who have both been as impressive for me
  5. What a difference in him. I have always liked him but his game has went up a few levels recently. He was wrote of by some fans far to early in my opinion and now I can see why so much premier league clubs were chasing him at end of last season. He looks like he’s playing with a lot more confidence in recent games. Keep it going as I think he will be a big player for this club going forward
  6. Byrne was everywhere tonight , really enjoying watching him lately. Going to be a big player for the club. dorrans excellent tonight brilliant for the second goal. mcdaid caused the Ayr right back all sorts of problems tonight. Very good Berra was rock solid what a difference
  7. No stand out performers today but thought Forster Byrne dorrans all did decent enough in very tough conditions. Hazard gets special mention with his penalty save
  8. Just back from game. Poor game but a good point. Berra was very shaky first half and I don’t know what happened for the penalty. Seemed like Cammy was expecting hazard to come collect the ball. I think by his reaction he had a shout from hazard. Midfield had no chance at times today as the ball was just launched over there heads. Byrne and dorrans worked hard but never got any of ball. Byrne done well first half picking up a lot second balls. Gowser hardly touched ball but as I said earlier was constant long balls. Mcdaid struggled a lot today. Kano never won much in air either. Good point at a tough venue and horrible conditions
  9. Kano should come straight back into team but should never be for Byrne. I think Byrne played a lot further forward last night and was stealing ball of Alloa midfield all night. Another strong performance from him. I would possibly put Mcghee back to defence but not just now as defence been really good.
  10. How we never won that game I don’t know. Never seen us create so much chances. Couple of real sitters by Nelson last night. His 3rd chance would have been a cracking goal. Brilliant pass by Byrne to dorrans and great cut back and he blazed over. Defence solid again and Another clean sheet. Midfield absolute dominated full game. Byrne the pick of the bunch again and he seems to be getting better every week lately. McGhee done decent job and dorrans showed some quality. Mcdaid had their right back everytime he ran at him. Gowser was busy up top and some nice touches
  11. Bringing in Berra has been a big factor The teams playing a lot better. He’s getting the best out Byrne and he’s showing what a good player he is. Forster looks a lot more confident. Elliot has come in and added something to team. Crankshaw has added pace to side
  12. Massive result again for the team. Conditions looked terrible so fair play to them for getting the win. Defence looked really solid again especially Forster and Berra. Byrne playing really well again with dorrans. Both controlled the game especially the second half. Gowser was busy and done well for the goal. Elliot and mcdaid put in good shifts down the wings. Kano was a handful all day and crankshaw was lively when he came on. Nelson worked hard but not much came off for him. Onto Arbroath now big game
  13. We shouldn’t move Byrne as he looks like he’s starting to find his form. He’s been moved around a lot this season. I think playing him in his natural position and giving him the confidence will help massively. Maybe fin can move into that area but he looks like he can only play in front the backline. Maybe a chance for Cameron to play
  14. I seen mcpake saying he came off because he was on a booking. It takes a bit away from his game if he can’t go into tackles so I think sub was correct
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