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  1. You can be called Irish if you come from either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland - legally the U. K. deem the the R. .of I. as a foreign country . Need I explain the rest as to foreign nationals in our Squad/team ? You should really rescind my mail telling me off because I stated fact .btw, I have U.K. and R.of I. citizenship and passports . Either a player is a foreign national or not- simple . No point debating fact on this any more
  2. A player from Republic of Ireland is a foreign national- a player from the country of Northern Ireland is not a foreign national but has the right to citizenship of the republic of Ireland - Fact and not bringing politics into the thread but a legal matter. I am not a political animal and am of no religion but have had a post deleted for stating fact .Sweden , Denmark and Norway are Scandinavian but are three different sovereign countries . Ireland refers to a land mass to the west of G.B . but has two different countries on it- simple . Google "does the U.K see the Republic of Ir
  3. I made no political comment- merely stated a fact . I could not give a toss about politics . Your OP states that there are no foreign nationals and I merely tried to clarify this . My quip about Scotland becoming independent was mere banter.
  4. Perhaps the disappointment to many provoked criticism of the decision without thinking about it . The videos looked conclusive that the correct decision was taken .
  5. Conor Hazard is from Northern Ireland but has the automatic right to Irish citizenship . Tom Field ?
  6. Does this not apply to anyone from outside the Dundee City boundary?😁
  7. The Republic of Ireland is a foreigh country to the U.K.
  8. Oh silly silly me ...yes a boat... chortle chortle
  9. The owners have taken the hits and backed us where others might have bowed out.If we get the nod to build the new stadium the owners will be with us for a few years imo
  10. Another couple of weeks and we will need about to get to Dens.
  11. The amount of hot air on here would thaw any frost .
  12. Agree and the major tragedy of a Dundee match being postponed is nought compared with having your home or business flooded asi n England and Wales
  13. Aw, I was looking forward to mint juleps in the orangerie.......I am confident, that we will have a new stadium...no proof, just a gut feeling.
  14. Apologies.misunderstood your wording. Sorry ...
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