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  1. Bobby Dee


    Get right in their faces hunt them down and support Kane then we will run them close
  2. Bobby Dee

    Josh Todd Away.

    Good luck to the lad but never delivered on the park and clearly was not delivering in training or he would have been given more opportunities
  3. Bobby Dee

    First Dee Scorer of the 2020s

    Why you sorry / you Changed your mind and became a Dees fan
  4. Bobby Dee

    The Goalie Position

    Yes decent points - couple of changes for me would be to take out Johnson as his appetite in games is lacking, Gowser to replace and I would also bring in Byrne for Finn . This lad has a real bright future but there has been games where he has physically struggled and you can see a visible drop in his confidence levels in these games . He will still have an important part to play in the squad
  5. Bobby Dee

    The Goalie Position

    So is we get those players in what do you then believe is our strongest team ?
  6. Bobby Dee

    Upcoming Fixtures

    May depend on coming and goings.
  7. Bobby Dee

    Dundee V Ayr

    Game in doubt ??
  8. Bobby Dee

    January Window

    + he is more injury prone than Meekings lol
  9. Bobby Dee

    January Window

    He is murder lol
  10. Bobby Dee

    First Dee Scorer of the 2020s

    Forecast is grim wonder if game will be in doubt
  11. Bobby Dee

    January Window

    Technically looks very limited
  12. Bobby Dee

    January Window

    At this stage need a winner in for his own sake . CW May come good but would be a big gamble . Looks like he needs reabilitated, not sure we are the right club just now for him from both angles
  13. Bobby Dee

    January Window

    Looks like a lump of wood to me technically likes off it
  14. Bobby Dee

    January Window

    Not convinced we are at a stage where we can take a punt on what I believe is someone who has it all to do and at 22 is still potential .
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