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  1. Excellent and what I would expect from Dundee FC
  2. Both comments effectively the same unless liewell wants the trophy now
  3. Seems this mornings papers pointing toward top champions , bottom down and also running Scared of Sky and letting them call the shots
  4. Goes without saying Dundee FC will need us more than ever in the coming weeks and months
  5. Some great posts on here and brilliant attitudes on how to support on going . Dees recognising there may be choppy waters ahead but supporting through thick and thin as always 💙
  6. An option will be to take us to a 16 team top div next year - 4 up no relegation
  7. Great post need to be patient as they will look to utilise their pace and hurt us
  8. Listen you may be bang on and hopefully we get improved performances no matter who is in this position but Elliot played well in his first couple of games , his delivery was very poor IMO v Alloa and in a game that the manager felt was going to be a battle brought Kerr back in and this was justified by his performance .
  9. Yes it sure is . The first half the Midfield were a bit closer to him and Gowser and we looked a bit more dangerous but 2nd half offered virtually nothing
  10. At the game the 2 wing backs were certainly like for like changes however we were getting pinned back More towards the end and it became more of a 5
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