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  1. expert

    Club Captain

    Indeed , he could be a Field Marshall .
  2. expert

    Tis the Season To Be Jolly.

    That is why I said "if".
  3. expert

    Club Captain

    Marshall to marshall the troops- A stand out player who gives his all .
  4. expert

    Tis the Season To Be Jolly.

    If the Club have to pay for any trip , then no to it . Money would be better spent on a mop and brush to clean the Derry bogs . I doubt if any of the players are cash strapped and could not afford a meal at Dens out of their own pockets . They could then have their festive splurge with the Club paying for a taxi home at most. The Club could always treat us fans to a peh n' egg nog as a reward for enduring the misery of this season so far . Your's aye, Scrooge
  5. Agreed.We might get served some crumbs of info. in an attempt to appease us until ST time is upon us .
  6. Agreed- Just the basic courtesy of updating the paying customers on the Stadium progress- not a huge detailed report. I doubt if we fans are likely to get a whiff of bad news which might turn away even more patg fans and make ST holders think twice for next season .. I am on course for patg for next season for selected games only . I have the feeling that if the Stadium and add ons fail then we will be looking for new owners and the unthinkable..
  7. Yes, Rev. a simple statement would be welcome- Mind you, a cremmie is good business- business in perpetuity.
  8. expert

    He's Not

    I still think that we need a new manager .However, the only thing we can do is really get behind the team against the Pars albeit that might be hard to do in the current circumstances- Cheer them on from word go. My son has said that he will not go next Saturday and he is someone who has supported the Dee for 33 of his 40 years- I am working on him to change this .I hope that we get a crowd who can put the understandable annoyance on hold on Saturday and vocally support the players.
  9. expert

    If ....

    A cold one- just knew you would like my wonderful with and sarcasm- enjoy.
  10. expert

    He's Not

    Is Alex Mc Leish available ? Just asking .
  11. expert

    Son Goal

    Czachowski rings a bell .... was his nickname "Quasimodo? "
  12. expert

    Son Goal

    Eh mind o' Darius On the Sunday eveninbg after his debut at Dens, I saw him with a guy in the Seagate and shouted over words to the effect, "well done, welcome to Dundee .". There was a pause and he spoke with the man he was with who rpleid, "Darius thanks you very much and Darius waved .". Was there some Czech( or from the region) guy who was to sign at that time and did not appear ?
  13. expert

    If ....

    No thanks. I think that we need a complete break from ex Dees( excluding maybe Barry Smith as short term caretaker) . With respect, I cannot see J Mc P feeling easy in that situation with Strachan . But every suggestion is welcome until we change manager at Dens.
  14. expert

    Manager Poll

    Cannot argue with any of the Harold. Maybe Barry Smith as care taker until we find a manger with the credentials you speak of.
  15. No more bearded managers please It was sad to hear a large section of the Derry shouting Hartley gtf at the end- he had to go, but that was unpleasant- I just hope the JMc P either leaves before this happens or has a magical recovery in terms of results.
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