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  1. Add this to the beer festival, a couple of recent emails from the club, open training at start of season, active Twitter feed and website, almost daily updates in courier and Tele and dare I say that the comms and engagement from the club are actually ok? A few comments on here about club not engaging and I get that it’s perhaps lacking the bigger picture such as long term plans and new stadium but for day to day engagement it’s not too bad?
  2. Claudio Ca knee gia when’s the next game ffs 🤦‍♂️
  3. I’d go further and say we need 9 from the next 3 games. Queens Arbroath and Alloa. All winnable and would set us up nicely for a push for 2nd. Unfortunately we could also do with the dabs halting their slump and beating ICT this week.
  4. Berra to strengthen the defence so they don’t score. Still have the fear that we are not great at creating chances so I’ll go for 1-0 to the Dee.
  5. Harris in the late 80s. Ex pupils Lee Wilkie and Craig Wighton both have their Scotland shirts on the wall in the PE dept at the new Harris.
  6. Fair comment on the cup win but I’m just using StJ as an example of a middling prem team. My point is that the same kind of season every year becomes boring after a while. DFC is as mad as a bag of ferrets but it’s never dull. If the choice is mid table Prem mediocrity and hoping for a cup run or signing Claudio Cannigia and putting up with the mayhem then what would you go for?
  7. Since I got my first season ticket we have played 20 seasons in the top division and 15 seasons in the second-top division. Agree with other posts that we are a big club in terms of support but the reality is that we spend our time moving up and down the leagues and we are just as much a Championship team as we are a Premier team. From my personal experience as a Dee, this season is nothing unusual. Over my years we have had multiple managers, hundreds of players, several owners of various levels of sense/quality/ambition and too many WTF moments to count. It’s frustrating as hell but for me it’s just the normal status for the basket case club that we all support. Look at the other thread for favourite Dee memories and tell me you would give any of that up to have been a steady, dull mid table Prem team for the last 20 years. Must be boring as hell to be a StJ fan.
  8. Think the players have to take some responsibility. Also as pointed out elsewhere, this has been a steady decline since our top 6 finish under Hartley so while I partly agree that Mcpake has to take some of the responsibility for this season he is trying to reverse 4-5 seasons of continued downward trajectory in his first year of management in a league which is an absolute b*****d to escape. Some positives from the Morton game so kick on from here, playoffs are still within reach and from there you never know.
  9. Hazard kerr berra marshal mcghee wallace and crankshaw on wings dorrans and callachan Hemmings Forrest/McCormack seem to remember waaaaay back at the start of this thread that the consensus was for GK, centre half and some pace out wide. Boxes ticked?
  10. As long as there is some thought behind it, not just buying someone cos they are available. Putting a few strands together here hazard kerr Berra marshal McGhee callachan Dorrans crankshaw McGowan or fin hemmings McCormack Looks no bad on paper but think we have said that before...
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