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  1. Was behind the other goal, right at the corner flag, seen myself on the tv. Think I was 10, the guy I went with ended up following the froots....... Plenty of them like that tho
  2. To the news topics? No updates for days, or have I missed something?
  3. Against East Stirling at Dens I think, mid-late 70’s standing in the Derry with my uncle. Les Barr clearance hit me in the coupon. May well explain a lot 😂
  4. Think the courier next day said ‘ a roar that split the night sky asunder’ As a 16 yr old the Derry was unreal that night
  5. The Sun has him signing for Motherwell on a deal till the end of the season
  6. 9pts from last 30...... That alone should be enough.
  7. There’s no way we are weaker with Hemmings and Dorrans. System needs to be found to compliment our good players-we haven’t done that yet. Hemmings work rate is still up there, get the correct service and he will score
  8. I’d say some of the comments in here could be construed as trolling 😂😂
  9. I'm just awaiting the inevitable, 'we can still sign free agents' statement. I hope I am wrong, but when DJ left I expected a signing pretty much at the back of it. Also be nice to hear the reasons behind it Hopeful but not confident
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