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  1. Bobby Dee

    Welcome Home Barry

    Love it we are offering a club legend employment .
  2. Bobby Dee

    Signing of the Summer So Far

    To be honest the players on this poll have all at various levels done pretty well . One of 2 others not on the poll have not done nearly enough or been injured etc .
  3. Bobby Dee

    That Minutes Silence.

    Live in national TV - yes a few of their clowns were shouting a bit but our small corner let the club down IMO
  4. Bobby Dee

    The Title

    A solid run and this team will take off however despite their recent blip United won’t drop too many points
  5. Bobby Dee

    McPake Must Go.

    We are still away from being at our best out with the Alloa game - JMCP will get it right but needs time . If we can pick up and finish strong it helps going into the play offs
  6. Bobby Dee

    So Where Is It Going Wrong?

    The bit about no legs is bang on the money for me. Their set up let Harkes and Butcher dominate at times but the worrying piece is the lack of options to play through lines , even Dorrans was not finding the space or when on the ball lacked options
  7. Bobby Dee

    So Where Is It Going Wrong?

    Our game is based on midfield rotation and getting between the lines with Gowser getting close to Hemmings . Utd kept it tight and Gowser started dropping off looking for the ball leaving Kane isolated , then the amount of times Forster went long especially 2nd half killed us. the game was relatively tight until Mcdaid jumps in again and in all honesty we created nothing after that , went long and too many went hiding .
  8. Bobby Dee


    Lucky to stay on park and his overall application felL miles short - empty jersey today
  9. Bobby Dee

    Dundee V Dabs (Home, 08th Nov 2019)

    Let them worry about our players , another Alloa type performance sharp, hungry, together, and the fans singing their heads off 3-1 with Gowser leading the charge with the opener
  10. Bobby Dee

    Awards for McPake and McDaid

  11. Bobby Dee

    Man of the Match: Morton (Home, 01 Nov 2019)

    Listen the lad Has been brilliant IMO but couldn’t give him it on this occasion
  12. Bobby Dee

    Man of the Match: Morton (Home, 01 Nov 2019)

    Can’t be having this one - he only played for 10 mins
  13. At one point in 2nd half their RB was getting a bit of joy coming forward , JMcP brought on Mackie and killed it off before he scored himself
  14. Bobby Dee

    James McPake's Signings Up To Now.

    There a a real quality to the squad but more players have to show a greater consistency for us to continue to push the teams above us . standouts for me over since the season started - Marshall - particularly going forward but has shown a real determination Fin - a real , real talent who we need to manage throughout the season. He will still play his part McGhee - An excellent signing and would be a welcome surprise to most Dees fans . Great reading of the game , very composed , brave on ball and continues to improve . Noticed at Alloa on Tuesday he seemed to be the most vocal . Forster - has some great strengths in defending , brave and aggressive . Decision making needs to improve Hamilton - Has been very good IMO but needs to improve with ball at feet Dorrans - technically superb , passing range , vision out the top drawer
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