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  1. imo a great player gave his all on the pitch!!! all the best andrew. i dont think it will take you long to find a new club.
  2. there are loads, but for me it's got to be the doon derby!!!
  3. you'll always be sh**e, you'll aiways be sh**e, dundee united you'll always be sh**e!!!!
  4. excellent news. true dee!!!
  5. gowser for me!! born leader.
  6. excellent imo especially the away top!!
  7. oh gary harkins you are the love of my life!!! fantastic player. dee-fiant
  8. sneddee


    the masks will hide some of the brown stuff that comes out the arabs mouths
  9. excellent save imo. league winning save!!!
  10. don't like the sleeves!!!
  11. don't want refund and thanks to john bennett!!!
  12. i for one will be glad to see it back!!! missing my beloved dee's!!!
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