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  1. offshoredee

    The New Stadium Thread

    Brace yourself
  2. offshoredee

    The New Stadium Thread

    My eyes are bleeding
  3. offshoredee

    Worst Season Ever?

    So let’s get this right here......you seen Mccanns team and you’re not convinced we would’ve been worse off than we are now? You would’ve gave him another window? Maybe its me......
  4. He has a 1 year rolling contract I think? Be amazed if he's not
  5. offshoredee

    May 2018 Accounts

    A lot of summation in there. from memory if it wasn't for JB we may not have been able to exit administration last time.
  6. Very very boring to have to read your nonsense on a thread that has us out of the bottom 2 for the first time in months. Was hoping to speak about a decent result but nah
  7. Any chance we could just enjoy the result as opposed to this nonsense? Tedious.......
  8. offshoredee

    Deadline Day

    Tremendous stuff
  9. offshoredee

    Deadline Day

    Genuine belly laugh there
  10. offshoredee

    Deadline Day

    Aye you did, I just said it wasn’t just about ability, which was an answer in context to that statement But you know that. Opinions eh
  11. offshoredee

    Deadline Day

    You reckon? Not just about ability, certainly not in our current predicament. IMO the ‘out’ pile would be well and truly adrift. I’m sure you disagree
  12. offshoredee

    Deadline Day

  13. Had no idea he was still playing, I'm at the stage of just about anyone being an improvement tbh
  14. offshoredee

    Memorable Cup Replays

    He deffo saved one at Brockville, I thought it was in the cup but could be wrong.

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