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  1. Does anyone have any further info on the Dundee FC games in 1923 & 1924 listed in this weblink below, e.g. team sheets & goalscorers? http://www.rsssf.com/tablesb/brit-ier-tours-prewwii.html Dundee FC Tour of 1923 20-5-1923 Bilbao Athletic C.Bilbao-Dundee FC 0-3 W 21-5-1923 Bilbao Athletic C.Bilbao-Dundee FC 1-1 D 24-5-1923 Madrid Real Madrid-Dundee FC 0-2 W 27-5-1923 Valencia Valencia FC-Dundee FC 0-3 W 28-5-1923 Valencia Valencia FC-Dundee FC 0-1 W 31-5-1923 Barcelona FC Barcelona-Dundee FC 2-0 L 3-6-1923 Barcelona FC Barcelona-Dundee FC 3-1 L Tour of 1924 1-6-1924 Barcelona FC Barcelona-Dundee FC 0-2 W 5-6-1924 Barcelona FC Barcelona-Dundee FC 1-2 W 7-6-1924 Madrid Real Madrid-Dundee FC 1-1 D 8-6-1924 Madrid Real Madrid-Dundee FC 1-2 W 15-6-1924 La Coruña RC Deportivo La Coruña-Dundee FC 3-3 D 20-6-1924 La Coruña RC Deportivo La Coruña-Dundee FC 5-1 L 22-6-1924 La Coruña RC Deportivo La Coruña-Dundee FC 0-2 W Some info is provided in this press article but if anyone can help fill the other gaps, it'd be great. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/lemons-guns-and-rammies-dundee-beat-real-barcelona/
  2. Are any of the Statos able to help please with a list of all DFC players to score 100 or more goals and the number of goals each of those players scored?
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