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  1. Kane Hemmings will be a massive loss to us. Fantastic player at this level and imo was coming on to a real game before the end of last season.
  2. If I’m honest I’ve always found it no bother, I do know I have heard/read others who haven’t. Just thought it was important to pass on how it worked out for me, I’d be quick enough to point out if it was poor
  3. Just caved and renewed mine there, wasn’t going to until October but the thought of limited numbers getting back into dens and me not being amongst them got the better of me. Also Neil in the shop was very helpful, went through some options and got it sorted for me. Sometimes the shop gets bad press so worth a shout when they do it well
  4. Read on P&B that Ayr are back on August 17th
  5. Hopefully Berra wants 7 kept for him...…….
  6. Will renew mine in October 100%
  7. I think that's probably true of a lot of them, hopefully the wages get repaid if the insurance pays out. Still not convinced they will all be Dundee players by the time we get back underway but fingers crossed. As others have alluded to tho probably for the first time since Bosman the clubs may hold the upper hand. I'm sure Mcpake knows who is likely to stay or go.
  8. Think either player would improve us at the minute
  9. Yeah fair comment, just wondered if he was an option. I would take Murray to be fair I think he might be the kind of player that could thrive in the championship. Hopefully KH stays as has been rumoured.
  10. Wonder if Wighton might be an option now that Nelson is away? Prob get a chance now with Hearts changing manager I’d imagine. Even if he’s not in their plans they may not want to deal with us if we’re in the same league.
  11. Surely the whole point of a football supporters message board? It’s not serious, I know very few of the guys personally on here unlike back in the Dee mad days. I chose to read some, disregard a lot and laugh out loud at posts. Then I forget about it and get on with real life.
  12. In fairness to Deewee there are posters on here who are far more guilty of gibbering nonsense constantly and don’t get the level of scrutiny his posts get. I like a rumour and hope he keeps the posts coming
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