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  1. Think the Hamilton game we lost when he basically said he didnt know what to change and how we'd get out of it was tantamount to resigning. I agree though I remember hoping he would be our manager for many years
  2. Was told when i renewed my season ticket that this was the plan.
  3. Lets hope there are no catholic school teachers involved in dfcss.........that relationship may prove tricky
  4. Think it was in one of DCT online reports, George Cran maybe?
  5. Think there are about 8 Orient players who have tested positive with COVID so game in doubt I believe
  6. Could well be right with that 😄
  7. Lets be honest here, before we shutdown Hemmings was playing well, seemed to have regained his appetite and was scoring-he was the better option from the two. Global pandemic notwithstanding Hemmings would more than likely have still been here and most of us would be happy with that.
  8. Don't think tis will be professional sports, hope not. The guy Leitch was on the radio at the weekend saying that football isn't under threat at the minute I believe. No chance of getting into games though I don't think
  9. I remember the Motherwell game grudgingly thinking how much we could do with that type of player.
  10. Wonder just how 'creative' we'd need to be to get this one over the line 😁
  11. Who knows if this is true?
  12. Aye totally agree, played a system that suited him, and thought he responded and contributed well.
  13. Tin hat on but I thought we had found Byrnes position latterly. He was playing well and contributing to the decent run we finished up on. I think he could certainly do a job
  14. That would be mental, I was thinking Byrne was that not rumoured previously
  15. The likes of Ivan are the posters who make a good board imo Find myself reading far more than posting now also. Once the games start I think that may change. If I’m honest I found myself getting wound up at times by certain things so decided to take a step back.
  16. Especially now with this news:
  17. DCT going all bi-polar on it.
  18. Kevin Ratcliffe? Played in the stainrod fedora game
  19. Was at firs park when we got promoted. Standing at corner flag seen myself on tv that night flag, scarves round wrists the lot 😂😂. Was only 9 but the guy I went with and his old man both turned into Dabs 🤢
  20. Kane Hemmings will be a massive loss to us. Fantastic player at this level and imo was coming on to a real game before the end of last season.
  21. If I’m honest I’ve always found it no bother, I do know I have heard/read others who haven’t. Just thought it was important to pass on how it worked out for me, I’d be quick enough to point out if it was poor
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