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  1. offshoredee

    Dundee V Celtic 1985 Surviving Footage

    Remember being at this game, and being devastated when we lost the replay, and hacked off at my old fella for not taking me through to it. Oh to be 13 again
  2. offshoredee

    Woods and McGowan

    Maybe more a case that the manager feels he cant trust them rather than ability?
  3. offshoredee

    Woods and McGowan

    Showed their limitations today. Nicky Low bossed them
  4. offshoredee

    Andrew Nelson - Officially Signs

    Decent bit of news to come home from work too.... Hopefully tomorrow is rumour free and ends up with a signing as well
  5. offshoredee

    Dundee V Queen of the South

    I've hurt my head banging it on my desk at work................. Anybody got a link to a Dundee fans forum......
  6. Not even a rumour to keep up any interest.......
  7. offshoredee


    I’m still convinced this is a wind up and he’s another poster at the capers surely.......
  8. offshoredee

    DFCSS Email - Purchase of Shares

    This sums it up for me
  9. At least I’ll admit that unlike some My take given what little I know but based on what I heard. Ive absolutely no doubt there are people who are far more knowledgable about these things than me on here
  10. think the latter is true, the former unfortunately i dont think we are in that position. Hence why he'll possibly/probably not sign. Of course this could be nonsense
  11. Guess it’s all about patience but was hopefull we would have had more in by now
  12. offshoredee

    All the Best Marcus Haber

    Yip echo this. Was pivotal in us staying up so goes with best wishes
  13. Don’t think We’ll see Gardyne signing
  14. offshoredee

    Neil McCann

    This sums it up nicely I think. A lot to learn before he can speak about philosophies and identities Unfortunately another example of our club trying to run long before it can walk

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