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  1. Hi mate, The email for the Historical trust is [email protected] Many thanks for thinking of us, i am at the moment trying to compile a comprehensive Dundee programme list, albeit only homes to start with, starting with my own collection Jim
  2. Hi Cobra, this is something that DFC in the Community Trust with help from the Historical Trust is looking to do in the near future Cheers
  3. Many thanks to all who have replied and also those who have been in touch since the last update regarding memorabilia donations. Also can i say thank you to the admin of this site for allowing us to post and update everyone. Barfly, we will make a point of visiting the Hearts museum at Tynecastle, it will be good for research, we as a Trust have had invitations to visit the museums at Hampden and at Easter road, we have visited Richard and his team at Hampden and collated early DFC information from Our Boys & East End and obviously Dundee Football Club with an invitation to go back several times to add to record Dundee Football Clubs rich history. Tom Wright, Club Historian and Trustee of Hibernian Historical Trust has been of an immense help in keeping us on the straight and narrow, he invited a delegation of our trustees through to Easter Road to muse over their impressive collection, including the Gordon Smith memorabilia. There is a hell of a lot of goodwill from Scottish football clubs and their historians for Dundee Football Club to have their own history to be told Regards Jim
  4. 1st June 1961. Taking aside the undefeated tour of Iceland, the first Dee game would be v Airdrie at Dens on the glorious 12th of August 1961 with a 2-0 win. Infact at home, the Dee didn't lose a match until the Scottish Cup tie v St Mirren at Dens in February 1962, 15 home games later.
  5. Good afternoon fellow Dark Blues, Just an update on the Dundee Football Club Historical Trust, we are pleased to announce that we have now received our Charity status confirmed by OSCR, the regulation body in Scotland. This now allows us to push forward, draw up all relevant policies and continue to develop the Historic Trust website which will be launched in the near future. Since the last update, the Historic Trust has been assisting the DFC in the Community Trust with their latest initiative “Dundee Together” by researching and transcribing articles to suit the Community Trusts needs. The Historical Trust would also like to thank the DFCSS/Dee4Life for all the essential financial and administrative support provided and also the numerous number of Dundee FC memorabilia collectors for getting in touch and donating, and when the time is right, Indicating their wish to loan memorabilia to the Trust. Anyone who would like to know more or indeed like to loan or donate memorabilia please contact the Trust at: [email protected] “Preserving the past, protecting the future” On behalf of: The Dundee Football Club Historical Trust
  6. The Historical Trust is at the moment looking for all the grounds that East End and Our Boys played at as their home grounds. That pitch could be Havecroft Park at which East End played at between 1877-1883. Havecroft Park was certainly in that area as Bowbridge C C played their also.
  7. Just an update to say thanks for all the positive feedback on here and all other social media sites. Also thanks to the contributors who have got in touch via email. The email address for reference is [email protected] Many thanks
  8. Sorry for the delay in replying. Many thanks for the good wishes, much appreciated. We have had great support from The Scottish Football Museum and The Hibernian Historical Trust and taken onboard their advice regarding storage and insurance issues. At the moment we are building up a database of historical items and securely storing the physical items that have been donated/loaned. Regarding a permanent museum, this is the objective for the future, as we are in the very early stages of a long term project. Regards
  9. Hi guys, I hope this is okay for posting? Any queries/questions please email to [email protected] Thanks in advance Proposed Dundee Football Club Historical Trust February 2019, a small Steering Group of Dundee FC supporters met with the intention of forming a Dundee Football Club Historical Trust. After many stimulating meetings throughout 2019 and into this year and in discussions with the Dundee Football Club Board the Steering Group has successfully secured an agreement to operate independently from the Football Club but with the full backing, support and blessing of the Club. Established on a voluntary basis by a group of supporters, the proposed Historical Trust is now well advanced with the application process for securing charitable status and anticipates that all necessary approvals will be in place well before the end of 2020. The proposed Trust will be an extremely proactive organisation that works to preserve, celebrate and share the rich heritage of Dundee Football Club and the memories of its players, management and supporters. The Trust will be responsible for raising revenue to implement current and future projects, community events and memorabilia purchases. As a result, contributions from fans, other individuals and organisations, whether via memorabilia loaned or donated, or financial support will be greatly appreciated to ensure that current and future projects can be realised and the history of the Football Club safely preserved as a legacy for future generations. The Trust will acquire, preserve, maintain and exhibit artefacts, records and memorabilia of a historical, cultural and personal nature connected with the history and activities of Dundee Football Club, its players, officials, employees and supporters, and to make the same available for public access and educational purposes at the discretion of the Trustees. The Trust is also in the process of designing and preparing to launch a dedicated website for the purpose of displaying artefacts, records and memorabilia. The Trust will also organise and run events aimed at promoting its activities and raising funds to help with the development of the organisation. The Trust also aims to organise and host exhibitions and lectures for the interest and education of supporters of Dundee Football Club and the wider community. Finally, the Steering Group is delighted to confirm that the process of gathering memorabilia, artefacts and documents is already well advanced and if anyone wishes to add to the collection by donation or by loan and receive acknowledgement for doing so please contact by email to [email protected] to discuss the opportunity.
  10. Jimmy Bellamy, Scottish Cup winner, won the very first La Liga Championship as Barcelona manager.
  11. This game was played in our Centenary season, as was mentioned in a previous post, organised by the Broughty Ferry branch of the DSA
  12. I received a letter from Doug Houston who was captain that night, he recalled "You will no doubt recall that we had lost 1-2 in Cologne. I was captain of Dundee at that time and that great German footballer Wolfgang Overath was Colognes skipper. On the return leg at Dens, Cologne scored early in the match to make it 1-3 on aggregate. As the ball was being returned to the centre for us to re-start, Overath came up to me and patted my cheek and shrugged his shoulders, as if to say "that's the end of the UEFA Cup for you" Naturally I was far from amused at, what was to me total arrogance. As you will know, we eventually pulled back to 3-3 and near the end of the match scored the winner. Mischievously I sought out Herr Overath at the final whistle to " pat his cheek and shrug my shoulders" A satisfactory conclusion to a memorable match" Herr Overath
  13. Brackens Infant School , MacAlpine Primary & Rockwell High. Left MacAlpine in "Plant a tree in 73" which are now getting cut down at present. Booooooo!!!! Lived in St Columba Gardens and the St Fillans Road. Drunk in The Golden Pheasant. Left St Marys 36 years ago
  14. Hi B, As posted on Dundee Mad, I have spoken to Bob Hynd and will send a couple of items that hopefully will be of use. This is a great idea for all Dundee fans to contribute to what should be a fascinating read on one of our true legends. Hopefully the uptake is good.
  15. Its my belief (and I stand by to be corrected if wrong) that the German Bundisliga as we know it now was formed on the back of our 8-1 demolition of FC Cologne at Dens Park. As favourites for the European Cup, the German FA could not allow another result like that to embarrass them again. German football was regionalized back them so the decision was made to form a superior top league which was formed the start of 1963.
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