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  1. Agree. Nelms conscience is clearer than the 30+ clubs that voted yes and the spfl that proposed it in the first place and he is the only one of all the chairmen who was prepared to stick his head up. Takes a big set of baws to do that, particularly when both jags were covering their arses and blaming him. Fingers crossed something good comes out of it now.
  2. That’s now up to Budge and the others to resolve. At least Nelms has given them a fighting chance and who knows, maybe we will get something half decent out of it. Really think we have taken one for the team here, team being Scottish football as a whole.
  3. The only way we were going up was with a 16 team prem which by all opinions here is never going to happen. So yes or no vote really made no difference to DFC directly. Nelms has done what he could and got reconstruction formally on the table (as opposed to vague promise from spfl initially). There is an outside chance it may help us get up but there is now a very good chance that some kind of reconstruction will happen which benefits Scottish football as a whole and therefore DFC indirectly. No mention of relegation in any of the statements which is good news for Partick etc. Nelms has
  4. I think that’s right. Presume for same reason as lower leagues voted for it. Pars wanted us to be in their division.
  5. And whatever happens they will go up anyway. The only way they don’t get promoted is if season is null and void and other than Hearts there doesn’t seem to be any appetite for that. One way or another they are going up and both BODs know that. Might as well wait and see what happens from our perspective. #kennyrogers #thegambler
  6. Correct. Spfl could right now easily give every club the equivalent of the last-place-in-the-league payment. Then top up as needed when decision made.
  7. That’s a good shout. Hadn’t considered that. Insurance would have something to say if we voted to end early. Payments may be pro rated on remaining games so pay out would be cut.
  8. Same here. Not sure what the plan is from JN and the board. Sure it’s not just a F you to the Dabs. Is he holding out that the playoffs may go ahead? Seems unlikely. We are highly likely to be playing in the championship again next season so is he just holding out for the slim chance of a 16 team prem or is it a genuine moral stance for Partick? To me it seems it’s probably a bit of both - we don’t realistically have anything to lose or gain so might as well say No and roll the dice.
  9. So what happens now? Wait 28 days on this proposal or will they go and have a re think and make a new proposal?
  10. Absolutely, 100% agree. Use the situation to change Scottish football and build something better. Would bet my mortgage that we don’t do it and instead end up with some half arsed compromise.
  11. I don’t think they would be holding the vote if they didn’t think it would go through. They have had the nod from enough clubs now. I suspect only us and Partick will vote against in the championship. Only rangers and hearts will vote against in the prem. All other clubs need the cash so will vote it through. That leaves the issue of promotion and relegation from prem. Straight swap of dabs and hearts is most likely imo. The reconstruction offer will fizzle out.
  12. Makes absolute sense for Scottish football as a whole. Problem is that reduces number of OF games which makes the league less attractive for TV. Also means clubs play them less frequently in regular season and probably means losing the split. All detrimental to revenue. Unfortunately Scottish prem football relies very heavily on the evil twins.
  13. One more option would be to stop and accept all current positions but then complete the playoffs in a short (2 week) block as soon as time allows. Still not completely fair but a bit more so than accepting current positions. If you stop now then 5 teams from 2nd to 6th in championship are all pissed off. At least with the above option then you keep 2nd to 4th happy. I think this is fairer but that could be due to our current position clouding my judgement! I would think they will want it squared off before season 20/21 starts. Avoids messing with 2 seasons, just take the hit on this
  14. I just don’t see there being time to complete this season before next season is due to start. Virus will not peak for weeks yet. Proposals to run one season directly into the next for me are a non starter due to contracts etc. Any restructuring is also unlikely imo, as stated previously any reduction in the number of OF games makes the whole package less attractive and runs the risk of a poorer telly deal which affects everyone. 2 options likely I think: 1. Season is null and void. No champions. Start next season as planned with everyone staying where they are. No idea how you then sor
  15. What’s better for the club as a business? Big shot of cash from STs at start of season or a regular flow from direct debits throughout the year? My guess would be the latter and picking up on earlier point everyone is so used to monthly subscriptions these days that this is probably the way to go. Those that buy STs will continue to do so by direct debit and you might get a few extras if it’s 30 quid per month as opposed to 360 quid in one go. Local discounts for ST holders or direct debiters would also work I think. Perhaps also some behind the scenes access. Biggest thing for me though
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