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  1. Yes I agree in normal circumstances but this will not bode well in a team environment, especially when there will be players earning far less Being prepared to support short term
  2. If he lets this drag on it puts us in the back pages for all the wrong reasons - whilst understand everyone and their circumstances are different and being a footballer is a short career I would have though KH was better placed than most at our club to ride our a small financial hit in our time of need . No matter what he did in the past for us the vast majority will not forgive him for this stance , me included
  3. Yes agree 109% with first sentence - the other players will not be best pleased and shows a lack of solidarity for others at the club
  4. Don’t rule out October with a 20% initial max v ground capacity . All being well it may build from there p
  5. Not great news on Kano if true and whilst he has the right to make this decision I still feel it’s disappointing in our time of need . Not convinced it shows a solidarity with his team mates to.
  6. Byrne would be in for me
  7. Not up in the air but if we keep majority of what we have then have a far better unit than last year with a few key additions if we can - a striker , min x1 CB, winger and a keeper
  8. And Elliot who would be a stick on at RWB. McGhee was excellent at CB last season but as we knew he could cover at several other positions with no fuss . For me he is a player who accepts responsibility particularly on the ball and the deserved leader in our team. Hope we sign a few more leaders before season starts
  9. A player we could relate to , wish him nothing but the best and great health
  10. I feel a lot of clubs are buried in the sand I feel - in all honesty whether we like it or not Dundee FC has a fight on its hands and at least JN has told us so and effectively asked for all to rally round and support. So far there are early indications people are pushing the boat out to increase ticket sales and other Activities . This will no doubt continue and have a snowball effect . others best to follow suit
  11. If I see Or hear that guy Jason Leitch again it will be to soon
  12. Credit to him 23 and captain after his first year at the club - can only assume he offers the same off the park than he does on it to be given the armband 👏
  13. Won’t have been easy for a player not playing but in all honest his time on the treatment table and latterly not getting a place in starting line up must have been about 80/20 in his time here
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