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  1. Football is about winning but maybe on this occasion that should not matter - not keen on this deal at all done nothing since he left across the road and just bounced about - we can’t afford to nurse him back that level again
  2. Montrose could do well out of this game
  3. Think they all need to step up and be counted . Being in the squad should not be good enough they need to be pushing their way into the team and gain the trust of the manager
  4. I would think since Charlie has signed Ness has been told his game time will be limited even on the 1% chance he can stay fit for 10 mins
  5. Would be gutted if he went a great foil fir what we have around him in midfield
  6. Brilliant news but need to keep Gowser , Dorrans and Byrne along with continue to nurture Fin
  7. Take it the Peterhead game is this evening then as they will have players working . Hope we get some updates
  8. As mentioned previously maybe it’s a matter of timing and us saving a wee bit in his salary
  9. That piece seems to sound likes it’s happening and just a matter of time
  10. Take it no talk about signing for us ?
  11. On a football front getting fans back in Dens should be a massive advantage to us .......but is it
  12. Looking to add to the squad with another couple 👍
  13. If it’s not money what’s the deal breaker then ? length of contract maybe ?
  14. I know he’s played at the very top but is Anyone worried that he may struggle For fitness,sharpness etc . On this league you do not get a minute on the park
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