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  1. They take a lot of stick but fair play to our club and it’s owners
  2. I'm onshore now, still hanging in there but looking bleaker by the day, hopefully my Mrs doesn't notice the season ticket payment going through from my redundancy
  3. To be honest, most of the views on DFC on here scare me. Not going to use this site for my Corona Virus updates
  4. EPL binned till April 4th. Surely a matter of time before its the same up here, can see tomorrow being off.
  5. Got a feeling it will be, already being prepped for home working and office closed to visitors, not allowed to attend external meetings etc.
  6. I'm actually starting to feel a bit better about the whole thing at the minute, his signing in Jan seem to be working out in the main. Clean sheets are a good start, although the Alloa game as disappointing result wise, the performance was much better than we had seen earlier in the year Hopefully we continue to improve, I think the manager has learned an awful lot this season too
  7. No arguments here, thought the ref was decent enough if im honest
  8. He was booked after complaining, correctly to be honest, when Nelson won a free kick on the edge of their box after clearly fouling their defender. Ref let a few things go for both teams I reckon. I thought Alloa played some decent stuff at times, Grant could well be a decent manager in time
  9. Was behind the other goal, right at the corner flag, seen myself on the tv. Think I was 10, the guy I went with ended up following the froots....... Plenty of them like that tho
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